Housesitting in the Suburbs


“Hey man, you want to come to visit and stay with me a few days? My parents are taking my sister to Europe for two weeks and asked if I could house-sit while they’re gone.”

I first met Scott when we joined the same middle school softball team. We became best friends and hung out together all through middle school and high school. We were really bummed when his family moved to California two years ago, right before we started our senior year. It was sad to not graduate together, but we stayed in touch, even after we started college in different states. We chatted a lot online and often gamed online together, but I hadn’t seen him since the move. Now after our first year of college, he was offering a chance for me to visit him.

“Sure! Sounds like fun.”

I asked him about the dates and made arrangements at my summer job on campus, so I could have time off. I found the cheapest flight I could, and when I arrived, Scott met me at the airport.

“Great to see you, Bobby! Glad you could come.”

Scott drove us back to his place, and huge house in the suburbs, with hilly landscape and winding roads. His dad was an executive and his mom spend a lot of her time on their house.

He showed me around and I teased him about living on an ‘estate’. They had a beautiful pool area that was secluded and inviting, with a high fence and lots of plants.

We had a late lunch and got caught up on our lives. Afterwards, he took me to his bedroom, a converted loft.

“Wow, this is really nice!” I exclaimed. “You could live up here!”

The room was long with sloped a ceiling. One wall had huge windows, with two other windows on another wall. Scott had a large TV at the foot of his king-sized bed, hooked up to his Nintendo and Xbox controllers. There was a small refrigerator, a couple of dressers and couch. Off to the side I saw a bathroom.

“Thanks! I used to be in here all the time, but I don’t spend as much time here now that I’m away at college. I enjoy the privacy and access to my gaming system. My parents asked if I could come home to watch the house while they were in Europe with my sister, and I thought it would be a fun opportunity to get together with you.”

“You can sleep on the bed. I’ll take the couch.”

“Thanks, but the bed is huge. There’s room for both of us, as long as you don’t get too grabby”, I teased.

“How about a game of Smash Bros?”

“Sure, set it up.”

Scott got out the game and two controllers and stated it up. It was kind of warm in the room, so he opened the windows to let some breeze through.

“Mind if I get comfortable?” Scott asked.

“Sure, since I’m going to kick your ass, you might as well be comfortable.”

Scott kicked off his tennis shoes and removed his socks. He stripped off his t-shirt, then dropped his cargo shorts, standing there in his Hanes tighty whities. He sat cross-legged on one corner of the bed and looked at me.

“Well, are you going to join me?”

I was a little surprised how comfortable Scott was stripping down to underwear, but we had been like that many times during our childhood, at sleepovers.

I removed my clothes, leaving on my loose light blue boxer shorts, and joined him cross-legged on the other corner at the foot of the bed.

“Nice boxers! When did you start wearing them?”

“For a while now. When my grandpa passed away, I was helping my grandma go through his stuff and I found an unopened pack of boxers, so I asked if I could have them. She said sure, and I just really liked the look and feel, so I gradually got more.”

“Awesome! I’ve always wanted to try boxers, but my mom always buys me briefs.”

“I love them. Want to try these on?”

I slipped the boxers off my hips, keeping my legs bent and together to hide my dick. I tossed them over to Scott.

He laughed and said, “Thanks. Here, let’s swap.”

Scott stood up and slipped off his briefs and tossed them to me. I had never seen him naked before, and I must have stared a little at his beautiful body and soft cock, because he laughed, “You like what you see?” and he gyrated his hips a bit to swing his cock around. He pulled on the boxer shorts and modeled for me.

“You’re right! These feel great.” Ataköy Escort I could see him tenting a little in the front as he sat back down on the bed.

I pulled on his white Hanes briefs, the kind I used to wear, and it took me back. I liked the feel of the soft cotton, and how they looked on me.

“I forgot how briefs feel like you have a hand holding your junk in place”, I laughed.

“I’m enjoying the view. Come on, let’s play so I can kick your ass!”

We started a marathon session and were pretty well matched. I was great hanging out with Scott again, laughing and talking as we played. It was also a little arousing being in our underwear (and each other’s underwear at that) so close together. I caught Scott checking me out from time to time, and I enjoyed seeing his tent pole rise and fall in the blue boxers.

After a long while, Scott wanted to take a break. He said his shoulders were aching a bit and he needed to move around.

“Want a massage? Here, lay down and I’ll work out those kinks.”

Scott climbed up on the bed and laid on his stomach. I moved over to him and straddled his thighs as I reached up to start working my hands on his shoulders and back. His skin was warm to the touch and felt very good in my hands.

He moaned a bit as I moved around, asking how this felt, then that. I realized I was sitting on his butt, the bulge of my cock in the briefs rubbing against his crack.

We were both really enjoying this unplanned touching, and I was getting more aroused as we continued. After a while, I started moving down his back, my butt moving down his legs, until my hands were massaging his lower back.

“That feels so good, Bobby! Oh yeah, right there!”

I worked my hands up and down across his lower back. The waistband of the boxer shorts was in the way, so I slid them partway down his ass, and was able to rub his bare skin better.

Scott purred like a kitten, “That feels great. I don’t think anyone has ever rubbed my ass like that before.”

“Want me to stop?”

“Hell no! Keep it up man, this is incredible!”

I slid the boxers down a little more to the bottom of his ass cheeks, but the front must have been hung up on his cock.

“Lift up a bit, and I’ll slide the shorts down more.”

Scott lifted his groin up as I pulled down the boxers more, but they were still stuck. I reached under him and gently pulled them off his semi-erect cock, lightly brushing against it with my hand.

“Oh, that tickled”, Scott said softly.

“Sorry”, I replied.

“No don’t be. That was the nicest tickle I had in a long time’, he chuckled.

I slid the boxers off Scott’s legs and dropped them on the floor. I massaged the rest of his ass and worked my way down his firm thighs. He moaned from time to time, and slid his legs open a bit wider. I could see the bottom of his ball sack and felt another twinge in my briefs.

“Want to roll over, and I’ll massage your front?”

Scott hesitated. “Ummm, I’m not sure that’s a good idea…”

“Why not?”

“You would see how much I am enjoying this…”

I laughed. “Scott, this is just two good friends hanging out. No drama, just fun. Anything that happens here, stays here.”

Scott considered that, then rolled over. His beautiful cock was firmly erect and pointing to his belly. He laid back and closed his eyes.

I straddled his legs, careful to not rub my bulging crotch against his erect penis. I leaned forward and started massaging his shoulders and upper chest. His skin felt warm and soft to my touch, and I slowly kneaded his muscles.

Scott murmured something about feeling good, as I leaned down closer to his head, and my bulging briefs caressed his balls and the base of his cock. He sensed me moving closer and brought his arms up to caress my bare back, pulling me closer to him, and gently kissing my lips.

We stayed like this for what seemed like hours, softly kissing and rubbing our cocks together, with only the thin layer of my Hanes briefs between us. Scott ran his hands up and down my back, giving me little electric shocks of pleasure.

I slowly pulled away, moving my mouth down to lightly kiss his hard nipples. Scott groaned as Ataköy Escort Bayan I took them between my teeth and nipped at the sensitive skin.

I moved my mouth lower, kissing and licking at his warm chest and belly, until I reached his throbbing cockhead. I gently kissed the tip, then ran my tongue around the head and up and down the shaft. Scott squirmed and moaned in delight.

With one hand, I caressed his soft balls, playing with the sensitive skin and exploring his trimmed pubic hair. I had been shaving or trimming off my pubic hair, and it was fun to play with his soft and slightly furry balls.

With my other hand, I guided his quivering cock into my mouth, and pulled it in and out, my lips sucking and sliding over the shaft. I worked his hard cock for several minutes until he moaned, “I’m gonna shoot my load!”

I slid my mouth off his cock and began slowly jacking him, my other hand cupping his balls firmly. Scott arched his back and yelled out “aaahhhhhhh!” as a huge jet of creamy white cum shot out all the way up his chest and hitting his chin. I continued to milk him as spurt after spurt oozed out, spattering his belly and chest. I slowed down and looked up at him. He was grinning with a slightly sleepy look.

“Oh man, Bobby! That was unbelievable! I am still tingling all over!”

We laughed, and I told him to lie still so he wouldn’t drip on his bed. I went to his small bathroom and found a wash cloth which I got wet, and a towel. Then I gently wiped his chest and belly clean. His soft cock had some cum on it, so I leaned down and licked them off, savoring the salty taste. Scott groaned with delight. I licked his cock and balls clean, then gave them a quick wipe with the warm wash cloth and dried him with the towel.

“There, all clean!”

I took the cloth and towel back to his bathroom, then climbed back in bed next to him, and leaned over to softly kiss his lips. We held each other and kissed for quite a long time, reveling in our new-found intimacy.

Finally, Scott pulled back and smiled, “Your turn, bud. Roll over.”

Rolling on to my stomach, Scott straddled my legs, and began to massage my shoulders and upper back. His strong hands felt incredibly good, working my muscles and loosening any knots.

It felt nice how he was sitting on my butt and slowly rocking back and forth. Scott gradually moved his way down to my lower back, and then gave my ass a wonderful massage through the cotton material of the briefs.

He worked his way to my upper thighs, and I spread my legs a bit for him to access the insides. He gently stroked my ball sack through the cotton cloth, and I let out a little moan of pleasure.

“Ok, roll over for me.”

I obeyed, and Scott climbed back up on my thighs. I looked down and smiled as I saw his soft cock so close to the bulge in my briefs.

He began working his warm hands across my chest, tweaking my hard nipples and caressing my bare skin. He leaned in to kiss me and whispered, “I hope you like what’s next.”

Scott moved his mouth down my chest, gently sucking on each nipple, then kissing my belly down to my waist. He ran his hands over my growing bulge, then kissed my cock through the cotton briefs.

I loved the attention he gave to my cock, touching, rubbing, slipping a finger in the leg openings to caress my balls. He was taking his time to pleasure me, and I let him know how much I was enjoying it.

“That feels so good… My cock is all yours….”

Scott slipped his hand inside the waistband of my briefs and pulled them back, my cock springing out. He pulled the briefs down just to my balls, then explored my rapidly hardening shaft. I could feel him inspecting me, like he had never seen another cock, touching me all over, turning it around and looking at all angles. He took me in his mouth, licking and sucking, while softly cradling my balls.

I was tingling in ecstasy with all the attention he was giving me. I have never been with someone who was so focused on exploring my body and pleasing me.

He kept bring me to a peak and then backing down, each wave more intense than the last. Soon I couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m gonna shoot!”

Scott slid my Escort Silivri cock out of his mouth and back in the briefs, and he pulled up the waistband to cover me. I felt a little panic as I realized I was going to cream in my pants – something I hadn’t done since I was much younger and was always embarrassed when it happened.

“Cum in my undies for me”, Scott encouraged. “Let it go.”

He rubbed my throbbing cock back and forth, and I felt myself explode. Burst after burst of warm sticky jizz shot out. The material kept it against my skin, and I felt the warm wet sensation.

“That’s it, keep going. Give me all of your cum.”

Scott kept milking my cock with long slow rubs as I thrust out the remaining cum. It felt too strange, actually cumming in clothes on purpose, and being with someone who made it happen.

“Wow, you really had a huge load. You must have saved up for quite a long time. You’re leaking right through these briefs.”

He got up and came around to kiss me.

“Come on, let’s go take a shower and get you cleaned up.”

Scott took my hand and instead of leading me to his small bathroom shower, he took me down the hall to his parent’s master bedroom and their huge walk-in shower.

“When mom and dad aren’t home, I like to use their shower once in a while. They don’t mind.”

The shower had two big water heads, and plenty of room to move around. He got the water running warm, and we embraced in the spray.

Scott turned me around, hugging me from behind, and pulling the waistband of my briefs out to fill them with the warm water. He gently worked a hand around inside the briefs to loosen up the sticky cum, then slid them down my legs and helped me step out of them. He turned the briefs inside out and held them up to the spray, and rubbed them around to clean out more of my cum. Then he wrung them out and hung them on a hook at the other end of the shower.

We took advantage of the warm water and soap to thoroughly explore and clean each other’s bodies. We quickly became erect again in each other’s hands and jacked each other off together.

Our legs were like rubber, as we turned off the shower and dried each other off.

Scott said he was hungry, and I agreed, so he offered to make dinner. I was heading back to his bedroom to get clean clothes, and he said, “You don’t have to get dressed. I like seeing you naked. Just take a clean towel to sit on. My mom and dad went to a nude resort once, and my mom said everyone just carried a towel with them to sit on.”

We moved down to the kitchen, where Scott found a nice deli pizza his mom had got for him, and he put it in the oven. I enjoyed watching him walk around in the nude, cock soft and beautiful. His ass cheeks were firm and smooth. As he would walk by, I would gently caress some part of his body.

We had a beer while the pizza cooked, and he got out some plates.

“Want to eat out by the pool?”

“With no clothes? What about the neighbors?”

“The fence blocks the neighbors, and I know that my mom and dad hang out by the pool naked when my sister and I are not around. Come on, it will be fun.”

We took the pizza and some more beers out to the patio table. The sun was going down, but the temperature was still warm enough. We sat on our towels and ate while having normal conversation.

It seemed so natural and intimate, being naked together after having mind-blowing sex. I felt so free being outside with no clothes on, and Scott’s body was so beautiful to watch.

We finished eating, and it was starting to get a little cooler. Scott found a blanket and took it over to a double-wise lounge chair. I followed him, and he spread the blanket out on the chair and reclined on one half. I joined him, and we pulled the sides of the blanket over us.

The blanket felt a little coarse on our naked skin, but we quickly warmed as it captured the heat of our touching bodies. We sat together, watching the stars come out, leaning our heads together and living in the moment.

The sky darkened, but the small hanging lights around the pool area among the plants and trees made us feel we were in our own little world. I could have stayed like that forever with Scott.

Eventually we went inside, cleaning up the dishes. We were pretty tired from all of our activities and the fresh air, so we decided to go to bed.

We brushed our teeth, and climbed into Scott’s big bed, still naked, covered up and held each other in our arms until we fell asleep.

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