Herr Heinz’s Big Buns


Rudy was bored out of his skull on another stinking hot day stuck in the vast, whitewashed desert fort that he was defending. Only there was nothing to defend it against; the fort had not come under attack for well over two years and there was nothing for the men to do but work out and keep themselves fit.

Rudy’s body was as fit and as hard and as sun-bronzed as he had ever wanted it to be. All the men around him looked the same and all were trained in the arts of combat and survival; but there was no combat to be had and their survival was taken acre of. The fort reeked of testosterone and machismo and none of them, no matter how deep their hunger, wanted to be the one to make the initial advance that would secure them a little happiness, ecstasy and relaxation. Whatever lusts the men might have felt for each other, stuck out here away from women and the comforts of home, they kept under wraps and only vented in frequent trips to the heads, or into the palms surrounding the oasis just outside the fort, where they found the only privacy to be had on the fort.

And then one day Herr Heinz arrived to work as the company chef. He was the only civilian at the fort and was brought in as a concession to the relentless heat, dust, boredom and desperate longing for home comforts that the men all experienced. Herr Heinz’s job was to serve up the kind of food that would stimulate the imagination as well as the appetite. He was told to be as indulgent as ingredients and logistics would allow as the men all worked out so religiously there was no chance of them running to fat.

But of Herr Heinz himself it was clear that he had enjoyed many a fine meal. He was a big man, standing six foot two with baby fine blonde hair that was almost as white as the desert sands. His eyes were of the deepest blue and his handsome face triggered instant lust in Rudy’s groin. But it was his big, firm butt that had Rudy drooling with desire. He had always found himself drawn to anything that was different, or scarce. Lately, surrounded by all these men, he had found himself fantasizing about fucking women. If he had to find himself surrounded by men that looked like Herr Heinz he was sure that he would long for a thin, lanky man. But, as it was, he was surrounded by athletic gods and so Herr Heinz’s big belly and strong thighs and beefy mountain of an arse was what caught his eye and captured his imagination.

Each time he went for a meal he would look out for that handsome face and watch those big forearms dishing up their food. He took the time to thank the chef who responded with the most amazing smile. Those shapely, ruby red lips parted to reveal small, neat and even teeth. How Rudy longed to kiss that mouth, to trace his tongue over the sparkling white teeth, to wrap that tongue in a pythonesque embrace, to press his body against that large frame and to cup his hands around those enormous buttocks and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Most evenings he had to take himself straight off to the head and whack one out before his manjuice just simply oozed out of his cock in sheer frustration. The more he saw Herr Heinz, the more Rudy saw him smile, the more he wanted him.

Rudy had memorized every contour of Herr Heinz’s butt, knew its every square inch of surface off by heart. He loved to watch him walk and see that slow, lazy roll of big butt flesh. How he had dreamed of parting those pale, beefy cheeks and burying his face in that steaming pit of man musk and kissing the pink. In Rudy’s mind’s eye he would make Herr Heinz squirm and moan until the only solution to the aching need that he experienced was to have Rudy’s eight, throbbing inches buried deep inside him. And the big man would prove to be the hottest bottom in the world, taking it, wanting it and needing it. Rudy’s cock would be the most precious thing on the planet, the only thing that Herr Heinz wanted and needed. His thoughts then would turn to Rudy’s blue balls which had not been naturally drained in ages and the big guy would beg for his potent spunk.

One night, Rudy could take no Halkalı Escort more. He simply had to have this man before his head, heart and balls exploded. He went back into the mess room as Herr Heinz was clearing away.

‘Herr Heinz,’ he said ‘it is such a beautiful, warm evening, is it not? I have a bottle of brandy. Perhaps we should go and sit outside the fort under the stars and share a little brandy?’

‘Outside the fort?’ Herr Heinz asked. ‘You want to get us killed.’

‘There have been no clashes at this fort for well over two years.’ Rudy told him.

‘Still I don’t like this idea,’ Herr Heinz said ‘better you come to my room and we can have this brandy. No?’

Rudy’s heart skipped a beat. This was sounding better than his original plan. Apart from the officers Rudy was the only man who had the luxury of his own room.

‘I will come by in one hour.’ Rudy told him.

‘Very good.’ Herr Heinz replied.

Rudy slipped outside the fort which was no longer such a difficult thing to do. The sentries were lax and as long as it was one of their own coming and going they did not mind. Everyone understood that sometimes a man might need to get away from everyone else for a while. He found the brandy that he had stashed away and that had cost him dearly in bribes to source. He kissed the smooth, cold bottle and wished that it would bring him luck this night. Back inside the fort he was as fidgety as a flea-infested dingo as he waited for the hours to pass. And then at last it was time to make his date with destiny.

Nervously glancing around to check that nobody had noticed him, Rudy made his may to Herr Heinz’s quarters and knocked on the door.

‘Come in.’ the big man’s voice boomed, undoing all the subterfuge that Rudy had gone to.

‘Aah welcome.’ Herr Heinz said.

Rudy was tongue tied. The big man was stark bullock naked. And what a sight to behold! He was everything that Rudy had dreamed, and more. His body was smooth, with just the merest hint of blonde fluff around his cock, which was both long and thick with a foreskin that overlapped the cockhead by a good half an inch. Rudy felt the blood drain from his face and rush down south. This was a schwanz to keep in his memory for all time, the finest bratwurst he could ever wish to lay eyes on. His eyes as last traveled north from this abundance of fuck flesh, roaming over the smooth belly and fat tits with the juicy red nipples and up to the handsome face.

‘I get too hot.’ Herr Heinz said, with a shrug of the shoulders.

‘I think I might get too hot too.’ Rudy flirted.

Herr Heinz looked down at his big floppy cock.

‘You like this?’ he asked.

‘Yes, very much….’ Rudy gulped.

‘But you are so strong, so handsome.’ Herr Heinz replied. ‘I do not understand this.’

‘Opposites attract and all that.’ Rudy replied.

‘Ah. I see.’ Herr Heinz said. ‘I am naked, you have clothes. Come, we drink a little brandy first and then maybe you show me how much you like.’

Having to wait only made it ten times better. Rudy had been on the tip of walking over to Herr Heinz and taking that big, fleshy cock in his hand and gently milking back that massive foreskin to reveal the hidden treat. But now, knowing that it was his for the taking, the delay just got his juices boiling right out of the cauldron. He could not think of a time when he had been so horny, and he hadn’t even seen Herr Heinz’s magnificent arse yet. The big man produced two glasses, took the brandy from Rudy and poured them out a healthy glug.

‘Aaah, this is good.’ he sighed as he took a sip. ‘Come sit down.’

They sat in chairs opposite each other and Rudy just could not stop staring at the massive package that the confines of the chair and those big thighs now pushed up to prominence.

‘I’m sorry…if I keep staring.’ Rudy said.

‘I don’t mind. You make me feel like I am the most…how do you say, the best man in the world.’ Herr Heinz told him. ‘No. Not the best. You are making me think maybe Halkalı Escort Bayan I am sexy, or something.’

‘You are.’ Rudy replied.’ I don’t think I have ever seen anything so beautiful.’

‘Well, maybe now you want to show me.’ Herr Heinz said.

Rudy put his unfinished brandy down on small table that was between them and moved it out of the way. Squatting between the big man’s thighs he took that big cock into his mouth and gently peeled back the foreskin. The tangy taste of a natural man after a full day’s work in a hot environment slithered over Rudy’s tongue and stimulated his taste bud into a frenzy. His heart pounded in his rib cage as lust raced through his bloodstream to touch every part of him, including his hard cock that was so painfully trapped in his underpants. That weighty cock in his mouth started to inflate and as Rudy cupped his hand around those full, smooth nuts it reached its peak of perfection. He realized that the big guy had at least and inch and a half on him. It was certainly not the kind of cock that he had imagined came with such a big arse.

Remembering now the original object of his desire Rudy slid a finger between Herr Heinz’s big cheeks as he greedily lapped at his juicy big balls. The finger seemed to slide on forever and ever before it made contact with the large, slightly clammy pucker. The big guy groaned out loud as Rudy teased his fingertip of that rouched skin. Withdrawing his finger Rudy sniffed it greedily and was overpowered by the musky, slightly stale but totally intoxicating whiff of pure sex. If he had a bottle full of this aroma, Rudy knew, he would pop a boner each time he opened the cap. He had to have everything that the delicious big, beefy blonde could offer him and now Rudy started to lick under Herr Heinz’s massive balls. Herr Heinz sighed as that hot tongue skated over the sensitive skin between his balls and arsehole.

With some great effort Rudy managed to push those big thighs upwards until at last he had full access to the pleasure pit. There, before him, lay a bright red sinkhole surrounded by a few damp, long hairs. It was the most beautiful bunhole that Rudy had ever seen, and he had seen quite a few before arriving at the fort. He slid his nose up Herr Heinz’s man ditch now before letting his tongue have the treat of its lifetime. The big guy hollered out loud as the sensitive nerves in his assring sent pulses racing up to every single pleasure receptor in his brain. His breathing grew ragged as he held his legs apart and allowed the beautiful young man kneeling before him to take him as close as he was going to get to heaven on earth. An endless string of precum drooled out of Herr Heinz’s fat cock as Rudy greedily grazed on his slippy little love lips. And as that tongue probed deeper and deeper into him Herr Heinz knew that there would be only one thing better than the pleasure he was now receiving.

Herr Heinz gently eased Rudy out from between his legs and got to his feet. He took the younger man into his arms and tasted his own raunchy spice on his lips. Rudy’s head was in a spin. This was exactly the way it happened in his dreams. Now of only the big man wanted something hard and eager….

‘You fuck me. Yes?’ Herr Heinz rasped.

The words were an aphrodisiac that swelled Rudy’s cock to its maximum proportions. He quickly freed it from its cotton cage and to his surprise the big man got down on his knees and wrapped a massive paw around it and guided it into his mouth. He had slipped straight into ecstasy. Herr Heinz certainly knew a thing or two about sucking cock and as he greedily gobbled on Rudy’s eight inch shaft of steel he brought the young man to the edge of the precipice over and over again. Rudy was so afraid of losing his load down that amazing throat that eventually he had to pull away.

‘I want to fuck you now.’ he told his lover.

Her Heinz lay down on the bed and now Rudi was able to fully drink in the beauty of his shapely buttocks for the first time. The looked as if they had been Escort Halkalı carved by a master from the finest marble but instead of being cold and solid to the touch this booty was warm and yielding. Rudy grabbed a big handful and playfully squeezed and massaged those massive cheeks. He could have played with them all night but his cock was demanding that he hurry up so Rudy fell, face first, into that seductive valley and tongue loved that sweet hot pucker once again. The big guy squirmed and bucked against him and Rudy could tell that he was ready. There only remained the delicate question of what to use for lubrication.

Once Herr Heinz had told him where to find the stuff Rudy hastily applied it to the big man’s wanting hole. That greedy ring seemed to grab hold of his slicked up finger and draw it in. Herr Heinz sighed as Rudy fingered his hole and just knew that this was going to be the most perfect fuck of his life. That big butt of his had snared him many a handsome suitor but none as fine as this fit young man that was about to bury the bone. When at last he felt Rudy’s warm cockhead rubbing through his lube slickened valley Herr Heinz let out a loud groan. He just wanted that thing inside him so bad! But the young guy had other ideas, teasing him to within an inch of his desire. Herr Heinz began moving his arse about, like he was doing a horizontal booty shake, desperate to snag that beautiful cock. On his third attempt he succeeded and he let out a contented sigh as Rudy’s cock slid into his chute and began the slow, sensual glide home.

Herr Heinz was blown away by how Rudy fucked. There was none of the wham, bam! urgency he would have expected from a young man. Instead, he took his time, keeping the pressure up until Herr Heinz’s ring relented and let him have full access. It was Rudy’s turn to moan out loud now as the heat of the big man’s arseguts enveloped his overheated cock. Lying there, looking down at that broad back with his cock wedged in that mountain of an arse, while his hips gently worked to intensify the sensation, was the height of perfection. Rudy felt as though if he never fucked again in his entire life he would still die a happy man. He was in no hurry. And the more slowly and gently he fucked the better Herr Heinz responded. It was hard to imagine that they hardly knew each other a short while ago and now they were locked in the most intimate embrace.

Rudy beamed with pride as he listened to his lover’s soft huffing and puffing. He knew that feeling well; he had been on that journey when the cock, and the man, had been right. Herr Heinz was lost in a dreamy place that Rudy had taken them to. They might as well have been outside the fort and under the stars. This was their wild and untamed land, their savage place where all that mattered was a soft, yielding arsehole and a hard, hot throbber of a cock. Rudy’s cockhead felt so incredibly sensitive as he gently fucked that hungry bum that the pleasure seemed just a hair’s breadth away from pain. He wished he could float up above himself and look down at the two of them making love. He wished he could see his lover’s face, see the ecstasy and abandon in his screwed up eyes and furrowed brow.

‘Das ist sehr gut!’ Herr Heinz moaned when Rudy at last withdrew his cock all the way out of the big man’s hole and punched back again.

Rudy knew then that he had found the butt of his dreams. This man with the mountain of pleasure knew how to switch gears. They were like animals now, thrashing around on the bed, sweating, moaning and groaning. Huge volumes of air were being pumped into Herr Heinz’s arsehole making deliciously rude squelchy noises that turned Rudy on something chronic. Rudy wished he could fuck his whole body into that beefy butt, that’s how turned on he was. And, for his part, Herr Heinz’ desperation to be fully owned by this hot stallion grew ever stronger and he began to beg him now to spunk up his arsehole.

‘Gib mir deinen saft!’ he bellowed as if his life depended on it.

Hearing that roar from the hungry lion was too much for Rudy. He simply surrendered to the waves of pleasure that had been building from the soles of his feet and as they washed over him he cried out in release as his balls exploded and spewed a fountain of jizz juice deep into Herr Heinz’s big, fat happy arse.

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