Homeless Housekeeper Update


After a software update my smartphone was giving me fits so I stopped at the phone store to get some help with it. I signed in and took a number hoping I wouldn’t have to wait very long. After it was clear it would be at least another 15 minutes or so I stepped out front to have a smoke. Parked across from where I was standing I noticed a somewhat disheveled looking woman standing behind an old beater of a car. Something about her made me think “man, she looks pretty stressed”. I finished my smoke and within a minute or so my number was called. When I explained why I was there the tech said “yup, bug in the update. I’ll apply a patch and you’ll be on your way in a few minutes”. He was true to his word and I was out the door with a reliably working phone in no time.

Once outside I noticed the woman was still there, had her trunk open, had some things layed on the ground and seemed to be sorting through or arranging some things. The trunk was full of clothes and other personal items and it occurred to me that she was probably living out of her car. I approached her saying “excuse me”. When I did she turned toward me and stood up giving me my first good look at her. She appeared to be about 30, 5’3” with dark hair and pretty blue eyes. She was pretty plain overall. Not pretty but certainly not ugly and had a decent body, neither overweight or skinny.

I said “I don’t mean to pry but are you living out of your car?” With a clearly embarrassed look she said that she was. She had run into a tough time and was trying to make her way through it. I pulled out a $20 and extended it to her. “Hopefully this will help a little.” With the most grateful look in her eyes she said that it would and thanked me. I handed her my card and said I might be able to help her find some odd jobs and it she was interested to call me and I’d see what I could do. With that she gave me a hug, thanked me and I was on my way.

Sure enough, early the next evening she gave me a call. I asked her if she was willing to do a little household cleaning because I had a chore I needed done and had been putting off doing it myself. She said “Yes, when can I do it?” I told her “now if you are available.” Her response was a quick and eager “Yes!” I gave her my address and less than 30 minutes later she pulled into my driveway.

I met her at the door, Sex hikayeleri led her into the kitchen and told her she could put her purse on the island. She gets to the point and asks, “what is it that you want me to clean?” I tell I have two pretty small jobs for her. I pointed to a few dirty dishes in the sink and said, “load the dishwasher, clean the sink and the counter and wipe down the stove top.” I then showed her the half bath just off the kitchen and told her “after that you can clean the toilet, wipe down the floor and clean the vanity. All of that should only take you about 30 minutes or so. Does $30 sound acceptable?” She smiled and responds, “Sure does!”. I get her the cleaning materials and she jumps right into cleaning the kitchen.

It takes her no more than 30 minutes to finish both the kitchen and the bathroom. She asks me if everything looks ok. I assure her it does and hand her the $30 as promised. She asks if I think I’ll have any other odd jobs in the next few days. I tell her I’m not sure but I’ll see what comes up. “I sure hope you do! I really need the money and don’t have any other prospects for making any right now.” I look her in the eyes and say “Well, there is a way you can make some more but I’m not sure what you’ll think about it.” She sort of cocks her head, gives me a sideways look and asks “and what might that be?” With a bit of a smile I respond, “I don’t want to offend you but, you can double what you made tonight if you get on your knees and blow me.” She sighs and asks, “Is that what you really wanted all along?” I tell her “yes and no, I didn’t want to do the cleaning and thought it would help you out but did hope we could turn it into something more.” She thinks about it for second and says “Ok, deal.”

She gets on her knees, I pull out my cock and without hesitation she takes it into her mouth. Slowly at first and as I get harder she starts to take it deeper and deeper until it hits the entrance to her throat. I moan and tell her “that feels so good. I love it deep like that.” She takes the hint going deep with each down stroke of her head, occasionally letting it hit her throat before backing off. She gagged a few times but kept going. After a few minutes she says the hard floor is uncomfortable and asks if we could take things to the bed. “Sure, follow me.”

We Sikiş hikayeleri head upstairs, I take off my pants and hop on the bed. She jumps right in where we left off taking me slowly and deeply into her mouth. I try to reach under her shirt to play with her tits and she backs off. “Sorry but I had heart surgery, have a huge scar and I’m very conscious about anyone seeing or touching my breasts.” I tell her “it’s ok, but I will want to put my hand down your pants. Hope you don’t have any issues with that?” She answers my question by unzipping her shorts and taking my cock back into her mouth.

I reach into her pants and find a pretty good-sized bush. I actually prefer a hairy pussy to a bald one so it’s a pleasant surprise. I work my finger down to her clit and start to gently massage it. To things I’ve been told I have a talent for are manually and orally stimulating a woman. She responds pretty quickly with a slight moan and starts moving her hips in rhythm with my finger. Clearly turned on she starts to devour my cock in a hungry and lustful manner. Before I know it she’s soaking wet.

I continue to rub her and then move my fingers down and start to finger her hot wet pussy. She’s loving it and we continue with me alternating my touch between her pussy and her clit. After another 10 minutes or so she seems to be getting a little tire. I tend to last quite long, sometimes it takes me forever to cum. Raising her mouth off my cock she takes a heavy, deep breath and says, “I’m getting tired and don’t know how much longer I can keep this up, can we fuck?” “Sounds good to me! Are you on the pill because I want bare but don’t want you to get pregnant. Neither of us needs that.” Unfortunately, she says she’s not so I tell her I’ll pull out and find an appropriate place to cum 🙂

I push her down onto her back and position myself between her legs. I rub my cock up and down between her wet pussy lips a few times. She coo’s as I rub the tip against her clit. With my cock hard, wet and ready I ease the tip between her lips and push forward a little to confirm my aim is true. Then, rather than easing my way in I thrust my cock fully into her pussy causing her to shudder from her pussy being instantly opened and deeply penetrated. I continue and proceed to fuck her hard and deep. I push her knees back Erotik hikaye and over my shoulders and she starts fucking me back just as hard as I’m fucking her. I don’t let up, going balls deep with every stroke.

“You like that cock?” Her response is breathy and lustful, “Yesssssss! Fuck me! I’m gonna cum soon!” After only a few more strokes I feel her pussy tighten around my cock and she explodes, shuddering with a full body orgasm. I’m not there yet so I keep going, thrusting mightily right through her orgasm. Soon her pussy loosens a bit but still remains quite tight and I finally feel myself getting close. Lost in a primal lust I almost forget to make sure I don’t cum in her. Fortunately, I do remember and pull out, straddle her face and begin intensely fucking her mouth. I feel the intensity in my balls and only seconds later I explode into her mouth! My cum pours into her mouth in several large bursts and she swallows every drop. As my spasms subside, each expelling progressively smaller shots of cum, she continues ensuring every drop has been sucked out of me.

I roll over spent and she remains next to me for a moment before sitting up and asking, “did you enjoy that?” I laugh and respond, “I think we both did! Better for you than cleaning I bet?” With a smile she says, ”you bet it is.” We get dressed, head downstairs and toward the door. Before she heads out she asks if I think I might have more work for her soon. “I might, but the next job may be a little harder.” Without asking what I mean by that she simply says, “OK”, turns and walks out the door.

Two days later she sends me a text, “can we get together? I need your help!” I tell her I’m available in a few hours and can see her. “But I’m going to want something special, you might say a bit edgy.” She asks what I mean and I tell her “Are you willing to let me tie your hand behind your back, spank you and fuck you?” She responds, “I’ve never done anything like that. How much will you give me?” My offer to her, “How about $120?” I pretty quickly get a yes and tell her, “OK, be here at 6.”

When I get home I go to the garage, find my package of clothesline and cut several pieces about 4’ long. I then go out back and cut a switch from one of the trees. I carefully trim it removing the remnants of any buds ensuring it’s nice and smooth. I take my “tools” to my bedroom and place them under the bed. I think to myself “I’m ready, I wonder if she is?”

A few minutes before 6 I get a text telling me she’s on her way. I simply respond with a

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