Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Tanner turned onto the exit ramp when he saw the familiar blue Rest Area sign.

This specific Rest Area had become THE destination of choice for simply getting his rocks off. It was almost like a drug now.

He thought to himself suddenly that he probably wouldn’t be here again for awhile. He was 19 and about to make a late entrance into university life at last.

These thoughts he tried to place aside for now as he pushed back the restroom door and stepped into the familiar dampness.

The bathroom probably hadn’t been redone since the late 90s. It was rather old and run down looking with graffiti littered wooden stalls.

He walked past the sinks catching a brief glimpse of himself in the mirrors.

Same gel spiked brunette hair accompanied with brown eyes and a perfectly sculpted long face.

His navy blue tee shirt and black jeans clung to his almost too thin frame. His fingers were long and flexible. Perfect for what he came to this location to do.

He really ought not be there though…

His stepdad was meeting him at a Asian buffet a few exits up the highway. They ate out together quite a bit. Tanner always insisted on taking his own car.

He’d told his stepdad in a text that he might be just a little late.

Placing all such thought aside he stepped into one of the narrow wooden toilet cubicles and latched the door closed.

The reason he always stopped at this specific Rest Area was in the cubicle wall.

A big patch of duct tape covered what Tanner knew bursa escort was a small hole for sliding your cock through.

Part of him felt so lewd. He was only 19 years old. He shouldn’t be engaging in anything this seedy- right?

That was part of why it seemed so good though! It was so forbidden…

Tanner’s thoughts were cut off by the sound of the bathroom door opening.

Footsteps- and sure enough! Someone took the stall right next door.

Tanner saw black Nike sneakers under the partition and his heart sped up at a strangely exciting thought. His stepdad owned sneakers just like that…

Tanner thought quickly that the odds of this other person being his stepdad were near impossible. Lots of people wore those same sneakers.

The other guy tapped his foot and Tanner’s breath hitched. He reached for the duct tape and slowly pulled it back. He ran his open palm across the glory hole a few times and waited.

He heard a belt being unbuckled and excitement flooded him as a semi-hard cock poked through the hole.

The mushroom head was perfectly shaped and enticing.

Tanner carefully gripped it with his slender fingers. His perfect fingers drew a sharp inhale from his neighbor.

The young man wasted no time dropping to his knees to worship that gorgeous cock.

He licked one torturously slow line up the underside and stopped at the slit.

The other man moaned and Tanner opened his mouth, taking in just the head. He pulled back and ran his tongue around the mushroom teasingly.

“Shit!” the other man exclaimed in a breathy whisper.

Then Tanner bursa escort bayan decided to go for it with all his skills. He engulfed the length about halfway and slowly went down on the rest.

He held the length in his throat until he gagged and came back up for air.

The man was now fully erect at a proud seven inches.

Tanner just had to have that gorgeous mushroom inside! He undid his belt fast and lowered his jeans and red American Eagle briefs.

He slowly backed up with his ass and positioned his hole against his neighbor’s cock just enough to indicate what he wanted.

“Do it,” the other man whispered.

Tanner wasted no time obeying.

He spit a large amount of saliva into his hand and slicked up the hard cock with it.

He held the cock perfectly straight and slowly backed up until the head popped inside his muscle.

“Agh,” he gasped.

This would be a little painful without real lube, but Tanner knew to just take it slow.

When the burning lessened he slowly edged back more. The cock filled him about halfway now.

He inhaled and tried to relax as his muscle tightened and winked around the intrusive organ.

The burning lessened again and he began trying to take in the rest. He backed up and gasped when the head hit that spot deep inside.

Tanner pulled off a little and then slammed back. The rush of pleasure zipped through him again as that perfect mushroom head bumped his spot just right.

“Oh shit,” he whispered with a moan.

He began slamming back into the partition, filling himself as much as possible. He moaned each time escort bursa that cock hit his spot.

A flood of sensations zipped through his body as light seemed to flash before his eyes.

Tanner felt hot and his every nerve was alive. He moaned without abandon now as he tweaked his nipples. His cock was rock hard and stood perfectly erect.

He slammed back again and a jolt went through his every nerve. No cock had so perfectly fit him before! The pleasure far outdid any pain.

Tanner felt his orgasm building as the cock filled him again. He whimpered and the other man exhaled his own moan.

The next jolt seemed to go straight to Tanner’s cock. He felt his building orgasm rush to his cock. He wasn’t even touching it!

With one final thrust back Tanner saw a flash of light. A pearl bead of cum appeared on his slit and then a thick rope shot out.

He shook and his hands pressed into the partition as two more ropes of cum shot out.

Tanner slowly pulled off the member. His body was shaking. His senses were overwhelmed in a wash of pleasure.

He didn’t think. He unlatched the stall door and dashed out of the restroom.

He’d needed air!

The waves of pleasure from his orgasm were less now. He leaned against a tree and decided he just had to see the man whose cock had given him the best orgasm of his life.

Finally the restroom door swung open.

A man with gelled silver hair and near wrinkle free handsome face stepped out..

Tanner felt like a brick dropped into his stomach. It was his stepdad!

The 19 year old wrapped his arms around himself and shuddered with lust.

To think…best orgasm of his life…

It was like his stepdad’s cock had been made just for his asshole!

“Oh daddy,” he whispered to the open air. “What am I going to do?”

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