glory adventure


glory adventureIf you read some of my previous story then you know that my bisexual cherry has been popped. Though I would say that I loved it, I don’t grave cock all the time, pussy is first on the menu, but sex and kink are hot. So, this last week was busy and rough, was looking forward to some play time this weekend. Well, as it turns out wife had to go up north to help a family member, she told me to stay home and relax. Well, I did of course, after she left I was on xhamster watching and jerking off. I imagine just like every one else on here would do, lol.Well, later in the evening I went out to dinner with a couple I knew. We had a nice dinner and casual conversation, but I could not help noticing how hot she was, she went to the bathroom several times and I was forced to find an excuse to watch her ass. I don’t know why but she was hot that evening, more then ever. Knowing them for while i knew that there was no chance of “playtime”, so we continued are dinner and dessert. Afterward, they invited me to a club for a drink. We met there and sat and had a couple cocktails. During the time I noticed a few hot waitress’s, it was then I realized that I really need to cum. We finished our conversation and they was heading home. I had about a forty minute drive and knew I may not make it, wink.I was so horny and I decided that I wanted to get kinky, so I decided to make a stop at the local adult store. I have been there only few times over the years, and knew that they had theaters and video booths. I got in and looked around a little, as I did I noticed a few guys “hanging” around and a nice couple. I just browsed around and at one point me and the couple made eye contact and I just smiled and nodded, hi. They darted their eyes away, giving me the “new and scared, sense”. I looked and said, “it’s okay we all been there”. I then walked away to give them room. I then went to the counter to get tokens, as I waited I looked back and noticed the couple was in the “bisexual Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort section” of movies. I remember quickly thinking how hot it would be to be in a booth with them.With the token’s, I entered the video zone. It was dark and the booths has external lights to show if occupied. I opened a door or two to look inside, as it has been while, they both had molded plastic seat. I thought It would be too cold for me. I then opened a door and there was a small fixed sofa seat, and I went right in. I dropped the tokens, and started scrolling through the movies. I found two o liked one a bi mmf and other shemale. i toggled back and forth rubbing my cock through my jeans. I reached up and undid my button of jeans and that is when I heard the door of the other booth open and close. I heard tokens dropping and light came on, that is when I noticed the glory hole.I became more excited, jerking off and someone watching, mmmm. I rubbed my cock through my jeans, and heard two voices, it was a couple. I slid down a little and looked through and caught a glimpse of the shirt and it was the couple from the store. I then heard the movie they settled on the bimmf. I then reached and took my pants down leaving on underwear. My hard cock clearly visible. I then could see one of them looking through the hole. I poped it out and swore I heard a loud humm. I began to jerk it slow, after a bit heard let me see. god it was hot. I then could see that it was the lady sitting and the guy was down eating her. After few minutes this I could hear as she was trying to styful her orgasmic moans. I almost totally forgot about the porn movie playing, as it ran out of tokens. I reached up and dropped some more in, the light and movie cumming back to life. It was just in time as the couple was changing position, the guy sitting down with a medium but hard cock standing up, as she kneel in front of him. She Yenimahalle Rus Escort began to lick his shaft and clean it with her tongue as it preparing it for something. It was then she glared through the hole seeing me and she smiled. Oh, fuck that was hot, her seeing my hand pumping my hard cock, as she licked another and now she knew I was there and liked it, how could it get better, it did.As she licked his cock, one of her fingers came up and poked through the hole, slowly curling in and out, I then rellized what she wanted. Her finger disappeared, revealing her still licking his cock, and looking to me. I stood up and walked toward the hole. I heard a giggle and voice. I then slowly pushed my hard cock through the hole, fuck this was kinky. I then felt a hand on my cock pumping it slowly. After few seconds, I felt a silky smooth tongue licking my cock, it took all I had not to shoot, I was so glad I jerked earlier. The tongue cleaned my cock all over. Then stopped and was replaced by a hand pumping me slow, and I could hear a muffled voice. I then felt the tongue return and lick. It was different and little more stiff and not as flowing. The flicks was harder, and the long ice cream strokes was rougher, but it felt great. Then the mouth began to suck my as it did before. But this time it was little rougher and every once and while feel teeth which made me cringe. I then heard a light giggle and “that is hot”, that cemented my thought. This was the guy on my cock and she was watching. I swear it felt as though my cock got stiffer. I then heard him moan and felt it’s vibration on my shaft. He felt into his rhythm, licking and sucking like a pro. Fuck, he was good, I was getting close, and noticed that he must of loved my sweet precum, as every time it leaked out, he stopped licking and tried sucking more out. I then close me eyes, and look at the birdseye view of her sitting there playing with her pussy watching as he man gladly sucked on my hard cock.I then heard a familiar sound, the soft muffles of her orgasm, and could heard the plastic chair moving, I imagined her bucking wildly. I then said softly, “you want my cum”. I was answered with a loud moan on my cock. “you ready for my load”, I asked again, I then heard softly her voice say “fuck yeah, on your face”, the mouth then stopped sucking and was replaced by a hand. I pumped ferverishly, you could almost feel the tension building in both booths. The hand milking my harder and harder, trying to force that sweet nectar out. The moans on the other side of the wall getting louder and louder. I then said “fuck” and felt my head swelling. I can then see there eyes becoming wider knowing that it is close. All of a sudden I could feel the warm flow begin to rise. I was fighting the urge as long as I could, then again I heard a voice trying to be thrown over the wall, “cum on his face”. Her voice echoed in my head as the cum began to shoot. I heard there moans and sighs as I pumped shot after shot out of my hard cock. My body was vibrating against the wall, as I was trying to catch my breath. It was then that I felt the first mouth back on my cock and sucking every last drop from me, I was so sensative and biting my tongue to keep from yelling in pleasure.After few minutes, I was released from her mouth and was allowed to fall away from the hole. I immediately sat as my legs was quivering. I could make out her licking his face and them kissing. After few minutes, they stood and I head the door open and close. I knew they had left, as I sat there and caught my breath. Once nice thing was no worry about clean up. I finally stood and pulled up my pants and left the booth. I walked back out into the main store, and was slightly blinded by the light. I nodded to the worker behind the counter as I walked to the door. I looked for the couple, wanting to thank them and perhaps pursue future en devour, they was not there. I walked to the door, and left walking to my vehicle. As I was getting to leave I noticed a couple in a car. I then pulled out and drove home. As I did I thought of this great experience and the couple. It was so hot, and now I must take care of my hard on, that reliving this has gave me. Lets cum!

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