Holiday Foot Infatuation


I finished my glass of red wine and made for bed. The balmy breeze from the Mediterranean billowed the curtains of the villa as I shut the terrace doors for the night. My head was dizzy from the heat of the day and the flowing wine all evening. I was keen to retire for the night and put the evening’s drama behind me. My friend Clive’s new girlfriend Lara fit his type precisely. Auburn hair, classical good looks, porcelain skin and cultured. An artistic type, with a dry sense of humour and demure in conversation but fearsome temper when crossed. Their heated argument had driven him on a walk and her to bed. I climbed the stairs, staggering between them as I felt the effect of the wine. I arrived at the door of their room to see it ajar. Everyone else’s was shut and the hall sat in darkness save the thin glimmer of moonlight through their door.

I reached to pull it shut when I saw the view inside. Lara lay sprawled across the bed, her bare feet and toned calves exposed at the end. Her discarded sandals Kartal Escort lay on the tiled floor below them. My mind raced and temptation drove me inside. For days I had admired her soft, sensual feet on display around the pool. Her wriggling toes decorated with a coral blue pedicure. Being in her early twenties, Lara’s feet were so soft, smooth and delicate.

I gave a cautious glance towards the door before lowering myself to my knees by her sandals. I eyed her cautiously as I raised one to my face. I took a sharp inhale of the pungent aroma. My heart quickened and my arousal sparked as I sniffed hard at the worn sole of the sandal. Soon my tongue flicked across the surface, taking in the hint of flavour from her soft soles.

Lara emitted a quiet moan and stirred on the bed, flexing her feet. My desire piqued, I had to feel, smell and taste the real thing. I replaced the sandal and carefully leaned on the foot of the bed. My face moved closer to the soft, succulent, Tuzla Escort creamy soles. Within an inch of them, the pheromonal fragrance reached my nostrils. I felt the spark within me light a flame. I opened my shorts and allowed my arousal to spring free. Softly sniffing at her soles I stroked myself, running my nose inquisitively around the sole of one foot before moving to the other. Lara stirred again and her soles flexed and wrinkled as I drank in their odour.

Overwhelmed by the aroma, I grew more daring. I lowered my lips to her soft soles and began to kiss. With soft, warm, lingering kisses, I made my way around one sole and then the other. My pace of stroking quickened as I felt the tangy notes of flavour across my lips. My greed not sated, I released my tongue from behind my lips and began flicking it across her soles. Lara moaned again and flexed and wriggled her soft feet. My mouth fell in love with the flavour of their perfection. Before long, I was running my tongue Anadolu Yakası Escort in long intent strokes along her sole, seeking out every morsel of flavour. I missed Lara’s head rising from the pillow. She eyed me with a wry smirk.

“Mmm…I am not even shocked. Caught you a few times looking at my feet. I’m not even mad after Clive pissed me off tonight. Enjoy, I won’t stop you…” She trailed off, her head returning to the pillow.

Taking her lead I began sucking on each of her flavourful toes. Lara did not react much further beyond the occasional moan or shuffling her feet closer together so I could eagerly worship both of them. I could hold myself back no longer and climbed onto the bed. Lara raised her head and eyed me with a smile as I erupted across her feet. She rubbed my mess across them and between her toes.

“Mmm, such a kind foot pervert. Feels nice between my toes. Thanks for making me feel better.” She said drily. “Better go to your room before Clive gets back.”

With that she returned her head to the pillow. I hastily pulled up my shorts and retreated from the room. I returned to my own and quietly cleaned myself up before hopping into bed. I fell asleep to dreams of my infatuation for Lara’s feet. An enticement that was sated…for now.

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