Going Home


“…..and be sure your seat backs and tray tables are in the upright and locked position. We will be landing in just a few minutes.”

Tom looked out the window at the ground below them. He began identifying familiar buildings and locations to himself. He had been gone for some seven years, four in college and then three earning a living, a living which gave him wonderful travel opportunities. When he first started traveling offshore for his employer, he thought of keeping a log of all the countries he visited, but he soon abandoned that activity, deciding that the joy was in the travel and the places he went, not in keeping records.

Looking forward to the bulkhead that isolated the flight deck from the passenger compartment, he saw the flight attendant smile at him. The two of them had spent a while making small talk during the flight – that is when she wasn’t occupied tending to her duties. Fortunately the first class cabin only had four rows of seats, so she did end up with a good deal of free time. Nancy – she had identified herself not a full minute into their conversation – pulled down the jump seat and buckled herself in for the landing. He noticed her glance about the cabin and then casually crossed her legs, reminding him of Sharon Stone in “Fatal Instinct.” He realized her glance had been to ensure he was the only passenger focused on her. The leg cross was now followed by the smile and a wink. He smiled back at her, his only option of feedback.

The wheels touched down and Nancy reached for the intercom on the wall behind her, and then proceeded to make the obligatory announcement about staying buckled in until the plane was at the gate and the Captain turned off the seat belt sign. She then rose and with the other attendants, began performing their routine landing duties.

Tom decided to allow all the other passengers to deplane first so he could chat a few minutes with her without obstructing the door into the jet way. Before he left the aircraft he learned where she was staying before her next assignment two days hence. She was excited that the assignment would take her from Philadelphia International Airport to Rome, and then a few days later and another flight or two, back to her base in Chicago. Tom also let her know where he was booked so that they could try to get together. He promised to call her at her hotel in a few hours.

The Blue Shuttle dropped Tom at his hotel and he got checked in and hit the shower. The hot water felt good hitting his back and as he soaped up he thought again about the come-on approach of the flight attendant. He particularly recalled her brazen, but appreciated little move with the leg crossing as they were landing. He didn’t quite get the same view as Sharon Stone had given, in fact he was quite sure that Nancy, unlike the actress, was wearing panties. There had to be some airline regulation about that he imagined. The result, at least the result now that he was recalling it, was a rising hardon as he enjoyed the shower. He slowly began stroking himself but only for a minute or so. He was far more interested in saving that for when he had company.

After drying off, he donned one of the hotel’s terry cloth robes and sat on the bed. He started to reach for the telephone directory but instead wanted to test his memory. He dialed a number and heard it start to ring. After the third ring the receiver was picked up.

“Hello,” a soft voice said.


“Umm, yes. Who is this?”

Tom smiled, “A voice from your past. Don’t you recognize me?”

There was a pause of several seconds and then the other party inquired, “Tom? Tom Harrigan? Is that you?”

“In the flesh,” Tom laughed. “Well actually in a robe, but yes it’s me. How have you been?”

“You stinker, years have gone by and not a word from you. Where are you?”

“I’m here, well that is, I’m in town, down in center city. Just flew in. I’ll ask again – how have you been?”

Her voice became abrupt, “Never mind that. Where have you been? You left for college and never a word since them. You never even sent a freaking post card or even a Christmas card. Did you fall off the earth?”

Now Tom became apologetic. “I know. I’m guilty as charged, but then I never have been good at writing or keeping in touch. My folks almost disowned me for it. I never got back here after college, that is, except to box things up and have them shipped to me in Chicago. That’s where I’ve been for the past few years. I started work there right after finishing school, and I never looked back. Anyway, it seems to me that we had something of a fall out just before I left. I wasn’t even sure you ever wanted to hear from me again.”

“You bastard. We always had fall outs, but we always kissed and made up. I think you’re just a big prick for what you’ve done. Well at least a nice prick, as I recall.”

Tom laughed at her memory. “Well it’s nice to know I’m remembered for something. Tell me what’s been happening in your life. Since this number still worked I’m guessing you are still at home and never got married.”

“Right on one account, but wrong on the other, at least partially right on one. I am here at home, but it’s back at home rather than still at home. I did get married, but it only lasted a year. Someone you don’t know and he too was a prick, although I mean it now in the worst way. I divorced the son of ataköy escort a bitch. About six months later my mom and dad were killed ion a car accident, so I came back to the house to live.” “Sorry to hear about your folks. They were nice people and they always treated me well.”

“Yes, I miss them. Anyway, how long are you going to be in town?”

“Just two nights, then I have to get back to Chi town to get ready for a trip to Australia.”

“Wonderful,” he voice perked up. “Can we get together tonight?”

Tom didn’t want to lie, but saw no way out of begging off for that evening. “Ouch. That’s not gonna work. I have an important meeting with a client this evening.” He began trying to convince himself that Nancy just could be a client!

“Shit,” Priscilla replied, “and tomorrow won’t work for me. I play Bridge with a group of girlfriends and tomorrow is Bridge night, not to mention that it’s my turn to host.”

“Hmm. I guess I should have tried to call you before I got to town; bad planning on my part.”

“Wait a minute,” she said, “If we can’t get together for the evening, I’d at least like to see you if only for a quick visit. Plus I’ve told the girls about you a few times, so they almost feel they know you.”

“Oh no, that could be dangerous. Just what have you told them?”

“Well just that you’re a hunk and that you’re my fish that got away. But they are all sweet and I know they’d love to see you. Couldn’t you stop by for a short while?”

“Just as long as I am not skewered or examined under a microscope, sure I’d love to see you.”

“Wonderful, plan to be here about half past seven. I guess you remember where I am.”

“I could find it blindfolded. Great to hear your voice again, I look forward to tomorrow night. Ciao, Pris.”

That call finished and plans for tomorrow now set, he again reached for the phone directory, but this time to look up the number of the hotel where the AA flight crew stayed.

Reaching the hotel operator he asked to be connected to Ma Nancy Sinclair’s room. The phone rang about six times and then a recording announced that the party was not answering and gave him the option of leaving a voice mail.

At the tone he said, “Hi, Nancy. It’s Tom. Sorry I missed you. Give me a call when you get back. I’m at the downtown Sheraton, room 527. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Tom then settled back and propped two pillows up at the head of the bed. He reached for the TV remote and began channel surfing. Nothing was very appealing so he punched the button to see what pay movies the hotel offered. As he expected, just like any major hotel, there was a selection of films tagged as Adult Only. He scrolled through the listing and had to laugh at some of the titles. He had to grin.

“I wonder if the porn film companies have a VP whose only job is to come up with titles?” he wondered.

He felt slightly tempted to go for one but thought seriously about it. His mind told him that they were always a disappointment. It seemed the production companies that marketed blue films to hotel chains, or maybe the hotels themselves, weren’t quite ready to open the flood gates to full XXX movies. All the ones he had ever seen in hotels were obviously hard core films that had been edited so while they may show tits, ass, and pussies, they cancelled out any scenes showing cocks and therefore penetration as well. And the oral was always edited so that it was more by illusion than any real view of a blowjob or anyone eating pussy.

Suddenly it dawned on him that while his right hand was managing the remote, his left and slipped inside the robe and he was actually holding onto his half hard cock.

“Wow,” he thought, “just browsing the selections is already getting me excited even though I know they are fully graphic movies. What the hell……”

He selected the most serious title and clicked the accept button. The film titles popped onto the screen. He was about to watch “Hot Coeds Sign Up For ROTC.”

The film was just what he expected, the weakest story line, extremely amateurish acting, but some really hot starlets who would have needed no uniform allowance if they were really in the military. He realized that there was no way to tell what rank any of them had since naked bodies usually don’t display chevrons. While the babes were the typically drop dead gorgeous types who had probably had every porn producer in Hollywood’s dicks in every one of their openings, the guys would certainly have never passed a military inspection. I looked like if they had two haircuts a year, that was a stretch.

So, though the movie, as a movie, was just as pitiful as he predicted, he enjoyed the great shots of action, limited in detail though they were. He mentally kept an inventory of the actual sex acts to see if they followed the classic recipe, and yes they did. There were a number of one on one, male female acts, all involving oral and fucking, two threesomes, one of each kind, several lesbian sessions, and a gang orgy with more participants than he could keep track of. Oh, and there were several fuck scenes that were observed secretly, in one case by a young man, the next time by a young woman. Naturally, their act of voyeurism led them to masturbating. As he noted this, Tom suddenly remembered that was exactly what his left hand was doing. Hoping avcılar escort he would hear from the stewardess, he thought he better not take himself to the point of cumming, so he let go of his cock and switched off the TV. Almost as if he had been psychic in his thoughts, the phone suddenly rang. He picked up the receiver expectantly.


“Hi handsome, it’s Nancy. Sorry I was out when you called. The other girls and I were hungry so we had gone out for a bite.”

“Ah, well I hope you didn’t hurt the guy,” he joked.

“No way. I’m saving those kinds of bites for you.”

“Ha Ha. Can it be you are as kinky as I am hoping?”

“How soon would you like to find out?” she asked.

“My place or yours?” he answered her question with his own.

“Better be yours. That way the rest of the crew will have less chance of confirming what they already are thinking. When do you want me, Mister?”

“An hour ago, but better late than never. Can you really come over right now?”

“It’s only three blocks. Will that give you enough time to get undressed?”

“Considering that I already am undressed, it’s too much time.”

Nancy laughed and said, “I love it, but shit, I should have started this conversation by asking, ‘What are you wearing?'”

“Oh, God. Do you really use that question with guys?”

“Nope, and when I’ve had sex on the phone or on the internet, if a guy starts off with that stupid question, I move on to someone else.”

“Good, so I won’t ask it, but I hope the answer very soon, is ‘nothing.’ Now, lady, get your hot ass over here on the double.”

“Start counting. I’ll be there in a jiff. Bye.”

“Bye, Nancy.”

Tom straightened up the room a bit and went in and brushed his teeth. He thought of putting something other than the robe on, but thought, ‘What the fuck. Why bother?’ and just pulled the robe closed and tied the belt. He checked to see that the ice bucket he had filled earlier was still in good shape and he set the two bottles of liquor he had picked up at the package store next to the ice bucket. Just short of ten minutes he heard a soft tap on the door. Looking through the sight hole he verified it was her.

He opened the door and Nancy stepped in. She was wearing a pair of light blue hiking shorts and a halter top that made it clear she was braless.

“She winked at him and said, “Hi, Mister. Looking for a good time?”

His answer was to back her against the door as it closed and bend to kiss her. The kiss was intense and it wasn’t all to clear who was the more aggressive. Her hands wrapped around him and she grabbed a handful of terry cloth. As their tongues explored every corner of each others mouths, she pulled more and more of the robe up until she had uncovered his ass and she could release the material as her hands cupped his buttocks.

Tom pulled his head away for a second and said, “Damn, you look good enough to eat.”

“That’s the point,” she replied, “and I am sure I am as hungry as you.”

With that their lips rejoined in an encore and they lingered together that way for what seemed an eternity. All the while she caressed his ass and he let his hands roam over her body, but never trying to slip inside her brief clothes.

As they finally broke the second kiss, she winked at him and said, “You know what I like about these shorts I’m wearing?”

“What?” he replied.

“They don’t fit tight on my thighs. I like them nice and roomy that way. What do you think?”

He looked down at her tanned legs and grinned. He bent to kiss her again and once more it was a long extended kiss, wet and warm, but this time he reached down with his right hand and slipped his finger up under the hem of the left leg of her shorts. The moaning from her throat told him he was obeying her lead. As his finger tips reached up to fill the silkiness of her panties, he found out there was no silkiness only bare flesh and the soft curls of her pubes.

This time, she broke the kiss and grinning up at him, said, “There. See why I like these shorts?”

Grinning back he answered, “Yeah, I guess their okay for now, but in a minute they’ll be just a memory.”

Her finger tips were gently sliding up and down the line between his buttocks as he began kissing and licking her neck and ears. She withdrew one hand from his ass and softly stroked the back of his head, pressing him to her to encourage his oral ministrations. She glanced past him and observed, “Oh, I see the bed’s been turned down. Are you expecting company?”

“Yes. These,” he answered and quickly pulled the halter down to expose her breasts.

“Well let’s not keep them waiting,” she replied and pushed his head down so that his lips brushed a swollen nipple.

He licked one and then the other, but then stood and turning slightly he reached behind her thighs and behind her shoulders and picked her up, turning to carry her to the bed.

She started laughing. “Oh how quaint, just like newlyweds crossing the threshold. Our first fuck in our new dream house.”

He gently deposited her on the bed and slipped the robe from his shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. She responded by pulling the halter back up and over her head and quickly relegating her shorts to the floor.

“Now, big boy, teach me who to fly,” she beylikdüzü escort commanded.

They lay side by side on the large bed and mingled more wet kissing with total body exploration by their hands. He then slid down to again suckle at her tits, but she suddenly stopped him.

“Have you ever done thirty four and a half?” she asked.

He looked puzzled, and asked, “What on earth is thirty four and a half?”

“This,” she answered, and she turned so that her head was toward the foot of the bed, her feet toward the pillows. “Now slide down toward the foot of the bed a little,” she directed.

“Thirty four and a half? Don’t you mean sixty nine?”

“Nope. Thirty four and a half is half of sixty nine. This way we can both suck each others nipples.” She started giggling at having caught him.

“Aha, half a sixty nine. Very clever,” he said. “Is that something they teach in Flight Attendant training?”

“No way. I learned this when I was in eight grade, just starting to fill out.” With that she darted a tongue across one of his nipples and he quickly responded in kind. As he sucked and tugged at her nipples he thought of how he was getting the better of the deal as he had significant nipples to suck while she was stuck with his puny male variety. She must not have minded though as she gently bit on his and used her tongue in a marvelous caressing way. As they both feasted on one another that way, their hands reach down to tantalize both cock and cunt. Her hand wrapped tenderly around his stiff penis and her thumb rubbed across the head spreading the more than ample precum that had begun oozing from him. He in turn was two fingers deep inside her wet pussy with his thumb stroking her clit just as her thumb was rubbing his head. Her other hand softly fondled his balls and she took her index finger and gathered some precum from the head, using it to slide back and forth along the bridge of flesh that separated his scrotum from his anus. He followed suit and used one finger, wet with her pussy juice to similarly caress the same area between the bottom of her cunt and her own anus. It seemed as if, whatever one of them added to the action, the other duplicated the act.

Nancy suddenly released his nipple from her teeth and she slid down along his body, her own tits popping from his mouth as she moved. She was obviously now adding the second thirty four and a half to the equation, bringing the sum to sixty nine. He felt her lips kiss the tip of his cock and her tongue lap at the precum. He was ready to join her in completing the arithmetic but she suddenly sat up and said, “Oh. Wait a minute. Something else I learned in eighth grade.”

She stroked his cock with one hand and quickly more precum came to the surface. Using the other hand, she scooped some onto her finger tip and rubbed it all over one of her nipples. She repeated it again to the same nipple, ensuring it was glistening nicely with his pre-ejaculate. She then did two similar application to the second nipple so that both were now heavily coated with precum.

Grabbing him by the back of the head, she pulled him to her breast and said, “Now suck my nipples again and taste what I’m enjoying from your cock.”

The idea startled him but more than that it intrigued and tempted him, and opening his lips he drew one nipple between them and used his tongue to lick all he could from the hard nipple. Satisfied that he had gathered it all he switched to the other and cleaned it as well.

“You like,” she smiled at him.

“I like,” he smiled back. “Here, let me do the same for you.”

With that he slid a finger deep inside her cunt. It was immediately soaked with her wetness and he rubbed the juice off onto one of his nipples. He repeated it, as she had done, to the other. He didn’t have to pull her head to him. She was on his nipples the instant his hand was out of the way.

“Damn, Nancy, I don’t know what kind of school you attended, but it sure must have had one hell of an eighth grade.

“It did,” she said, “But this I learned in high school.”

She pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him, once more in the full arithmetic position. He felt his cock slip between her lips and her tongue teasing it as she drew it deep into her throat. He looked up at the glistening wetness of her pussy and he reached behind her to pull her town to his mouth. She began sliding back and forth on his mouth as she simultaneously began bobbing her head up and down on his cock. As much as he’d enjoyed eating pussy, he had found that he usually preferred to not be sucked while doing so, just as he always wanted to fully enjoy a blow job with out the distraction of eating a woman simultaneously. But Nancy was different. Something about how she maximized the pleasure his cock received and was active in his action of eating her, he found for the first time that this mutual experience was greater than any other like experience he had ever had. He was further thrilled when she turned very active twice as she came for him. At last she seemed to relax her lower body and focus totally on what she was doing to him. That was all it took and almost catching him by surprise, she slipped a finger in her mouth to wet it and as she resumed aggressively sucking him, she slipped the wet finger between his ass cheeks and pressed it against his anus. He reflexively spread his legs at her urging and suddenly her finger was knuckle deep inside him. That was all it took and with a rush, his cum erupted from him and gushed into her hungry mouth. She sucked hard on him, drawing every last drop from him, then slipping her finger from him, she slid off his body and the two of them lay there exhausted.

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