Golfing, with Side Benefits

Big Tits

Janet looked at Shelly with disbelief, then said to their table-guest “Excuse us for a moment, would you?” and dragged her out of his earshot. “Shelly, just what in the HELL do you think you’re doing?”

Shelly put her hands on Janet’s shoulders, glanced back at Jeff, then grinned at her. “Baby, I’m just trying to get both of us well and properly LAID by this attractive, available man who has spent a good part of the day with us, with whom we’ve had a fine time so far, and who is very obviously interested! Even better, he’s interested equally in BOTH of us, which is rare! It’s even better than THAT, Dear… on top of all that, he looks like he has the experience and physical conditioning to be able to actually HANDLE the both of us. With some guidance and encouragement, of course.”

Janet gaped at her friend, tried to respond intelligently, but only managed to say “BOTH of us?”

Shelly looked at her hard, then grinned, nodded firmly, patted her on the arm, and said “Yep. Both. The two of us. Together. Bofus. Tout les deux. Simultaneously. In the same bed all together, one hopes! Got it?”

Janet looked not so much upset as thoroughly puzzled and quite uncertain as to what to do. She finally asked, “Shelly, tell me… is this a normal behavior for you? I mean,…” She sputtered to a stop.

Shelly shook her head, and said quickly “No, of course not. I’m winging it entirely. I’ve never shared a man with a girlfriend… at least, not simultaneously and knowingly! But what the hell? We’re older and wiser now, aren’t we? Anyhow, we’re thousands of miles from home, and on vacation. Nothing venture, etcetera, and also Carpe Diem! Janet, love, this isn’t complicated – it sure as hell isn’t rocket science! Just basic SEX. Now, will you PLEASE act like a forty-two year old and try to get that blushing-innocent flush off your face? It’s cute, but out of place! It really is! I’m just hornier than hell, and YOU, my dear, are unbelievably overdue! C’mon, let’s go back before he gets away from us!”

Before Shelly could protest, Janet had dragged her back to their table and waiting companion.

Now, to understand this little interchange will require a bit of scene-setting. So here we go. Shelly and Janet had known one another for well over a decade, but only become truly close when Shelly’s husband died in an accident five years ago. Then, two years later, Janet’s husband did the “middle-aged-male-quickie divorce-new-trophy-wife” thing – with no warning at all. The two women were now one another’s closest confidant and friend.

Shelly, Janet knew, had been in a semi-open sexual relationship with her husband, and his death, tragic though it was, had on the sexual front simply freed her to pursue more men. “Temporary Relationships”, she called her flings, which were usually short, intense, and totally consuming. And occasionally, though certainly not always, they were recounted to an embarrassed but fascinated Janet – in some considerable detail. Janet was rather the opposite – monogamous in her marriage – and so flattened by being abruptly discarded that she hadn’t even thought about coming out of the multi-year lustless funk she was wallowing in.

The two women were otherwise similar: 42 and 44 years old, two kids vs three, and all kids now grown. They both played mean games of golf and tennis, especially against one another. And they worked out together in the evenings about three times per week at the gym, where Shelly was always ogling the men and trying to get rises out of Janet. Occasionally the effort succeeded, and Shelly was pleased with the progress of what she thought of as “her patient”. Janet, however, didn’t know she was a patient.

This was their first vacation together – THAT had taken some considerable finagling and planning, but here they were at a Club Med, 2500 miles from home, completely anonymous, basking in the semitropical warmth and sunshine. They had played their daily tennis match before breakfast, to avoid the heat. They hadn’t been alone on the courts, but they HAD been the only females. That meant some eye-candy for Shelly, who gave up a few “distraction points”. Janet wasn’t totally oblivious, either – which made Shelly feel better for her ‘patient’.

Post-breakfast, they did a leisurely eighteen holes, and returned to their room significantly tired and sweaty to shower and change. It was their second day in the room, a beautifully appointed ground-floor suite with two solid queen beds and a double-sized bath.

Janet stripped and ducked into the shower first, while Shelly did her teeth and attended to the usual other things. When Janet emerged, Shelly was naked too. Best friends they were, but this was the first time either had seen the other nude, and almost as if choreographed they stood side by side for a moment looking at themselves in the bedside floor-to-ceiling mirror. Shelly was taller by four inches, blondish, slightly asymmetrical everywhere – face, shoulders, small-but-solid beşiktaş escort boobs, one nicely pert nipple and one fully inverted, flat belly, good tennis-legs. Overall quite nice – even if she did think so herself! No significant sags anywhere, but with a sweeping hip-to-hip scar on her abdomen, the result of a sudden need for a C-section, followed by her body’s tendency to overproduce scar tissue. She called it her dueling-scar.

Janet was shorter and wider, dark haired. No childbirth scars, but her big, dark-nippled boobs showed several dimples where benign cysts had been removed, a problem that ran throughout her family. Luckily, they were just cysts, not cancer. Shelly had not a hair on her body below the nape of her neck. Janet was a little startled by the crotch nakedness, but not too much so – after all, she kept her own bush trimmed, if only for reasons of swimsuit propriety. Shelly sighed, then grinned into the mirror. “Sisters! Too bad we’re neither of us lesbos, isn’t it? It could make life so MUCH simpler! We both look like pretty-well-cared-for older models of some expensive car, don’t you think?” She crinkled her eyes, shimmied her tits, watched the crows-feet and wobbles.

Janet was momentarily embarrassed, then giggled and did the same. Might as well accept and be happy. Consider the alternative to being this age, she thought!

Eventually, they dressed in shorts and light blouses and headed for the bar: it was, after all, already nearly four and therefore time to have a drink and to slowly begin to contemplate dinner. At their table they had a good view of the goings-on: the mix-master, a.k.a. the pickup area, was right in front of them. Some twenty feet away, solo at the bar, perched a truly beautiful young woman. Rather classy-looking, well groomed, well-dressed, poised, and very alone.

Shelly leaned over and said to Janet “She’s waiting for something, don’t you think? Look at the body language! But not something or somebody specific, otherwise she’d be looking around more intently!” Janet just nodded. Moments later, a middle-aged man entered, spotted them and turned in their direction… but he then noticed the other, solitary woman, and immediately made a beeline for her, veered off to sit one seat away, conversational distance.

Shelly sighed at Janet, who pouted and shook her head. They understood the situation and one another perfectly. In less than ten minutes, the two, obviously strangers when the man sat down, were head to head. And minutes later, they suddenly got up and left together. Arm in arm, in fact. Janet looked quizzically at Shelly, who said “Probably, and I’m not meaning to be catty or anything, but she’s probably a hooker. That was a pretty short courtship! Bet you she’s back here, alone, before we finish our second drinks.”

Janet wouldn’t take the bet.

Shelly was right. In less than thirty minutes, as predicted, the girl reappeared, alone, and took up her previous spot at the bar.

Janet was impressed, both that Shelly was so knowledgeable, and at the incredibly short time the girl had been away. She wondered to herself, How does a girl like that become a hooker? – and What does she get paid? And just exactly WHAT, she wondered, had the girl DONE with her newfound ‘friend’ in so short a time? Probably just a quick blowjob, she figured. But who knew? The whole idea sent shivers of something, she wasn’t quite sure what, through her body. And it wasn’t ten more minutes before another fish was on the hook. Another man their own age, perhaps somewhat older.

Shelly giggled as the second newly-formed couple stood up to leave. “Sloppy seconds for HIM, Dearie… or thirds, or whatever. Some career, no?”

They watched through three complete cycles, then headed for an early dinner. They spent the evening in the sauna, the hot-tub, and the pool, finally retiring at about ten. Both slept in the nude, and they had agreed not to be embarrassed at being so in one another’s presence. As she turned out the final light, Janet said “Goodnight.” Then, after a pause in the dark, she finished up with “God, I’m glad I didn’t wind up as a hooker, like that girl. What a way to make a living!”

Shelly turned over in her bed and muttered “For her, it was probably a choice, and maybe even an intelligent one. It might not be all that bad, if you had some control over your clientele, and she clearly does. Probably makes a TON of money, with that body and this pool of men to work. Just have to compartmentalize, I suppose. But I do wonder if she has a real boyfriend. And if he knows? And if he DOES know, does he CARE? And if he DOESN’T care, howcome?”

An hour later, in the dark, Shelly surfaced through her drowsiness. Something was going on, and it wasn’t just the human unease at trying to sleep in an unfamiliar place. She lay there silently, heart going fast, senses acute. Then she heard it again. Tiny little rhythmic wet noises, just barely şişli escort above the threshold of audibility. Waterdrops at a great distance? In a flash, she understood. Janet was playing with herself, over there in the dark in the next bed! The idea of being an auditory voyeur struck her as incredibly funny and erotic, both. Besides, just WHAT would Emily Post have said about the proper course of action for Shelly to take? She lay there and listened, and found herself suddenly quite warm and damp between the legs. Faster, faster. So, there was real life left down there between the legs of her patient, was there? She grinned to herself in the dark when the noises suddenly ceased, re-started, ceased again, then resumed at a very slow pace.

An unexpected little satyr-imp inside her brain insisted on taking the reins. She whispered “Mommy knows what little Janet is DOING over there!” There was a gasp, then an embarrassed little-girl giggle. Janet muttered “Dammit! I thought you were asleep!”

Shelly whispered back “NOPE. You made just enough noise to get my attention.” Then, out of nowhere, “Now I suppose it has to be my turn. Not only did you make me all horny, but we have to even things, don’t you think?”

Janet giggled again and replied “Jeez, girl, but we do sound like two ten-year-olds in a girl-scout camp or at a home sleepover. Sure, I suppose… go ahead. It’s your turn.”

Shelly sat up, said “Watch your eyes, lights are coming on. I need to see to get my equipment if I’m going to do this right!” Janet did as she was told, wondering what Shelly meant.

Shelly hopped out of bed, returned in a moment with a small vibrator and a significantly large bright green dildo, quite realistic in all its details, including nicely molded deep-hanging balls. Aside from the ridiculous color, it was quite lifelike, all heavy-veined and twangy. Shelly waggled it in the air like a baton, then flexed it and stroked it, all the while grinning widely at Janet. While Janet goggled, Shelly said “A good Girl Scout always carries emergency supplies. Never know when there might be a drought and a Lady might need some self-administered relief. This here is one of my emergency relief kits, a first class one, too. I call the big guy “Mister Greenie”, and the little vibrator is “Infinite Tongue Incorporated.” Have you ever watched another person do this?”

Janet shook her head: she was suddenly both intensely curious and thoroughly embarrassed. Shelly lay back, spread her legs wide, and looked at Janet. “Come on over here, then, and sit between my feet and watch. Really, just be a voyeur for a little while. It’s kind of neat, watching is. And now that you got me going, I’m going to HAVE to finish things off! After all, this is YOUR FAULT you know, since you started it – so you are not allowed either to be embarrassed or to back out!”

As the buzz rose from the vibrator and the tip touched the side of Shelly’s clit, she sighed deeply and, with her other hand, pressed the head of the dildo against herself. Gently, firmly, she worked the dildo deep into her pussy-opening, and sent the vibrator across, under, around her clit.

Janet muttered “I’ve not only never watched, but I’ve never even SEEN either of those things. Not in real life, just in catalogs.”

Shelly paused, looked at Janet incredulously, and said “You’re actually serious?” When Janet reddened and nodded, Shelly resumed her self-ministrations and grinned through her rapidly-rising tension. “Then it’s by GOD time you learned! Just as soon as I’m done, it’ll be your turn to play. You think you had a climax a few minutes ago, using just your fingers? Baloney! You have quite a learning experience coming, my dear! But for now, take hold of the balls on Mister Greenie and FUCK ME with him, so I can concentrate on coming. I never have been able to coordinate both on my own and still come!”

One corner of Janet’s mind watched in amazement as the rest of her moved independently to comply. Right there in front of her, her very own hands –apparently disembodied- cycled the green shaft into her friend’s insides, first gently and tentatively, then with increasing force and gusto, always following Shelly’s firmly-voiced demands which ran in parallel with a string of soaring, snorting, gasping climaxes.

When finally Shelly burned out and came back to Earth, she smiled lazily at Janet and said “Your turn… now that I’m done for the moment. Be my guest!” When Janet made polite negative noises despite the turmoil in her groin, Shelly continued, smiling wickedly: “And I am simply NOT going to allow you to say NO, either!! No way, Josephina! You owe it to yourself. As every Girl Scout knows, we females always share our toys and play nicely together in the sandbox. Besides, I’m now well ahead of you, I do believe, and that’s just not FAIR! Lie down and spread, lady! Big treat coming for you, trust me. Mommy knows!”

Blushing from head to bahçeşehir escort toe, Janet managed to follow instructions. It was true – she had never seen a dildo in person, although she had seen ads. Likewise the little vibrator. And most especially, she had never done anything like this right in front of another human (male OR female!), although she had to admit to a few private, personal pleasurings in front of various mirrors, which had always been especially nice and powerful – self as voyeur? Auto-voyeurism perhaps? But to be doing this with Shelly, something must be deeply, suddenly wrong with her, she thought. That thought had no effect. She continued, as if on autopilot.

Even so, she couldn’t face her friend as Shelly settled between her calves with a perfectly unimpeded view – not even her husband had ever simply sat there and stared into her crotch this way, much less done any of these other things that were quite obviously going to happen in short order. She managed to get the little plastic battery-powered buzzer going. Her first tentative touch produced an immediate violent shiver – violent but anything save unpleasant. In ten seconds, she was beginning to breathe heavily, and had found precisely the right spot. It was NOT a difficult thing to operate, was it? Not even ONE moving part, for heaven’s sake… at least, no external moving parts!

She muttered, eyes closed, “Good GOD!”

To which Shelly sweetly answered “Told ‘ya so! Big, big come coming, you betcha!!”

As Janet lit off, Shelly applied the dildo-head to Janet’s still-closed outer lips. Eyes still closed, drowning nicely in her pleasures, Janet let herself relax into the oddness of the situation and muttered “I don’t think it’ll go… that part of me hasn’t had much exercise lately… and Mister Green is way, way too big, don’t you think?”

Just about that time, the entire shaft slid gently inside, filling her ecstatically, and she exploded. Like any good pent-up volcano, the explosion continued for a long, long time. When finally Janet re-surfaced, Shelly was still sitting between her legs, with the dildo in one hand, the now-silent vibrator in the other, and a simper on her face. As she hopped from the bed, she told Janet “Hah! You came so darned hard you totally lost control and dropped the vibrator, and I’ll bet you didn’t even notice it. I had to retrieve it and turn it off. And your body, Janet, first tried to suck in the whole dildo, balls and all, and then when you REALLY came, your pussy clamped down so hard it squirted him right out onto the sheets! What muscles you have! I’m envious. We’ve got to get you a MAN, baby! And soon!”

They slept soundly that night, in their separate beds. In the morning Janet woke first, peeked shyly over towards Shelly, and when Shelly opened one eye Janet asked softly “Did we really…”

To which Shelly just nodded and laughed. Then she said “Maybe we need a shopping spree today? Bet there’s an erotic toys store nearby…” Janet reddened, but didn’t fight the idea. How could she refuse?

It was Janet’s turn in the shower first: when she had taken more time than Shelly thought reasonable, Shelly pounded on the door and asked “Hey, Janet, you drowning in there or what? Or are you playing with yourself some more, with that nice shower-head? Naughty, naughty!”

Janet turned off the water and stepped out, saying “Ta-DAH!” in best showgirl fashion, showing off her newly-shaved pubic area. Completely, utterly denuded. And not a nick, either. It was inspired, of course, by Shelly’s body, but it had taken some guts for her to admit that the idea was so intriguing, and the actual shaving had been anything but easy… things were awfully slippery not to mention sensitive down there. But the absolute nakedness and exposure felt wickedly sensual! Even without the lather and soapy slickness.

Shelly looked, grinned, and applauded. “You may just find that there is a REALLY appreciative audience among men, for that look! I certainly have! Bravo, girl! You’re beginning to think right again! Now, it’s my turn, and then off we go to golf so we can eat breakfast and not worry about the calories. Then mid-day tennis again, I already put us down for that. And perhaps we’ll have some luck, even sight some good-looking, intelligent, and available men?”

They showed up at the first tee just exactly as it opened for the day’s business. But they weren’t the first. An all-male threesome was already on the grass, swinging to warm up a little, and watching the two of them arrive. Two identical twins, youngish… probably mid twenties, certainly nowhere near thirty – but tall, well-muscled, blond, with wide friendly grins, and an obvious tendency to ogle, although discreetly for boy-men their age. Against all conventions, they were wearing SHORTS for golf! Tight shorts and tight tees – quite a pleasant view for the ladies.

The other man, number three, was definitely older than either Janet or Shelly, possibly significantly so. He was shorter than the twins, maybe five ten, and definitely better looking – in an adult, alpha-male way, mustachioed, trim, well-spoken and friendly (and covertly, but clearly, interested in them… which made both women’s back-of-the-knees go slightly more sweaty than the weather demanded).

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