How Far Would I Go For Love 4


Hanna took Jerry to the Black Flamingo for dinner and dancing. The meal was so good Jerry didn’t know it was vegetarian.“Jerry, would you like a suggestion about our rules?”‘In what way?”“Julie and I aren’t the military. Our rules, those that you helped make, can be asked about. They can be changed, improved. All three of us want you to succeed. Please, don’t view the lack of success as a failure or a loss of mine or Julie’s love.”“But when I fai… broke the rules, twice in one night, that’s not a good thing.”“Not telling us about the meeting or your friend’s death wasn’t a good thing. Julie and I are very proud of your progress and aware of your mistakes.”Hanna reached over and held his hand, fingers entwining. “I’m sorry Jerry, tonight isn’t about that, it’s about us having an enjoyable time. Now, after your meeting in the morning, what would you like to do?”“Would you like to do some shopping? I can take you to the bakery I got your breakfast from and introduce you to the owner.”“Sounds good and I’ve got a store to show you as well.” Hanna messaged Julie to make an appointment at their favorite sex store.The rest of the evening was dancing. Jerry marveled at her grace. She’s so smooth, so light on her feet. I’m not surprised that Hanna is doing better at Savate than Julie. Julie has the strength; Hanna treats it like a dance. I can dance but she flows.Jerry pulled her close for a slow dance; a light kiss graced her lips. “I’m jealous of how you dance, so airy and casual with several guys watching and dreaming about you.”“You’re not a bad dancer, so how do you know they aren’t watching you? I also saw a few of the ladies checking you out.”“What?” Jerry glanced around. “Are any of them watching me?”“There are two, a gentleman, his name is Patrick and a lady, called Felicia, and the way she’s looking makes me a little jealous. I’m curious… would you want to do a threesome with one of them and me?”“Would that be within our rules?”“Our rules cover asking and you, me and Julie agreeing. Before you came into our lives, Julie and I had a few such occasions with other guys and gals and we even watched when the other enjoyed an evening with one or two others.”“Neither of you was jealous?”“A little of course. But, when you have faith in a relationship and trust in your partners, there’s really nothing to be jealous about.”oOo When Jerry and Hanna left the club, Patrick, who’d been watching them, talked to a waitress, handed her a hundred dollar bill and then made a call. “Master, they’ve left. It’s shopping at a store she likes, tomorrow.”oOoJulie was watching TV when Jerry and Hanna entered the apartment. “Hello you two love birds; how was the evening?”“Takes one to know one, right Julie?” Jerry replied.”It was fun,” Hanna said. bursa escort “Jerry caught the eye of Patrick and Felicia when we were dancing.”The couple went to change into comfortable gym shorts and a shirt – similar to what Julie was wearing – and then the trio kissed and caressed each other for a while.“Listen, this is yours and Hanna’s time. I’ll leave you to it but try not to make too much noise. I need my beauty sleep.”“The hell you do,” said Jerry.“I agree with him,” Hanna added.“You’re both such charmers, one the many reasons I love you both. Enjoy your night.” She gave each a deep kiss and left.Kissing and caressing Hanna moved a hand down his shorts. Jerry softly shook his head no. “Ma dame charmante,” He whispered in her ear.“It’s so damn sexy and erotic when you speak French. What did you have in mind?” She smiled, ran her tongue over her lips and winked at him.Jerry stood up and Hanna accepted his proffered hand. He led her to his room and shut the door.“That’s so that we keep the noise down. We keep our clothes on for a while. I’ll lead.”He softly kissed her lips while tracing her sides and arms with his fingertips. He kissed her neck his hands now teasing her ears.“This is marvelous, dear.”She ran her hands through his hair while he lightly massaged and licked her tits. Her nipples grew hard.“You’re such an alluring and enjoyable lady, I’m so lucky to be in love with you.”He put her on his bed and continued his sauntering trip down to her abs. He spent some time at her belly button while kneading her sides. It took fifteen more agonizingly enjoyable minutes for him to caress each leg and to tease her wet and horny pussy.Jerry removed her shorts – but spent several minutes kissing and licking her clitoris and pussy through her panties before removing them. He then softly and slowly licked her naked pussy and clitoris, and finger probed her vagina. Hanna bucked twice, each time during a most enjoyable orgasm. Jerry cradled her in his arms as she came down from her sexual high.“Oh my god, Jerry, that was incredible.”“Thank you, glad that you enjoyed it.”“You don’t know the half of it. But now it’s my turn.”Hanna held his face, teased his lips and nipped his ears. “Jerry, you’ve made me no longer fear to be in love with a man. You’ve been a great lover, a very good friend, and will be a fantastic sub if you choose to.”She played with his nipples and stared into his eyes as she licked, sucked and kissed his fingers before lifting his shirt. She kissed and licked his hard abs while using a finger to trace and tease his cock for several minutes.“This feels wonderful.”“You do know how hard it is for me to control myself. Twice I’ve almost attacked you.”“That would be against the rules and I’d have to punish bursa escort bayan you.”Hanna stopped and looked at Jerry, a smile forming on her face. Really? That could be a coincidence or progress. Hmm, he was slow in going down on me… simple, that’s it, be simple about what I do.She pulled down his shorts and briefs and blew on his enlarged penis. It’s very beautiful and enjoyable, like him. Hanna gripped the base of his cock, and then licked up his shaft using only the tip of her tongue. When she reached the head of his penis, she explore the slit.“Oh yes.” Jerry sighed, “You Philippine minx.”“I bet you say that to all your girlfriends.”“Only those from the Philippines.”Hanna tugged lightly on his ball sack while teasingly licking and kissing only the tip of his penis. She took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue, enjoying the teasing as much as Jerry did being teased. Hanna ran a fingertip up and down the underside of his penis, spreading the leaking pre-cum and positioning her open mouth around his pulsing prick.She continued flicking her tongue on the tip and slit until she saw that look in his eyes. Then she closed her lips around it and he unloaded into her waiting and accepting mouth. She took it all before moving up to kiss him and cuddle him as he came down from his orgasm.“Jerry, that was amazing. I’ve never done anything quite like that. Would you want me or Julie to become pregnant?”“Somehow I think that if either of you wanted to, you would be. So, right now, my vote would be ‘no’. Not that I wouldn’t want to be a father with you both. I guess that’s a discussion for the three of us to have. Let’s have that discussion after I’ve decided on that new job. That is if you’ve decided what you’ll do if I take it?”“Not yet I haven’t and we’ll wait for you to decide. Now, let’s cuddle and see if we’re up to making love once more, in a more traditional manner.”oOo Claude Thomas was on the phone with his friend, Muygono Rhotan.“Yes, good friend, we can do that. You have concerns?”“A few, I’m just being proactive. The police think we were the subject of a possible blackmail scheme. I don’t buy it. I’m having the people and club checked out as well. I have learned that there was suspicious access to our Legion Records site. No hacking but supposedly a college student looking into inactive combat records.”“You think it was about Monsieur Ranthom?”“Don’t know but I won’t take any chances either.” oOo (Eszopiclone)Hanna and Jerry took an Uber to breakfast and then another to the Senegal Embassy. They went in and a secretary greeted them.“Yes, Mr. Ranthom, you’re expected. Your female companion is?”“This is my girlfriend, Hanna Galang,” Jerry said.“A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Galang; you’ll need to wait escort bursa here until monsieur Ranthom’s meeting is over. Would you like anything to drink or eat while you’re waiting?”“Tea would be nice.”Tea was brought out and minutes later, a well-dressed man came out. Jerry stood and said.“Ambassador Rhotan, a pleasure to meet you again.”“Yes, Monsieur Ranthom, have you read the information I provided?”“Not all of it. I started with the description of Senegal and its people.”“That’s a good place to start.” Not starting with the job description tells me why Claude likes you.“Ambassador, would you allow me the pleasure and honor to introduce you to my girlfriend.”“I always enjoy meeting beautiful young ladies.”Jerry made the introductions. Ambassador Rhotan said, “A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Galang. If you don’t mind, I’ll need Jerry for about an hour. Our secretary, Amina Niang will see that you have food or drink. Ms. Niang, please show her to the guest library.”Jerry was put through a complete physical, stress test, blood tests, and mental acuity test. When all was done, Ambassador Rhotan returned and said, “Well, for an older man you did very well. Just to let you know, Claude asked that we check your Legionnaire tracker. It still works.”“Thanks – but I’m not that old, yet.”“Do you have any questions about Senegal and the position?”“Do my mother and stepfather know of the offer?”“Yes. Well, at least that it was being talked bout. I’m not sure if they’re aware that an offer was made.”“May I ask a question in private?”“Sure.”Jerry whispered the question and received a single word response: “Yes,” before he went to find Hanna in the library.“Ready for some shopping?”“Sure, I did say so. Where are we going?”“A place called Pull my Chain. You’ll find it interesting.”They contacted Uber and were dropped off at the store. After being paid, the driver made a call. “I dropped them off at the Pull My Chain.”Jake smiled and made a call.When they entered the store, Jerry’s eyes widened and he squeezed Hanna’s hand.“Surprise! I wanted you to see a store, with some of the items that you haven’t got, and for you to talk with others if you wish to. Julie called last night to let them know we’d be here and why.”“Is this stuff at the club?”“A lot is. Most of this is what would be called heavy BDSM or RACK -Risk Aware Consensual Kinky. What we do is SSC   -Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Can you tell me what we do shares with all of this?”Jerry was still adjusting to what he was looking at. Crosses for people, small cages (he shuddered when he saw one on a male mannequin), paddles with studs, chastity belts and butt plugs. To his surprise, there were two customers, in business attire and three or four others in regular clothes. There were two employees: a guy in some sort of leather strap outfit that covered yet somehow showed everything and a lady, in studded leather chaps and a vest barely closed. They each wore a collar.“Sorry, Hanna, I didn’t hear what you said.”

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