His First Taste of a Man Ch. 02


When we got into the bedroom, Joe pushed me down onto his bed and reached for my pants. He grabbed the waistband and yanked them down to my knees, unleashing my stiff pole to the open air. Without bothering to pull my pants the rest of the way off, Joe quickly leaned in and touched my throbbing cock with both his hands, as if exploring its texture. His hands slid up and down, pumping my shaft slowly as he stroked me. My full balls were aching to cum, and their heaviness caused them to hang low between my legs. Before I had the chance to get used to the pleasure of his hands, they became replaced by Joe’s slippery, warm tongue. He ran it along the underside of my shaft, making sure to lap at each of my full nuts before returning to my thick shaft.

The intense pleasure I was feeling was overwhelming, and watching my friend go to town on my cock was putting me almost over the edge already. I watched as his lips sucked on my mushroom head, and then pulled away, leaving strands of his saliva mixed with my precum. My dick was sticky with all kinds of our fluids by now, and I used my own hands to pump it and feed it deeper into Joe’s hot mouth.

I could feel the cum boiling deep inside me, built up from the entire night’s events, and ready to be released in one giant explosion. But Joe had other ideas, and I wondered what he was up to as he pulled away from Bahçeşehir Escort me and off the bed. For a split second I thought he had come to his senses about sucking another cock, but these feelings were quickly erased when Joe slid my pants off my body completely. He then climbed onto the bed next to me and stuck his ass out in front of me, as if inviting me to it. When he saw the quizzical look on my face, Joe told me that since he got to cum first, I would get to cum up his tight ass.

I stared at his ass, taut and tanned nicely, sticking up in the air as he knelt on all fours. Not once did I consider not going through with this, and I positioned myself behind my buddy on his bed. My hands roamed over his asscheeks and down his thighs, caressing his muscular body. Thinking nothing else tonight could surprise me, I was proven wrong when Joe told me to lube him up with my tongue and then fuck his ass. My mind was mush, and all I knew was my cock was rock hard and there was a tight warm hole in front of me waiting to be filled by my big tool. I knelt down to Joe’s ass and stuck my tongue out hesitantly at first, barely making contact with his ass hole. He had no hair there which was good, and the smooth hole begged for my tongue deep inside it. I squeezed his cheeks apart with my hands and let my tongue worm its way into his hot ass, Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan licking around inside there for the very first time. The smell was not as unpleasant as I thought it would be and I continued to lick as Joe’s moans became louder.

After another minute or so, Joe told me to fuck his ass hard, and he held his ass open with his hands, inviting my lead pipe of a cock to plug his little hole. I did not think there was a chance I could fit in there, but I lined up my dick at his entrance and rubbed his hole with my cock head at first. He writhed around my cock, begging for me to just feed it into him. I became more brazen and I slid further in, holding his ass for support as I navigated my drooling penis into his ass. I regained the ability to think for a moment and I asked if I should get a condom but Joe pushed back hard into my crotch and told me to shut up and just fuck him already. Hearing this made me crazy, and I released any remaining inhibitions and I eased my dick inch by inch into the tightest place its ever been. When my wiry pubes were tickling Joe’s butt, he gasped at how filled up he was. The pleasure was too much for either of us to handle, and as I got used to this new feeling, I started to pump his ass a little bit faster and harder, slowly working into a rhythm of plowing his tight ass hole. He Escort Bahçeşehir screamed out as I fucked him, pushing back onto my cock as I thrust into him just as hard.

I reached underneath him to grab his fat piece of cockmeat and I managed to jerk it for him as I banged into him. The feeling of his hard meat in my hands, combined with the tightness of his ass put me over the edge and I announced I was going to explode any second. I thought Joe would turn around and take my load in his mouth, but I kind of hoped I could just release my massive cum load deep into his ass. Lucky for me Joe had the same thought and he grinded his ass into me as I fucked it for all I was worth, finally after five or six more hard thrusts I felt my balls tighten. My cum erupted out of my penis and into Joe, blast after blast shot into him in the most incredible sensation I have ever felt in my life. I could actually feel each wad of cum shooting into his ass, the heat making us both dizzy. As I finished cumming, I pulled my not so shrinking cock out of Joe and he turned to face me. I could see the satisfied look in his eyes and he immediately darted his tongue right for my cock to lick up the remnants of juices from our hot fuck session. I could see my cum dripping out of his ass and onto the bed and that only made my cock stiffen again as Joe lapped up the last drops.

When the rush died down we both collapsed onto his bed next to each other, our bodies drenched with sweat. Both of our cocks were somehow rockhard and we had each other’s hands rubbing the other’s big thick cock. We looked at each other as if to say without words that we were not yet done for the night…

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