Had to Improvise Ch. 01


If you haven’t read the first part to this I’d recommend a quick run through to get caught up to speed on the events up to this point. See “Had to Improvise – prelude”.


Finally, we’re back to the current day and the events that shook me one more time, even more this time than before:

Months have gone by since we started down this road. I’ve performed in front of Steve countless times both with and without the camera, probably more times without at this point. Since we started we’ve mixed in other action to the scenes but they’ve still all been focused on me getting off for the camera.

Here we are again, meeting up in a hotel room to shoot another video. We’ve been doing this for more than a few years now, ever since the summer after my 1st year in college, but it’s been a while since we last met up like this. The nerves that used to come at these times have long since ceased to be a problem.

I’ve grown to like getting off with some variety and Steve sucks cock better than any girl I’ve known. As time has gone on I’ve come to believe that he isn’t in this just for the money. I’m almost positive that he craves my cock and my creamy loads, maybe even as much as the viewers must envision.

The nerves may be gone but there is definitely still something else there. We haven’t met up to film one of these for quite awhile so the anticipation and accompanying excitement are at a high.

After hanging out and catching up for a little while we put together a “script”. The plan is for Steve to lay on the bed on his back. I’ll strip and then approach the bed before climbing on and straddling his chest, then inching forward to start the show. That was about the gist of it so we just jumped in. We’ve done enough of these that we know where to take it from there.

Once I’m on the bed and in place I begin my move forward. I stay up tall on my knees as I move to hover over his face, my cock still soft pointing down enticingly above his mouth.

Rather than lowering it to his mouth I move slightly further forward before dropping down slowly until my balls meet his lips. Steve kisses first the right, then the left, before pushing his head down to lick from me perineum back up to the space between my balls. He repeats this, working his tongue from side to side as he journeys back up to my balls

I’m straining to focus on anything but what he is doing to me. I want this to last so I exert as much control as I can in order to continue to keep my cock laying softly on his cheek, wanting to hold off the coming erection.

My desire is building with each pass but I am still able to keep some control. Finally I let myself move again. I’m almost ready for this to really move forward so I decide to help things along, encouraging him to continue, and move my hips back as he licks forward then forward as he moves back.

My movements are small but he can tell that he is on the right track. I’m still soft but he can feel more pressure as my cock swells and weighs heavier on his cheek as it reaches further and covers more of his face.

As this keeps up my thoughts go back and forth from focusing on keeping from growing too hard and focusing on encouraging him to continue pleasuring me the way he is doing so well. I continue to slowly rock my hips back and forth in time with his movements. His neck and jaw are working as he pushes his tongue down between my legs and snakes it back up to the base of my cock.

The pumping of my hips is starting to get more desperate as his tongue continues to caress me from below. I’m thrusting my hips more in time with his movements, losing myself to the pleasure.

Steve is almost stationary now as I have mostly taken over the back and forth movement, my lust beginning to build for real. I’m starting to harden slightly as I continue to rock my hips. He can sense it and begins to get into it more as well.

He resumes his movements but my forward travel doesn’t change and suddenly I feel his tongue pass across my tight back door and I flinch. But, oddly, the flinch was due to a new kind of pleasure. Steve senses my surprise so he holds still for a moment to see what I will do next, tongue still pressed up against me.

Rather than holding still I continue to work myself across his tongue. With him now frozen in place I have to continue the work. Now curious, I thrust my hips further forward, placing his tongue delightfully against my hole again before moving them back and gliding his tongue back up between my balls.

Once again I thrust forward until I can feel his tongue on my rosebud but this time I hold still, enjoying the feeling of his wet tongue pressed against me. Before I have a chance to move again he starts to lick side to side and in circles around my tight pucker. I’ve never felt this before and I soon realize that this is an amazing new sensation.

I continue to hold in place, reveling in this new experience. When I look down I realize that my member is no longer laying softly on his face. Instead it Kağıthane Escort is rock solid and jutting out in the air, begging for attention.

I can’t hold back any longer. I want to shoot and I want to shoot soon so with some disappointment I move back, taking his tongue away from my pucker, driving it back up between and past my balls.

My hips continue their journey back and Steve lifts his head to trace his tongue hungrily up the bottom of my shaft before circling it around my head and then sucking it into his waiting mouth. With the buildup I’ve already had, the feeling of his warm mouth around my rock hard cock is almost too much and it takes all of my focus and control to not flood his mouth my seed.

I hold still for a moment and he can tell that I’m close to blowing so he isn’t moving anymore either. Finally, I feel like I’ve regained my composure enough so I start to thrust deeper into his mouth again. Feeling my shallow strokes, it’s an obvious cue to Steve that he can resume so he quickly joins in once again.

I had forgotten how amazing Steve’s blowjobs are but it only took about 5 seconds in his mouth for it all to come rushing back. The sensations from his skills are enough alone but the hunger that he shows while devouring my rod gets me going even more. I’m overwhelmed with pleasure and I lean back to rest my weight on my arms behind me as I stare blankly up at the ceiling.

My movements are somewhat clumsy as I arch back, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given my current situation. On my way back my hand briefly finds Steve’s crotch before I correct my aim and guide it back onto his leg. My long time suspicions have finally be confirmed. I’m now positive that he is in this for more than just the easy money. The straining front of his pants is a clear sign that he is really enjoying my cock filling his mouth.

Having someone so obviously into sucking my cock is a huge turn-on that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. In fact, it’s too much of a turn-on in this moment. Before I can give it a second thought the climax that I’ve been so successfully holding off pushes its way forward full force.

The building orgasm has taken over and I can’t think of anything. Until looking back after my pleasure overload has subsided, I don’t even notice the little voice in the back of my head reminding me that we are actually filming right now. This moment has become all about my pleasure and it is not leaving me disappointed.

My balls pull up tight to my body and my engorged cock is as swollen as it’s ever been. Finally, I lose all self-control and my cock starts to throb and pulse right before the creamy cum erupts into Steve’s expert mouth. I can tell immediately that this is going to be one of my biggest loads that I’ve ever let loose.

As I flood Steve’s mouth he swallows frantically to take it all down. He has pulled back so that only the first couple of inches of my turgid rod are in his mouth in order to make more room for my creamy deposits. He takes gulp after gulp as I pour more into him, never losing a drop.

As the eruptions finally start to subside the pistoning up and down of Steve’s Adam’s apple slows as well. Finally, after slowing to a dribble Steve finishes milking the last drops, then he is able to pull back and release my now slowly softening cock from his warm mouth. Rather than completely finishing the task he takes a moment to show me the last mouthful before closing his eyes, moaning with apparent delight and slowly swallowing it down.

Steve starts to stir so I shuffle backwards, making my way back off of his chest so he can sit or at least prop himself up. As I get to his stomach he finally speaks, breaking the silence that to this point had only been disturbed by slurping and moaning. “Well, so much for the money shot.”

I continue to slide backwards as he props himself up on his elbows. I decide to make my way all of the way to his thighs before lifting a leg over to completely dismount. On my way, I pause while hovering over his lap and I respond in a mock defensive tone, “Sorry, I got too caught up in the pleasure and completely lost track of everything beyond my building orgasm.”

I let me weight settle down onto his lap briefly. With a smirk and a raised eyebrow I follow up, “Apparently someone else got caught up in it too!” before dragging myself back the rest of the way to his thighs and then off to his side to sit on the edge of the bed.

He seems slightly embarrassed about his obvious arousal but he just blushes and looks quickly away, unsure of how to respond.

Finally Steve recovers enough to speak, “It’s too bad man. I know you were looking forward to getting a little quick cash but we kind of blew that didn’t we?”

Shaking my head in mock exasperation, I respond, “Yes we did, both in our own way.” and we both laugh at the juvenile joke. I’m pretty sure that kind of humor will never stop being funny to me, and he seems to be in the same boat.

I get up and Kağıthane Escort Bayan walk over to stop the recording. While behind the camera, “We could still salvage this and at least get a little spending money” I announce, but it comes out as a mix between a statement and a question.

Steve looks at me a little wide eyed, “Damn! Are you ready to go again already?!”

“No, but I can work the camera while you get yourself off. Let’s be honest…you’re clearly horny and it’ll be a nice change of pace to see how you feel about shooting a load for who knows how many people will watch this video.”

He doesn’t immediately respond. He puts on a show of debating whether he’ll do it but I’m pretty sure it’s already a done deal. I gently prod one more time, “I’ll just be over here casually working the camera while you’re over there working your rod. What do you say? It’s only fair!”

“Alright, fine. Just let me hit the bathroom first, make sure I’m not a hot mess.” Climbing off the bed he mutters, voice shaking slightly, “Be right back.”

I hear the water turn on and water splashing in the sink. It sounds like he’s probably splashing some water on his face, trying to get up the nerve to be the focus on the other side of the camera for a change. After a couple more minutes the door opens slowly so I start the camera rolling and point it in his direction. He strolls back into the room, shoes and shirt off, pants unbuttoned and zipper down showing the top half of the front of the briefs that are hugging his package. The only thing I can’t tell as I watch through the camera lens is how long they are in the front…briefs, boxer briefs, bikini briefs?

I can see the nerves as he approaches the foot of the bed. His pants are starting to slide down a little from the movement and it’s playing out perfectly for the camera. He reaches his hand forward and I’m assuming he’s going to pull his pants back up, but instead he slides it inside and cups his package with his hand. It’s no longer jutting out like before but it’s a decent size nonetheless.

Steve’s hands are still a little shaky as he pulls his hand back and then uses them both to push his pants off of his hips and then let them fall to the floor, quickly answering my previous silent question…He’s got on a seriously skimpy pair of bikini briefs that barely cover everything in front, holding up and accentuating what appears to be a decent sized package. He makes to hook his thumbs into his waistband, likely anxious to get this over with but as he looks up I just shake my hide and then mouth “slow down”.

He complies and slides his thumbs forward, still inside his waistband and proceeds to tease the camera, pulling the front down until you can almost see the base of his manhood and the silky smooth skin above before pulling it back up. I nod my head and give him a thumbs up. This is actually some pretty good stuff. If this was a girl playing these games in front of me I’d be dying to see what comes next. Instead, I’m just impressed with how well he is working it right now. Apparently all of the time he’s spent behind the camera has paid off, helped him to pick up on what sells, what keeps people intrigued.

With one thumb still hooked in his briefs he moves his right hand up to tweak one of his nipples before caressing his chest. As he slides it down his stomach back toward his waste he starts to pull the front of his briefs down dangerously close to putting on more of a display. Before I can motion for him to slow down again his right hand slides down the rest of the way, slipping in to barely block the camera’s view just in time. As the left hand moves to give a show the right hand moves to hide, just barely winning out.

Satisfied that his tease was successful he pulls the cover back up, leaving his right hand enveloped with the package inside. The movement of his hand as it caresses himself is obvious underneath the thin fabric stretched out on top. After a few moments of this display a nod my approval, giving him permission to continue on.

He pulls his hand free again and I can’t help but notice that even with all of the excitement of the exhibitionism for the camera and the erotic caressing of his bare skin he hasn’t grown any further. He’s showing great control to this point, better than I ever did early on. I take my hands from the camera and motion a recommendation of what to do next and he (eagerly?) complies. Hooking his thumbs back into his waistband he begins to pull down but as he does he slides his hands around until they are behind him. He only stretches the sides and uncovers his backside which is still hidden from view.

No longer shaky, Steve looks like he is actually enjoying himself, but I still have more directing to do. I motion to him one more time and again he follows my lead. He pushes down once more and uncovers his backside, this time starting to turn as if to finally show himself to the camera. Instead while continuing to turn he simultaneously pulls back up so that Escort Kağıthane the waistband finds its home again by the time he is facing away.

Even with the tease complete the camera is still met with a surprise. Where I assumed to see the seat of his briefs I can only see the skin of Steve’s ass, an inch-wide strip of fabric trailing away from the waistband to disappear in between his smooth mounds. As he looks seductively over his shoulder back to the camera I nod once again, tilting my head down toward the floor. He doesn’t need any more coaching beyond that.

Turning back away he looks down as if to study what he is going to do next. His hands haven’t moved from their positions at his waist. With thumbs still hooked inside he pushes down one last time, ever so slowly pulling the buried cloth from between his cheeks as the attached band slides past. He bends forward further and further in order to lower the thong all of the way to the floor. In unison with his movements I crouch, zooming the camera slightly on his ass as a lower down to get a shot angled up from below.

When Steve finally steps free of his thong his feet settle about shoulder width apart. He rests the weight of his upper body on his right hand which he has placed on the end of the bed. Reaching forward and down he places his thong on the floor back toward the far side of the bed. When he reaches forward his back arches slightly as he pushes his hips back to maintain his balance. It’s in this moment that the camera finally catches what it has been waiting for, what viewers must now be salivating for.

With my current angle I am able to peer through his legs and zoom the camera in, recording a great closeup view of his balls and what is visible of the meat hanging between his legs. It’s only a quick shot though as I’m forced to zoom back out as he stands back up and turns slightly to climb onto the bed. Following the action I stand back up as well and pan over as he crawls up onto the bed. On all fours for a short moment, the camera is presented with a treat, a full unobstructed view of his ass as he makes his way forward to grab the pillows and pile them up before resting on them as he finally rolls over onto his side.

The camera is finally presented with a full frontal view of all of his glory. I guide the camera from his toes, which are closest to where I stand, all of the way up to his face. I take my time, letting the camera soak it all in as I take everyone on this visual journey.

As I’m making my way up I realize for the first time that he is completely smooth, not a hair to be seen from his toes all of the way up to his now confident, smiling face. I’m starting to realize that what I thought was great direction early on was probably nothing more than a little reminder of what he already knew, a little boost that helped get him going. Well, now that he’s in control I can just focus on working the camera and let him take over the performance.

And take over he did. His hands worked over his chest, his abs, between his legs before finally cupping his balls and beginning to stroke his now semi-hard cock. Not even fully hard it has easily passed six inches, maybe seven, with good thickness, nicely filling his hand as it slides slowly from base to tip and back again. While stroking he continues to cup and caress his balls, working them like only a man knows how.

Knowing what I like in a video I decide to improvise a little. I place the camera back onto the tripod and make sure it is angled just right and zoomed in at a good level. Once satisfied with my setup I grab my phone so I can continue filming freehand with it, giving us some different angles to play with when we edit. With it being small and light I can get into more positions with ease, capturing all different points of view.

Initially I try to stay out of view of the main camera in order to not ruin the shots, but then something dawned on me. As comfortable as we’ve gotten over the years I hadn’t even realized up until now that I had never gotten dressed after my scene earlier. It might make for some even better shots having me so blatantly filming him, looking as if we are making a home video.

I continue to make the rounds, now moving freely about on the bed on all sides of him. I get some video of him from laying on my stomach between his legs looking up the action from underneath. I even got some standing above, straddling him to get a good shot pointing straight down onto the action from up above. Getting more bold, I start moving him slightly here and there. Still standing over him facing down toward his feet with my feet on either side of his chest I bend down to move his arms slightly. I want just the right shot without too much of his arms getting in the way so I carefully place one hand back on his balls and the other gripped around his cock. Perfect!

This has gone on for what must seem like forever to Steve so I decide that there is just one more angle that I want to get. I really wanted a closeup shot showing what it would look like from Steve’s eyes as he looks down to watch himself stroke and caress. I bend down slightly and hold the phone below me close to his chest, pointing toward the action from the angle that I think I want, only I can’t tell for sure because I can’t see the screen from this angle.

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