Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 56


Jenny woke up wrapped in a blanket on a couch, groggy and disoriented. It took her a few seconds to remember where she was, but then it all came flooding back.

After leaving the club, she and Lindsay had followed Hana for a couple blocks to an old apartment building, then up three flights of stairs. It took Hana a minute to get the door open, but when she did, they stepped through into a surprisingly spacious studio apartment. It was a little rundown but charming, with antique woodwork, ornate windows, and a skylight.

Jenny went immediately to pee and when she was done, she lingered in the bathroom doorway for a minute, peering around the corner at Lindsay and Hana. They were sitting on the couch, laughing and sipping from full-sized glasses of tequila. Their hair was a symphony of color — Lindsay’s blue with newly added streaks of platinum, Hana’s dark red and jet black.

“This is good stuff,” said Lindsay, tipping back her glass.

“Yeah,” said Hana. “Smooth.”

Jenny herself was a little drunk and extremely horny, which combined to make her feel reckless and bold. She decided that, rather than wait to be told what to do, she would take the initiative; she would act like the wanton slut that Lindsay had advertised her to be. And so when she came out of the bathroom and started walking toward the couch, she was stark naked.

Lindsay and Hana went silent and both sets of eyes followed Jenny as she approached them. She walked tall and proud, feeling sexy and audacious and free. Without a moment’s hesitation she plopped down in Hana’s lap.

Raising an eyebrow, Hana gave Lindsay a look that roughly translated as “You weren’t kidding, were you?” And then she and Jenny were kissing, two pairs of soft lips melting together. Hana wrapped one arm around Jenny’s waist while the other reached out to feel and squeeze the younger girl’s breasts. Jenny shuddered; it felt like months since she had been touched, though it reality it had been only a few days.

Now Hana’s eryaman escort hand travelled slowly down Jenny’s sternum, across her belly, and between her legs. Hana’s fingertips traced through Jenny’s soft fur, then explored her sticky inner thighs before finding her pussy lips. Jenny’s sopping-wet opening offered no resistance whatsoever as Hana slid one finger inside, then another.

Jenny squirmed on Hana’s lap as she was being fingered, then moaned into the older girl’s ear as an orgasm overtook her. Jenny felt a wave of warmth and well-being wash over her, and after taking a minute to savor it, she was possessed by a powerful desire to return the pleasure Hana had given her — with interest.

Turning 90 degrees so that she was straddling Hana directly, with them facing each other, Jenny lowered the straps of Hana’s dress and pulled the top of it down. Despite the substantial size of her chest, she was wearing no bra. Her breasts were full, rounded, and luscious, with nipples that were small in diameter but quite long, jutting out at least half an inch in their current fully erect state.

Quickly repositioning herself so she was kneeling on the floor between Hana’s legs, Jenny licked and sucked each nipple, then stretched her mouth wide to take as much mammary gland into her mouth as she could. Hana sank back into the couch, appreciating the kind attention that Jenny was paying to her boobs. But after a few minutes both of them were ready for the next step.

Hana lifted her hips and Jenny helped her wriggle out of her dress, leaving her in just panties and socks. When Jenny got a whiff of the scent of arousal rising up from between Hana’s legs, it went straight to her head; she wasted not a moment stripping off Hana’s panties, spreading her legs, and diving in.

Lindsay lifted her skirt and began to touch herself as she watched Jenny devour Hana’s pussy. Applying all the knowledge and experience she’d gained at Alpha sincan escort Beta Delta, Jenny made Hana come over and over again, pausing for just the right amount of time after each orgasm before starting up again. By the time she was done Hana was laying back breathless and lightheaded with a broad and silly smile on her face.

Jenny sat back on her haunches and took a deep breath, licking Hana’s pussy juice off her lips. Lindsay handed her a glass and she tipped it back; it wasn’t until she had a mouthful of fiery liquid that she realized it was tequila. She started to choke and almost spit up the booze, but managed to keep it in and swallow it, then began to cough.

By the time she pulled herself together, Hana was gone and Jenny was staring straight into Lindsay’s naked crotch. Gazing down at Jenny, Lindsay spread her pussy lips to reveal the bright pink canal inside. Apparently there was to be no rest for Jenny’s tongue tonight.

Setting down the glass and wiping a hand across her mouth, Jenny dutifully leaned down between Lindsay’s legs and got to work. Occupied as she was, she didn’t see Hana come up behind her her with one hand wrapped around the shaft of the big blue strap-on extending out from her pelvis. Hana winked at Lindsay and said, “I never leave home without it.”

Jenny gasped when the thick head penetrated her and her eyes went wide; she inhaled as the length of the shaft slowly slid into her, then exhaled when it was all the way in. It was a marvelous sensation of fullness that she hadn’t felt for far too long, and she glanced gratefully back at Hana before returning her attention to Lindsay’s cunt.

* * *

As Jenny’s head began to clear, this was the moment that stood out most in her memory of the night — lapping away at Lindsay’s dripping-wet snatch as Hana pounded into her from behind. She tingled all over just thinking of it. Such shameless, depraved behavior; if Jenny’s self of a year ago could etlik escort see her now, she would be shocked and appalled. That Jenny wouldn’t have even had words to describe what she was seeing.

After thoroughly satisfying themselves, the three of them had been sitting naked on the couch, eating ice cream that Hana had stashed in the fridge earlier, when Donna and Haley returned. They had been out making the rounds of local watering holes, and were feeling tipsy and uninhibited. When Lindsay suggested that they avail themselves of Jenny’s exceptional pussy-licking skills, they readily agreed.

And so it was that Jenny found herself on her knees once again as Donna and Haley arranged themselves on one of the apartment’s two twin beds. Naked except for their socks, they laid down side-by-side with Haley’s left leg wrapped around Donna’s right.

Haley’s pubic hair was red and thick, Donna’s blond and sparse. Jenny found herself looking at them unable to decide where to start. Finally she began to kiss the two girls’ legs where they were intertwined, then ran her tongue up each inner thigh, then finally took a deep, satisfying slurp of Donna’s pussy.

After licking Donna and fingering Haley for a minute, Jenny switched, then switched back. At first Hana and Lindsay were content to watch, but after a few minutes they felt the sap rising. Looking at each other and shrugging, they walked over and climbed up onto the bed, Lindsay straddling Haley’s head and Hana sitting atop Donna’s. It was now very crowded on the small bed, but you didn’t hear anyone complaining.

Now, with the dim gray light of early morning filtering in through the apartment’s windows, Jenny still felt a throb between her legs as she thought of the previous night’s pleasures. At the same time she felt no desire to hang around any longer; more than anything she wanted to be at home.

Tiptoeing past the two beds — Lindsay and Hana were sleeping in one, Haley and Donna in the other — Jenny made her way to the bathroom, found her clothes, and got dressed. She exited the apartment quietly, carefully closing the heavy door behind her. Outside the streets were almost deserted; she saw only a couple of people as she navigated her way back to ABD House. Once there she climbed into her bunk and immediately fell into a deep and blissful slumber.

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