House of Blues


House Of Blues, Atlantic City, New Jersey March of 2006.

Heather was in a cast from the knee down on one leg because of an accident we had been in. An old man crossed over the center line and hit us head on. It totaled our car, but the bruised kneecap was the worst of our injuries. His family had been trying to get him to stop driving for years because he had developed dementia, but…I will keep my opinions about that to myself.

I had gotten Heather a nice bracelet. It was silver, because she detested yellow gold. It was, after all, Valentine’s Day. She presented me with a pair of tickets to the House Of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey to see one of my favorite bands, Hawthorne Heights.

My son, who is in the same graduating class as Heather and was 22 at the time, told me that the simple fact that I liked Hawthorne Heights made me a 13-year-old girl. He said there was other evidence in my musical taste that proved that statement as well.

But, hell, I like what I like. And, this concert had me excited. Add to that the fact that we were getting away for a whole weekend. We had to rent a car because ours had not been replaced yet, but that didn’t matter. We actually had a fairly nice rental, so all was good.

Heather was a tease. No, that is a fallacy. A tease makes you believe they are interested, only to blow you off at the last minute. Heather would fuck almost anyone, anytime, and anywhere. The few boundaries she had, I was slowly erasing them.

When we had started dating, she had been a young, cute girl who had been so messed over by life that she had little to no self respect. She told me once, long after we started dating, that she always thought her only value was sex. I was so addicted, that I took advantage of that and pushed her further than she ever imagined she would go. She did the same to me. I was nearly as broken as she was.

The day we left for Atlantic City was a bright, sunny day. It was warm enough to signal the coming of spring while still carrying the weight of a cold winter. It was warm enough, however, for me to wear jeans and a sweater and she wore jeans, a tube top, and her favorite light jacket, which she removed almost as soon as we got on I95.

We were lightheartedly talking and singing when she noticed a pickup truck beside us. There were a couple of guys in it and they did that thing that people always do when passing. They looked into our car and, of course, they made eye contact with Heather.

Without hesitation, she pulled her tube top down to flash them. It was only a Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort second, but you would have assumed that they had never seen tits before. They were going crazy.

That particular section of Md272 was 2 lanes in each direction, so they stayed beside us. As long as they were there, Heather kept them engaged with her tits; cupping them, flashing them, pinching her nipples for them.

Then we had to get on I95 north, and they were gone, but she was so horny now it wasn’t funny. She leaned over to me as we entered 95 and, as her hand worked its way slowly to my erect cock, she whispered in my ear “You loved me randomly flashing boys, didn’t you?”

“Uh-huh” I weakly smiled.

“You wish I would have fucked them, don’t you? Just pulled over and fucked them in the truck. Right?” she asked as her hand worked on my zipper.

“Uh-huh” I whispered.

She had my cock out now, and leaned to it, taking it in her mouth. She went down as far as she could from her passenger seat, and began to slowly bob her head on my swollen shaft. I had never gotten road head before, and I must admit, it was difficult to control myself for a couple of minutes.

I knew people around us would have an idea what was going on if they glanced in our direction, but when I noticed we were beside another pickup, I slowed down and stayed alongside him, a guy in his mid-forties apparently.

He saw directly into our car and smiled. He watched her suck my cock until I came, explosively, in her mouth. She swallowed it down without hesitation and smiled as she sat up. Then she noticed him.

“How long has he been watching?” she asked with a smile.

“Since…pretty much we got on 95” I said.

She turned to him and flashed him, playing with her tits and pinching her nipples for him. Then she leaned back and spread her legs, and started rubbing over her pussy, which was wet enough that you could see her dampened crotch on her pants.

She masturbated until she came and it was everything I could do to keep the car on the road. But, he never left our side until he got off of 95 at Route 1 in Delaware.

The rest of the trip was, sadly, uneventful. We just talked and teased and listened to music. We checked in our hotel. We went to get something to eat. And then, we were off to the House Of Blues.

We were immediately confronted with a problem when we entered the arena space in the house of blues. It was a standing room only venue, with a large floor directly in front of the stage. This would have been my preferred place to see the show, but Heather could not stand that long and she couldn’t risk the possibility of being knocked down by moshers.

We asked someone from the event staff about a seat and he took us up to the balcony. This is where the bar and VIP seating overlooking the floor and stage were located, but this being a concert that would attract so many uder age concert goers, it was not open up here.

Along the edge of the balcony, there were large leather sofas from which to view the show. We immediately took the center stage space. It was a perfect view, but it did separate us from the show somewhat.

June was the first band to play. They were awful, but most of the time, the opening act in a 5 act show is not the greatest. But, that didn’t stop Heather from flashing them, and those in the crowd below who noticed. And, after the first flash or two, plenty of people noticed.

When June did their requisite set, a couple of guys started up the steps to the balcony. We had been noticed.

“Hi” said one of the guys, approximately 20 years old, tall and thin.

“Hi” Heather responded with a smile toward me.

“I saw you from down there,” he said shyly.

“You did, huh?” Heather said as her hand began to gently rub her chest in an attempt to be nonchalant.

“Did you like June?” he asked.

“They were terrible” she responded.


“Do you know Emory?” he asked.

“No, but Jimm does” she responded. The first acknowledgement of my presence..


He nodded in my direction. Heather’s hand lay on the mound created by her beautiful breasts and her index finger massaged it gently. Back and forth. Continually. Insistently.

She was smiling.

Both guys eyes were transfixed on her finger scratching the fabric of her tube top a scant inch or so away from the visible bump made by her excited nipple. She was obviously turned on. But, she was always horny and ready to fuck.

She made one elongated sweep with her finger and gently grazed her erect nipple..She looked at me and smiled. Her eyes asked one question. I nodded almost imperceptibly. Her finger moved to the top edge of her top and hooked the edge, pulling it down almost, but not quite, far enough to reveal an areola. As she let it go, it snapped back into place.

“I noticed you from down there” tall guy finally said.

“What did you notice?” she asked.

“Uhh, ” he stammered.

“These?” she asked as her hands squeezed both her breasts firmly.

“Yeah?” he said.

“Did you notice anything?” she asked quiet guy.

He nodded.

“Come and sit down” she said as she took a seat in the middle of the sofa. Each guy obediently took a seat on either side of her. They could see the stage, but were not visible to the crowd. I had a perfect spot to lookout. Standing behind the sofa with a line of sight to the stairs and the floor below.

The two boys had obviously not been around a girl as sexually active as Heather, and were hesitant once they were seated, even with so obvious an invitation.

“Do you want to see her tits?” I asked, hoping to break the ice.

“Yes” they responded in unison.

That was all the prodding she needed, pulling her tube top down, completely exposing her magnificent breasts. No one below could see what was going on, but from my vantage point, I was watching my girlfriends tits being mauled by two guys barely out of their teens while I was watching Emory take the stage.

Emory was louder than June, and better as well. The volume gave Heather and the boys more confidence, and soon one guy was between her legs fucking her while she leaned over and sucked the other guys cock.

She took his cock deep into her mouth, saliva dripping as she moaned from the pounding her pussy was taking.. Then, tall guy withdrew from her pussy, obviously ready to cum. She released quiet guys cock from her grip and pulled tall guy back into here. She guided him to pound her as he came inside her.

As soon as he did, she led quiet guy around to her pussy and guided him in. He began to fuck her, and it wasn’t long until he was ready to cum. She held on to him, taking his cum deep inside herself as well.

She put her arms around him and pulled him close, pressing her tits into his chest.

Both guys pulled their pants back up and Heather fixed herself. The four of us stood and watched the rest of Emory’s set with one of them on either side of her, and Heather holding on to the railing, grinding her ass into my hugely erect cock all the while.

Emory finished their set and we all applauded. The two guys, whose names we still didn’t know, said they were going to go back down and join their friends.

“Boy friends or girl friends?” Heather asked coyly.

“Uhh, guys” said quiet guy.

“Bring them to our hotel after the show” Heather said. “We have a hot tub.”

“There are six of us” said tall guy.

“Perfect” she said.

They both looked at me quizzically. I nodded my approval.

Heather gave them the name of the hotel and the room number

We watched the rest of the concert, and as much as I wanted to see it, I couldn’t wait to get back to our room.

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