Hot Connnections


As he ran to the departure gate, Richard had a sinking feeling as he looked at the deserted benches around the closed gate door. He rushed up to the desk, catching the attention of the woman behind the counter. “I’m here for the Amsterdam flight.” he panted, as she watched cooly.

“I’m afraid the gate’s closed. You’ll have to arrange another connection.”

As she spoke, a young couple rushed up behind Richard. The woman grinned as she caught the tail end of the conversation. “Shit – guess that means we’re stuck here till tomorrow.”

Richard turned round to see a tall blonde woman, her hair in pigtails which curled around her shoulders and brushed the impressive cleavage bulging from her teeshirt. He hardly noticed the man standing beside her, his arm wrapped possessively around her waist.

The woman behind the desk broke Richard’s concentration. “You’ll have to go to customer services over on the other side of the terminal – they’ll sort out your accommodation”.

The three of them traipsed over to the airline office and stood in another queue. The couple got to the front of the queue first. The airline rep was obviously taken with the woman, allowing his gaze to travel slowly from her face, over her chest and exposed waist, then down to the short hem of her skirt. “You’re in luck – we have just one room left at the Hilton – it’s a triple room, but you can have it at the same rate.” The rep handed over a printout, and beckoned Richard forward. “I’m sorry, that’s it for rooms – everyone’s missed their connections tonight with the weather. You could always wait in the terminal till the morning”.

Just as Richard felt himself droop with disappointment, a sweet, firm voice piped up behind him. “No way! You’re in with us.”

Richard turned to the woman, and saw the couple both smiling. “You sure? It’s going to be kind of intimate.”

“Just how we like it!” beamed the woman.

“Why not,” said Richard, and followed the couple as they made their way to the cab.

“Since we’re going to be roommates,” said the woman, “we should introduce ourselves. I’m Sam, and this is Mike.” Mike offered his hand, which Richard shook warmly as he grinned.

“I’m Mike. And I’m really grateful – I don’t think I could sleep a single minute in those chairs”.

The three of them made their way to the taxi rank, and got to the hotel just before midnight. They let themselves into their room, and looked around. There was a double bed against one wall, with a single bed against the other.

Sam put her airline complimentary bag on the bed. “Well, it’s not much, but it’s home”. Richard was a little surprised as she pulled her top over her head, leaving her naked to the waist. He tried to look away, but was captivated by her naked breasts, suddenly exposed and proud.

Mike chuckled. “So, you can see that Sam’s a little free with her body. And who can blame her?”

Richard had to agree.

“Nothing Richard hasn’t seen before, I’m sure,” laughed Sam, as she slipped on the airline teeshirt from the bag. Richard had to agree, although he couldn’t help smiling as he watched her. She slackened the belt of her jeans, and slipped them to her ankles, giving both men a brief glimpse of the brief panties showing off her legs. Mike was watching her every move, obviously starting to get turned on.

Richard swallowed thickly, and turned to go to the bathroom, clutching his bag. As he locked the door behind him, he heard murmering, then a faint ataşehir escort rustle. He slowly opened the door just a crack, and looked back into the room. Mike was now facing Sam, his arms around her back. Richard saw his hands move down, then up again, gently raising the edge of Sam’s teeshirt, then pushing back down again, taking her panties down to her knees. Richard gasped silently as he watched Sam being pushed back to a sitting position on the edge of the double bed, her panties now around her ankles. She flicked the panties away with one foot, and spread her legs wide as Mike knelt in front of her. “Quick” she whispered, just loud enough for Richard to hear. Mike wasted no time, pushing down his jeans and underwear in one go to let his cock hang free, rising and thickening before her. Mike pushed Sam back so she was lying on the bed, and held his cock against her. She whispered again “I’m ready”. Richard moaned involuntarily as he watched Mike thrust slowly forwards, his buttocks tightening with the movement. Sam moaned as Mike drew back and thrust again. Richard squeezed the crack in the door tighter as he watched, terrified that one of them would see him. He couldn’t bear to close the door completely – he felt a warmth spreading through him as the couple started to thrust towards each other in near silence. He saw her hand reach round Mike’s left buttock, pulling him into her, her nails red against the smooth skin of his arse. She gasped, and Mike arched his back as he pushed into her for the final thrust, his mouth open in silent ecstacy. The couple held that position for a few seconds, before Mike withdrew, and collapsed on his back on the bed beside Sam, his cock now deflating but still semi-hard and wet with come.

Richard carefully closed the bathroom door, and changed into his teeshirt before emerging back into the room.

“Well, I’m pretty whacked.” Richard tried to hide the stiffening between his legs, which showed no signs of abating since watching the couple a few minutes before. Sam and Mike were already in their bed, the covers drawn up to their chests.

“Sleep tight,” said Sam, and Mike smiled. Sam and Mike put on the airline blindfolds, and the three of them drifted off to sleep.

Richard woke just after sunrise, as the light shone through the thin curtains of the hotel room. He lay looking at the ceiling, wishing he had put on a blindfold like Sam and Mike lying in the double bed beside his.

He watched Sam’s mouth as it gently twitched in her sleep. She was smiling, breathing in and out slowly. Richard’s eyes wandered down her neck to the tangle of duvet and teeshirt around her chest, and couldn’t help noticing the loose swell of her breasts under her shirt. He looked guiltily over at Mike, but he was facing away, fast asleep. Richard inched closer to Sam, so that he could listen to her breathing. He felt a warmth spread through him, as his cock started to swell involuntarily. He know that this was wrong, but couldn’t help it. Slowly, trying not to make a sound, he slid his hand down underneath his duvet, pushing down the elastic of his pants with his left hand as he encircled his thickening shaft with his right. He gently pulled his foreskin down, and moaned slightly as it rolled over the head of his cock. Sam’s head rolled to face him, her mouth twitching again in her sleep. He began to wank very slowly, his cock now hard as a rock, a liquid warmth rising with each stroke. He gritted his teeth, trying to keep quiet as waves of bliss avcılar escort rode through his groin. Unable to keep silent, he let out a slight gasp, and Sam stirred, then frowned slightly, pushing her blindfold up just enough to peep out at Richard.

“Morning”, Sam said softly, her voice still heavy with sleep. Richard’s hand froze round his cock, but the waves of pleasure continued as he looked at her, speechless. All he could manage was a tight moan. She frowned, mock serious. “You’re not wanking, are you?”

“A bit.” Richard replied.

“I see,” said Sam, smiling. She slid the blindfold up over her head and tossed it to the foot of the bed. Mike stirred a little, but continued sleeping. She reached over to Richard’s bed, and gently lifted the corner of his duvet. She then pulled the duvet off the bed completely, revealing Richard’s body, naked except for his underpants, now pushed down over his thighs to reveal the bobbing head of his cock. She eyed his large prick, sticky with clear pre cum. Her smile widened to a grin: “Wow, that’s some beast you have there.”

Richard barely had time to gulp, before Sam unzipped her bag, and rolled over to Mike. “Mike – have a look at this.” Mike grunted, and sat up, removing his blindfold. He looked over to Richard, his hand frozen over his twitching cock.

“Not bad, I must admit,” said Mike. “Though not as big as my own, of course”.

“Not sure about that,” said Sam. “Maybe we should put it to the test.” She smiled, crouching forward to retrieve her blindfold. As she squatted forward, she gave Richard a full rear view of her crotch, her panties stretched across her buttocks and folded around the bulge of her pussy. He sighed, filled with desire. She then lay back, blindfold on, teeshirt riding up around her waist to show a fine dark line from her navel to the elastic of her panties.

Mike shuffled over, parting Sam’s legs slightly as she lay on her back, and knelt between her legs. She giggled as he slid a finger back and forth under the elastic round her crotch, teasing the edge of her pussy lips with his fingertip. He stopped for a moment, carefully sliding his underwear off to reveal his rising prick, balls lifting with the thickening shaft. The grey fabric of Sam’s panties was spreading with a darkening patch around her pussy, her mouth now moving with silent moans.

As Mike slid her panties down over her hips and legs, Richard removed his own underwear. Both men were now naked, Sam wearing only her teeshirt. Richard started stroking his cock again, watching the fine hair glistening around Sam’s cunt as Mike drew her knees up to get closer. Mike leant his hands on Sam’s knees as he bent down between her legs. She started to moan with anticipation, as she felt his breath against her. He gently nuzzled the lips of her pussy, then softly parted her with his tongue, running up and down her widening cleft before flickering against her clit.

Richard edged closer to watch, his balls throbbing as he wanked slowly in time with Mike’s tongue against Sam’s clit. She started to writhe with pleasure, pushing against Mike’s tongue as it encircled her: she moved an arm out to steady herself, meeting Richard’s thigh as he knelt silently beside her. As she writhed, her hand moved up his thigh, then gently cupped his balls as he wanked. “Ooh – who’s this then,” she said as she gently squeezed his balls. He felt more waves of pleasure as she slid her fingers further back underneath his sack: he parted his legs ataşehir escort bayan slightly as her hand slid further, finally reaching between his buttocks to circle the rim of his anus with her finger. He gripped the shaft of his dick as the waves of electricity throbbed through his arse and groin, moaning as he tried not to come.

Mike drew his head back, looking up at Richard. He grinned. “Now, let’s see who’s the biggest them all. Sam: assume the position”.

Sam giggled, sitting up to remove her teeshirt. As she lowered her arms again, her breasts settled to two perfect swells, their nipples dark and proud. Richard’s cock twitched again in his hand. Sam then rolled onto all fours, her blindfold still firmly over her eyes. “First candidate, please”.

Mike silently knelt behind her, and held her arse with both hands, thumbs pulling her apart to reveal the bright pink mouth of her pussy between her darker outer lips. He raised his hips to position the head of his cock against her pussy, then in one slow continuous movement slid his prick into her up to the hilt. She gasped, then squealed as he pulled his cock back and slid into her again. “I don’t care whose cock that is – just fuck me harder”. Mike then started pumping her, grasping her hips to pull himself deeper and deeper into her. She started to scream louder and louder as he fucked her, her head raised in ecstacy. Then he began to thrust slower and slower, making her whimper with desire. Finally,, he slowly withdrew, leaving her panting as she thrust her gaping pussy into the air. Mike then lay on his back, and slid underneath her until he was looking up at her pussy, his glistening dick below her head. She felt for his cock with one hand, bending down to kiss the end of it. Mike gasped silently as she pressed her tongue against the base of his shaft, slowly licking all the way back to the head. She carefully sucked the bead of precum from the tip of his cock, making him writhe with pleasure.

Richard positioned himself behind Sam, where Mike had been shortly before. He held his cock in his hand, and positioned it between the lips of her pussy. She moaned as he slid the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, then she moaned again as he found her gaping hole, pushing into her until his balls met her crotch. He stirred his cock inside her, making her moan once again before she widened her mouth to slide over Mike’s dick below her. Richard started to swivel his hips as he moved inside her, feeling his balls swell with come with each movement.

Mike started to moan as Sam slid her mouth faster up and down his shaft. He gripped Sam’s hips from underneath, and pulled himself up slightly to nuzzle her clit as Mike fucked her from behind. Mike thrust faster and faster, the moans of both men growing as they felt their come rising.

As Richard thrust into her, he could feel Mike’s tongue lapping at his balls, swirling round between their crotches. Finally he knew he couldn’t hold it any more, and thrust deep into her. He felt his whole body contract, pull back, then squeeze again, as spurt after spurt of cum flowed into her. As he came, she felt a final rush deep within her, and screamed as she came. She gripped Mike’s cock harder, pumping it in time with the waves of the orgasm runnign through her: Mike suddenly bucked his hips, and groaned as he released thick ropes of come, again and again, coating her face and neck.

Gradually, as their orgasms subsided, the three of them collapsed onto each other, sticky with each others juices. Sam finally lifted off her blindfold to look at Richard and Mike. She closed her eyes again and smiled contentedly. “Well, I’ll just have to reserve judgment until we’ve tried all the possibilities.”

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