Girl from out of town.


“Oh, what a joy. Another day”
I stretched and rolled over, a yawn cracking my jaw as I slowly started to wake up. Luckily, I had decided to take the day off. It was my birthday after all, so why not?

My phone went off behind me, a sms by the tone. I had just woken up; my phone was the last thing I was interested in. I had a rather large hard on, as had become the norm since I had started talking to a fine young lady over the net.

I had asked for an SMS for my birthday. I thought it a small request, just something simple, another step in building the bonds of trust and friendship. I had forgotten my request though. With my grandfather being ill and the daily grind of work it had slipped my mind. The simple joy of talking to her on MSN or the website where we had met was enough to keep me going.

I went and had a shower, had a bite to eat, made my bed and did a few other things that needed doing, when I finally remember the SMS. Another thing I had forgotten was that I had given her my address. Just a random, spur of the moment thing.

I did not expect the contents of the message. It was a rather nice picture of a tight pussy filled with what appeared to be a rabbit vibrator. I was shocked for a moment. I didn’t recognize the number, and I obviously didn’t have it in my phone. It took me a full five minutes to stop admiring the beautiful sight and scroll down to see there was a message attached.

“Meet me at Narellan town centre at 11am. I am coming to make your birthday wishes a reality big boy”
That was it, nothing more.
“Who is this?” I replied back.
I didn’t know what to think, but I realized by the fact that it was nearly 10am, I had better hurry if I was going to find out what was going on.
I rushed, had a shave, got dressed and put on some of my favourite aftershave. I got to Narellan just on 11am by my watch. Then I received another text message.
“You know deep down who it is, I am waiting for you near michele’s. Come and get me”

I had one thought. I thought I had recognized that beautiful hole. But, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I practically ran through the shops, nearly knocking over a small boy and an old woman in my rush.
Finally, I got to Michele’s. I looked around, but, I still had not seen her face. I tried desperately to isolate her. I thought I saw her, but I wasn’t sure. The woman was looking the other way.
She was wearing what appeared to be a black corsette, long tight fitting pants and knee high, black fuck-me boots. Her long black hair hanging freely down her back.
I sat down on the benches and decided to wait.

It was several minutes before the woman had finished her drink. I didn’t notice that she was watching me out of the corner of her eye, hiding a small smirk on her face. I was not looking too much, I didn’t want to seem to be staring.
Finally, she got up, paid for her drink and walked around and infront of me. She smiled, winked and dropped herself onto my lap.
“So, I bet you weren’t expecting to see me today, were you?”

I was dumbstruck, I had nothing to say. My brain seemed to have frozen over with shock.
The woman leaned in, grabbed my chin and kissed my deeply. That Sex hikayeleri seemed to break my reverie.
“Is that really you?”
“Ofcourse silly. Do random woman often drop themselves in your lap?”
I just smiled like a retard.
“Not often. But, I have to say, I think I could enjoy it”
She gyrated in my lap a little, then smiled.
“Well, it seems you really are glad to see me”
I laughed nervously at that, but wrapped my arms around her. I didn’t want to let go.
She leaned in close, and whispered in my ear, nibbling a little between every few words
“Well my big man …. Despite how much I am enjoying sitting here…. Do you really want to stay here…. Or…. Are you going to take me back to your place?”
So forward, I loved it. Her hot breath on my ears nearly caused me to take her then and there, I told her so.
She literally purred at the idea.

“But, I would rather not get arrested my sweet. Your place will do fine for now.”
I promised something more exciting if I ever got the chance again. She grabbed my crotch as she stood up, my nose followed her scent as she did.
“My dear, if you can use this half as well as I think you can, then next time won’t be a problem”
I followed her out to her car, which luckily enough was parked very close to mine. Again, the urge to take her right then and there nearly overwhelmed me.

She got in her car, bending over when she climbed in, giving me a perfect view of that tight ass.
I got into my car, my erection painfully pressing against my pants. I could hardly concentrate, and I put the car into neutral instead of drive. It took me a moment to notice as I tried to leave my parking spot.
Finally, I got the car into gear, and we pulled out of the shops and headed to my place. My dad was overseas, and mum was going out with the girls for dinner. Perfect timing. She teased my as she could from behind me, adjusting her fantastic breasts much more than necessary, licking her lips tantalizingly. By the time we got into my drive way, I was half mad with lust. I jumped out of my car, just a moment before she did. I walked over to her, closed her car door and pushed her back, my leg between hers. Pressing in just the right spot, I had one hand cradling the back of her head, the other pressed firmly against the middle of her back.

I leaned down, looked her in the eyes
“You are absolutely stunning. Do you know that?”
I kissed her full on the lips, I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide slowly, tentatively into hers. When she started an exploration of her own, the flood gates were opened, I made out with her, giving it everything I had. Those couple of minutes made it quite clear to her, just how much I wanted her. Her hands were wrapped around me, holding my back, squeezing on occasion. The feel of my hard cock pressed against her through our clothes, the desperation in my touch, the way I held her, my leg between her thighs. By the time I pulled away, and said “Would you like to take this inside?” She was so breathless she could only nod. My leg was warm and wet from where it had been resting between her thighs.
I walked over to the garage door, and started to open it up, when I felt her walk up behind Sikiş hikayeleri me, and slide a hand down my pants. A purely satisfied sound escaped from her lips.
“Oh, that is going to feel so good.”

She explored a little as I stood there, enjoying the sensation of her warm hands sliding over my twitching cock. She rubbed her fingers over the head of my cock, picking up a bit of the pre-cum already there. She brought it up to her lips, and seductively put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean.
I just about had to punch myself in the dick then, to stop a pre-mature ejaculation.
“Oh, it even tastes fantastic.”

After that, I couldn’t get Her inside fast enough. I pulled her in behind me, shut the garage door. Trying to compose myself, I led her through the house to my room. My computer was still on, which I had forgotten about, frozen on a rather nice shot of a woman deepthroating a rather large cock.
“How fitting.”

She laughed a little. It was a lovely sound, though I was highly embarrassed.
“I’m sorry. I’ll turn It off”
“No, play it from the beginning. I don’t think we need anymore inspiration. But, she looks kind of hot”
She winked at me, and moved over to my freshly made bed. I walked over to my computer, and started the movie from scratch. It was a few movies in one, the first was some rather rough face fucking. I looked at over at her, and she seemed rather fine with what was on the screen. Though, the bulge in my pants was the focus of her attention.
She lay back on the bed, and started to rub herself through her pants.
“Are you going to just stand there, or are you going to take those pants off and give me a taste of that fine cock of yours?”

I couldn’t get out of my pants fast enough, my shoes came off in two kicks, my pants were off with my underwear in one smooth motion and before she had time to really catch up with what was going on, I had my hand wrapped around my cock standing right beside her.
A growl escaped her lips, and a look of pure lust misted over her eyes. It was almost scary the change. From a beautiful young woman, to an animal determined to be satisfied.
A hand reached out, while the other went beneath the cloth of her pants to rub at that incessant itch. Not far behind her hand, was her open mouth, drooling at the prospect of my thick hard cock.
As she engulfed the head of my cock, exploring it with her tongue, I had to concentrate very hard not to cum right then and there. It felt amazing. This beautiful young woman, whom I had desired for so long was there before me, working magic with her mouth on my cock. It was a dream come true.
The smell of her sopping wet crotch was driving me mad with lust. I could see, and hear her fingers slipping over, in and around her tight snatch. When I could no longer take the pleasure of her warm lips sliding over my cock, I had to pull away.

I took a step back, grabbed her by the waist, to a disappointed moan, and turned her to lay across the bed. I pulled her pants down to the ankles of her boots, and took in the amazing sight before me. Her tight little pussy was fantastic, the shape, the details, everything. It was like nothing I had seen Erotik hikaye before, instantly I was mesmerized. I leaned in, and took a deep breath through my nose, I slowly extended my tongue and had a taste. Pure ecstasy. I was in heaven. A woman who tasted good, smelled great, and looked even better.

Immediately, I started to lap up the juices drowning her tight hole. I grabbed her hips, and feasted on the delicious pussy before me. The moans of pleasure coming from above me just encouraged me all the more. I wanted to tease her, make her wait. But, I couldn’t tear myself from the feast.
For the five minutes or so she had sucked on my cock, I gave her a good half an hour in return. Practising everything I had learned in my life. I used the tried and true abc’s method while I was fingering her, to stimulate her clit. I licked slow, fast, tongue fucked. If I knew of it, I tried it. I even licked her ass, and stuck a finger in there with no complaints, just a moan of appreciation for the attention.
Finally, she reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled me away.
“That feels amazing. But, I want it. I want your cock inside me. I want to feel you cum inside me, your cock buried balls deep.”

I knew straight away what to do, I turned to my bedside table, pulled out a condom, whacked it on, and a nice little vibrating cock ring I had from Sexpo. The sensation from the cock ring was certainly something different, It certainly helped me get past the fact that the condom took so much away from the sensation. But, I was more interested in pleasing her at that point. I could always rub one out later if need be. I would certainly have more than enough inspiration after today.

She stood up, her cum dripping down her thighs, grabbed me by the shirt and pushed me onto the bed, then straddled my waist. Immediately, she grabbed my rock hard cock, pointed it at your fantastic love hole, and dropped straight onto it, balls deep. A small moan, and a shudder was all that she showed for it. She leaned down, and started to kiss me softly, not moving her hips yet. I kissed her back, kissed her neck, played with her breasts.

Finally, she looked me in the eyes, and started to gyrate her hips. The sensation was magic. The vibration from the cock ring, and the tightness of her pussy, her weight on top of me, those fantastic tits right in my face. I couldn’t have been more turned on.
“God, you feel so good inside me. It fills my pussy so well. MMMmmmm”
“God, I know. You feel amazing.”
I gave her ass a good slap, to a rather satisfied moan.
She started to lift her ass a little, getting more of my cock to slide in and out of her. I couldn’t take much more, but apparently neither could she. A shudder passed through her body, I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her harder. Putting all I had into it
What must have been the biggest Orgasm in my life swept through me like a tornado. My cock quivered, spasmed and finally spewed forth string after string of my hot sticky seed, straight into the condom.
Just as I had started to cum, so had she, making what was already a fantastic orgasm, even better. She collapsed onto my chest, exhausted.
I just lay there for a long time, not wanting to move. My cock stayed hard for quite a while, I don’t know how. I just know it felt fantastic, buried in her pussy as it was…

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