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Travelling back home after a long week away down country on business I had to split the journey in two and stop away an extra night. I drove until I became drowsy at the wheel and thought it best to stop. I pulled off the main road and into the next little village to look for a hotel and found what looked like a nice house with a vacancies sign in the window. It was near the local pub as well which was a bonus. I took my overnight bag from the car and went in. The landlady, a pretty woman in her late 40’s with dark hair and a mature, buxom figure greeted me as I entered and booked me in for the night. I followed her upstairs as she showed me to my room, mesmerised by her luscious, plump bottom swaying in front of me under her long flowery dress as we climbed.

She left me to sort myself out and I showered, letting the cascade of water invigorate me again after the long drive. I had just got out of the shower and was standing, still dripping, wrapped only in a towel when there was a knock at the door and it opened. “I just wondered if you would like…” the landlady’s words trailed off when she saw me standing there half naked and still dripping wet. “My word, you keep yourself in awfully good shape don’t you” she said. I was still a little embarrassed at being caught out like this.

“What was it you wanted?” I asked.

“Well I was going to ask if you would like me to cook you a meal, but I think I could eat you myself.” I flushed even more now. “There’s no need to be embarrassed” she said “Especially not with a body like yours.” She stepped into the room and over to me and ran her hand over my muscular chest and shoulders, making little water droplet trails on the way. Everybody had heard stories of randy landlady’s but I’d always just dismissed them as urban myth. “Well I was just going to grab a bite to eat in the pub, but if you’re offering.” I said. “Oh I’m sure we can beat what the pub has to offer don’t you think” she said in a voice which certainly suggested more than dinner. She did have a point. Suddenly dinner was the last thing on my mind.

“What about the other guests?” I asked as her fingers ran across my midriff. “There aren’t any,” she replied, “and I’ve put the No Vacancies sign up as well so we won’t be disturbed.” She must have come upstairs with this already in mind. “And you’re husband?”

“There isn’t one.” It looked like this wasn’t going to be just another night in a strange town at least. “You must have had this planned if you’ve put up the No Vacancies sign?”

I questioned, “I just like to make the most of opportunities that’s all. I had planned to seduce you over dinner but I think that we can dispense with that now don’t you think?” “And what made you so sure that you could seduce me?” I asked flirtingly. “Because I could see in the mirror how you were watching me when you followed me up the stairs” she said with a confidence that beyoğlu escort caused me to blush a little and give the game away. “There you see, I knew I was right” and with that she slipped her hand under my towel and grasped my quickly growing member.

“My my” she said as her fingers encircled me “You can stay here anytime.”

She knelt down in front of me, lifted the towel and took me into her mouth. I groaned as she began to suck eagerly at my now full blown erection, the majority of its length slipping in and out of her velvety lips. She continued at this for a couple of minutes and then stood up to face me. We kissed and I began to undo the buttons on the front of her dress. After undoing the first three buttons I slid a hand inside and began to fondle her large, full breasts through her bra. She sighed as I did so and ran her hands across my broad shoulders. Pushing back the dress it fell down around her waist and we continued to explore each others mouths with our tongues.

We moved to the bed and lay down. As we lay she ran her hand up the inside of my leg and pulled at the towel still wrapped around me. My stiffness broke free and I lay there naked, she grasped it again and began to pull me off slowly. My hand slid down her body and began to rub her over her dress. Then I reached down and began to slide my hand up her leg, lifting her dress as I did so. Her knees parted as my hand slid higher and found the smooth skin above her tan stockings. I twiddled with the catch on her suspenders briefly and then continued onwards until my hand reached her silky knickers. She sighed loudly as I began to rub her through the thin material and then moaned out louder still as I pulled them to one side and began to stroke the full length of her damp, pouting lips.

We continued to kiss and she began to increase the speed of her own pulling strokes slightly as I rubbed at her. I stopped to unclasp her bra and was amazed by the sight of her ample bosom as it was unleashed. Cupping what I could of her breasts I rubbed and licked at her nipples obviously pleasing her as much as myself. I moved down her body and pulled off her dress over her hips. Returning to kiss her breasts again I slid a hand down across her belly and inside her pants and rubbed her again before slipping a finger inside her.

She shuddered and gasped as I did so, “Please, lick my pussy” she whispered. My head moved down her body again and I pulled down her pants and slipped them off. She opened her legs wide as I moved back in and rubbed the inside of her thighs softly. Then putting my hands to her lips I pulled them open wide and paused momentarily to gaze at the soft inviting pinkness that lay before me. I proceeded and stuck my tongue as far into her as it would go. She moaned out long and loud as it entered and worked its way around inside her depths.

Keeping her lips pulled open I then began sarıyer escort to lap at their full length with long slow strokes before licking her clitoris which was now protruding well out of its hood. As soon as I touched it with my tongue she juddered and had a mini orgasm there and then. But this was only just the start. I continued to lick at her as her moans increased until I could sense she was close to coming.

Then I broke off briefly to let her impending orgasm subside so that when it did come it would be twice as strong. “Please don’t stop now” she begged and pulled my head back down to her. This time she clamped her big thighs around my head as I began to flick at her clit with my tongue once more. Then as I slid two fingers inside her she began to buck at me still keeping me clamped firmly in place. I tickled her bumhole with my free hand and that was it, crying out, she came, her musky juices streaming from her faster than I could cope with. When it subsided she let go of her grip and I made my way back up her body and we kissed again.

“Lay back, I’ve got a surprise for you” she said having got her breath back. Turning me over and making her way down my body with her tongue I lay back expecting her to return to sucking me. Instead she wrapped her big breasts around my shaft and proceeded to work me off between them. I’d never experienced this before but it was marvelous and my flagging erection which had subsided slightly whilst I had been licking her quickly resumed its full strength.

Despite the wondrous sensations I was experiencing as she did this it still did not feel quite as good as the real thing so now was the time to really get started. Pulling her free I rolled her over onto her back, “Now you’re really going to get it” I murmured. She opened her legs wide and pulled her knees up, her gaping wet pussy beckoning me in. “Oh yes, fuck me now baby” she whispered in response. Kneeling between her open legs I took my dick in my hand and slowly forced it inside. “Ohhh, yes that’s it” she moaned out as it edged its way in. I leaned forward and taking my weight on my hands I began to slowly thrust in and out of her. I could feel her contracting around me as I pulled in and out, her soft damp warmth pulling me ever deeper. “God you feel fabulous” I whispered, “Thank you, so do you.” Pulling her knees higher still she moved into the press position and I slid my length in as far as it would go, causing her to cry out again as I did so. “Oh my god.” I thrust into her with long full hard strokes for a while, each one bringing a little moan from her and quite a few from myself.

Withdrawing she looked at me as if to ask why I was stopping, “Turn over, I want to screw you from behind”, she smiled again, rolled over and knelt up. Her big, plump arse and pouting wet pussy almost winking at me. I slid back into her and proceeded to build up a little speed. She pushed maslak escort her big luscious arse back into my groin with each forward stroke and we both moaned each time our hips banged together. Leaning forward and under her I cupped her big drooping breasts and fondled them as she returned my thrusts harder still. I let go and grabbed hold of her by the hips and pulled her onto me harder still with each stroke.

“Oh yes, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop…” her head fell forward onto the pillow and her own thrusting motion slowed down, her second climax of the evening complete. Pulling out again I lay next to her, but obviously she wasn’t finished yet. Thank god I thought, there was no way I was going to be left nursing the hard on I had at the moment. She got up from her kneeling position and straddled me. She sank down onto my pole and I groaned as she did so. She began to ride me, slowly at first while still recovering from her recent climax but gradually gathering speed. Soon she was bouncing up and down on me like a jack in the box and I reached up to play with the big full breasts that bounced up and down in unison with her.

Our tongues met again greedily and she gyrated her hips each time she bore down on me. Deep inside I could feel the surge building up in me and new it wouldn’t be long before I came too. Grasping her hips again I pulled her down onto me and thrust up at her as high as I could, now reaching a frantic speed. “Faster, faster baby” she gasped out and I pumped into her for all I was worth. Then unable to hold out any longer I shouted out loudly, spasming and jerking as my milk spurted deep into her. She collapsed onto me and we lay there gasping for breath. “My god, where did you learn to do that?” she asked, “Just comes naturally.”

“Well you certainly are a natural. But please, make me come once more. I’m nearly there again.” She climbed off me, eased her way up my body and sat on my face. Her bottom and thighs completely enveloping my head, I began to lick her out again. Groaning loudly once more she began to rub at her own clitoris with one hand and pulled my head harder into her with the other. With both hands free I rubbed her stocking clad legs with one and eased a finger right into her bottom. She gasped out as I did so and I half expected her to object, however it only seemed to make her more eager and she ground her pubic bone hard into my face as I poked and licked at her. “Yes that’s it, don’t stop, I’m coming, I’m coming” she bucked hard against me and I was certain I would suffocate as her final orgasm ripped through her and she could control her body no longer. But I survived, just.

We spent the rest of the night together with no guests to disturb us trying anything that took either of our fancies. We even screwed on the breakfast room table the next morning before I left. Making my way home casually the next day I was more tired than when I’d stopped the night before. So much for getting a decent nights rest. Ah well who cares, at least I didn’t have to pay for the accommodation and I know where I can get a free bed now whenever I need it.

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