Housewife’s Choice Ch. 5


The holiday had come to an end and life for George and Jean returned to normal. They didn’t see any of the boys before they left and nothing was said about their adventures. George wondered about the postman but never mentioned the matter. Jean felt a little sad that now they were home, the opportunities to indulge in her new passion were going to be few and far between. Maybe there wouldn’t be any – George seemed to have “cooled off” with the idea of expanding their horizons, so to speak.

In spite of that when they did have sex together, Jean felt he was more enthusiastic and more demanding. It seemed that every so often something was triggered off in his head and he wanted to ravish her. He pulled and pushed her into the positions he wanted her and was generally – well – rougher. If Jean had have asked him why he might have told her that it was the memories of what he had watched her do. How she willingly gave herself to the young men – the sight of a cock in her mouth. He was scared and surprised to realise how much she liked sex and how unashamedly she had progressed from flashing her body to having group sex. It seemed he hadn’t really known Jean after all. He was scared, but at the same time the thoughts gave him an incredible turn on.

However, Jean never asked – they had returned to normal – they didn’t discuss things of that nature.

The months were passing and the weather was becoming cooler making Jean feel a little saddened. Through necessity and to avoid looking ridiculous it was time to put away those flimsy clothes. Whilst it was OK for young girls to go around looking half undressed in cold weather a middle aged woman would look somewhat silly. Gone were the opportunities to indulge in her new hobby. The weather wasn’t the only thing to have cooled as far as Jean was concerned.

Maybe a little creative thinking was needed, she thought. Looking through her wardrobe Jean noticed a short leather skirt that she had worn on visits to the pub. It was very “versatile” – it zipped, or rather unzipped from the bottom up. Adjustable panty and stocking flashing laughed Jean to herself. It wasn’t the sort of skirt to wear during the day…but maybe!

Jean put the skirt on and unzipped it to halfway between her knee and her crotch. The zip was meant to be at the side but Jean twisted the waistband so the slit was at the front. Next she put on a knee-length coat and fastened just two of the buttons. Now to test the effect, she said to herself. Facing the mirror Jean sat down and crossed her legs letting her coat fall to one side. A glimpse of stocking top could be seen but Jean thought that wasn’t quite naughty enough. Sitting with her legs uncrossed and slightly apart was an improvement. The coat could fall to one side and the slit in the skirt gave anyone in front of her a good view of the tops of her legs. She had another, much better idea and smiled as she tried it out.

Standing in front of the mirror she squatted down spreading her knees for balance. Now that was much more effective, thought Jean. The spreading of her knees not only pulled the two halves of the coat apart but also the partially unzipped skirt. Jean figured out that besides anyone knelt down or at the same level, anyone standing just a few feet away would have one hell of a view. Now, just what will they be able to see, she wondered. The view through the mirror showed her bare thigh above stocking tops – just a little bit of the straps of her suspender belt – and most eye-catching – the pink lacy material covering her pussy. In fact, squatting caused her pussy lips to open making the material crease into her vagina.

Now that was much better, she thought – and more importantly – it can be made to look accidental. But where and how can I discretely and quite normally squat down – even if the opportunity to do in front of men presented itself? Jean pondered, then a possible answer popped into her head. “I think I’ll go to the public library and change my books,” she said to George, “Are you coming with me?”

“No, it’s OK – you go, I’ll stay here.” Then looking at Jean’s attire he said, “Are you wearing your little leather skirt under that coat?”

Jean unfastened her coat and held it open so George could see how much of the skirt was unzipped.

“The slit is almost above your stocking tops,” he observed.

“Yes – I know,” answered Jean with a smile. “Sure you don’t want to come with me?”

Much to Jean’s surprise, her husband smiled back and shook his head. “No, I’ll stay here. You go on your own and have a pleasant afternoon.”

Ah well, thought Jean, at least I tried! She went off to the library – hoping it would be a pleasant afternoon.

George sat reading and thought about his wife – the skirt – the zip – the tantalising glimpse of stocking top – the men, who given the chance would ogle and get erections – Jean, who was setting out to give other men, and herself, a sexual thrill. If it was “private” enough she would probably let them touch her – she would touch them – she would let them fuck her. George suddenly Escort Bayan realised that he had unfastened his trousers and was playing with a very large erection. He felt incredibly sexually aroused and excited. He would have been more so if he had known what his wife planned to do.

Jean wandered around the public library, looking more at the people than the books. Actually there were not many people in and Jean eventually decided to sit at a small table with a book on gardening. A few older people went by, a couple of young mothers, then all was quiet again. She was thinking about going home when a group of teenagers gathered near her. Listening and watching them for a while she decided it wouldn’t be appropriate or wise to even attempt to show her-self off to them. They were old enough to make it legal but there were just too many of them. They would get loud and silly and attract too much attention.

Suddenly, a man joined them, probably in his mid thirties, who Jean gathered, was a tutor of theirs. The group eventually dispersed leaving the man and three youths. They were looking and discussing books in the gardening section. Jean thought it was time to put her book back and perhaps choose another one – from the bottom shelf. Waiting to pick her time she opened her coat apart from the bottom and with both feet on the floor opened her legs slightly. Sat in the quiet corner of the library Jean started to receive a little attention from the four males. Now it was time to look at those lower shelves. Jean stood up and walked toward the males, stopping a few feet away she put the book back on the shelf and looked around. They were in a secluded corner and no one else was able to see that particular alleyway. This looked perfect – just her and four males – who had already noticed that her skirt was a little revealing.

Turning her body side on to the men but her head facing the books Jean squatted, then picking a book from a lower shelf she began to thumb through it. Very slowly she spread her knees open to maintain her balance – and to make sure the coat and skirt separated in just the right place. It wasn’t necessary for her to check if the males had noticed. She heard the sharp intake of breath. Jean was now excited, she remembered the boys from Devon. She slid a foot a few inches more to the side to increase the gap between her thighs and her excitement was heightened when the tension it created on the leather made it unfasten another couple of inches.

Glancing quickly down she was shocked to realise that her panties and bare flesh of her thighs were visible even from her viewpoint. She knew that all eyes were on her – but what to do next? She had to let them know that she didn’t mind them looking at her. Putting the book back Jean looked straight at the man and boys then smiling at them chose another one and started to leaf through it. Now she was very turned on and felt a damp patch between her legs. She looked up and smiled at the males once more. They made no attempt to avert their glances and smiled back. Jean noticed however that each one had folded his hands in front of his trousers in a bid to cover a bulge.

A person can only squat for a short while before it becomes very uncomfortable. Jean had reached that point and had to stand. She didn’t want this game to end yet but what could she do? It was a good day for quick thinking – she walked over to them.

“Hello. Was the weather still fine when you came in – I was hoping to have a walk in the park before I go home?”

She felt their eyes running up and down her body. “Yes,” the older man said, “Not all that warm, but still fine.”

Now the “ice was broken” the males chatted away to Jean. They were, she learned, students doing a course in garden design and landscaping. “Really,” she said. “Maybe you could come round to my house and offer me a few tips. It’s time we revamped our garden. You could practice your new found expertise.” The boys smiled not knowing if she was being serious or just joking. Their tutor was also a quick thinker.

“Why don’t we join you in the park and you can tell us which features and plants you like? Then we can tell you if they would work in a small suburban garden.”

A while later Jean was sat on a park bench, legs crossing and uncrossing, coat open, skirt falling to one side showing lots of leg. The boys shuffled about in front of her showing false enthusiasm for Jean’s garden solutions. She was well aware they were jockeying for the best position to look up her skirt. The man simply stood and watched the antics of the boys and when he caught Jeans’ eye his look told her he knew what she was doing. Far from being put off, Jean uncrossed her legs very slowly letting her panties and the bare flesh of her upper thighs to remain on view for much longer. She looked directly at the man without embarrassment knowing they had a mutual interest. The boys were like dogs on heat – just like Devon, she thought. She decided to see just how interested they were.

“Look, I must go soon,” said Jean. “Why don’t Bayan escort you come round one day and see the garden for yourself? You can practise your ideas on it. I can’t afford professional fees but I’m sure I could find some way to reward you.”

Now the boys’ had to disguise their eagerness, saying “Yes” simultaneously. So it was arranged – Jean gave them the necessary details and they would ring her. The man was the last to walk away.

“Pity I’m not still a student,” said their tutor quietly to her. “Then I could come round too.”

“No reason why you shouldn’t,” smiled Jean.

Looking Jean in the eye, he said, “Well I think I know what you need and want. After three students perhaps you could do with the know-how of someone more experienced. But I shouldn’t really socialise with my pupils too much.”

“Then you should come round and give me your expertise separately. I have a husband but that’s not a problem. We share the same taste – in gardening and other things. It’s up to you if you want to come round or not.”

“Will he want to be present while I’m “advising you,” asked the tutor?”

“Most likely,” answered Jean. “Is that a problem?”

“Not really – it’s new to me but might be interesting – especially if he has input.”

“Oh he will!” smiled Jean. “You don’t mind your students attention being diverted for a while?”

“No. But I’d like to monitor the situation. Do you really need the help of all three boys’ or are you going to single one out?”

“I’d really like all three,” said Jean, then added, “Together. I’ll keep you informed if your not there to see for yourself.”

On the bus home Jean felt happy and excited. That was quite easy, she thought. Being married to George for so long had made her an expert at double talk and suggestion. Though she wasn’t quite sure if her husband was ready for this. Maybe she should try it without telling him first.

George was sitting in the chair feeling quite tired and drowsy – probably because his thoughts of Jean had made him masturbate several times. She noticed he had forgotten to zip up his trousers. She would wait a while before she told him of her afternoon.

It was much later that evening when Jean sat by her husband near the fire. Having just had a bath she was wearing a robe with a flimsy negligee underneath. George started to stroke her thigh. “Did you have an interesting afternoon?” he asked.

“Yes, I got talking to three young students and their tutor.” Jean told him. Getting closer to his ear, she added, “They were next to me when I was getting a book from the bottom shelf.” She knew George would use his imagination – she began to stroke his thigh too. “We went into the park together and I sat on a bench while we talked about our garden.” Now her hand was on George’s crotch. “They have arranged to come round because they are interested in seeing more. I have invited the three boys to come round together. I’ll show them the scenery and we can take it from there.” She paused a while before saying, “Their tutor would like to call separately. He says he knows what I would like and want – and he would be quite happy if it was a joint effort with you.”

George started breathing very heavily. Jean unfastened her robe and put her husbands’ hand on her breast. “Would you not mind if the boys came round – all three together?” George shook his head and said, “No – That’s OK.” Jean unzipped him and asked, “And is it OK if their tutor calls round sometime?”

“Yes,” said George watching his wife’s hand on his penis. “Does the tutor know the three boys’ are calling too?”

“He doesn’t think it a good idea to come at the same time but he would like to hear of their progress. He thinks it will be an interesting exercise for them – and all involved. He is a very direct man.” Then, while leaning forward, she whispered in his ear, “Just like the postman at the cottage.”

George grabbed his wife and pulled her roughly down onto the rug. Lifting her negligee he thrust his cock inside her and pummelled away fucking her hard. “I thought you had got “friendly” with the postman – did you find it enjoyable?”

“Yes,” said Jean, “Very enjoyable!”

“Are you looking forward to having a friendly chat with him again?” he asked.

“If I get the chance – and if you give me the chance.”

“Yes,” said George. “I will!” He moved in and out of her like a piston. They were both on the point of climax when Jean said, “We don’t need to wait until we go to the cottage before we can have a friend to stay.” She whispered in his ear, “Maybe one of the boy’s would like to join us overnight sometime. Just like it was in Devon. Would you like that?”

In the middle of admitting he would, George climaxed, a few seconds later, so did Jean.

The following week Jean received a phone call from the students asking if it was OK to call. Consulting with her husband an arrangement was made for the following afternoon. Jean actually took the garden design aspect seriously and discussed the matter with George. At Escort noon the following day Jean announced she would get changed in time for their visit. George followed her and waited while she showered. He sat on the bed and proceeded to watch her dress. It wasn’t to be old practical garden clothes.

Jean took an old pair of Levi’s from the wardrobe and asked George, “Will these do?” George shook his head and threw them to one side then searched along the rail. He selected a white silky shirt that Jean usually wore unfastened and tied under her bust. To go with it he chose a very short and wide flared skirt that blew up with the slightest breeze. The effect would be completed with the right choice of underwear. George was going to make his wife be very naughty. He chose a white half-cup bra whose material was more like a piece of wide holed net. Next he took from the drawer a pair of briefs that almost qualified as a thong. And lastly, self supporting stockings.

She would normally never go out during the day dressed like this; the good thing about being at home was you could go that little bit further. As long as you allowed for the nosy neighbours, she reminded herself. Now that could once again spoil things.

When the doorbell rang George rushed to answer it and introduced himself to the three students. He noticed a look of disappointment on their faces. Jean waited in the bedroom and listened to the group talk about the garden. They had come to advise and maybe try out a few ideas, they said. To Jean’s surprise George then announced he had business to attend to in town and told them to take a seat while they waited for his wife. A few minutes later she heard the door shut to and looked out of the window to see George walking to the car. She waited while he drove away. Maybe he prefers to be out of the way just now, she told herself. He will have a good reason.

Jean examined herself in the mirror then walked downstairs to greet her guests. Entering the room she noticed the boys eyes never left her cleavage. It was time to tease and arouse – but she wanted to do more than that.

They went and sat in the small conservatory while Jean served refreshments. She didn’t waste this opportunity and bent over to show her almost naked bum cheeks and stocking clad thighs. She heard the boys gasp and glanced at the growing bulges in between their legs. Perching on the arm of a chair next to one of the boys she stretched an arm across the back which made her breasts push forward. The boys in front being lower had an excellent view when she had to widen her legs to maintain balance.

And so that’s how they stayed for the next half-hour – the sexual tension building. The boy next to her was almost within licking distance of her nipples, her thighs just a few inches away. The other boys probably envied him yet they had their own pleasure, watching, as every time Jean adjusted her position her panties would be visible and move more into the crack between her legs. She noticed how their eyes widened and mouths opened. Amazingly, they also managed to discuss ideas for the garden. It was up to Jean to move things along.

Getting up she invited the boys outside and they began to sketch on scraps of paper and examine soil and plants. Though they all contributed ideas she could tell the enthusiasm for garden design had dwindled somewhat. She also noticed the head of the man next door peering over the fence. Two of the boys, after whispering to each other came up with a suggestion.

“If you like we could come and tidy things up and maybe do a few alterations and replanting. We could use your garden to try ideas out at the same time.”

Jean ushered them inside away from the nosy man. “That would be great,” Jean told them. “But you must let me pay you somehow for the hard labour involved.” She led them from the conservatory back into the living room. One of the boys’ then surprised her. “Pay us “somehow”? He leered at her chest when he asked.

“You’re a very forward and cheeky young man,” Jean said slowly, looking him in the eye. “The garden isn’t the only “landscape” you’ve been admiring is it? How would you like me to pay you?”

Both boys were too nervous to answer deciding they had overstepped their mark. Jean’s hands went underneath her breasts to the knot of her blouse – and pulled. “Like this?”

She held the blouse open to display her tits trying to escape from the slightly too tight half-cup bra. The boys had never expected this and froze, their eyes glued on her bosom.

“If you’re good boys and keep quiet about it we’ll see what else we can show you.” She stepped forward and putting her arms round both their necks drew their faces toward her. “Touch if you want,” she offered. A shiver went through her as each boy gently rubbed a nipple. She gave them each little kisses and the boys, now feeling more confident massaged her breasts harder. Jean removed her hands from the boy’s necks and pulled the cups of her bra down to expose her stiff nipples. “Is that better?” she whispered. The boys each took a nipple between thumb and finger and rolled and tweaked. Jean’s hands went to each crotch and simultaneously felt for their cocks. Each gave a sharp intake of breath and eyes widened even more. This was fantasy stuff they usually thought of when masturbating.

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