Him , Her… Strangers



I order a drink. Wine. Red. The most expensive.


Seeing you sitting at the bar…rimming the glass of your cabernet with your painted fingertip…


I notice you the moment I enter the lobby…the tapping of the heels of my sharp dress shoes announcing my entrance…commanding the room. Looking your way immediately, the red of your dress is loud…and you own the room.


I stop dead in my tracks…looking your way…having exchanged several looks throughtout the day…the weekend…you know it and I know it. I want you.

So I wait for you to look over.


I know you’re there. But I play on it.. my ankle twirls, my heel slipping off a little, a flash of lace topped stockings up my thigh, a lip bite, slow… Exaggerated. Flicking my hair so neck is bared…inviting…

And then…

I meet your gaze.


I memorize as much as I can from across the lobby…I’ve been memorizing all weekend. I see the tiny strands of hair that drap down against your neck, loosened and fallen from your bun. Those stockings…I have visions of catching them between my teeth. But I stand still. Staring…until my eyes flick over towards the elevator. Giving a command without saying a word*


I don’t respond… I slowly take another sip, not finishing it. I settle it back on the bar… A pause…

And then I stand. I drape my jacket over my shoulder, purse in my hand. I don’t look at you again. But I walk like I know youre watching…

My hips sway… My dress clings to my ass… So tight… Can you see a pantie line…

Am I wearing any?

My heels click… As I make my way and I press the button with the tip of my long red nail.


If you are…they’re made of dental floss…because I can’t see the line. I need to be careful…because just watching you in that dress makes me cock swell under the thin expensive fabric of my dress pants…and it would be impossible to hide. But I dont intend on hiding it for you…and I wordlessly follow you in as the elevator doors slide open, my heavy black overcoat and scarf hiding the sharp suit underneath, but my tie has already been loosened…

and as the doors close I lean back against the gold brass railing, opposite of you…just looking, making sure you see my lust filled eyes already undressing you, imagining peeling that red dress from you…and I reach over and press the button that reads “PH”*


I too lean back… If you are undressing me… Then there can be no doubt that I am undressing you. I am brazen with it, my eyes sweeping downwards me back up… I follow your finger, I smirk as you press the button. Higher and higher we rise… Time ticking… My heart beats fast. But I don’t say a word. I don’t move an inch… I just watch you under thick lashes.


We mutually engage in a thick, hot mental foreplay without the slightest movement outside of our wandering eyes. Not a word spoken, but my intensions couldn’t be more clear. I’m calm, put together, cleaned up on the outside, but on the inside I’m a ravenous animal, and I’ve found my prey. My mind swirls as I reach into my pocket, and pull the silver keycard out of my pocket as the ding rings out and the doors slide open. Only my hand laying open towards the door, motioning the “after you” *


My gaze flicks past you to the opening door… Luxury. Money. Class. But I know I belong… I walk past you close enough to touch, but I don’t, I flick my hair though so you get a deep breath of my perfume… My scent. I leave my bag on a side table. Dropping my jacket on a chair. My finger runs the length of a shelf as I look around

Unashamed and indiscrete in snooping. Wanting to know everything about you. Without asking anything.


Wordlessly following…unwrapping the cashmere scarf from my neck…folding it meticulously and draping it over the edge of the chair…my overcoat comes off next, but I stop and put it on a hanger in the closet. My suit coat however…that I shrug from my shoulders and more casually drape it over the chair, over top of yours. My crisp white shirt is so perfectly starched, not a wrinkle in sight, but the black silk tie has been loosened an inch or two. I pause in the room and remove my sterling silver cufflinks, placing them on the side table…watching you as you near the minibar.*


You think I havent seen your slow undress… But I have. Reflected in the mirror, in the wall to floor window. I see you. And I want you. But… First… I find the bar, flicking the door open I lower slowly, leaning forward… My breasts strain with a soft swing as I rock my hips from side to side in mock contemplation. I reach…taking out a bottle of something will trent izle sparkling… Cold. I turn to you, eyebrow raised in question…

Not for permission… Rather…If you’d like to share.As I shut the fridge door with my heel.


You’re absurdly sexy. Every movement, every micro expression, every flex of your body language. The animal claws at the bars…I want to tear you apart. But I remain calm on the outside. I’m aware of my cock growing, but I’m okay with that. I want you to see. And I respond to your eyebrow, with a single drop of my chin…a nod of affirmation…Just a single lift and drop of my chin, taking a long fluid two steps towards you*


My fingertips twirl the wire… Slowly… Unpeeling the foil, my palm rides up the bottle neck, a swift, tight, grip, as my hand twists… The pop is soft, the bubbles rise then simmer… I bring the bottle to my lips, rimming the top with a slow sweep of my tongue… Then… My lips part.. a brush of deep red lipstick marks the glass as I take a mouthful… But… As I lower the bottle… A drop drips… Running from my lip down my chin… I catch it with my fingertip… And offer it to you

No hint of a smile. Just pure lust.


Stepping up…into your space, and before your hand is even properly extended, I catch it in my palm, your fingers held out, my thumb pressing against your palm. I lean in, my deep brown eyes looking straight into you…and move my chin towards your finger, except I dont…

Instead I exhale deeply, letting my guttural breath warm your collarbone…taking you by surprise as my tongue extends and the very tip drags up your trachea, curling upwards under your chin and catching the faintest hint of champagne still left on your chin…licking all the way up and only pulling away the second my tongue touches your bottom lip…letting you watch as it disappears back in my mouth and I savor the taste*


I gasp… My breath caught as your touch takes me by surprise. I feel you on my skin, the line you’ve drawn burns. My body reacts instantly. The jolt felt through me. I nearly drop the bottle, I feel it slipping from my fingers, much like my control… I want you… My eyes drown in yours… And they beg wordlessly “take me”


I can see the submission in your once proud and defiant eyes. As the bottle begins to drop, I catch it in my hand. I’m sharp as a tack, and don’t miss a thing…my fingers brush against yours as I take the body from you. My other hand reaching up to your neck…gently stroking your throat where my tongue just was…curling around to the nape of your neck and turning your body a half turn…my other hand assists after I set the bottle on the table, and I twist you around and step up, giving you that first feel of my swollen manhood as I settle it against the center of your dress at your ass. Only inches from the 85th floor window, you feel the push and your hands instinctively move up to stop yourself…viewing the blacks and gold and whites of the darkened city and the flickering lights…one hand rests on your throat, the other stretches your arms up high, before running down your ribs…my breath against your long neck as I lean in to nibble on your skin.*


My palms slide up along the crystal clear glass. I feel like I am being stretched, put on display, the city below the audience… And you are my director. My eyes fall closed for a second as I shiver against your lips… That brush against my neck sends goosebumps down my arms and my nipples harden to the point of pain. I press against the glass, a slight push and my ass rocks back against you, the curve of my cheeks brushing along your from thick cock, letting him know I feel him. And I want him


My left hand slides up your ribs…my right hand slides down your chest. They meet at your breasts…full, phenomenal breasts that spill over the top of the deep red just aching, begging…even your nipples can be felt as they harden…but I take two handfuls first…squeezing them together, kneading and needing them…letting you feel that pressure and angsty hungry exhibited by my hands…

And then my thumbs hook the top edges, and pull down so slowly…so fucking slowly …so just your nipples peek out and I press my cock against you firmly, shunting your body forward so your nipples feel the cold glass…

My hands staying put, but my fingers curling upwards…slowly peeling your dress up around your womanly curves*


I let out a low moan as my nipples feel the cold. And it sparks between my legs … My clit… She needs attention… A touch… A lick… Anything. Then you peek my dress from my skin… Slowly riding that curve… No fate the winx saga izle panties… No bra… Just a slutty girl in a red dress, stockings, and heels. And all your to tease… Toy and play with. My head turns to the side and my lips hunt for yours. Leaving deep red stains against your skin. You feel it… Feel my lust bubbling to the point…

…where I am losing control


You can feel the stubble of my cheek…you know you’re close to my lips…but my head turns and you feel jawbone…then my teeth against your shoulder. Your body slowly bared, put on display…the heels causing your ass to rise up and out, welcoming. Your dress hiked and you feel my thumbs pinch and twist both nipples, my cock which is now a completely rigid tool, built and perfected just for you and your dripping cunt, he bursts against the fabric and rubs against the very bottom of your puffed Lips…your clit however…she still burns… And you finally hear my deep voice, the lowest whisper, like a breeze, but deep…”do you want him?”


My writhing… My hunt for your lips, the seats of my body still instantly. Frozen by your voice. Held in your trance. A slave to your command.

“I need him”


A wisp of fabric behind you…a slipping sound. The shuffling of a hand as my right returns back up higher and settles on your throat, keeping you right there. The sound of a zip, and then before you feel a touch the black stripe of silk crosses around and you feel it against your throat. It must be the tie.

You feel the silk tighten, then my knuckles against the top of your back right at your spine as I hold the tie in place.

Then the full, warm throb of my cock…peeking between your legs, your soft thighs on either side. And I feel your wetness drip down onto the top of my shaft.

“Reach down. You may touch him. Feel him against yourself.”


One hand stays on the glass, the other snakes down, riding over my breasts, my dress, sweeping ove my mound… My pussy aches… And I take him… With soft delicate fingers I guide him between my lips, I coat your topside in seconds, my cunt dripping with lust. My fingers smear, touching everywhere. It feels so good… I moan and it catches in my throat, vibrating against the silk as you hold me there.


I sway gently forward and back, your fingers creamy and delicately wrap around me and grays against my crown. I can feel the pulsing heat coming from your entrance, testing the limits of how hard I can actually get. But the contact has been made…there’s no stopping now. The tie tightens and steals your breath as I cinch the fabric tighter in my fist, once again moving your body up against the glass so your breasts mash against it…but finally my other hand reaches around and down, and not Only slips my finger up against your aching pearl, but I pull backwards…arching your back and letting me drink in the round mounds of your ass…a peach ripe for the taking. And the thrusting continues…getting you so wet that the inevitable slide in would happen in one pleasureful instant*


My fingers glide all over your cock… I feel him throb, the thud of your pulse, each twitch of need. I am dripping, shaking, my legs tense as I balance in my heels, the angled awkward, my ass jutting out… A sexy display for you. For anyone looking up at the 85th floor. And that though makes me moan. My desperation for you on full view. “Please…”


Fuck. Youre mine…my sexy strange . My finger gives a firm rub of your clit, a circular rub and with each press of your button I can hear your moan, a reflex. Fuck, I love it. My hands become needy in seconds…

Faster movements, feeling more of your skin, your revealed body. And I begin to claw at the skin that is exposed…my fingers down below push your legs outward…making room…you’ll need it

And then I part your lips…you feel that final opening…your meaty hole opened and revealed and waiting in anticipation…Just as you feel my thick cock stretching out the walls of your delicious sex and drive all the way upward until there’s no more room to go.


Fuck… The kiss consumes me as your cock implales me. My tight hole stretched and my walls forced wide as you thrust in hard and deep. I ripple around your length, adjusting. Pain… It’s sharp… It makes me gasp, biting on your lip, but you don’t pause, you make me take it and then…

The pleasure. It’s an explosion. bursting within me… You feel it, feel my tight little cunt flex, soothing herself around you, adjusting… I’m moaning panting… Fuck…


I feel that gasp…against my lips and against my cock…your wet little cunt with love izle siezes up and then relaxes as you give in, submit…and the pleasure overtakes you. My kisses turn dirty…dirty kisses for a dirty girl. The animal bursts free…and the mood changes… And that red dress that drew me in, catching my eyes days ago…now it’s just a hindrance. Something else between me and you. Between you reaching your potential. I lift it up and over in a flash…your breasts bouncing freely as you stand, splayed, for all the city to see…your stockings risen high and making me feel like I could cum for you this very instant…

The tie tightens…my other hand crosses over and gives you a good hard slap on the ass…tanning your skin in a bright burning pink…and your body shakes as I fuck that tight wet cunt nice and hard


Naked at last… Both palm reach forwards and press on the glass… I push back. Fucking hard. My hands slide down and ass sticks out. My back bends… That sensual curve… My breasts left to swing with hard bounces each time your hips crash against my body, your tie… It offers no give so my neck is bent, my head tilted backwards so I look up at you… Staring into your eyes as you thrust your perfect cock into my dripping cunt.


I want to cum…I want you to see just how hard I cum for you…before I make you cum for me…so I pull from you, my cock throbbing and aching and pull and place you, entirely via the tie around your throat, directing you until you’re on your knees…but to the side…so we are in profile against the window. I want them all to see that slutty bob of your head as you devour my cock…

Ripping off my shirt, stepping out of my pants…naked with you, one hand still on the tie, roughly my hands guide your head to my swollen meaty dick and I give you all of him…


I whimper as you leave me. But seeing your cock drip with my cum… How hard he is… How he is aching and straining to cum. Fuck it’s so fucking sexy. I don’t answer…

My hands replace yours…


Tending to him… Caressing him… Adoring him as my mouth opens… And I take you, letting you fuck my slutty sluty mouth… Feeling him tense.. the tighten… And I’m ready to swallow all of your thick creamy cum.


I howl out into the room..a loud roar and your lips and hands feel the spasm as I let go, my cum painting your lips and chin and tongue…reaching up and pulling your head against me, giving you a healthy dose at the back of your throat…

You’ve earned it, you dirty girl…

Then back as I continue to cum hard…it’s all for you…

My palms grip your cheeks…holding you there for the final milky drops…gobs of cum stuck to yo ur lips and cheeks, a testament of how sexy you are, how hot you make me, what a good little cummy slut you can be…

And then I move to sit…spreading my legs and pulling you over to sit between them, your back against my chest…facing the window

I spread your legs with my ankles…blossoming your entire perfect, marked and slutty naked body for all to see…and reach up, taking a thick creamy dollop of my cum from your chin, and press it against your throbbing needy cunt..

Twirling your clit as you face the window…

“You’re going to cum for all to see…you’re going to spray that window with your silky wet lust,” I instruct…

“Do you understand?”

And my fingers wildly fuck your cunt…your sensitive pearl attended to, feeling those pressure twirls and deep rubs…


My arms curl up around your neck, my body trembles against your chest as you cock rests against my ass… You spread me… Display me… And I submit… My only answers are moans. Louder. Faster. Fuck… Fuck…


Two fingers slide inside…then three…palm pressed to your clit…my other hand wrapped over your shoulder and reaching down to your exposed nipples…

That’s it, baby…fucking show me how hard you can cum… Licking your earlobe into my mouth and sucking on it for the last stretch…

Fast moving hands, deep sways, my body grinds against yours and drops of cum squeeze out against your ass…the leftovers…


Then I feel you start to shake and my fingers pull out, instead focused on just your clit in those final moments…and then you explode with my hands and mouth and body consuming you entirely…


I watch… The window acting as a mirror… My cunt reflected… Your toying fingers dipping in and out, then swirling over my clit. I can’t control it. My hips buck… My thighs tense. My head falls back against your shoulder as I let out a scream of pleasure…

I cum… Hard… Everywhere…

Control is lost. And no fucks are given.

As it should be.

It’s raw… Animalistic… Primitive… Just my body giving itself to you again and again and again


As the orgasms subside, just hands…lips…pulls turn to rubs…pinches turn to strokes…

Holding you…our breathing synced …basking in the endless city lights x

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