Grandma Amazing at 70 Part 4

Bbw Milf

In the first chapter, a movie night for old time sake turned into a sensual exploration of our senses. We fell in love with each other in a whole new way.

In the second chapter, Grandma promised to be my birthday present and the main event started following immense anticipations. My first penetration inside her well preserved love channel was way beyond imaginations.

In the third chapter, the main event continued to completely fulfill not just mine but Grandma’s long hidden fantasy as well. And now…


On Christmas eve we cuddled to enjoy a X’mas movie. It was close to midnight so I was prepared to get ready for bed when Grandma said, ‘Santa brought a surprise Christmas gift to this smart young man for being good all year to his granny.’ This sounded like the good old days but I noticed her foxy smile looking at my crotch.

I kissed her cheek. ‘Thank you Santa, you are all I need.’ She turned, our lips touched and our tongues massaged each other.

‘Take me to the bathroom to get your gift.’

Very excited, I lifted her up rushing to the bathroom. I wondered what she got as my surprise gift. The last time she surprised me with her manicured and candy apple red toe nails triggered my hidden foot fetish that I never knew.

Once there, she whispered in my ear. ‘Kiddo, you get to shave my pussy bare!’

I stared at her, my mouth dropped. ‘Grandma, how did you figure that out?’ She was blushing red. I wondered if she looked like that the first time making love with grandpa.

‘When I was lingerie shopping I overheard this sale lady explaining how the bikinis and thongs match how much you shaved. It is apparently really in fashion now. So I ended up buying a few for those completely shaved. I told her they were for my daughter, same size. I think she believed me. I hope you like me getting in style! Getting rid of the greys in my bush will help make me younger from top to bottom, so I can match up better with you! And you might as well shave my armpits also, I couldn’t and haven’t bothered since the stroke.’

‘Oh thank God I have you, Grandma, you are simply more than anything I ever dreamed of. I actually like to play with your hairy armpits and pubic hair, but a new style is exciting too.’

‘Now mind you, I will have to grow my bush again in time for my annual check-up, so the doctor won’t wonder who was doing the shaving.’

I laughed out loud. ‘Now that’s a deal, as long as I can shave you bare again after your annual.’

She smiled shyly. ‘Deal!’

Being inexperienced, I embarked on this challenge gingerly, using lots of shaving cream, making sure not to cut her. Surprisingly, Grandma gave me some pointers, such as first trimming her bush short with a pair of scissors. The sales lady was apparently eager to explain some techniques in order to get the sales. My steel rod was throbbing all along the way that he almost exploded without intervention. I had a hard time keeping my hands steady.

After I completed my masterpiece, I showed Grandma using a small hand mirror. ‘Wow! She kind of reminds me of my early days, although I never looked so closely back then. Good job, young men. So now you can claim your reward!’

We embarked on a whole new experience with her bare womanhood, which I never had before. While I enjoyed playing with her bush during foreplay, cunnilingus and penetration, this was a whole new sensation and enhanced by her always intoxicating aroma. Her excitement reacting to my lips, tongue and fingers was clearly enhanced also. Her clit appeared even more pronounced when erect. I knew her vulva turned reddish when her arousal elevated towards her orgasm. That deeper coloration was partially hidden by her pubic hair. Now the blood filled vulva stood out distinctly against her ivory hips and thighs.

While I enjoyed the new smooth sensations and her intoxicating nectar, she was clearly more aroused than usual, even though her usual was still highly excited. She gasped, whimpered then moaned and eventually panted to a very intense climax. My tongue went deep to enjoy her spasms as her love fluids gashed out. I used that lubricant to circle her rosebud as I continued to lap up her juices up to her engorged clit. When I slipped a finger into her Sex hikayeleri rosebud, my tongue stirring deep inside her vagina, my upper lip rubbing her clit, she lost it again. After another full minute of trembling, she let out a long breath.

‘Wow, this is too much. I have to rest a bit.’

‘Yes of course Grandma, we have all night!’

She stared at me ‘You dirty devil, you trying to kill this old lady?’ I laughed and lifted her into her (our) bedroom.

Grandma put on one thong she bought. She simply looked gorgeous. ‘Grandma, please let me take pictures of my best X’mas gift ever.’

She nodded shyly as I took several poses of her smiling sensually at me, with and without her magical pair covered by the matching bra. Another pose showcased her firm round buns completely exposed by the t-string and the side profile of her firm breasts, mature but still perky with minimal sag, her dark strawberry red eraser nipples pointing forward proudly. Then I took closeups of her bare vulva, still wet and red from the super intense orgasms earlier.

She even bought a see through black lace set with crotch-less panties and nipple holes bra, displaying her erotic assets for more pics. Then she told me to step out of the room so she could present her next show, a red see through lace set that matched her hand and toe nails perfectly. ‘I bought this to match the candy apple red finger and toe nails. The sales lady found this match after I told her my daughter used the same nail color. You like?’

‘Oh Grandma, you just look perfect, and with my favorite color too.’ I rushed forward from the doorway, wanting to play but Grandma signaled stop with her palm and pointed to the white see through lace gown that she wore for my birthday.

‘Not so fast, kiddo. I want to put that over this set to present your X’mas gift properly. Would you like that?’

‘Of course, Grandma. Let me help you.’ Even though my erection was getting so unbearable, I still want to feast on her sensually enhanced figure. I had to agree that the two layers of see through lace generated a somewhat peekaboo effect that was totally irresistible. I of course took more pics and then some more with just the see through lace set, complete with her matching candy apple red toe and finger nails.

Grandma reached for my hot steel rod. ‘My my, has he ever been this hard or just my imagination.’

‘Grandma, he’s been hard as ever since I took off your panties in the bathroom. While shaving your vulva, I almost exploded without touching. My balls are getting swollen and painful. I heard they call them ‘blue balls’. Now I need a lot of massaging down there to get the stagnant blood moving again.’

She laughed. ‘Oookee, cum to granny. Let me check how blue those balls are and rub the big guy with his X’mas present. That will fix them all.’ Smiling sensually, she used her strong left hand to unsnap the front closing bra and pull the red thong down her legs.

I rushed to set her on the bed in a heartbeat, opening her thighs wide. I hopped on the bed, letting my super hard manhood do the rubbing. She moaned quietly as she grabbed my hot shaft to massage her smooth vulva all over, using her juices as lubricant.

‘Ooo Grandma, you are so soft and silky smooth. This is just unbelievable, I am gonna cum…’

Suddenly she let go of my throbbing shaft but instead flicked both my hardened and sensitive nipples, then rubbed them, squeezed each with two fingers, twisted them left and right. I couldn’t tell if my nipples ever stuck out so much. My body shivered as I pushed my big purple glans firmly against her soft blood engorged vulva and squirted the first burst of semen on her smooth mound, erect clit and creamy wet slit.

She again grabbed my throbbing steel rod to quickly part her swollen lips and slip inside the tight entrance as her moaning got loud. I pushed forward steadily and completed the penetration, lubricated by her juices and the ropes of cum still flying out along the way. We both let out a big sigh as my big purple glans hit her cervix. Her mouth sucked in my tongue and fluids while my body trembled. She rocked her hips in response and moaned.

‘Ooo you’re even bigger and harder when you cum. I’m cumming too!’ Our tongues rubbed Sikiş hikayeleri each other as she quivered, warm fluid flooded her love nest. Her vaginal spasms pulsing on my super hard manhood and pushed our mixed love fluids out, covering her rosebud all the way down to the bed.

After what felt like forever, ‘I can’t believe I’m still tight after months of stretching.’ Her vagina had actually adjusted to accommodate my manhood perfectly. We both loved how my cock got wrapped up and gripped so tightly inside her warm love nest.

‘Grandma, he is made to measure for you.’

She giggled. ‘Well then prove it.’ That was all the encouragement I need. Even though I must have emptied my sack, my throbbing manhood showed no sign of retreating so I pulled back near the entrance and pushed in steadily.

‘See Grandma, he fits perfectly,’ as my big mushroom kissed its soft landing.

She gasped and started grinding her hips, rubbing her engorged clit on my pelvic bone. That warm and tight sensation was all I need. Our mouths came together passionately, rubbing our tongues and exchanging fluids. My hands found their favorite pair and gently rubbed those hardened nipples and wrinkled areola.

Grandma’s fast breathing and panting signaled another fast approaching climax. I helped her along with fast short deep thrusts and hip rocking until she took a huge breath and tensed up her body completely. With my big purple mushroom pushed against her soft landing, her thighs spread wide open, knees bent back to push her soft soles and toes against my calves, I could feel her feet and legs trembling. Her creamy love fluid flooded her love nest. Her vaginal spasms gripping my slowly softening manhood while I squeezed her big tits and the stiffened nipples hard. I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth and caressed her soft silky body for minutes while she gradually calmed down.

‘You’ve done really well, young man, giving granny Santa’s present too. Guess I will have to defer my annual checkup just to let you shave a few more times until Valentine’s day.’

I wondered what Grandma had in mind for Valentine but I better start planning. I licked her soft lips and she responded with her tongue so we started kissing passionately while my softened manhood remained inside her tight warm love nest. Grandma felt my growth and laughed.

‘You just won’t let this old lady rest, do you, kiddo.’ With that she slid her head lower to lick my left nipple and drew circles on my right nipple with her finger. Shocks went up and down my spine as my erection went into overdrive and struck her cervix.

‘Ooo Grandma, you are making it worse! Let me take out the soaking wet bath towel underneath before you catch a cold.’

She smiled sweetly. ‘I just love how you plan everything so perfectly, honey.’

I grabbed another huge bath towel sitting on top of the night table and spread it on the other side of the bed. I held onto Grandma and rolled onto the new towel with Grandma now on top of me, still fully penetrated. I took the dry end of the wet towel and wiped Grandma’s back down to her firm round buns. Then I put the wet end to my face to enjoy the aroma and sucked out our juices.

Grandma laughed and joined me. ‘That’ll quench our thirst for a while.’

Grandma started squeezing my erection with her Kegel contractions and I responded by grinding my hips against her smooth vulva. I helped her right side a little when she tried to sit up to riding. My eyes were immediately glued to her perfect breasts, the pair that triggered my fantasy some 17 years ago. I reached up to again fulfill my dreams of fondling that magical pair. She smiled sensually and softly moaned. Then she started riding me by rocking and grinding her hips front and back to rub her engorged clit on my pelvis. My hands helped her hip movements but my eyes could only follow those erect nipples and wrinkled areola on her big tits swaying in unison with her body motions. She put her palms on my chest for balance but used two fingers from each hand to hold and squeeze my hard nipples.

She moved her left foot forward and whispered, ‘play, babe.’

I could not resist her manicured foot with candy apple red toe nails so I licked her toes and took each Erotik hikaye one in my mouth for tongue rubs. She gasped then moaned. I didn’t want to ignore her right so I helped bring her right forward for massage. I squeezed each toe and rubbed her sole to improve circulation as usual. The sensitivity of her right side had returned a great deal. She moaned louder and louder, breathing faster and faster, and eventually fell on top of me, panting. Knowing her climax was approaching fast and furious, I took over by lifting her hips slightly to make room for thrusting. Her juices leaked down my thick shaft onto my sack, my butt and the new towel.

As my thrusting gained speed and power, nailing her cervix each time, Grandma yelled out ‘Ooo God’ and straightened the entire body except for her curled toes. I sucked her tongue deep inside and she trembled uncontrollably. I stop thrusting to enjoy her spasms massaging my rock hard manhood. Warm fluid filled her love nest, pushing its way around my thick member, again flooding the big thick towel.

After a couples of minutes, I sat up while embracing Grandma. I lowered my mouth to suck her big hard left nipple and areola deep into my mouth and squeezed her less sensitive right nipple hard. She responded by squeezing and twisting my sensitive nipples hard also. Our hips grind against each other. Eventually I fell back on the bed with Grandma on top.

She licked my lips. ‘Time to put my yoga to use, help me spread wide so you can thrust the big guy.’

I helped her kneel and moved her weaker right knee out to spread wide. She raised her hips and stopped when my thick shaft almost slid out, except for the big purple glans lodged between her swollen lips.

‘Now thrust full length but be gentle and slow for this granny.’

‘Of course madam, as you wish.’ I watched my rock hard cock gradually pushed inside, disappearing into her smooth blood engorged vulva, enjoying fully the warm and tight sensations. We kissed passionately while the slow penetrations pleasured us immensely.

Grandma put her palms on my chest and lifted her body to display her magical pair again as our moaning escalated. I sucked her big hard nipple in for a tongue rub and she yelled. ‘The hell with slow and gentle, faster.’

Of course I complied as ordered. As I thrust faster and faster, fully lubricated by our love juices, she started panting and yelled ‘faster, faster’. She squeezed and twisted my erect nipples again. I pulled her hips lower for maximum speed while I stared at her magical pair swaying together and apart, exactly what I imagined in those fantasies over the years.

‘Ooo Grandma, I luv youuu.’ I gave one final deep thrust while my nuts tightened, pushing everything in my sack out. I lowered Grandma fully so my manhood pushed all the way against her cervix opening. She fell on me quivering, her tight vagina pulsing, squeezing, milking every drop out of my throbbing penis while her warm love juices flooded her cavity again.

A few minutes later Grandma pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and began to moan. I knew my slowly softening manhood was triggering her final orgasm. I squeezed her big firm buns hard and rubbed her butt crack with our juices all the way into her rosebud.

Grandma cried out ‘I luv you too.’ She took a deep deep breath and froze her body while her vagina went into uncontrolled spasms. We held on to each other for what felt like forever. Then I took the last bath towel on top of the night stand and spread it on the middle of the bed.

‘Grandma, this is the last dry towel. But after that I can wipe the mattress topper dry and change the sheets if you want.’

She slapped my butt hard with her strong left hand. ‘You really want to send your granny straight to hell? You nasty devil.’

I laughed. ‘Sorry Grandma, I am just prepared for contingencies, as always. I like how you punish me by spanking, even though you never did that when I was young.’

She giggled and planted a kiss on my lips. I shifted with Grandma over to the dry towel while her tight vagina held my softened penis. Then we both enjoyed our mixed juices from the fresh soaking wet towel like before. Her soft smooth legs rubbing against my legs, my manhood still held by her love nest I first penetrated many orgasms ago. I did not know when we fell into a deep deep sleep.

(more to cum…)

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