Happy Camper Ch. 04

I was supposed to lead the hike the next day, but I was way too tired to do so when I woke up. Plus, I wasn’t sure if my prick would react most unprofessionally if Xiaowei came into close proximity to me. I decided to ask my assistant, Debbie, to lead the hike instead, which she agreed to most enthusiastically. She was usually the one to stay behind while the rest of the camp went off on the hike, and with the camp nurse called away to the next site to attend to an emergency, she wasn’t quite looking forward to being left all by herself here. She was a fervent believer in all the stories about the camp being haunted and had reported hearing screams herself when she was sure there was no one about.

I didn’t care in the least about any haunting — I had been haunted enough by Xiaowei in the previous days, so I thought this would be a welcome break for me, even though the very thought of her name made my cock perk up again. Before the group left, Debbie called me to inform that one of the campers had reported sick and wasn’t going to join the hike, but that didn’t bother me — the sick bay was quite far away from my cabin and it didn’t sound like the camper needed a lot of looking after. Cramps, was what I was told, all that was needed was a good rest. Good. That meant I wouldn’t be bothered. It would also mean I would have enough time by myself to beat the images of what had happened over the past 3 days out of my cock.

I made sure to stand at the door to wave goodbye to the campers as they set off, though I did not try very hard to look out for Xiaowei. I just didn’t trust myself to not react if I did, so I breathed a sigh of relief when the last of them trooped out the camp gates. Peace at last!

That lasted all of 5 minutes. I heard someone knocking on the door and sighed. Given there was no one else in camp, it must be that sick camper I’d been told about. I walked to the door and opened it, and stared in surprise. No, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, given Xiaowei’s track record… I watched with mouth open as she literally bounced into my cabin. I could tell she was braless, and as I turned to watch her stride into my bedroom, I could see that she was sans panties too. Her tee floated about the tops of her thighs, exposing the rounded bottoms of her buttocks, making my cock harder than I had thought possible.

I quickly turned the key in the lock, just in case the nurse or anyone else came back early, and followed her into the back room. I walked in just as she was drawing her tee up over her head, and saw that I was right — she was completely naked under her shirt, her pale back and lovely buttocks exposed to my gaze. Then she turned around and started, her left arm instinctively going around her boobs while her right covered her groin… she dropped them to her sides when she realised it was only me. “Sorry,” I apologised for surprising her, and she smiled. “I thought of surprising you, but it was you who surprised me!” She smiled then raised her arms over her head and spun around to give me a good look at her nude body. “You like?”

The creamy globes of her buttocks were fleshy and round, her hips flaring gently out from her narrow waist before tapering down to the tops of her muscular legs. For her height and size, her tanned legs were disproportionately long and well formed — they made up more than half her height and were not too thin, so her butt did not look chunky at all. Her boobs were on the small side, probably about the size of small apples, which was probably why she appeared a little nervous about showing them. Her narrow frame and sparse, wispy pubic hair gave the impression that she was several years younger than she actually was… but her legs, hips and backside clearly belonged to a young woman in her sexual prime.

I nodded and grinned at her, and she looked pleased. “You don’t think these are too small?” She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. “I mean, some of the girls have bigger boobs…”

“Here, let me have a closer look…” I growled, pouncing at her and placing my lips on her hard, excited left nipple. She squealed and laughed, falling backwards onto my bed, her legs splaying wide. “Oooh, that’s nice… oooh,” she moaned as I began sucking and chewing gently at her teat, making sure I flicked at her right nipple so it wouldn’t be left out of the action. I slid my tongue over to her other nipple and sucked at that too, then moved back again, making her arch her back with pleasure.

After a while, she pushed at my chest, complaining that they were too sensitive, so I stopped. Then she took off my shirt and made me take off my shorts so that she could see me naked. She cooed happily at my erection, and I surprised her again by pushing her back onto her back. She giggled, then moaned as I slid down towards the weeping gash of her sex. “Hey, what are you..? That’s my… eeeew!” She complained as I put my mouth on her mound and began kissing her vulva, but she did nothing to stop me from going down further. Using my fingers, I slowly spread her thick labia, exposing the liquid interior and she sighed, scooting Porno down and pushing her groin up at me. I took up her invitation and began sliding my tongue into the soft, wet groove, being careful not to pay too much attention to the little nub I knew was the centre of her pleasure. Instead, I ran my tongue up and down her slit, using my lips to nip at different points around and inside the open gash, before slipping the tip of my tongue into her gushing vagina, then drawing upwards towards her quivering clitoris.

Her reaction was electric — she immediately thrust her hips up off the bed, mashing her pubis against my face. I moved away for a moment and let her drop back onto the bed, then went back to her vagina and then her clit again, making her jump again. I didn’t have to repeat that too many times before she hit her peak, when I could see and feel her private parts and thighs quivering, her tummy clenching while she turned her head and screamed into the pillow.

It took her a while to come back down from her climax, also because I occasionally licked gently at her vulva, making her muscles thrum again and again. Finally, she had had enough and begged me to stop, and I did. I crawled up the bed to lie next to her while she caught her breath.

When she finally found her voice, she said “I really wanna kiss you but… eew! You have my… you would taste like my down there!”

“Your pussy,” I corrected her, grinning. “And to be honest, it’s really quite delicious. I feel like drinking more of your juice!” She squealed and hit me in the chest, laughing at the suggestion while shielding her privates with her right hand. “No! That’s enough!”

“Oh? So you didn’t like that?” I teased, pretending to dip my head down. She clucked in exasperation and pushed me back onto my back, her attention shifting to my penis, which was still hard. Her left hand descended on my erection, rubbing thoughtfully at it. “No… I mean yes! You know what happened!” She protested, then moved down to examine my prick more closely. Before I could react, she captured my glans in her mouth and began sucking enthusiastically on it for a bit. Then she stopped, stuck out her tongue and licked the little slit at the top, where some of my precum fluid had started leaking. She made a face, and I gently told her that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t like or want to. “But I want to!” She declared, grinning, and reached up to kiss me passionately on the mouth. “There! Now that tastes right!”

I laughed at her audacity and told her I still preferred the taste of her pussy. “It tastes a little salty and a little sweet… just like you!” She giggled and declared: “Don’t tempt me… I’ll want you to lick me down there again and again!” Then, she turned serious. Her hand still gripped around my dick, she pulled me up with her other hand and said “I want you in here!”

“Are you sure? I mean, what about last night?” I said doubtfully. “Wasn’t it painful?” She nodded but didn’t stop pulling at me, pointing my erection right at her gaping vulva. I still had my doubts, though, and stopped just as her soft lower lips enveloped the tip of my glans. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get stuck inside her again, especially not when there was a possibility everyone would come back eventually and see me fucking one of the campers.

She sighed and then told me what had happened to make her so anxious: She had stayed over at the aunt’s just two months before coming to the camp. Her male cousin, who was just a year older at 21, had plied her with alcohol when her aunt went out. She had agreed to drink with him because they had played together when they were younger and she had thought he was fun to be with. He must have put something in her drink because the next thing she remembered was becoming conscious that she was lying on her tummy, her bare naked ass sticking up in the cool air. She said she felt like she had something stuck deep in her backside, and as she became more clear headed, she realised that it was two somethings wriggling, pressing apart her rectum and testing the elasticity of her asshole. Then she realised it was her cousin who had stuck two of his fingers inside her ass. She heard him mumbling something about making her pay for wiggling her butt about in her shorts and how he was going to plug her where his fingers were. Thankfully, her aunt had suddenly come back because she had forgotten something, and when she saw what her son was doing to her niece, the older woman had blamed poor Xiaowei, calling her a tease, a jezebel and a slut for tempting her son that way before sending her out of the house. She cried when she told me this story, tears rolling down her cheeks, and I hugged her without saying a word even though I was really mad at both her aunt and cousin.

“Last night, when I saw you sleeping there, I really wanted to put you inside me. But then, when it was going in, it reminded me of him and what he did…” She explained, her eyes brimming with tears. “I didn’t want him to put his… thing inside me, but… I also felt like I… wanted it. Just not him. Does Altyazılı Porno that make sense? Does that make me a slut?”

“No,” I responded firmly. “You didn’t want to be forced to do anything you didn’t agree to, but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t respond to being stimulated. And it’s not your fault that your pervert cousin slipped you something and tried to take advantage of you while you were unconscious. Your aunt must have been worried that her son would be sent to jail for what he did, so she conveniently blamed you.”

“Really? You think so? Are you just being nice?” She sounded a little doubtful, but I could see that she looked relieved. “Yeah, really,” I assured her. “Besides, a slut is by definition someone who sleeps with lots of different partners, and going by what happened last night, I’m pretty sure that can’t be true. I haven’t read any news reports of guys getting their dicks stuck in a certain young girl’s pussy.”

She giggled, the mischievous sparkle returning to her eyes. “No, of course I haven’t. So that’s why I wanna do it right now.” Her hand pulled urgently at my erection, which was still positioned just at the entrance of her vagina, between her parted labia. “Come on… put it in there!”

“Are you sure?” I teased her some more. “I don’t wanna get stuck inside you again, and have to wait for the nurse to come get me out.” I let her pull me in a little, feeling the soft wet sheath of her vagina engulfing the head of my prick. “I’d lose my job, and everyone will be looking at how my cock is buried in your vagina.”

She sighed as she felt my glans probe into her, then looked a little impatient when it didn’t go further into her. “You won’t get stuck. I can see and feel you right now, and besides, yoooooh!” She began, then moaned as I thrust forward, pushing my dick deeper into her. You! You’re so… ohhhh!” She groaned again, unable to finish her sentence as I slid higher up into the space between her legs. I looked down and saw that just a fraction of my cock was still outside of her swollen vulva, and paused to let her get used to the sensation. She was impatient, however, reaching out and grabbing my hips with her hands, she pulled me all the way in, grunting as my pubis slapped against hers with a loud squelch.

“Oooh! You’re inside… all the way,” she cooed as she replaced her hands with her legs around my waist, ran her hands up to my neck to pull my face down towards hers. “Mmmm… feel so full… inside,” she exclaimed just before aggressively pushing her tongue into my mouth. Our groins remained locked while we kissed, and I let my hands run over her breasts and over to her ears and neck. The manipulation of her boobs and nape made her squirm for a bit, her eyes flying wide open when the movement moved my erection inside her tight little hole. Then she began rocking her hips, clumsily at first, but with smoother and more regular gyrations as she found her rhythm. After she had settled into a regular pattern of movement, I began thrusting in time with her, making her gasp and moan loudly. I could hear her breathing quicken, feel her movements become more frantic, and knew she was getting close to her climax. I reached behind me, grabbed her legs and pushed them forwards so that her knees were pressed against her shoulder. This position angled her hips just right for the deepest possible penetration, and I quickly began slamming my prong all the way into her. She squeaked as I did so, the wet slapping sounds of our crotches accompanying our frenzied rutting. It was clear she liked the new position, even as she gasped “So… deep… it’s in… my tum… mee!” and tried to grab at my sides with her feet.

I moved to this position also because I didn’t want to take the risk of impregnating her — I figured that with her legs up against her chest, I could easily pull out just before coming, without having her legs locked around me. But I had underestimated the power of her lust, or overestimated my ability to withhold my come… or maybe it was a combination of both. With a generous helping of awareness that what I was doing was forbidden. She came suddenly, her back arching up off the bed, pushing her hardened nipples up at me while she pulled me down to her chest. I got ready to pull out at the same time, feeling the familiar tingling begin at the base of my cock as I felt her vagina clench and quiver, massaging my erection from top to bottom. I took her nipple into my mouth and began drawing out, but her legs, now free from being trapped between our bodies, quickly wrapped themselves around my waist again, drawing me in as deep as I could go into her convulsing sheath. “Oh shit,” I thought for a moment, and then it was too late, the tingling having risen quickly to the tip of my organ before bursting out in copious gouts of semen… right into her waiting vagina.

I wasn’t able to feel any regret… I couldn’t feel anything other than the extreme pleasure of releasing my semen up deep between her thighs. I was just a cock, jerking about and jettisoning every last drop of come from my balls. Brazzers It was mind blowing, and I found myself thinking of nothing for the moments even after the last drop had dribbled out of my shrinking erection. I could feel the thick fluid sliding around my prick and dripping out of her sex as I finally slipped out of her. I collapsed onto the bed on her right, struggling to catch my breath. It felt like I’d just finished running a marathon, I was so exhausted.

I listened to her breathing slow and become more regular, watching her slight breasts rise and fall as she recovered, before finally venturing to ask as I patted her tummy: “Hey, um, when is your..?” She caught on to my meaning immediately, “Oh, why do you..? Oh!” She said, sitting up suddenly and patting her belly. “You mean I could be carrying out baby?” I smiled and shrugged, even as I felt my spirits sag faster than my dick did. No point getting upset after the fact after all.

“Wow, you’re really cool,” she laughed. “I’m safe, silly. My period is due any day now. But I like how you didn’t get upset when I pretended I could be pregnant.”

I slumped back down on the bed, sighing with relief. She turned to me, her left hand descending immediately onto my deflated cock. “I like this too much to want to get you into trouble,” she declared as she ran her nails across the folds. I twitched a little as her nails scraped against my glans and she giggled. “Ooh… when do you think you can do it again?”

“Not so soon,” I admitted. “I need a bit more time to recover. You emptied out my balls.”

“Really?” She looked really pleased. “I did that?” Then she grabbed her breasts, her nipples still hard little pebbles, and spread her thighs wider, to bring attention to her still gaping vulva, from which whitish fluid still flowed. “Are you sure you don’t want more?”

“Oh, I do,” I assured her, laughing at her earnestness. “But I need to recharge or I won’t be of any use.” She pretended to look disappointed and brought her thighs together. “Well, don’t take too long, then.”

“I won’t,” I replied as I put on my tee and shorts and walked out to my office. I did that as a matter of habit — there were too many windows in the cabin, through which practically everything could be seen, and while there were curtains in my sleeping area, the windows in the office area had none. I walked over to the door and unlocked it because it occurred to me that it would look pretty bad if someone came back, knocked on the door and found it locked, and then found me here alone with Xiaowei. At the very least, if the door was unlocked, I could at least try to explain it away… which was also why I left the connecting door to the bunk room slightly ajar: If someone came in, I hoped that Xiaowei would hear and pretend to be asleep or something.

Good thing I did so too… as I poured myself a drink of water and prepared to join the naked girl in my bed, I heard a knock at the door. “Oh shit,” I thought to myself. “Who can that be?” I was worrying about how to explain Xiaowei’s presence in my cabin, while hoping that she would have heard the knocking at the door.

I walked over to the door and opened it. The camp nurse, Cheryl, was standing there, smiling. “Hey, Jeff,” she said brightly. “I heard there was a patient for me, but I couldn’t find her in the sick bay. Have you seen her?” Without waiting for an invitation to enter or even a response from me, she strode right in. Being the nurse, Cheryl considered herself to have authority over everyone in camp, including me, so she didn’t see any problems with challenging me.

I walked briskly to the door to my bedroom, speaking loudly and hoping that Xiaowei would hear and at the very least do something to ensure she isn’t discovered nude in my bed. “Whose flip flops are those outside your cabin? They look too small for your feet,” Cheryl declared, following closely behind me. I drew in a deep breath, preparing to explain why Xiaowei was in my bed and praying that she had at the very least pulled the covers over herself and put her tee away from sight.

As the door swung open, I saw that the bed was empty, and her tee had been flung into the cupboard. The window was open, the curtains billowing in the breeze, so I knew she had climbed out that way… but was she walking around the camp naked as the day she was born? And was she trailing my semen down her legs and all over the place? I couldn’t see any wet trails in the room but the smell of our recent lovemaking lingered in the air. I gulped, suddenly realising that I could smell her pussy in my nostrils, and walked as quickly as I could to the bathroom, where I washed my face with lots of water at the sink. As I turned, I took a quick glance at the shower area to see if I could see Xiaowei hiding there. Thankfully, and worryingly, she wasn’t. I walked out to see Cheryl looking at me curiously. “Why are you washing your face?” She asked. “Did you just wake up or something?” Her eyes looked pointedly at the bed, where the blanket lay heaped in a lump. A quick shock of horror ran down my spine as the possibility of Xiaowei hiding on the bed occurred to me, then I shook it off, rationalising that she would have had to be much smaller sized to fit under the blanket. “I needed to wake myself up after looking at the files all morning,” I explained. “One of the downsides of this job.”

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