Holy Love Ch. 02


My name is Tom and I had just finished making a sales call. My cellphone rang and I answered it.

“Tom, do you remember me, Sister Mary Louise?’

How could I forget. A few weeks ago I had an encounter with a nun at a hotel I was staying at. We had made passionate love together.

“I need to see you now, could you come to the city park?”

I told her I would be there in an hour’s time. As I pulled up, there sat Mary Louise on a park bench. She had a suit case next to her. Mary Louise grabbed her case and ran to my car.

“Please Tom, I need your help,” she told me.

She got into my car and there were tears running down her face.

“I was thrown out of the convent,” she told me.

“My God, what happened?” I asked.

Some weeks had passed, she told me, and she had missed her period. Mary Louise went to the drugstore and discreetly purchased a pregnancy test kit. The test was positive. She said she was frantic, so she went to the Mother Superior and told her what had happened.

There was no compassion or mercy from one of God’s representatives. Mary Louise was told to pack her things and told to get out. Mary Louise had no one to turn to. She did remember that I had given her my cellphone number. She called me.

There we sat, my head was spinning. I had made a nun pregnant, and worse, she was cast out by her convent. I drove back to my house. Mary Louise, whose name was actually Betsy, got out and we went inside.

We sat there for some time, as I tried to comfort her. Betsy was besides herself crying. I got her a small glass of wine and told her to drink it. I then told her we would work things out together. Betsy said she wasn’t going to have an abortion. That bursa escort was a sin to her. She wanted the baby.

I was holding her as she cried. Betsy was so attractive. Her dark hair had grown out a bit. As she pressed into my chest, I could feel her large breasts pushing into me. My cock was beginning to swell inside my pants.

I knew this was wrong at the moment, but I couldn’t keep my erection down. Betsy must have seen my bulging pants. She kissed me hard on the mouth.

“Tom, I have missed you so much.”

I have to admit, Betsy was on my mind quite a bit these past weeks. I couldn’t help myself thinking about our hot lovemaking. I wanted her.

I lifted Betsy up from the couch. We kissed, as our tongues were touching now. I started to undo the buttons on her top. I pulled it off of her and unlatched her bra. Betsy’s tits were free now. I forgot how large and firm they were.

I placed my mouth around a nipple and drew it into my mouth. Betsy drew a large breath of air.

“Oh God, Tom, I have missed this!” Betsy told me.

I undid the skirt she was wearing and pulled her panties off. I pulled my shirt, pants and underwear off as well. My cock was sticking straight out, erect with pre-cum on the tip. I had Betsy kneel facing the couch. I had my cock in my hand and I guided it to her hole.

I pushed my shaft inside past her folds. Betsy let out a small scream as I pushed deeper into her pussy. I wanted her so badly now. I started to stroke my cock in and out. Betsy’s muscles gripped me tight. She wanted this as much as I did. With my hands on her hips I gave her my thick member.

Betsy held my cock in a death grip as I fed her every inch I had. I reached around and bursa escort bayan found those luscious breasts. I took one in each hand and massaged them. We must have been caught up in our lovemaking.

Betsy said to me, “go deep as you can Tom, I need your cock.”

This sort of shocked me, but I think Betsy’s inhibitions were quickly fading. I ploughed into her love tunnel now. She was wet and I took her for well over an hour. We fucked and kissed and I felt myself getting close to popping.

“Betsy, I am getting close,” I told her.

“Please Tom, cum in me again!”

I pushed one last time and erupted. My cum came gushing out. I hosed her insides with my hot, sticky load. Betsy groaned and I felt her love spasms. It felt like a small hand was milking at my cock, trying to ease my spunk out of me.

After a few minutes of cumming, my cock slipped out of her pussy. I then led her back to my bedroom. Betsy laid back and observed me standing there at the edge of the bed. My cock was coated with our juices. Betsy’s eyes were transfixed on my shaft.

She moved over and took my cock in her hand. She lifted it to her lips and took me in her mouth. It felt as if a shock wave was going throughout my body. She drew me in and took as much of my cock as she could. I didn’t think it was possible, but I was getting hard once more. Betsy licked every drop from my erection, then moved back and spread her thighs.

She didn’t need to ask me twice. I mounted her again and guided my mushroom head to her pussy. Betsy then took hold of me and pulled me into her. I sunk easily inside as she was sopping wet from our love cum. I pushed into her, resting my balls against her asscheeks. We both looked escort bursa at each others eyes. I knew what she wanted.

I fed her my cock, at first slowly. Then I went faster. My sacs slapped hard against her bottom. The noise seemed to make Betsy crazy for fucking. She pulled her legs up and surrounded my waist. I slammed into her repeatedly. Betsy begged and pleaded for me to give it to her. This only made me more horny, if that was possible.

It was then that I first noticed that her belly had grown. It was my seed that planted that baby. I touched her stomach with my hand.

Betsy smiled and said, “yes Tom, that is our baby.”

I wanted to push my cock as far into her as I could now. She must have known what I was trying to do. She brought her legs up higher onto my back. I fed her my love pole. Betsy was nearly screaming out loud now.

“Oh Jesus, that feels so good,” she was moaning.

We both were getting so close now. I gave her long, deliberate strokes. I wanted her body to explode. I kept pushing her closer to the edge. We both lost it. Sweat was pouring as we came together. I shot a geyser of cum into her belly, then another. This went on for the longest time until we were able to come back to earth.

I lay on top of her, planting kisses on her mouth and neck. Betsy continued to pull the last drops of cum from my body using her pussy muscles.

Eventually I pulled out and we talked. I told her she was staying here now. We were going to have the baby together. Betsy began to cry, saying she wanted to be with me since she found out she was pregnant.

Betsy’s lovemaking was so intense for a complete novice basically. We had plenty of months to get to know each other better. The short time I had spent with Betsy proved me right. She was easy going and eager to please me. I couldn’t have found a better women to be with. I will keep you informed to our lovemaking as she gets closer to having the baby.

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