Homework and Chicken Noodle Soup


They eighteen, except the sister then she twenty-two. Comments and options encouraged


Hannah Farmer was a pretty girl. She dressed simply and wore little makeup, many people considered her a plain girl. Ryan thought it added to her charm and made her even more likable.

While he generally kept his feeling closer to his chest, but when the opportunity to go over to her house appeared he jumped on it. Hannah Farmer had been out for a few days, the general consensus was that it was covid but then Mrs. Whalmer had asked for volunteers to bring the class-and-home-work over to her house. When it came to asking for volunteers Ryan had thrown up his hand so fast he was sure that it had popped out of joint.

Armed with the schoolwork and a bowl of chicken noodle soup from Granny Mae’s, Ryan walked down the street. Growing more and more nervous and losing confidence as he got closer.

Why did I bring the soup? He started to bemoan. That was so lame of me, I mean how forward right? So transparent, so pathetic.

The self-hating tirade continued up until he came in front of the house.

While it looked like every other house on the street, Ryan saw the little patches of life. He saw the maple tree, saw the flower garden, saw the birdfeeder, he saw the little parts that would have made the woman he loved into the woman she was today.

That thought gave him strength and he powered over to the door. Making sure the address was the same as the one Mrs Whalmer written down, he looked over. There was no button for a doorbell, instead a giant brass lion with claws outstretched was attached to the door.

Huh, Ryan thought. A knocker.

He pulled it back and brought it down, rapping against the metal underneath it, sounding throughout the house.

“Coming” He heard inside.

That voice wasn’t Hannah’s though. Ryan panicked as he realized someone else could answer the door what does he do, what does he say, something about the knocker. What a nice knocker. Coolest knocker he had ever seen.

Ryan and Hannah had never much of a one-on-one, in fact it was rare when they had an opportunity to speak so Ryan was gonna put it all on the line and make his fantasy a reality.

“Hello?” A woman called out opening the door and filling the doorway.

Ryan felt his eyes grow bigger as well as something else.

“Nice knockers.”

The woman that opened the door was beautiful. Her face was bright and pretty, similar to Hannah’s though more mature and with more makeup. Her clothes were far from Hannah’s though, while Hannah usual like more simple and conservative wear, the woman answering the door did not. Her sloping tank top which gave a generous view of her breasts and tiny sports shorts was what she wore. Her breasts already given free rein were also huge barely staying contained in the top. Her thighs spilled out of her shorts, Ryan felt his eyes beginning to get lost in her body.

“Hello?” She repeated again, a small pleasant smile on her face. Something else in her eyes.

“Oh, sorry, I’m Ryan, Hannah’s classmate. Here with her schoolwork.” Hoping to God that she hadn’t heard him the first time, Ryan began his introduction.

“Also, brought soup to help with, you know, her cold.”

Ryan saw the woman start to frown slightly, a more unsure gaze in her eyes.

“I was hoping I could bring this up to her room, you know.” Ryan started feeling bolder. “And help her study.”

“Sure, help my sister,” the lady began, a bemused smile starting to form. “She needs all the help she can get. Second floor, on the right.”

Ryan could’ve hoot and hollered for joy right then and there. After a small scolding for trying to go upstairs with his shoes on, he was off.

The door already open, Ryan tried to pace himself before coming in. A shine appearing in his heart at the future he could have with it. Fate was with him, he thought as he turned and entered the room.


Ryan slightly frowned. All across was evidence that Hannah lived here. There was her bed, a small table still Keçiören Escort had papers on it from past schoolwork, a desk with a computer on it. Everything was there but Hannah.

“She’s went on a trip with her boyfriend.”

Ryan turned as Hannah’s sister came in the room. Ryan nodded dumbly before placing the bags on the table.

“Care if I have at the soup?” She asked, already making her way over to it.

“Sure, it’s Granny Mae’s”, he replied, not really listening anymore. Hannah had a boyfriend. Not only a boyfriend but one that took her on trips. One where she would play hooky for, that kind of boyfriend.

“I love Granny Mae’s. Hadn’t the time to go there since I’ve been back from college.” He heard from the table as he turned and looked around the room again.

“You should try their new pecan pie, it’s real good. He felt his voice robotic.

Ryan spied something on the bed and even thought he was aware of good manners his current emotional state let him go and touch stuff that wasn’t his. Hidden slightly by the covers, he picked it up.

Golden foil on the outside a small ring-shaped bump in the center, he knew what it was as he touched it.

A condom.

“A condom,” he said numbly and softly.

Hannah Farmer wasn’t a virgin Hannah Farmer was having sex. Hannah Farmer was having sex with people that weren’t him.

“Oh, she must’ve forgot that while she packed for her trip.” Hannah’s sister said from next to him, having moved from the table, nearly touching him.

“She had said told the school she wanted a ‘mental health break’ but really it was just a plan to go bone her boyfriend for like a week.”

Ryan felt devastated at the news.

It must have show on his face. Hannah’s sister had started to lean into him.

“Hey, you like Hannah, don’t you?”

Ryan started blushing before he even had time to speak, telling her the truth before he even could respond.

“Oh, you do, don’t you,” she said, her smile no longer pleasant but taking on a more…hungry look. “Have you masturbated thinking about my sister?”

“I-I would never think about Hannah like that.” It had come out shaking but Ryan felt good he had been able to say it.

“A gentleman” she remarked, her tone neutral but the hungry look still in her eyes.

“Even though, Hannah’s out right now, boning her boyfriend all day long?”

Ryan’s discomfort must have shown on his face because she started to pedal back.

“Sorry, I got carried away. My bad.” She said, feeling bad for teasing me too much.

“Nah, it’s alright, Ryan started. ” It’s just a lot to take in at once. I don’t know how to feel, honestly.”

“What if we had sex?”

“I’m sorry?” Ryan said shocked. Without knowing it both had gotten on Hannah’s bed and now Hannah’s sister began crawling over to him, his body started into back up.

“You’re upset because Hannah is doing things that you haven’t, right? She began to reason, stopping her crawling and instead positioning like she was about to pounce on him. “Well, once you get some experience yourself it won’t worry you that she’s been with others before.”

“It’s more than that,” Ryan began, fighting within himself. The body in front of him was maddeningly alluring the breast, the neck, the hips, the ass, they all spoke to him on a primal level as he felt his resolve softening and his dick hardening. “I don’t want my love to be cheap.”

“How long have you know Hannah and you haven’t know she had a boyfriend, “Hannah’s sister countered. “That isn’t love. It’s a weak mindset that is gonna keep you a virgin. You can’t expect girls to be virgins.”

“You don’t even know my name,” Ryan said, his bulge apparent and his desire evident.

Hannah’s sister raised an eyebrow as she eyed the bulge but sat back. “My name is Maya,” she said, the pleasant smile back on again, offset by her hungry eyes. “What’s yours?”

Ryan knew this was the last defense, he had been giving weak arguments this entire time. All he had to do was not Etimesgut Escort give his name and she would back down, he knew and she made it apparent this was something he had to willingly want as well. Just don’t say your name.

“I’m Ryan. Ryan Deckers.”

Ryan felt her as she started to push up against him, her tank top conforming to his body as her breasts pushed out of her tank top. “Do you want to have sex with me, Ryan?”

Ryan looked from her breasts to her eyes, back to her breasts and back to her eyes. “Yes, why do you want to have sex with me?”

Her mouth made an ‘O’ shape before becoming a smile again. “You brought my sister’s work to her house, it was sweet and cute. You don’t throw away people as easily when you don’t get your way. I think that’s very cool of you. And,” this time beckoning over to the table. “You have great taste in food.”

“End of discussion.” She said simply when Ryan didn’t look convinced.

With that her mouth covered Ryan’s. Ryan felt amazed at how good a kiss could feel. her lips were soft and pushed against his mouth in a powerful and gentle way. Without any input from him, he felt his hips move against her, grinding.

She felt her smile on his lips as she moved along with him. grinding together.

“Was that your first kiss?” Maya asked, her eyes staring into his.


“You did well.”

Ryan felt himself glow with a little pride as she bent down to kiss him again, this time for passionately. He felt her hands move over his body and felt her body crash into his more as the grinding got rougher.

“Okay, that’s good.” Maya said, as she stopped kissing Ryan. In one fluid motion she took off her tank top. revealing all herself.

They were beautiful. Ryan wasn’t able to stop staring as he looked at them.

“Go on ahead. Lick them, touch them, get naughty. Girls want boys to be naughty.”

Ryan grabbed on. He had been right they were soft. Ryan attached himself to a breasts, attacking it with mouth and tongue.

Maya gave soft encouragements as he started to get more of a rhythm.

Ryan sucked on a nipple, before pulling it back with teeth, earning a giggle and a moan from Maya. As soon as he heard her moan, he knew he would do anything to hear it again.

Ryan hadn’t notice but in his enthusiasm for her breasts, he had gotten on top of Maya. Pulling back, he saw just how different she was from her sister. Maya had a belly button piercing and a small heart tattoo on her hip that was now clearly visible.. Her headband that had kept her hair pulled back had come off and had been put into a messy ponytail while they had been fooling around.

Maya moved herself onto Ryan’s lap straddling him.

“Don’t just focus on my tits,” she purred into his ear. “Touch my ass too, grope it, smack it, play with it.”

Ryan did as he was told. Woah, he thought, my hands sink right in. He felt Maya and she was soft. Her whole body soft. As they enveloped each other in more tongue kissing, Ryan keep his hands moving. He felt her ass. The supple springiness of it before giving it a light smack.

Maya giggled as she pulled him in closer as she grinded on his lap. moving her hips back and forth, slowly, teasing him.

He felt his way up her stomach and the softness and heat there. Holding onto her hips he controlled her rhythm and she let him as she moved only as fast as he moved her, looking him in his eyes with naked desire. Her breathy intakes of air giving him approval.

He moved up back up to the breasts, hungrily diving back into for more. He sucked, squeezed, and massaged animalistic passion as Maya gave him more and more encouragement to feel her body.

Feeling himself ready he moved to her shorts and felt where a wet spot had started to form.

“Good,” Maya said, her breathing irregular. She moved off Ryan and stripped off her shorts showcasing herself to him.

“Wow,” Ryan said outload. He stared stunned right at her pussy. Excited from all the grinding and touching, Demetevler Escort the lips were full, where it was pink and fleshy, small beads of wetness could be seen. A small button atop her vagina caught Ryan’s attention.

That must be a clit, Ryan thought. As he stared in wonder at how small it was. It stood atop the pussy, showing off like a jewel or a crown.

Ryan had taken his pants off without knowing, Maya kissed something in her hand before handing it over to him. It was the condom he had found.

As he moved to put it on, Maya reached over. She held his penis gently stoking it. God even her hands are soft, he thought. Taking the condom out of the wrapper. he held it out to make sure he was using the right side, he smiling when he saw it looked like a little hat. Putting it over his dick, he started unrolling. Pinching the tip, he made it’s way until it hit the base, covering it all.

Maya leaned back, laying with her legs to the side as she welcomed him. Her pleasant smile never leaving her face. The only expectation was when it started to widen as he made his way in her. Filling her up.

Maya gasped as he did, voicing her pleasure clearly. Ryan felt the pressure around and grunted out inadvertently.

Gripping her hips, Ryan sought to thrust himself slowly, getting used to the pressure on his dick.

“Describe it to me,” Maya suddenly demanded. Grabbing around his neck he found himself work against her feeling the heat from her whole body against his, her softness against him, coaxing him to thrust more and more.

“God, he groaned. “I feel your heat and you wrapping around my dick even with the condom.”

“Don’t forget the rest of my body,” she coached. “Be naughty with me. Feel me. Do whatever you want to me.”

That spurred him on. As he started to play with her body more earnestly, he also began to move his hips thrusting in and out with wild passion. He wanted to fuck her into submission.

“You feel like every time I try and pull out, you’re taking to pull me in.” Ryan gasped out as he moved his hands around before stuffing his mouth with Maya’s breasts again. She moaned in agreement, her hands behind his back, scratching him lightly.

As he grow more confident with having sex with her, he began to understand her a little better. As he started matching her thrusts with his thrusts he felt himself going deeper, earning him a deep moan from Maya.

As he kept matching he eventually had her in position where he started to press down on her legs giving him a way to get deeper entry, something that the moans from Maya indicated was a good thing.

As Ryan gave into the animalistic urges, he felt his vision to start to blur. “Oh god, I’m coming, he whispered into Maya’s ear.

“Good, cum for me.” She whispered back, encouraging.

Ryan felt a roar in his head as his body tensed up like a spring until he felt himself unable to stop himself and it came out like a flood.

Maya matched him as she grabbed him around with her legs, holding him in tightly, moaning into his ear as the pressure and pleasure caught her into climax.

“Sorry,” Ryan muttered after a few seconds as the pleasure passed and they laid with one another. The condom tied and already in the trashcan.

“Never apologize for an orgasm,” she chided him lightly as she touched him lightly, still naked. “Thank me.” A challenge in her eye.

“Sorry,” started Ryan wanting to apologize for apologizing but seeing the glare she started to give him he stopped, “I mean, thanks.”

“Good,” she said with a kiss. “Now go pee, it’s good for you.” She added shooing him.

“You change tack quickly.” Ryan said getting off the bed.

“Well, yeah. Hannah’s probably gonna be back soon.”

Ryan started to turn back to her but froze when he heard footsteps come up the stairs.

“Maya?!” Hannah’s voice was equally surprised and indigent.

“Hey, Hanny Banny,” teased Maya. “Your classmate, Ryan Deckers is here! He brought your homework and even chicken noodle soup from Granny Mae’s. He’s a real sweetie.”

Ryan watched between the devious smile that Maya and the normally cheerful Hannah filled with rage as she looked at what they had done to her room.

Ryan watched with dismay as his dick began to surge and in the middle of the showdown between sisters he stood sprouting a hard-on.

A mental health break sounds real nice right about now.

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