Gloryhole Employee Ch. 02

Big Tits

I practically sped home and almost ran to my front door. I couldn’t wait another minute to get home and tell my wife the good news. The “good edited news” of course.

“Honey, I’ve got some bad… and GREAT news!”

“Okay… well, let me have it.”

“Well, I actually lost my job today… but, before you freak out, I immediately got another job, making more per hour than I was before!”

“How is that possible? How does someone get another job so quickly?”

“Uhh… I guess you can say the hiring manager thought I was a natural. He even sampled my work.”

That part kind of made me giggle inside. It kind of got me hot knowing what I would be doing for money now, and that my wife and friends would never ever find out.

“I guess that is great honey. We obviously could use the money… with all the bills and all. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks baby.”

Later that night, after my wife went to bed, I called the bookstore. I wanted to find out when I could come in to work again. The man I spoke to at the store told me to call the owner later on that evening and he would give me a schedule.

“Hello, is this John?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“I’m Ben… I was hired for the new job today.”

“Ohh… you’re our new cocksucker?”

“Uhh… I guess so.”

Cocksucker… I hadn’t really thought of myself as that, but as soon as I heard him refer to me as such, I did get a bit aroused. Like I said, I wasn’t gay or even attracted to men… but the feeling of knowing I was pleasuring other people, especially strangers, was making me really horny.

“Anyway, I was wondering when the next time I could work would be.”

“Well, son… in theory, you can come in and man the booth whenever you want. We don’t really close, as long as someone is here to open up.”

“Oh, wow… well glad to hear it. Sounds like a real good opportunity for me.”

“You can say that.”

“Maybe I’ll come in tomorrow morning?”

“That sounds fine.”

The next morning I got up bright and early and had a bit of a strut to my step. I was actually excited to go to work. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this excited. Knowing I’d be making very good money for my family was the best feeling a guy could have. I picked out a suit and started to get dressed… after all, I had to keep appearances that I had a regular office job.

After finishing up, I headed downstairs and went into the kitchen to grab my briefcase, stopping to smile at my wife.

“Honey, wait… before you go…”

Just at that moment, she leaned in grabbing my shaft through my pants and licking my lips with her tongue. I let out a bit of a moan as she squeezed my cock… and she began sliding her tongue into my mouth.

“I’m so proud of you for providing for your family. You are great at what you do. Maybe later when you get home, we can take care of this big thing…”

Squeezing my hard-on a bit more.

“Thanks sweetheart.”

She went back to the sink and continued what she was doing… leaving me rock hard and ready for work. I picked up my case and headed out to my car.

I pulled up to the bookstore and only saw a few cars parked on the side. I didn’t expect many men to be there this early, but I sure did hope that traffic would pick up as the day went on.

“Hi… I’m Ben… I spoke to…”

“Hi there son, yes, you spoke to me on the phone. Are you ready for your first full day on the job?”

“Yes, a little nervous, but definitely excited.”

“Listen, I’ve got to run a few errands… I know you’re new, but watch the counter for an hour or two while I step out. I trust you and we have a great security system with cameras. It’s too early for guys to want the booth anyway.”

“Are you sure about this? You trust me at the counter?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fine… I’ll just be gone a couple of hours.”

Before I could even respond, he was walking out from behind the counter and leaving the store. bursa escort I stepped back behind and pulled closed the door.

It was pretty dead for the first 20-30 minutes, until I heard someone coming in.

“Ben… is that you?”

FUCK! It was my neighbor Mike.

“Oh, hi! Yeah, I guess it’s me.”

“You’re working here now?”

“Well, uhh… just behind the counter. It’s a temporary thing… please… keep it between us. Susan doesn’t need to know.”

“No no… of course not. Some things are just meant to stay between men.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that. So… do you come in here often?”

“Every now and then… I don’t know if it’s your thing, but they have a cheap cocksucking booth back there. The person they had in there was terrible, but I heard from a friend that they got this new cocksucker… hear they’re great.”

“Oh… hehe… I don’t think I’ve met them yet.”

“I wonder if they’re here yet. I was hoping to get a quickie before I went into the office, ya know?”

“Yeah… I know what you mean…. Yeah, I think someone’s here, but…”

“GREAT!! See you in a bit.”

Before I could stop him, Mike immediately took off for the back. What was I supposed to do now? I had to watch the front, I couldn’t go into the back. Wait a second… I couldn’t suck on Mike’s cock. God forbid he found out I was doing it, or worse… god forbid Susan found out. On the other hand, Mike had a lot of money, and I’m sure he was a great tipper. This could be easy cash to start my day.



I walked to the back, slipping into the booth… seeing that the light was on already. I left the door open so that I could still see the front if I needed. I knelt down in front of the glass and pushed the drawer to the other side. Almost instantly, the drawer was pushed back with a neatly folded $20 in the box.

“Show me what I get for my money baby.”

Mike undid his pants and began sliding his cock through the opening. As inch by inch came through the hole, I began trembling with nervousness. Mike was easily about 8-9″ completely flaccid. I never expected him to have a cock this size. Susan and I had been to the beach with him and his wife, but I never noticed this huge piece of meat in his swim trunks.

As he continued sliding it slowly through the hole, eventually getting to the balls, he lifted his sack over the rim and through the hole. I began to feel myself getting tight and hard. Before getting to work on Mike, I loosed my belt and fly a bit. I didn’t want to get uncomfortable and have to stop working.

“Come on bitch! I don’t have a lot of time.”

I grabbed ahold of his soft floppy cock and lifted it up to my face. I started licking circles around the mushroom shaped head.

“That’s it… you’re gonna be good at this… I can tell already.”

I licked the underside of his cock head and flicked it with my tongue a few times… trying to get him a little hard. As he slowly started to grow for me a bit, I wrapped my lips around the head and began tightly sucking just the head. I kept my hand on the shaft, not yet stroking it… but continuing to make a tight sucking motion on the head.

“Oh… that feels great sweetheart!”

I leaned back a second and took a look over my shoulder to the front. No one was at the counter, so I figured everything was still okay. I turned back to Mike’s prick and now slowly started stroking his shaft. I then opened my mouth and wrapped it fully around his cock, leaning in as if I was a vacuum. Loud moans starting coming from the other side of the booth. I thrust my neck forward and back, as I turned my face in a circular motion around his cock.

Mike started getting really hard now and I felt his huge cock growing inside my mouth. I could barely keep it in my mouth as it quickly ran out of space. I slipped it out and drool began pouring out of my mouth, causing a stringy mess between bursa escort bayan the head of his cock and my lips. At that moment, I looked down and noticed that my own hard-on was now fully erect and standing at attention through my zipper. I didn’t even realize I had gotten that excited over Mike’s dick.

“This feels really good… but how about a little something more?”

I wasn’t quite sure what Mike was referring to…

“How much more for some of that ass baby?”

I turned totally red when I heard him say that, not sure how to answer or even if I could answer.

In a muffled voice… “Uhh, $50?”

“$50? Is that all it takes baby? How about this… if it’s as tight as I hope it is, I’ll give you $100.”

I got so excited at the thought of that money, I almost immediately let go of Mike’s cock and stood up. Not even realizing the door to the booth was still open, I turned around and slowly slide my pants to the floor, letting them drop around my ankles. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped my top totally off… standing their almost totally naked. My hard-on was now sticking out as far as it could and I was starting to tremble with fear. I backed slowly into the wall of the booth and waited…

“Okay baby, let’s see how this feels.”

Mike took his cock back to his side and I heard him spit a few times, I assume to rub on his cock.

“I’ve been dying for some tight asshole lately… I hope you’re as tight as your cock sucking is good.”

Mike began pushing his cock through the hole and I began feeling the tip of it gently pressing against my ass crack. I reached my hands back and gently pulled my cheeks apart. Moments later, I felt his thick head penetrating my hole…. And for the first time, I was being fucked by a man. Was I now a faggot? I didn’t care… I was making GREAT money and I was good at what I was doing.

“Oh yes… yes…. This is a tight hole. You haven’t had much anal have you baby?”

Again in a muffled voice… “No sir.”

As those words came out of my mouth, Mike began slightly more aggressively thrusting his huge cock into my asshole. He pushed it in and out, moaning in pleasure…. Both of us, moaning in pleasure. A few minutes of this went by, when I heard the front door open.


I panicked… but couldn’t bring myself to stop what we were doing. I stayed exactly where I was, holding my ass cheeks apart… Waiting to see if Mike was going to stop… praying he wouldn’t.

As he kept thrusting himself into my ass, I just put my head down and we kept going. Seconds later, the owner came walking into my booth.

“Well, why don’t we look at this? I knew you were a natural, but didn’t think you would be giving extras.”

I bit my lip and looked up to see him smiling at me… and slowly undoing his pants.

“You know this is just too tempting for me to pass up… don’t you?”

“Yes sir… I murmured.”

He pulled the chair over to where I was, placing it in front of me. He slide his pants down around his ankles and sat down in the chair… right in front of me. Mike continued fucking me hard from behind, which kept my red and swollen cock sticking out like a flagpole.

“Now, by the looks of things, you DEFINITELY seem to like what you’re getting right now. How about you show me what got that customer so excited.”

I took my hands off my cheeks and placed them on the sides of the chair, using it to balance myself as I leaned over. I angled my neck and face down into the owner’s lap, tasting his cock on my tongue.

“Don’t mind the taste… I just stopped off at home for a quick fuck. My wife taste sweet?”

I barely was listening to anyone at this point… I just kept sucking his cock as Mike kept fucking me from behind. He was really pounding me hard at this point, banging up against the wall with each thrust.

The owner started to stand up and placed both of his hands on the back of my head, beginning to face escort bursa fuck me. Moments later, I felt the sensation of both men fucking me in unison… mike’s cock sliding in and out of my sore tight ass and the owner’s pussy juice tasting cock stuffing my mouth.

“He sure is giving it to you good. You have to be getting it for about 10 minutes now…”

As he finished saying that, Mike started moaning again.

“Fuck… I’m gonna cum!”

I started to move, but the owner held my face.

“No… don’t move, let him cum… your tip will be great.”

I stayed where I was as Mike started exploding in my asshole. I felt enormous globs of cum filling my ass. When he was slowing down, he began pulling his cock slowly out of my ass… and I felt myself getting ready to cum.

“Oh, look at you go…”

Without even touching myself, my cock started spurting cum all over the floor…. Some of it even landing on the owner’s pants and shoes. I spurted 4-5 strong hard times as Mike slid his cock out of my ass and dropped money into the drawer. I heard him getting dressed and quickly getting out of the booth. As I heard him stepping out, the owner thrust harder into my mouth… seemingly getting ready for his own load.

“I really need this baby, my wife never blows me anymore… make sure to take it all!”

He started slow, but I immediately felt big globs of cum filling the corners of my mouth. He was really moaning loudly and I was getting embarrassed. He kept his hands around my head during the entire orgasm, almost choking me with his cock and load.

When he finished, he dropped his hands and sat down in the chair.

“That… was… fantastic.”

Trying to say thank you with a huge mouthful of cum… “tttthhhananakkkk youuuu sirrrr.”

I laughed as I said it and cum started to drip out of my mouth.

“Hahaha… I haven’t cum like that in a long time.”

I then felt Mike’s cum starting to drip out of my ass and down the inside of my legs. He really fucked me deep and I felt it all oozing out now.

“Look at all that cum… wow… that looks great. Turn around and let me watch.”

The owner put his hands on my waist and turned me around so my back was to him. He then gently put his hand on my lower back and arched me away from him. I stood there with his face inches from my crack as Mikes cum dripped out my ass.

“Mmmm… almost nothing as hot as watching cum dripping out of a good fucked ass.”

The owner took his fingers and gently rubbed my hole, swirling the cum around his fingers. He leaned in further, putting his lips and mouth on my hole, sucking the cum out as if it were a push pop.

“Oh god!”

“Does that feel good Ben?”

“Yes…. Yes… it feels incredible.”

The owner reached his hands around the front of me and began stroking my cock as he sucked Mike’s load out of my ass. My cock wasn’t nearly ready to go yet, but I still began to grow hard in his hands. He pushed is face tight into my ass, licking, nibbling and spitting my boy pussy. My cock started to get rock hard again from this attention.

“Ben… tell me when you feel it coming… I want to taste you.”

Not more than a moment or two later, I let him know…

“Sir… I can’t hold it much longer.”

He put his left hand on my waist, continuing to grasp my hard-on with his right hand… swinging me around. Just as I got centered with him, he hovered my cock into his mouth, moving his hands to my ass… squeezing my cheeks tightly, pulling me into him. I felt his fingers and nails on my cheeks as the last of Mike’s cum continued to drip out of my ass.

“Sir… I’m gonna cum.”

I had my cock deep, feeling the back of the owner’s throat. Explosions of cum started coming out and I felt the owner swallowing it as soon as it entered his mouth. As I finished, he let go of my ass and wiped his mouth with his shirt sleeve.

“That sure was the breakfast of champions! HAHAHA”

“If you have that in you every day… you’re gonna make for my favorite worker.”

I smiled and began getting myself dressed. Moments later, the red light went on again.

“Looks like you have your next customer!”

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