Home Alone


It was another beautiful day, perhaps one of the few left before fall set in, and better yet it was Saturday. Sandy had the house to herself, her parents had left the night before for a weekend away alone. School was starting Monday and she was going to make sure she enjoyed this final weekend. Sandy had been very sick as a child and did not start school on time so although she was already 18 she still had one more year of high school.

Sandy was an only child who lived with her parents in their sprawling contemporary home in the suburbs of Boston. Their home overlooked the ocean as it sat on two acres of land. It was located in a secluded, well to do area of town where people had a lot of money. The yard was beautifully landscaped, had an in ground pool and was surrounded by tall bushes on both sides.

Sandy was always spoiled growing up, partly because she was an only child, but mainly because she had such a rough childhood. She had spent months in and out of hospitals up until she was 5 years old. Now completely healthy she was a very attractive girl and stayed in great shape by working out at the gym and swimming laps in the pool. She had beautiful golden blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and full red lips. She was 5’5” tall with a wonderful figure; her breasts were a size 34B with perfectly round pink areolas and perky little nipples. Her stomach was firm and flat, her waist and hips flowed together in a perfect hour glass curve, and her legs were long and slender.

Sandy headed out back for a swim, it was 8 am, but it was already nearing 80 degrees outside. She dropped her towel on the chair and looked out at the ocean. She decided to swim in the nude, something she liked to do when no one was around, even though her mother had scolded her several times after catching her. It was something about the feeling of the cool water on her bare pussy that she loved so much. She stripped out of her cloths and headed for the diving board.

She walked out onto the board and paused a moment before diving in. As she began to swim laps she took notice of the crisp clean water rushing by her freshly shaven vagina and she could feel her nipples swelling. As she turned to make her way back across the pool Sandy turned her focus back to swimming. It was her routine to do 25 laps each day. It usually took about forty minutes to complete. As she approached the last few laps she quickened her pace. By the time she finished she was tired, but felt rejuvenated as well.

Sandy got out of the pool and toweled off before sitting down to rest in one of the lounge chairs. The warm sun felt good on her naked body so she laid back to catch a few rays. Lying back with her eyes closed she began to day dream about having sex with some hunk. She so wanted to know what it would be like to have a big cock in her pussy. She thought about it often and when she could, she would watch her father’s porn videos. It made her horny to see those women fucking and sucking those big cocks. She was amazed how some of the women could get two cocks in their pussy at once or have one in their pussy and one in their ass. Sandy started to wonder what a man’s cum tasted like when she realized how horny she was making herself.

She began to run her fingers over her sensitive nipples bringing them to attention as she continued to fantasize about being fucked for the first time. Her fingers wandered down to her moist pussy and slid through the crack of her young pink vagina, dreaming that is was someone else touching her. As the soft tender folds of her pussy gave way to the intruding fingers she felt very relaxed. Slowly and gently she worked two fingers inside her tight hole giving her a wonderful sensation through her body. The warm sun shinning down on her elegant body added to the heat her pussy was already producing. Sandy gazed down at the beautiful sight of her shaved pussy being fucked by Beylikdüzü escort her own hand. She pulled her fingers out to have a taste of herself and then quickly slid them back in.

Sweat was rolling down Sandy’s luscious body as her hips rocked back and forth. One hand was at work inside her young vagina while the other tended to her tiny bud of a clit. She felt herself nearing climax, her breathing became rapid and her muscles tensed as she released her tension and her pussy flooded with warm creamy juice. She moaned unconsciously as her pussy twitched from her orgasm. Sandy’s finger’s dripped with her sweet cream as she brought them to her lips so she could enjoy the addicting flavor of her pussy.

Sandy loved to her make herself cum and today was on exception. Lying in the chair she felt her body slowly return to normal, but her mind was still racing. Her fingers had not been enough to satisfy such a young tireless creature. Once fully recovered from her orgasm, Sandy cooled off in the pool. The cool water was refreshing as she waded around in the shallow end. After diving under a few times she climbed out of the pool and dried off in the shade of a large maple tree nearby.

Still nude, Sandy returned to the house and made her way upstairs to her parents room. From the back of her fathers closet she pulled out a small plastic box that contained his collection of adult DVDs. She sat on the bed and shuffled through the stack until she found the one she wanted to watch, “Double Stuffed Sluts”, and loaded it into the DVD player. Sandy loved to see the women in the films getting fucked in their ass and pussy at the same time. As the movie started Sandy lay back on her parents neatly made bed and watched.

The first scene was amazing; it depicted a petite, brunette girl and two men. One man was lying on his back with his large cock up inside the girl’s pussy as she lay on top of him and the other guy buried the full length of his erection into her ass. Sandy was getting very horny as the camera zoomed in on the two big cocks sliding in and out of the young girl’s two luscious holes. No matter how many times Sandy watched the girl getting fucked it made her wet every time. As the scene neared the end Sandy watched intently at what she knew was about to happen. One at a time each of the two hard cocks were pulled from the woman’s ass and cunt. She rolled to one side and instantly the men were aiming their stiff members at her face. Almost simultaneously the men shot their big creamy loads onto the pretty little face of the girl they had just fucked. The woman’s tongue lashed out at the tips of the hard cocks in her face, licking up the last few drops of cum leaking out.

Sandy was getting very horny from watching the girl in the film receive to big cum shots to her face. Sandy’s pussy was wet with excitement as she began to slide her fingers down into her crotch. She wondered how it would feel to have two big cocks inside her. With her index finger wet and slippery from her warm pussy juices, Sandy guided it down to her tight virgin ass. She had never performed any ass play on herself before, but this morning she was extremely aroused and had a strong urge to know what it was like to explore her ass. The sensation she got when her finger slid over her tiny hole for the first time in a sexual way was strange. It felt different than rubbing her pussy and, although it was not as sensitive as her pussy it felt very nice none the less.

She swirled her finger around the outer rim of her ass for several minutes, occasionally lubricating it with pussy juice. Sandy looked up at the television and watched as a cute blonde girl was being ass fucked doggie style while she sucked on the cock of another guy. As she watched Sandy began to apply pressure to her tight butt hole with her finger. Sandy imagined herself as the girl on the Beyoğlu escort bayan screen as she pushed her finger inside her ass. The feeling of her ass muscle tightening around her finger was weird yet very erotic. Finally her finger broke through the tight barrier of her ass and up deep inside her anal cavity.

It was a tremendous rush for Sandy to have finally mustered enough courage to take her anal cherry. Her finger explored the uncharted territory of her anus for the first time. She started to slowly fuck her ass with a finger from her right hand while at the same time pushed two fingers from her left hand between the moist parted lips of her pussy. She pictured in her mind that it was two big cocks inside her and not just her fingers. The images in her head combined with the stimulation in her ass and cunny sent Sandy quickly over the top. Her orgasm raced through her pussy and she felt as though her ass was going to snap her finger off it was clenched so tight around it. She realized the warm feeling of her cum dripping from her pussy, down her fingers and onto her thigh.

It was several minutes before her body had regained enough self control for her to pull her finger from her ass and the other two from her pussy. She looked down at her glistening bald beaver and saw a small trickle of her honey dripping down toward her ass. She ran her finger up from her ass to her pussy catching the small drop of cum and brought to her lips where she enjoyed the delicious flavor of her cum. As she relaxed she gently stroked her hips, thighs and stomach as she watched the young lady on the TV getting rammed in her cunt by two huge cocks. Sandy was awestruck that any woman could not only get one cock that big into her pussy, but this lady had two. The woman was gasping for air as the two men pummeled her overstretched cunt lips. Both men must have shot their hot cum inside the woman because when they finally pulled out a river of sperm came flowing from her hole. One of the men scooped up some with his fingers and fed it into the woman’s mouth.

That’s when Sandy decided she wanted to know just how much she could handle. Up until now the only thing she had ever put in her ass was her one finger and as far as her pussy was concerned she usually masturbated with two fingers at the most, but a few times she had fucked herself with a carrot and once with the handle of a large plastic kitchen spoon. She paused the DVD and made her way from room to room looking for something she thought she could use for her experiment.

It took about fifteen minutes for Sandy to gather what she thought she would need. She returned to her parent’s bedroom and dumped the items she collected onto the bed. Her mind was buzzing as she looked down at the pile of objects. On the bed was two raw carrots, one small and the other much larger, a small plastic bowling pin from a game she had played as a young girl, a pool cue, a towel and a jar of Vaseline. She laid the towel on the floor beside the bed and pressed play on the DVD player.

Sandy slid the pool cue between the mattress and box spring of the bed leaving about seven to eight inches of the handle end protruding from the edge of the bed. From her father’s dresser she got a condom, opened it and slid it onto the handle of the pool stick. She took the remaining items from the bed and sat on the towel on the floor. With the Vaseline she generously coated the two carrots and the condom covered pool cue. Getting up on all fours Sandy positioned herself so that her ass was facing the hard shaft of the pool cue. She took one last glob of the Vaseline and pressed as much as she could into her tight ass and smeared the rest between the smooth wet lips of her pussy.

Slowly she eased her body back toward the bed until she felt her ass contact the hard shaft of the pool cue. She eased her ass up slightly Escort Bomonti until the cock like object was pressing against the greasy rim off her ass. Sandy lowered her upper body onto her elbows so that the wooden cock had a better angle to invade her ass. Gently she eased her weight back causing her to feel the increasing pressure to her tight hole. Slowly she felt the stick begin to penetrate making her moan softly. She hesitated for a moment to allow her ass to become accustomed to the large object trying to fuck her in the ass.

As her ass muscle relaxed she again pushed back into the hard cock. It was a little painful, but also very pleasurable and she pushed harder. When the pool cue had finally spread her tight ass and entered deeper into her anus she let out a huge sigh of relief. She was proud of herself for taking such a big cock into her ass. She gazed up at the TV and watched for a minute as a guy fucked a girl in the ass while she jerked off two other guys. Sandy fantasized that she was being fucked in the same way and began to rock forward and backwards as if the cock in her ass was real.

After a while her ass became fully relaxed and the pool cue was sliding in and out easily. Sandy grabbed the larger of the two greasy carrots and brought it down to her shaved snatch. With her ass still full she began to insert the carrot up her little pink pussy. With all the fingering she had done to her pussy that morning along with the fresh coat of Vaseline the carrot slid in easily. Sandy was truly impressed with herself; she was finally able to give herself a true double penetration.

She slid the carrot deep into her pussy as she rocked back into the bed gently fucking both her tight holes. She thought about how much of a slut she must look like as she dreamed of two hot guys banging her. Leaning on only one elbow she grabbed the toy bowling pin and stood it up in front of her face. She closed her eyes and leaned her head down until she felt the toy against her lips, opening her mouth she allowed the object to slide between her lips.

She pretended she was a porn star filming a scene with three men, each one fucking a different orifice of her body. Sandy was giving her ass a good fucking, slamming the entire length of the exposed shaft up inside her ass until her cheeks would slam against the mattresses. She stopped sucking on the toy cock with her mouth so that she could grab the other smaller carrot so she leaned her body forward and supported her upper body with her forehead. With her hand now free she took the smaller carrot and eased it slowly into her already stretched pussy. Her pussy strained to accept the second carrot, but Sandy wasn’t going to give up easily on her fantasy. She pulled the larger carrot out slightly and eased them both in together giving her the feeling that her pussy was going to tear apart.

When she finally had both carrots deep in her pussy she wrapped one hand the base of both of them and worked them both simultaneously in and out of her slippery snatch. Now able to support herself again with her elbow she began to suck on the smooth cock like shape of the bowling pin and returned to ass fucking herself. Sandy was in her own little fantasy world of crazy hardcore sex, she was sweating and moaning as every hole in her body was filled to capacity.

Sandy had been fucking and sucking for nearly 15 minutes when her pussy began to quiver as her first orgasm shot through her body sending a warm tingling sensation down through her belly and into her pussy and ass. She kept on going as if she were trying to make the items inside her cum as well. Her body rocked back into the bed even harder causing a second, massive orgasm which sent a stream of her female cum running down her inner thigh. It wasn’t until after her forth climax that she finally collapsed, falling forward as the pool cue slid from her ass with a soggy popping noise. She let the imaginary cock fall from her mouth and she gently pulled the two carrots from her cunt. Her whole body felt sore, but extremely satisfied. She smiled at her amazing accomplishment and as the small trickle of cum dripped from her bare skin onto the towel below she drifted off to sleep.

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