Graduation Doctors Visit


Shannon is weeks away from the greatest day of her life. She’s got about two research papers and three exams left before she graduates college. She can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She’s already landed a nursing job in the best hospital in her hometown. Just gotta get through this last week or so.

Now Shannon, 22 years old, is the all around best girl. She’s one of the most personable girls in her class and knows just about everyone since she was on the volleyball team as well as the honors society sorority. Shannon is about 5 foot 9, thin, with dark brown hair, green eyes, and that southern tan skin. She has an athletic body, perfectly sized C cup breasts, and the toned butt any girl would die for.

With the semester coming to a close, Shannon’s mother has been on her case about taking advantage of the free gynecology appointments the school health center offers. Shannon can’t help but think it’s a good idea to get one last visit in because she doesn’t have insurance yet, plus she is comfortable with the female doctor at the college. She hops online and schedules her appointment for the day after tomorrow.

Shannon wakes up the day of her appointment and throws on a tank top with a pink sports bra underneath and some workout shorts. She sits in the waiting room reading a magazine until her name is called. She always gets a little anxious about the gynecologist because it hurts and is uncomfortable. The nurse calls out, Shannon Curtis. She stands up and follows the nurse into exam room two. She takes a seat on the chair as the nurse tells her the doctor will be right in.

Just then the door opens and a man wearing a white doctors coat that Shannon has never seen walks in. He introduces himself as Doctor Long. Shannon asks the doctor where her female doctor is that she always has, to which he says that she has left for the summer. Now Dr. Long looks to be in his late 50s, with dark brown hair, tall, dark, and handsome. He can tell Shannon is a bit nervous and tells her that he’s been doing this a very long time and that he will be very gentle with her.

The doctor says lets get started with a few questions. As Shannon sits in the chair, the doctor begins asking her questions about her period and when the last one was. He then proceeds to ask her if she’s having sexual intercourse, to which she nods her head yes. He follows that up with how many partners she had in the past year, to which she responds two guys. Shannon sees the doctor looking at his clipboard as he looks up and says that he sees she’s checked off the full check up. He stands up and hands her a white paper gown and points to a changing wall in the corner of the room. He tells her that she can change out of everything behind the screen.

Shannon takes the gown and walks behind the screen. She takes of her tank top and sports bra exposing her round perky breasts. Next, she bends down and slides her shorts off showing that she has no panties or thong underneath. She puts the gown on and ties it in the front covering herself up. She walks back out towards the doctor who tells her to take a seat off the edge of the exam bed. She hops up onto the bed as the doctor stands up next to her. He advises her that he’s going to begin the breast exam to check for any lumps or unusual findings. The doctor takes his left hand and pulls the gown off your chest a bit, still tied though, and slides his right hand underneath.

Shannon takes a soft gasp as the doctors hand grasps her young breast. She feels just how big his hand is as he fully takes her breast in his hand. He begins to massage your left breast and proceeds to do the same with your right. She looks up into his eyes occasionally to see for signs of something wrong. She sees him shake his head positively as he proceeds to tell her that he’s going to check her response to stimulus in her breasts. Just then she feels the doctor take her left nipple in between his fingers. She feels him begin to squeeze hard. He then moves to her right nipple and does the same. The doctor shakes his head as Shannon’s nipples immediately become erect. Just then she feels a little tingle between her legs, but really doesn’t pay Sex hikayeleri much mind to it.

The doctor then tells Shannon that he’s going to take her temperature and that he needs an accurate core temperature. He proceeds to tell her that he’s going to take it rectally. As he puts on two latex gloves, he tells Shannon that he needs her to bend over the top of the exam bed. As she bends over, the doctor lubes up the end of the thermometer. He moves towards Shannon and lifts up the back of the gown exposing her firm young ass. He instructs Shannon to reach around with both of her hands and to pull her butt cheeks apart. As she does so, she feels the doctors finger softly move over her tight butthole. He seems to be rubbing a small amount of lube onto her butthole. She hears him instruct her that he’s going to slide the thermometer into her now. Just then she feels the doctor slide the thermometer in. After a few minutes, the doctor pulls it out and says everything looks good.

He then tells her that he needs her to lie back on the bed and place her feet up into the stirrups. Shannon lies back and does as she’s instructed. The doctor then stands over her and unties her gown in the front. As she lies back on the bed, she tries her best to keep herself from being exposed. Still slightly timid with her new doctor. She places her feet into the stirrups as the doctor takes a seat in front of her. He slides over his tray of equipment. The doctor then tells Shannon to open her gown, to which she anxiously complies. The doctor moves closer between her legs for his first view of Shannon’s tight young vagina.

He looks at Shannon again and tells her that he’s going to be gentle. The doctor then reaches over and puts on gloves. He tells Shannon that he’s going to insert his fingers inside of her in order to examine her. He dabs a little lubricant on his two fingers and just turn Shannon feels the tips of his fingers touch her vagina. Looking down at the doctor, Shannon feels him slowly slide his two fingers into her inch by inch. She gasps as the doctors fingers move into her. She feels his fingers moving around inside of her examining every inch of her. As he finishes, the doctor pulls his fingers out.

Dr. Long then advises Shannon he needs to complete a brief anal exam. With her legs spread still, the doctor changes his gloves and lubricates his finger again. He spreads Shannon’s muscular butt cheeks exposing her virgin butthole. She closes her eyes as the doctor pushes his finger into her butt. She breathes heavily as the doctor moves his finger in deeper. This is new for Shannon and a new sensation slightly overcomes her. The doctor then pulls his finger out and washes his hands.

Picking up the lubricant and speculum, the doctor tells Shannon it’s time to examine her cervix. He can tell in Shannon’s face that this is the part that she’s most nervous and anxious about. He gently inserts the speculum into her vagina and when it’s finally fully in he tells her that he’s about to spread it open. As the speculum opens, the doctor can see Shannon’s in a little bit of pain. This is because Shannon is not used to having such large things inside of her. The doctor examines inside of her spread open vagina, still also seeing Shannon’s uncomfortable face. Seeing this, the doctor asks her if he can try something to put her a little more at ease. She nods her head and says “yes please”. The doctor tells her to close her eyes as he finishes the exam.

Just then Shannon’s feels the doctors gloved hand spread her vagina above the speculum. She looks down in curiosity and sees the doctor removing his glove from the other hand. He looks at her and says “relax Shannon, close your eyes and let me help this be more comfortable”. Just then she feels the doctors bare finger press over her clit. She can’t help but think this was an accident. However, she feels the doctors finger begin to massage her now throbbing clit. She realizes this is no accident and questions him “what are you doing doctor?” He says “I thought you wanted me to make the examination feel better, now be a good girl and lay back”. As she does so, she can feel herself becoming more wet Sikiş hikayeleri and the pain begins to go away. She can feel tingling in her thighs and legs.

Before Shannon realizes it, the doctor is sliding the speculum out. He looks up and sees her eyes still shut, almost lost in the sensation the doctor has given her. Seeing this, the doctor moves closer. Shannon then feels the doctors tongue moving in circles over her clit. Not saying anything, she thinks in her head “oh my god should I stop this. It’s my doctor. He’s so much older then me. What if someone walks in? Ugh it feels so good”. She reaches down and places her hand upon the doctors head guiding him. The doctor then spreads the stirrups further out exposing her even more, to the furthest extent. She feels his tongue moving downwards over her lips. His tongue continues further until it reaches her tightly pulled asshole. She feels his tongue moving in circles over it as she pushed down. As she does so, the doctors tongue moves into her butt. Shannon gasps. The gasp turns into moans as his tongue begins to fuck her young virgin asshole. She covers her mouth with her hands to stop from making too much noise.

Just then the doctor stands up and walks over to the door. Shannon sees him lock the door, and thinks to herself there must be more to come. For a second she thinks about stopping it, but secretly the dirtiness is making her even more turned on. She tells herself that nobody will have to know. Dr. Long walks over to Shannon, still lying on the bed, and unzips his pants. She gazes at him as the doctor pulls out his cock. To Shannon’s surprise it’s rather large, however not yet fully erect. She’s never seen such an older mans penis before. The doctor tells her to open her mouth, to which she complies. He then moves his cock into her young mouth. As she closes her lips around it, she begins to move her mouth back and forth. Doing this, she can feel the older mans penis growing in her mouth. It’s becoming much larger then she thought. A couple times, the doctor holds her head down, his cock down her young throat, causing her to gag. Saliva seeps from the edge of her mouth and her eyes tear up a bit. He removes himself from her mouth for a second as she gasps for air.

Right away his cock begins to fuck her throat again, but this time he’s massaging her clit with his finger at the same time. She can’t help but moan around his throbbing penis. Just then, the doctor tells Shannon to stand up. He removed her open gown completely and has her lay flat on the bed. He then gets on top of her in a 69 position. The doctors tongue once again massaging Shannon’s clit, while his cock and ass are in her face. She once again takes his cock in her mouth, but after just a couple minutes he tells Shannon to lick his butthole. She questions him, never having done this to a guy. Obediently, she sticks her tongue out and begins to lick him. She closes her eyes as the doctor presses his body down causing Shannon’s tongue to enter him. Shannon starts to fuck the doctors butthole nice and good. It’s not only till Shannon’s moans get louder like she’s about to cum does the doctor get off of her.

He tells Shannon to stand up and then has her bend over the exam bed. From the doctors bag he pulls out a pink vibrator and a green butt plug. He places them on the tray. He stands behind Shannon and moves her ass into the air. Just then she feels the doctor begin to spank her athletic ass. As her flesh becomes more and more pink, she begins to moan with each slap. The doctor proceeds to tell Shannon to say “thank you doctor” after each slap. She complies, “(slap) thank you doctor, (slap) thank you doctor”. She can feel herself dripping wet at this point.

The doctor then hands Shannon the vibrator and has her hold it on her throbbing clit while it’s turned on. She sees the doctor lubing up the butt plug as she mentally prepares for what’s to come. It’s a smaller plug, but she’s still anxious. As the doctor presses the vibrator on high, he slowly moves the butt plug into her ass. He does so gently until it’s fully in. Shannon begins to moan louder and louder. She then hears the doctor say “I think Erotik hikaye you’re ready”. He takes out the butt plug and she sees him begin to lube his hard bare penis. She becomes really scared because she knows what’s coming. She looks over her shoulder into his eyes and says “doctor, please please, don’t hurt me. Be really gentle. Nobody has ever done it to me. I’m a virgin there”.

Just then she feels the tip of his cock slide into her asshole. She screams in a mixture of pain and pleasure. As he slowly slides himself inch by inch into her ass, the pain turns more to pleasure. He grabs her long brown hair and pulls it back, in order to gain more control over the young girl. As he begins to fuck Shannon in her butt more smoothly, she begins to moan louder. With the vibrator still on her clit, she feels herself getting ready to cum. She tells the doctor “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, am I allowed to now?” He tells her “no not yet, I will give you permission when you’re allowed”. He continues to fuck her ass until she yells “doctor I’m going to cum I can’t hold it in sorry I’m not a good girl”. Just then he pulls out of her and lays her on the bed.

She calms down as to not cum and lays on her back on the bed. He spreads her legs and straddles the young girl. He moves his face towards hers and begins to passionately kiss her lips. Their tongues moving in and out of each other’s mouths. She wraps her arm around his back as they continue to passionately kiss. As this is going on, the doctor slides his bare cock into Shannon’s pussy for the first time. She gasps as her doctors cock moves deeper inside of her. She can’t believe that she’s having sex with her older gynecologist. Shannon kisses him harder and digs her hands into his back as the doctor fucks her harder and harder. She covers her mouth again realizing that she’s being really loud and that just outside the door is the waiting room. He continues to fuck Shannon as her body begins to tingle all over.

Quickly, as to not lose her sensation, he tells her stand up and get on all fours on the bed. He climbs up behind her and his bare cock quickly finds itself back deep in the young girls pussy. The doctor uses both hands on her hips in order to guide her perfect pussy back onto him. The young girl quickly begs for the butt plug back in her ass. She can’t believe what’s she’s asking for, but just wants to have all her tight holes filled. The doctor takes the butt plug and slowly slides it into Shannon’s ass as she holds the vibrator over her clit. The doctor bends over, kisses the girls tan skinned lower back, and pushes his cock back into her pussy.

Her jaw drops as she begins to breathe very heavily. Never in her life has she had both of her young holes filled. She can feel the sensation and pleasure in every inch of her body. The doctor fucks her harder and harder as she begs for more. The doctor has really brought the true dirty slut out in Shannon. She can hear how wet her pussy is while the doctor fucks her. Just then she feels both of her holes clench and a tingling deep in her pussy. She suddenly gets significantly more wet. She can feel herself getting ready to cum. She begs and pleads with the doctor for permission to cum. Finally after being told no numerous times, the doctor allows her to cum. Not a second goes by as Shannon screams, her body starts to shake, and she squirts all over the doctors cock and the bed.

As Shannon cums, the doctor begins to moan loudly. She knows that he’s about to cum as well. After a few more thrusts inside the young girl, he pulls out of her and orders her to get on her knees in front of him. She opens her mouth like a good patient and sucks a few strokes of the doctors cock. She can taste her cum all over his throbbing penis. Just then he pulls out of her mouth. Shannon patiently waits on her knees with her mouth open. The doctor moans one last time as his cock begins to shoot cum. His large load going all over the young girls innocent face and mouth.

The doctor gets the young girl a towel to clean herself up with and proceeds to get dressed. He gathers Shannon’s clothes and helps her get dressed. He tells her that she’s an amazing young woman and that this visit will be their little secret. She walks out through the waiting room on her way out. Little does anyone in the office know just how badly the older doctor just used her.

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