Harry’s New Teaching Method Pt. 02


Harry felt guilty. He knew he’d done wrong but young Miss James was too much of a temptation and she certainly enjoyed what they’d done. He just hoped she would keep quiet. Perhaps it wouldn’t happen again, that would be the best thing but deep down he hoped it would.

The next day he wasn’t teaching Miss James class so he didn’t expect to see her. After that day’s lessons he was busy in his office marking work and preparing for the next day. He had just turned away from his desk to place some marked papers on the shelf behind him when there was a knock at the open door.

Turning around he was surprised to see Miss James walk in, “Hello Sir, may I come in?” she asked.

“Oh Miss James, I didn’t expect to see you today. Yes come in, close the door and take a seat,” Harry said.

As she sat down Harry noticed her short skirt ride up her thighs and as she crossed her legs he caught a glimpse of her white panties. He couldn’t help but enjoy the sight.

“So Miss James what can I do for you today?” He asked, fairly certain he knew what she was after.

“Well Sir I’m afraid I’ve been a bad girl again,” she said with a slight grin.

“Oh dear, what are we going to do with you. What do You think I should do to discipline you?” He asked, intrigued to hear her answer.

“Whatever you think best Sir. I’ll do anything you say!” she said submissively.

“Now let me think…first things first, lock the door and pull the blind down for me while I think of your punishment,” He said feeling his arousal increase.

As she stood with her back to him Harry ran his eyes up and down her sexy young body. Her short skirt barely covered her knickers and her white blouse was almost see through. Ankle length white socks and flat black patent slip on shoes covered her small feet.

“I think we need to start with a spanking, that seems to work on you doesn’t it,” He said.

“If you think that’s best Sir,” she said turning to face Harry after securing the door.

“Yes I think I should take you over my knee, come here and bend over Miss James,” Harry said making room by pulling his chair back from his desk.

As she bent over and laid across his knees Harry could smell her delicate perfume. A firm smack on her skirt covered bum was soon followed by several more.

“I think we need this out of the way don’t we,” He said lifting her skirt up to reveal her white panties.

Harry resumed spanking her bare buttocks, her knickers riding up between her cheeks. Her cheeks were soon turning pink from Harry’s smacks, her soft moans giving away her enjoyment.

Harry began running his hand over her soft warm skin in between smacks, exploring down her thighs, “It looks like you have Anadolu Yakası Escort wet panties again Miss James,” He said noticing a damp patch.

“I’m so sorry Sir,” she said, “shall I take them off?”

“I think that would be a good idea, and you may as well take that skirt off while you’re about it,” said Harry, now very aroused.

She stood up and removed her knickers and skirt, “Let me have those panties Miss James, I hope they’re just wet and not dirty,” he said lifting them to his nose and taking a sniff of her sweet pussy juices.

“Should I bend over again Sir?” she asked.

“No I think we should go to the next part of your punishment. Kneel down Miss James,” he instructed.

She knelt in front of him as he stood and pulled his trousers down and then his pants, “Now you may smell my penis and kiss it ,” he said.

She smelt along the length of his shaft, first one side then the other before retracing her route with soft sensual kisses. Harry’s erect cock twitched several times with the contact of her soft lips.

“Take the rest of your clothes off Miss James, we don’t want them getting messy do we,” he said.

When she was totally naked Harry continued, “Now lay on the desk on your back with your bum on the end.”

Harry knelt between her legs dangling from the end of his desk and kissed her inner thighs as he moved closer to her moist young pussy. She moaned with pleasure as she felt his tongue lick along her pussy lips and explore her cunt.

She was soon worked up to a frenzy as Harry sucked on her stiff little clit and slipped a finger deep inside her hole, “Oh Yes Sir, Please Sir Make Me Cum,” she cried and moments later she was lost to her orgasm.

Her cunt was dripping as Harry pulled is finger from her. Tasting the juices on his finger he stood up, desperate to come he wanked his throbbing shaft and rubbed his wet knob on her pussy lips. It didn’t take long, his hot spunk shot up over her young naked body.

Wiping his cum from her belly and tits she sucked it from her fingers licking her lips, savouring the taste. Harry wiped the last drops from his knob on her thigh before pulling his clothes back up.

“I hope you’ve learnt your lesson Miss James,” Harry said, watching her getting dressed.

“Thank you Sir, I will try to behave in future,” she said pulling her panties up to cover her wet pussy.

“Well you know the punishment, we will do this time and time again until you learn. Now get yourself home and remember, not a word to anyone,” he said.

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” she said while Harry unlocked the door and opened it.

. . .

The next day Harry was having trouble concentrating. He couldn’t Bostancı Escort help look at his female students in a different way since his encounters with Miss James. He was finding he was sometimes staring at a girls legs or their chests a little longer than was really acceptable and had to keep checking himself.

The first lesson that afternoon was again Miss James class. Every time he looked in her direction she would have a knowing little smile on her face so he tried to avoid looking too often. However he did find that he was noticing the girl that sat next to Miss James more so than he ever had before.

He found himself distracted by trying to think of this girls name…Oh yes of course, Miss Leeman. He realised why he was suddenly noticing the girl, she seemed to be smiling the same knowing smile as Miss James. The thought soon occurred to him that perhaps she was in on the secret. The idea made him feel rather uneasy.

As Harry sat in his office at the end of the day he began examining his own recent behaviour. His distraction from teaching was worrying, seeing his female students as the young women they were, was something new to him. He’d always been so professional.

He was shaken back to reality with a knock on his open office door. Looking up he saw Miss James and Miss Leeman smiling at him, “Hello Ladies, what can I do for you two?” he asked.

“May we speak with you Sir?” asked Miss James.

“Yes of course, come in and take a seat,” Harry said feeling nervous.

Both girls sat down in front of Harry’s desk and in what seemed a rehearsed movement both crossed their legs at the same time, with obvious intent, showing their knickers. It was done in such a way that it almost seemed in slow motion to maximise the time their knickers were exposed.

Composing himself Harry asked, “Now what’s the problem?”

“Well Sir Julie has been having problems with Maths like I was and I told her she should speak to you about it. I told her you have a very unconventional way of solving the problem,” said Miss James.

“Erm, yes well you do seem to be benefiting from your extra lessons Miss James I must admit, but I don’t know if it would work for Miss Leeman,” Harry said giving Miss James a stern, you were meant to keep it quiet, look.

“Oh I’m sure it would Sir,” began Miss Leeman, “Linda’s told me all about it and I just know it would help.”

“Now look girls, if we do this you must promise to keep it quiet, no one must know,” Harry said looking from one girl to the other.

They both seemed very sincere as they promised not to tell. Harry secured the door after checking no one was about. Both girls watched with interest as Harry rummaged around Erenköy Escort in a large cupboard,

“Yes here it is,” he cried and pulled out an old cane, “bit of an antique now of course but used to be used you know… Now girls stand up and lift your skirts up.”

Harry admired their lovely firm bums, Miss James wore black panties and Miss Leeman pink as he had seen earlier. He began spanking them in turn with the cane, not to hard but firm enough to make them flinch.

After a couple of minutes with the cane Harry discarded it and began to clear his desk, “OK then, now remove your skirts and bend over the desk just here,” he said indicating either side of him as he stood at the front of the desk in the middle.

Now facing away from his desk with the girls laying either side of him, Harry could spank both girls at the same time. The feel of their soft flesh under his touch soon had him aroused. The bulge in his pants growing larger as he continued to spank and squeeze the firm young buttocks either side of him.

Simultaneously he slipped his hands down under their panties tracing a finger down the crack of their arse cheeks and around to their moist little slits. Both girls moaned in harmony. He slipped his fingers between their pussy lips, slipping in to their tight little cunts.

Finger fucking the girls ever faster, their moans grew louder and more intense. Harry’s cock felt as hard as rock inside his pants, “Now girls, a little lesson that we all have to learn, you get nothing for nothing in this world so on your knees in front of me and show your appreciation,” He said unable to refrain any longer.

The girls eagerly obeyed and knelt in front of Harry. He undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor exposing the large bulge of his cock in his pants. “You may pull my pants down and kiss my penis, you may finger yourselves if you wish,” He instructed, holding his shirt up out of the way.

“Ooooh Sir your cock is quite wet,” said Miss James.

“Yes well you need to lick that up then don’t you,” said Harry.

He felt two hot greedy tongues licking all around and over his knob. Looking down he could see them both playing with their pussies as they licked and kissed up and down and all over his cock and balls.

“That’s right now keep licking, wank the shaft and you’ll soon be rewarded,” Harry managed to say as his pleasure increased.

Miss Leeman held her cheek against his shaft, eyes closed she started panting and then silent as she came. Miss James continued licking Harry’s cock and was soon joined again by Miss Leeman who began wanking the shaft.

Harry looked down to see his spunk splatter across the girls faces. They both kept licking, tasting his cum as it kept squirting from his knob. Moments later he watched as Miss James reached her climax and was lost to the world…

When all had recovered and dressed Harry reminded them both about their promise and dismissed them. He just hoped they wouldn’t tell…

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