Gordon 3rd Instalment


“Every time I grab your cock you yell!”

“Well that’s because you always surprise me and do it when I least expect, Pete.”

“You are okay with that then, Gordon?” I asked. I just liked to keep out relationship fresh and sparkling, liked to give him the occasional surprise instead of having to go through the usual build up resulting in sexual activity, not to say that isn’t nice too, depending on my mood, and Gordon’s too, we sometimes enjoy the slow and gentle approach when we gradually fondle and touch. But other times it is good to take the alternative option to, like to come up behind when Gordon is watching TV and grab him

through his trousers as he always conveniently sits with his legs astride, and before you know it I have a wonderful handful of cock and balls which is a delight.

“You know it is okay, Pete that’s why you do it!”

But today we had settled for the gentle way, he chilled in his summer shorts it was so hot, in fact it was barbecue weather but I had my own barbecue to cook up. That didn’t take long where Gordon was concerned because for an old guy he was full of beans

We were chilling in the garden, so private and tranquil, away from the madding crowd, just he and me barbecuing a some chicken.

“You look inviting in those new blue shorts,” Gordon complimented with that certain tone, I knew what he was thinking. So I did what he enjoyed, my special wiggle.

“Supremo!” he said in his broken Italian “but do be careful, baby, I don’t want a burnt offering!”

“Don’t worry, I care too, and it is all yours after the meal, Gordon”!

“So I will have seconds?” he quipped and I felt a warm shiver travel up my spine as I imagined what he will be doing with me, knowing his ‘seconds’ would be eating my hole the way he loved it, spread right over his face, smothering him with it, cock, balls and the lot, a treble whammy as he called it again in broken Italian, there was something very sexy and Yenibosna Escort inviting about that, and if he accidentally did anything wrong, like the time he spilt his peach desert with cream all over my cock and said ‘Whatamistatomaka” made me laugh the whole evening through, so much so I was still shaking with laughter when he was inside me – which led to something new and thrilling to be sure, Gordon breather passionately that it gave him so many wonderfully erotic feelings, like I was squeezing him firmly inside and then releasing.

“I must make you laugh more often” he chuckled, “It is good, very good, Mama Mia!”

As it turned out the peaches and cream started something off too, it became e regular part of our foreplay, and just feeling the absolute thrill of him sucking the cream around my balls and ass was a dream, let alone the way he nibbled and sucked down the peach slices, the teasing with them held between his teeth, and messing with my p-hole was as thrilling as it was all so delightful.

Then as his tongue busied my love hole his fingers worked on my full mast with a perfect erythematic jerking movement, he said he wanted to return all the good things I did to him and I took pride in that, him thinking I was that good as to satisfy him in that area as well as taking his fuck all the way, his cock was long and thick and fitted inside me like it was made for me. I could never get enough of it, its succulent aroma and pungent scent – all that and the bonus of having it slide up inside, that wonderfully soothing feeling spiced with passion, easing the pain of waiting, then it was alright again, Gordon was the only guy that could fuck me how I liked, he would willingly take me sideways, on top or, my favourite, bare back when I just adored being all ass for him to enjoy as he wanted, and the odd slapping didn’t go amiss either, it sort of added to the heat of passion, I would be all that for him and more and Yenibosna Escort Bayan he knew it, and sometimes we’d bring out my birthday present nice more and he would take delight in foreplay to use it on me, giving me the thrill and comfort I adored, teasing and trying the different speeds and modes as he fucked me diligently with it, thrusting it in and out of me, that wonderful feeling, the slapping again as he worked me to a crescendo, when I came into his hand, he’s joke and complain I’d made him all sticky and wet and for that I would have to suffer five of the best slumped across his lap, he did that straight away, his hands still sticky with me, but when he’d slapped me soundly, and I felt the numbness after the stinging, he lubricated me with my own cream and was soon pulsing inside me again. Wonderful!

But now it was quiet again, we had eaten out barbecue meal, Gordon as always teasing and tantalising me with the way he sucked the chicken leg in his mouth, and then a Cumberland sausage, me watching intently the movement of his tongue around it – and it wasn’t just that, it was the way he looked at me while he did that, and we both knew exactly what he meant.

He had driven me absolutely crazy with his goings on, I wanted cock and how, I wanted everything, the touch, the smell, the feel of it and most of all the deep thrilling throbbing fuck of it thrusting into my ass!

He looked at me when he’d done with the sausage. “Time for seconds now Huh my little bambino, (he always called me that when he was ready for my fuck. “You wanta to sucka my cock?” There he goes again, that accent, so absolutely alluring and sensual,

I bent down and watched my fingers stroke the inside of his thigh so slowly, I was going to tease him now, he’d have to wait fir his seconds, He was already squirming, rolling on the grass as I tortured him with my tease, almost touching him but not quite, his heavy cock lurching beneath Escort Yenibosna his shorts like an animal trying to get free, than eventually just a gentle tap with my finger tips along its length.

“OMG! Do it now, Pete, Mama Mia, now Pete Huh?”

I aimed to make it hold a little longer but found that my passion was getting the better of me, I wanted cock, wanted the thrill and taste of him, I lurched forward, squeezed him firmly through his shorts, then ripped them off and went for it, my throat aching for the feel of hot cock inside, the deep sucks, the flavour once more of cock, of Gordon’s cock, that certain pliability and movement as I squeezed his balls methodically sucking him simultaneously, that was always nice and soothing too. He was so lovely for a guy his age, and he knew how to make it last too, very soon I would have his scent mingle with mine as he found the position to enjoy me too, a perfect combination as we both felt the wonderful sensations of sucking cock, and I knew soon he would be rimming me ready for his fuck, the fuck I ached for, to feel his length episode, fucking and flushing me with his cream, the cream of love, to feel that spurt inside me was worth everything. The sucking, tasting, sniffing and fucking all coming to a wonderful climax as we both came together, he wanking my cock so perfectly as he fucked my ass, bent over on all fours.

And then would you believe? Gordon wanted his smothering, he whispered the most beautiful thing was to have me smother him after our fuck, when I was open and wet for him, his grunts, his groans said everything as I wiggled my stretched ass cheeks over him, feeling his mouth an d tongue lick me out, it completed our fuck beautifully and I wanted to suck his cock again too – to taste it after the fuck, to experience the utter magic of our tastes combined, beautiful!

It was a divine suck, and it was still pulsing too, this old fella had lots of stamina, I decided to suck him dry, swallowed it all down, because that’s how I felt about him – and he knew it, he telling me as he watched my enjoy his cock and balls, what a perfect fuck I was.

Eventually he was spent and his cock deflated, me thinking it wouldn’t be long before I’d make it grow and throb again,,,

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