Great Way To Start The Day


Susan walked into the room just as Jeff sat on the bed with a towel wrapped around him. He just got out of the shower after his ritual morning workout. His back was toward the door and he was so ingrossed in looking through his night stand drawer he didn’t hear her sneak up on him. She was still in her short little nightie and no panties. Susan ran in and jumped on the bed behind him, laid him back, climbed on top of him and started kissing him hard and long.

She could feel his dick starting to stiffen underneath her. She raised his arms above his head reached over to the night stand grabbed one of their ties they use to tie each other up with and bound his wrists together. He could feel his cock getting hard with anticipation of what was about to happen to him. Jeff wanted so bad to reach up and squeeze her tits and take them in his mouth but he was at her mercy now laying there helpless as she had the power to do what ever she wanted to him.

Susan reached down and took the towel off him and threw it on the floor. Jeff was laying with his legs apart, she was sitting on her knees Ankara travesti right between them looking at him while stroking his cock nice and slow, once in a while her hand would go lower to his balls and to his ass making him really squirm under her. Susan leaned down, slid her tongue down his hard long shaft to his balls all the way back to the head of his cock. She put the head inside her mouth rolling her tongue all around tasting his precum as she licked it off. She did this for a few minutes then slid up towards his mouth and kissed him, he could taste his precum still lingering in her mouth.

Her wet pussy slid against his cock as she stroked back and forth getting it nice and wet with her juices. Jeff would raise his hips trying to get inside her but Susan would pull back every time he did it. She wasn’t ready for him to have her yet. She slid her pussy all the up his stomach, to his chest stopping just as she got to his mouth. Her legs was straddling right under his armpits. He tried to reach up and touch her breast with his bound hands but she put them back above his Konya travesti head.

Susan teased his mouth brushing her pussy against his lips, he wanted so bad to eat her but she wouldn’t allow him to get close enough just tempting him enough to taste her on his lips. She loved looking into his begging eyes but she knew that he loved every minute of this. She slid back down till his dick touched her pussy. She leaned into him licking his lips tasting her own juices that lingered on his mouth. She slid his cock inside her slowly stroking his cock with her wet pussy. His hips would try to pound deep into her but she would pull back every time so he couldn’t. He couldn’t stand it he wanted to be inside her fucking her hard and deep.

He wanted to bring his hands up to pull her close to him so he could roll her over and fuck her. He resisted the urge, he knew that she would make him cum so hard and fell great. She turned around in the 69 position so she could suck his cock and all he could see was her pussy glistening with her juices running out. He wanted to taste her, devour İzmir travesti her but she was far enough away so he couldn’t get to her.

Susan’s nice warm mouth was wrapped around his cock sucking him, she would rock her body back and forth as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Once in a while she would slide back far enough to let him lick her pussy but not as often as he would have liked to. She could feel his body tense at times, she knew he was holding back cumming. He held back waiting for her to tell him he could cum.

She sat up and moved her body so she could sit on his cock. Her back facing him he lifted his head so he could watch as his cock glided in and out of her wet hole. He wanted to cum he could feel that he was getting closer and closer with each stroke. She decided that she tortured her baby enough so she lifted off his cock and untied his hands and as soon as she did his hands was all over her.

Susan laid back on the bed and has Jeff straddle her so she could suck his cock. Jeff’s cock slid in and out of her mouth. Susan could feel his dick harden more and she knew that he was about to let go real soon. He let out a loud moan and just let it all out. He came so much, Sara sucked him dry till he could cum no more and he collapsed down beside her with pure satisfaction and thinking what a way to start the day.

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