Heidi’s Feet


The first time I saw Heidi was a picture of her on her husband’s desk when he came to work for our firm. She looked incredibly sexy with her blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I remember being entranced by how beautiful she locked and I instantly started dreaming about what her feet must look like. Her skin was smooth and flawless and she just has this really beautiful down-to-earth, wholesome, girl next-door look.

As I helped her husband acclimate during the transfer to our firm it was always extremely difficult not to stare at the picture of his wife. As my professional relationship with him develop a personal relationship soon followed. As a personal relationship developed I had a sense of tremendous guilt over my feelings for Heidi. I knew that I must be crazy because I had only seen a handful of pictures of her and here I was obsessed with wanting to see her feet. We talked as husbands do about our wives and I started to learn a lot about Heidi. Where she was from, what her hobbies were, and the type personality she was. From all of our conversations I really started to feel as if I knew her.

The day finally came in when he invited me over to his house after work to have some beers. The entire way I was hoping that Heidi was wearing something that showed off her feet and I thought about how tragic it was going to be if she had ugly feet! Walking in the front door was like walking into a world of chaos! They have children and their children’s friends were over so there were a lot of kids running amok!

The first time I got to see Heidi was when I walked in the front door and she was trying to do a million different things at once. Running around after the kids. When he introduced me to her she quickly gave me a hug and said how nice it was to finally meet me and that she had heard so much about me. She apologized for all of the chaos and said that she was looking forward to talking in a few.

It was difficult to really get a good look at her inside the front door but beautiful blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing a tank top with shorts and flip-flops. I could only look at her feet for less than a second but they were fucking incredible! I guessed that she wore a size 7 1/2 and her toes were perfectly graduated from the big toe to her pinky toe. Her toes were also the perfect length. Not overly long like fingers and not short and stubby. She had a really high arch and a narrow heel with a very sharply defined ankle and Achilles tendon. I knew from talking to her husband that she enjoyed working out and being athletic including running. Her legs were slender but nicely toned. Her toes were painted red but you could tell that she needed a pedicure but I could care less at that point!

Finally things settled down and all of the friends left and their kids became entranced on their tablets. I knew I had to play it cool and not stare at her feet incessantly. I stole glances here and there like when she turned her back to me and stood on her tiptoes to put some dishes away. Seeing the muscles in her calves and being able to clearly see the soles of her feet and she got high up on her toes. Heidi and I were alone in the kitchen as her husband was doing something with the kids. Every time she turned her back to me I lustfully looked at her perfect body and her beautiful feet.

We all retired in the living room and Heidi was on her second beer. She and her husband sat on the sofa and I was sitting in a conversation chair which faced the sofa. I couldn’t fucking believe what happen next and all of this is 100% true. We are all sitting around talking and having a good time when I see Heidi wiggle her feet out of her flip-flops. She fucking propped her feet up on the coffee table with the soles of her feet pointing right fucking at me!! It took every fiber of my being not to spit out the mouth full of beer I had when she did that!

But now, as the guest, I’m the center of attention. Lucky me! I’m being facetious of course because they were both looking me right in the face. The soles of the feet are by far and away my favorite. The soles of Heidi’s feet are literally five feet away and she sitting there with her ankles crossed and I can’t look! I’m of course stealing glances when I can but I just want to stare at them and study the detail of her delicate foot bottoms. I know it’s going to be too obvious to try to take out my phone and pretend like I’m answering a text so I can photograph her soles. I’m so nervous that it’s going to be the one time I forget to turn off the flash or the sound the phone makes mimicking the sound of a shutter when you take a picture! I am able to see that the soles of her feet are flawless. No blisters or calluses like I would’ve expected from her being a runner.

So we probably sat there for 45 minutes and Heidi never moved her fucking feet off that coffee table. I went home that night and jerked off imagining what it would be like to been able to enjoy her feet. That mental image was the source of multiple jerk off sessions Gaziantep Saatlik Escort for at least a week.

But what was annoying me was the nagging question of how to get those feet! I obviously had to see her every chance that came up so that she got more and more comfortable with me. Over the next several months I was over at their house at least once or twice a week. Heidi and I were definitely making our own relationship. Albeit a pretty superficial relationship but I could tell that she enjoyed my company. But I wanted those feet, I needed to touch them.

The chances of me offering to give her a foot massage and having it go sideways was pretty fair game. She would most likely tell her husband which would in turn make things at work extremely awkward. So I had to figure out a way to play it safe. I went back to doing what I always love doing; giving small complements overtime and letting the woman realize on her own that I like her feet. So every time I was over I would drop one very small complement.

“Oh that’s a nice polish color, did you get them done recently?”

“Those shoes look really comfortable, my wife has a pair and she loves them.”

Just any number of different things to briefly bring both of our attention to her feet and then right back out.

The more I was over there the more difficult it was becoming on me and I either needed to put the possibility of touching Heidi’s feet out of my mind or just go for it. I was starting to take more and more risks to get closer to her feet. For instance one time I asked to use the restroom when I knew that the master bedroom was the only one available. I quickly went into Heidi’s shoe closet and smelled his many pairs of her shoes as I could. I found a pair of her ankle socks that she had worn recently and I stuffed them in my pocket and took them home.

I love smelling feet. I don’t like them to be overly stinky and gross but I like them to have a very definite smell. As I drove home that day I pressed the bottom of Heidi’s soft white ankle sock to my face and inhaled deeply. It smelled strong but completely natural and I nearly came in my pants. When I got home I had a chance to study them. Looking at the bottoms of the socks you could tell that she must’ve walked around the house for a little bit after she took her sweaty running shoes off. You could just make out her footprint from the slight amount of dirt that her damp socks picked up from the floor. I put one sock over my cock and smelled the space underneath her toes. Above the balls of her feet but below her toe pads. It smelled a strong there and I yelled her name is I came violently inside of her stinky sock.

Things couldn’t go on this way so I had to make a plan. I knew that her husband was leaving for a week for some training that our firm had him do. You can pick up a lot of small information when you pay attention. From conversation I knew Heidi’s schedule. I knew about what time she dropped off the kids and I knew what time she had to go pick them up. I also knew the days that she didn’t have to work and I knew that she generally stayed around the house doing chores on those days she was off.

It was a warm Tuesday morning when I hatched my plan. I had carefully hidden my work iPad when I was over there to watch football that previous Sunday. I started texting her husband with a pretend sense of urgency saying that I’ve been looking for my iPad everywhere and asking if he would have Heidi look. Much to my surprise I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize and it was Heidi! I had really played around with wanting to get her number but I didn’t trust myself not to drunk text her!

“Hey I found your iPad! It’s safe. Do you want me to drop it off at your house? Or I can meet you somewhere later and give it to you.” Heidi said. I nearly melted hearing her voice and knowing that the first part of my plan worked.

“No that’s OK I am working from home today and am actually not too far away. I’ll stop by and get it from you.” I stated with as much authority and confidence as I could because I wasn’t going to except anything other than coming to get it.

“OK that’s fine, come on over. I don’t really have anything else going on and was about to make some lunch, do you have time to eat or do you just need to grab it and go?” Heidi asked softly.

“Fucking jackpot!” I thought to myself. “Oh yeah that would be great if you don’t mind. I’ve got a pretty easy day so it be cool to hang out with you a little bit.” I said

” OK sounds like fun I’ll have lunch ready and I’ll see you in a few!” Heidi said with her voice getting higher in octaves at the end which I love when girls do.

I didn’t want to over plan it so I was just going to go with the flow and see what might happen. I knew if I planned it down to the last detail like I wanted to and I would come off as nervous and therefore make Heidi nervous even subconsciously. All I could think about was what she must look like and what she would be wearing. This was the first time that she and I had ever been alone and it was now or never.

I knocked on the front door and could hear her walking towards it. She flung open the door and said jokingly what a nice surprise it was and she moved out of the way for me to walk inside. I didn’t mention it before but with Heidi it’s very customary for her to give you a hug with a simultaneous peck on the cheek. That’s exactly what she did after she closed the door. She turned to walk into the kitchen and said that lunch was almost ready.

I quickly looked at her body and phenomenal ass. She was wearing a tight fitting and keep T-shirt from Banana Republic. She had on some snug khaki shorts that were surprisingly short. Not overly short as in slutty but definitely very cute. On her feet were a pair of white canvas lace up Vans. I remember thinking, “FUCK!” That was just going to make my job a little bit harder.

I’ll skip over a lot of the lunch details but basically we were sitting at a hightop bistro table in the kitchen. The conversation was going extremely well and I was just starting to flirt very subtly. I won’t say that she was flirting as much as I was but I could tell that she liked the attention. We sat there for at least a solid hour and it was wonderful.

She had gotten up refill our drinks,

“So do you think it’s too early in the day to have a beer?” She said laughing and pretending to be ashamed.

I gave her the cheesy line about it being 5 o’clock somewhere and she returned with two beers.

“It’s just such a nice day outside. It just feels like the perfect day to enjoy a cold beer!”

We clanked the necks of our beer bottles together and she sat back at the table. I saw her shifting her weight from side to side and fidgeting with something as she was talking about the weather. That’s when I heard a distinctive “thud” quickly followed by another one. She laughed when she saw that my eyebrows creased wondering what that noise was.

“Sorry I didn’t know it was gonna be that loud. I just had to take my shoes off as it’s such a nice day and those shoes make my feet hot.” Heidi said laughing.

I looked under the table and saw her bare feet sitting there within an incredible shade of red on her toes.

“Yeah those shoes are definitely cute but I can see how they probably don’t breathe very well and it’s always better to be barefoot. Plus wow look at your toes that is a beautiful color!”

Heidi turned a little sideways and raised both of her feet up so that they were slightly above the table and beside each of us.

“Yeah I have absolutely love this color! I just got it done yesterday.” Heidi said playfully wiggling her toes.

“Wow that looks like ‘Big Apple Red’ from OPI. It either that or ‘The Thrill of Brazil.” I said’s daring lustfully at her beautiful pale feet. It was made even more difficult because I could see the indentations of the sneakers on the tops of her feet and I knew that they had to smell fucking incredible right now! Heidi looked at me with astonishment and said,

“Shut the hell up! How in the hell did you guess the color! It is ‘Big Apple Red’. That’s amazing you must’ve gone in the bathroom and seen it!”

Her eyes were wide and she seemed genuinely shocked but not put off. Plus she hadn’t lowered her feet and I could not stop looking at them and I wanted her to see me looking.

“I’ve been married for a long time Heidi. I’ve been to lots of nail salons and given lots of pedicures.” I said being coy.

“Well that’s absolutely amazing! My husband couldn’t have guessed this color in million years!” Heidi said chuckling.

“Well it does look great contrasted against your skin town and it doesn’t hurt that you have great-looking feet.” I said staring at her feet and talking to them.

She lowered her feet back down and swivel to face me and took a long drink or two from her beer. In my opinion that was the first time that it occurred to her that I was having feelings of attraction to her. We continued talking and one beer went to two and from two to three. It was early and I could tell that we were both getting a slight buzz.

I was carefully monitoring the time that she was going to have to leave to go get the kids from school. Even now I still had several hours I wanted to get to it. That’s when I got nervous that Heidi had sensed my attraction to her and her feet and was feeling uncomfortable.

“Well I feel really bad. I have been taking up all of your time to keep me company and I’m sure you need to leave and go finish work.” Heidi said.

She got up and started cleaning up. She excused herself to use the restroom. Immediately I got down and started smelling the insides of her Vans. The insole of the shoe was dark from repeated wear without socks. Even though it had been sometime since she had taken them off I could still feel the dampness. I inhaled deeply and licked as much of the insole as the shoe would allow. My tongue felt a little gritty and I could taste the mixture of sweat and canvas on my face and tongue. I could picture her soft and delicate sole being pressed against this sweaty insole all day. My cock and become extremely and painfully hard. The smell was incredible. A very feminine sweet smell mixed with the intoxicating aroma of years of sweat held into the fiber of the canvas. My thoughts quickly turned to fucking Heidi on her back with her legs in the air while still wearing these old white Vans. How incredible it would be to take those shoes off while fucking her incredibly hard and burying my face in the soles of her feet. Feeling the wetness from the sweat on the soles of her feet as I watched her face in ecstasy is I fucked her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. Fucking her like a whore. I wanted her right then in the most animalistic way. I didn’t even give a shit if she came back and caught me. I just wanted to grab her and ravage her. Fuck her like she deserves to be fucked.

My mind was snapped back out of the gutter as I heard the toilet flush and the pitter patter of her bare feet and she walked back to the kitchen.

“Here’s your iPad.” She said smiling and placing it on the counter.

My heart sunk as I thought she was standing there thinking, “Okay get your stuff and get the fuck out of here. I’ve got stuff to do and you’re holding me up.”

“Well I’ll be honest Heidi. I’m not really in any rush to get home. I’m pretty much caught up on all of my work and it’s nice to be able to spend some time just getting to know you without everyone else being around.” I said.

“Oh well good! In that case have this!” She said handing me another beer. “I just felt bad for keeping you here and keeping you from work. I just get lonely being around here all day so it’s so nice to have company.”

Heidi continued, “i’ve got to get some laundry out of the dryer. Do you want to grab some more beer and restock the fridge?”

I agreed and readjusted my cock as she won’t towards the laundry room. Seeing those perfect barefeet padding across the floor and those perfect legs and an amazing ass.

I looked around and realize that I didn’t know where they kept the extra beer.

“Hey Heidi, where do you guys have the extra beer?” I called out to her.

“Oh it’s out in the garage. Come through here and you can grab another 12 pack.” She yelled back.

I follow the sound of her voice and turn the corner into the laundry room and nearly had a heart attack. Heidi was on her knees with the soles of her feet facing me and she was reaching deep into the dryer. Seeing the soles of Heidi’s feet wrinkle and she had them perfectly side-by-side as if I had tied them up. The wrinkles in her soles were INCREDIBLE!! I paused there standing behind her. The color contrast and her feet was the best I’ve ever seen. Her toe pads, balls, and heels we’re all very soft shade of pink and were slightly dirty from walking around barefoot. Her high arches were creamy white. Knowing how they would smell was making my cock literally throb. All I could think about was pulling those shorts and panties off and fucking her doggy style right there on the floor of the laundry room.

“Oh don’t mind me, you can squeeze around and get us some more beer. I don’t know why this dryer is so deep. It’s impossible to get anything out of it!” She said with her head inside the dryer.

Reluctantly I went and got more beer and by the time I went back to the laundry room she was standing and wiping some sweat off her brows.

“Oh good you found it! Perfect timing I am definitely ready for another! You? That’s about all the work I feel like doing today, it’s such a nice day let’s go sit out by the pool.” Heidi said with an extremely cute and charming smile on her face.

As we walked outside I was thinking or wondering if she could sense my lust for her. I mean there had to be something that she could smell on the most basic animal instinct level. I was literally having to fight from just grabbing her pushing her up against the wall and kissing her. Taking what I want. I had so much built-up lost for her and I know there was no way she can’t feel it.

We sat together on the sofa by the pool which sits under an overhang in the shade with ceiling fans hanging down. I watched her stand on her tiptoes to click on the ceiling fans and then set on one side of the sofa with me sitting on the other. They had were done a really nice job with the pool area and it was a very private and inviting place to sit.

Heidi originally sat with one foot under the sofa and the other tucked under her butt. I could just barely see the tips of her toes sticking out from behind her butt. The conversation was really flowing again and I was encouraging Heidi to match the pace at which I was sucking down my beers. She joked and giggled about feeling lightheaded. As we finished our fourth beer Heidi went inside to get us numbers five and six. When she was inside I took the time to start coaching myself and telling myself to just be bold and do it. There was never going to be a more perfect time and if my advances went unwanted I could easily blame it on the beer.

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