Girdled Ch. 07


After another knock on the door I opened it to find my mother standing in her robe with a stern look.

“And what are you to refer to me as, Sara?” My mother asked.

I didn’t answer. I just peered back at her.

Pushing past me she entered the bathroom and stared at Rene standing in the corner with his head down. As I walked out, she shut the door. I was shocked. I heard the door lock and went to find Daddy. I searched the house but he was no where to be found. I was upset and angry. I felt alone and forgotten. I decided to get dressed and see if he had gone back to his house to gather more of his things. I went to my closet and found a new cute sundress that my mother had purchased me. I grabbed a pair of tiny cotton panties, combed my hair and put on a bit of makeup around my eyes and left the house.

Daddy’s house wasn’t all that far, I could walk if I wanted, it might give me time to settle down and gain my composure. Maybe it would give me time to think. I needed to figure somethings out. I hated the way I felt, I didn’t understand why she was treating me like this.

I said to myself, “Thank God I didn’t wear my heels, my sandals are better to walk in.”

I noticed a car pass me once, then twice, this time much slower than before. On the third pass it pulled to the side of the road and man stuck his head out the window.

“Hey, you need a lift?” the guy in the car asked.

I knew I shouldn’t entertain the idea, but he looked like a nice man. He appeared to be in his fifties. I approached the passenger side window and looked in. It was a nice car, expensive, a luxury sedan. He was dressed nice, silk slacks and a polo shirt.

He asked again, “You need a lift, where ya goin’?”

I told him and he said he was actually heading that way. I knew I shouldn’t be getting in a strange car with a stranger, but I decided it would be faster if I did.

“So what’s a pretty girl like you doing today?” he asked.

I didn’t know what to say, So I asked him what his name was, He told me his name was Ray.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


Then he asked, “How old are you, if I may ask?”

I responded, wondering why he would ask me that, “I’m 18.”

He didn’t respond, but smiled.

We rode in silence for a short few minutes. It seemed like hours. I hadn’t hitch hiked in quite a long time, but the memories of the last time had always lingered in my memory. A guy had picked me up one rainy night and promised he would take me home. But soon after I got in the car he grabbed the front of my pants. I was terrified, but I let him fondle me. He asked if he could see it. I didn’t know what to do, but I began to like being told what to do. So I opened my pants and pulled them down, exposing my cock. He reached over and stroked me. I came so fast, he pushed me out again in the rain.

I sat in the car with Ray, thinking about that rainy night. What if I had been more willing? I looked over at Ray as he drove. The thoughts of being molested by that other man no longer scared me. I was aroused by them.

Ray turned to me and asked, “So Sara, you look very sexy.”

I nodded. I didn’t say a word.

Ray reached over and caressed my naked shoulder with the tip of his finger. “Can I have a peek at your chest?” He asked.

I remained silent. I wanted to show him my flat chest, my perky hard nipples. Just that soft touch had hardened them. I turned slightly and pulled the top of my sundress away from my chest. He had a clear peek at my nipple. I watched as he licked his lip. I was becoming aroused and I didn’t know if he knew I was a special little girl, or just a flat chested girl. I was concerned he might be disappointed or angry.

I heard him moan quietly as his finger squeezed my hard nub. My clitty was hard and I knew my panties were wet.

“Ooooooh Ray, do you know what you’re doing to me?” I gasped.

Ray just looked at me and continued driving. My cock was so hard and I would feel it pulse every time I thought of what Ray’s cock would look like, how it would taste. I tried to conceal the lump it made by resting my hand over it, but all I wanted to do was to stroke it. I asked myself, “Is this my purpose, to pleasure a man? To offer him a hole to fuck, to be a vessel for his semen? Am I a cock whore, am I?”

“Sara, we’re getting close to where you said you wanted to be dropped off.

I nodded and looked at him, yearning for more.

“Do you want me to drop you off? Or would you like to spend a little more time together?” Ray asked sincerely.

I smiled and nodded I did, The said, “Yes Ray, I would.

I was delighted, A man, a strange man wanted me and whatever he wanted me for I was willing to give to him. I wanted his cock in my mouth, I wanted to know his taste and feel. I wanted him to take me in anyway he desired.

“Sara, there’s a little grove around the corner. It’s wooded and safe, very private, would be willing to go there?”

I felt anxious, a little fearful, but I blurted out, “Yes!”

Ray ataşehir escort smiled, and reached over to touch my thigh. I moaned and he smiled again. His hand remained still. It was warm and I yearned for him to slide it up my dress, to feel my clitty. I leaned closer to him, hoping the tips of his finger would nudge my clitty. I felt the wet head slip out the leg hole of my tiny panties. I was oozing pre cum on my thigh.

“Here we are, I’ll pull way in the far back corner so my car won’t be seen from the road. We’ll have some privacy.”

We sat for a moment in silence. I was hungry, I needed an intimate connection with Ray. I needed it now. I looked at Ray and slowly pulled my dress up over thighs. His hand was still resting on me, softly squeezing my flesh as my dress moved closer to revealing so much more.

“Your legs are so smooth Sara.” Ray whispered.

I nodded as I bit my lower lip. His hand begin to caress my thigh, every time moving a bit higher edging closer to my clitty. I pulled on my dress a little higher, another tug would reveal my clitty. My heart was pounding hard and fast, I was fearful he could hear it. I was more afraid he would reject me when he saw I had a cock.

Ray leaned into me and kissed my cheek, his hand turned my lips to his and kissed me again. As his tongue parted my lips his hand grazed my clitty. I jumped as I felt my clitty pulse. Ray sat back and lifted my dress revealing my clitty. It was wet and hard, sticking out the leg hole of my tiny panties. I could see the desire in Ray’s eyes as he leaned into me again and kissed me passionately. It felt amazing to be wanted and treated like a girl. Ray’s hand slipped into my panties, teasing all of me. He held my balls, pulling on them gently. Again he leaned back and gazed at me with a hunger that excited me in ways I hadn’t really experienced before.

Sex with my mother and Daddy, they knew I was a boy. They made me a girl. Ray was different. He picked me up, and treated me like the girl I wanted to be, hoped to be. He seemed patient and understanding. He hadn’t judged me. Suddenly I felt secure in his arms, I was willing to do almost anything with him.

“Sara, you’re very special, you’re beautiful, you know that, right”

I felt my face turn red as I looked down. No strange man had ever said that to me, and it was empowering. I looked back at Ray and smiled.

“Thank you Ray,” I said as I lifted my bottom off the seat and took off my panties. “Here, would you like these?”

Ray reached out and held them. He brought them to his face and inhaled my scent, and then tasted the wet spot.

“Mmmmmm…I need more of that.” His head went to my lap as he licked my clitty, taking it in his mouth, beginning a slow sucking.

I lad back with my fingers running through his salt and pepper colored hair. “Ray, I’m so close, go slow, I don’t want this moment to end, Mmmmmm Ray…that feels so good. “

Ray looked up at me and suggested we get out of the car as it was too cramped.

“Sara, there’s a little stone shelter a few hundred feet into the woods, down that path,” he said, pointing to the left.

I nodded and got out of the car. The feeling of the cool air blowing up under my dress, caressing my wet clit felt even more arousing. I stood there with my dress tented from my arousal. Ray approached me, taking in my appearance as he gazed at me.

“Oh my Sara, you look lovely…so sexy. Lets go.”

I followed Ray, watching his butt in his silk slacks. Soon the little stone shelter appeared through the trees and brush. Inside, at one end was a wooden bench. There were a couple of window openings allowing a small amount of light in even as it was getting dusk. Soon the woods would be dark which sent a slight shiver though me, but oddly it didn’t take away from my heightened arousal. I jumped up on the bench and looked down at Ray. He was rubbing the lump in the front of his pants.

“Oooooooh, are you gonna give me a show?” He asked.

I turned around and flipped up my dress, giving him a view of my bottom. I spread my feet, my balls hung below my butt swaying back and forth as I gyrated my hips. Lowering my dress I turned to face him. My dress was tented as I pulled on my dress from behind, accentuating my hard clitty. Ray stepped closer, undoing his pants and letting them fall to his ankles.

I gasped, “Oh Ray, you have a gorgeous cock, so hairy, so manly!”

Ray waddled closer with his pants still around his ankles. I swayed left and right from my perch on the bench, waving my tented cock at him until he grabbed my hips and ducked his head under my dress. Again I felt his mouth capture my clit, licking the head and shaft.

“Ray, your making me feel so good, I’m so close, do you want me to cum in your mouth?” I asked, trembling from my approaching orgasm.

Ray said in a muffled tone, “Yes, cum in my mouth.

I held his head as I thrust into his mouth. I felt my girly cum squirt, once, twice, before I lost count. Ray kissed my smooth belly, ataşehir escort and nibbled on my balls. Pulling his head out from beneath my dress, he looked up at me.

“We should get out of here, it’s getting pretty dark,” Ray said with sad eyes.

Ray held out his hand, helping me off the bench. Looking at him. I saw a gentleman, a sweet guy. I leaned in and kissed him. I could taste my cum on his tongue. It was so arousing to taste me, on him. My hand dropped from his his cheek, to touch his cock. It was wet, oozing his arousal.

Ray again said, “We should go.”

I kissed him again, our tongues dancing, our lips nibbling on each other. I knelt down, pressing my face into his groin. His pubic hair was full of his manly scent. Taking one of his balls in my mouth and then the other, I heard him moan as I licked the pre cum from his cock. Standing, I leaned over the bench and raised my dress giving him a view of my ass.

“Ray, do you like what you see?”

“Mmmmmmm…yeah I do, but it’s getting late Sara, I’m worried a park ranger might start patrolling soon.”

“Ray, I think you should fuck me, I wanna feel your cock filling my pussy, I need you to cum in me.” I said.

Ray got down on his knees and kissed my butt cheek, softly biting it. I felt his hands spread my ass as his tongue began licking my hole. I love to be licked, I love knowing a man is licking pussy, inhaling my scent, tasting me in that special taboo place. I sensed he was now standing behind me as his cock was pressing into me. I was aroused again too. I couldn’t wait until he was balls deep in me and I would feel those marvelous feelings as I clenched around him. I love clenching my pussy, milking a cock as it fills me.

I was desperate, I needed his cock, “Give it to me daddy, Don’t tease me, take me deep and fast…Daddy needs to cum too!,” I moaned.

Ray pushed all the way in taking my breath away. Once he built up a rhythm I was pushing back into him. I loved how he stretched my pussy, my clitty was buzzing with delicious sensations. Grabbing hips harder, he began an assault on my fuck hole, I had never been fucked so deep and fast, not even by Daddy. The head of Ray’s cock was hitting my spot, as my clitty was dripping cum. In one last thrust, Ray shot his cum in me, hollowing like a wolf claiming his bitch. I felt the warmth of his cum fill me as it dripped down my thighs. Ray pulled out as I fell to my knees and began cleaning his cock.

“Sara, we need to get out of here, lets go.” Ray insisted.

It was now dark and making our way down the path was difficult. Ray held me around the waist as we walked back, giggling and laughing about our adventure. We arrived back at his car and were exiting the parking lot as the park patrol was just arriving. We looked at each other and laughed.

“Sara, where was it that you needed to be dropped off?” Ray asked.

“If you could drop me off at my uncles, I would really appreciate it, could you?”

I gave him directions and sat back feeling Ray’s cum oozing from my pussy. I thought it best not to call uncle Bernie, my Daddy as it would raise a number of questions. Ray picked up my panties and held them to his face again.

“Can I keep these as memory of tonight? Ray asked.

“Yes, you may,” I replied.

My pussy was wet from the semen. I worried my dress would have a huge wet spot, but I wanted Ray to have something of mine, after all he was sending me away with a belly full of his cum.

Sitting at a stop light, we both looked at each other and said the same thing, “So, am I gonna see you again?”

We both laughed, as I leaned in and kissed him. Ray said, “Well, I think I have my answer.”

Ray pulled his car to the side of the road in front of Daddy’s house. I was relieved to see his car was in the driveway. I gave Ray a last kiss and gave him my phone number. I hoped he would call. I know he was watching as I walked away. I made sure to sway my ass. When I reached the door I turned and waved.

I rang the bell and waited. I rang it again. I heard Daddy ask from inside, “Who’s there?

“Daddy, it’s me Sara.”

Daddy answered the door wearing Jeans and no shirt. His hairy chest looked so sexy. and of course his tight pants showed off his cock nicely.

“Sara, Where have you been, your mother has been worried sick? Come in.”

I remained silent, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Sara? Where have you been? Daddy asked again.

Daddy stepped closer and raised my head with his finger and a soft caress to my cheek. “Sara, I was worried about you too, I was worried more.”

I nodded. “I know, I got mad at my mother and left.”

“And?” Daddy asked.

“It’s a long story Daddy.”

“Well we have a lot of time, lets go sit and talk.” He suggested.

“Daddy, can I take a shower?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’m a little sweaty,” I lied.

“Of course, you know where everything is, take your time and meet me in my bedroom, I’m doing some cleaning out of your aunts anadolu yakası escort old things. It’s about time, she’s been gone for a few years.”

Walking away I wondered if Daddy saw the wet spot on the back of my dress. I made a quick exist hoping he didn’t. Once in the bathroom I locked the door behind me and slipped out of my dress. A shower was going to feel good. As the water washed away my perspiration and the remaining hints of Ray, I wondered if he would really call me. I hoped so.

I washed myself from head to toe, including my pussy. Soaping a finger I inserted it into my stretched hole, wiggling as deep as I could reach. It felt good, but no where near as good as Rays cock had.

After I was all dry with nothing to wear, I stood in Daddy’s bedroom doorway, naked.

Oooooh, Sara, you look beautiful as ever. Would you like something to wear? I might be able to find you something among your aunt’s things.

I began looking through the piles of clothes Daddy had laid on his bed. There was so many dresses, skirts and tops. I put a few in another pile to try on. There was a selection of negligees that interested me. Most were long and sheer. I loved those. I picked out a black one, and tried it on.

“Oh Sweetie, you look fabulous in that. So very sexy too. You can see all of you, but it still gives the illusion of being covered, but not.” Daddy said, as I watched him unconsciously caress his lump.

“I can see you like it Daddy,” I teased.

Daddy worked in silence as I continued looking through the piles of clothes. picking out a few and discarding the rest.

“Daddy, I never knew my aunt very well, what was she like?”

“Well, she was”…Daddy began and stopped.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before I spoke again. “I remember she was tall, taller than my mother. almost as tall as you.”

“Yes she was, and when she wore heels, she was taller than me. Which, by the way, you should look through her shoes, there’s probably more that will fit your feet.”

I loved the way I looked in the negligee, I tried on a pair of heels and stood in front of the mirror. I was hot. I felt confident and sexy. I turned and saw Daddy staring at me with the look of desire. I smiled back at him, blowing him a kiss.

“So, tell me more about her, please Daddy.”

“Sara, Do you drink, alcohol?”

“When I can get it, I’m not 21,” I answered.

“Would you like a little whiskey? That’s all I have.”

I nodded I did.

Daddy came back with two glasses of Bourbon on the rocks, more Bourbon than rocks. I have always loved whiskey, and I was more than ready to feel the warming affects of the liquor, and maybe catch a little buzz as well. We slowly sipped our drinks and continued going through my aunts old clothes.

Daddy sat down and said, “Sara, let me look at you in that negligee, you look so sexy in that. Just like your aunt did,”

“But Daddy, auntie was a girl and she had bigger breasts, I don’t have breasts.”

Daddy stared into his glass for a few minutes, before looking up. “Sara, you’re a lot like your aunt.”

“What do you mean Daddy?

“Did your mother ever talk about your aunt?” Daddy asked.

“No, not much, she didn’t seem to like her much.” I said.

Daddy took a big gulp of his drink and closed his eyes, with head pointed towards the ceiling, he began “Okay, I’ll tell you everything. It may shed some light on why you’re feeling about your mother, like you do.”

I looked at Daddy and tried to figure out what he was saying. He stood up and finished his drink with one gulp.

“You know your mother and I had an intimate relationship much of our lives, you saw us together the other day. I also had a relationship with my best friend, like you do with Rene. We had been friends all our lives and as time went on it became sexual. Then it became romantic When that happened your mother and I stopped having sex, well at least not as often.”

I nodded, in amazement of what I was hearing, what daddy was telling me.

Daddy went on talking and pacing around the room. “When I pulled away from your mother, she felt shunned, pushed aside. Then my best friend and lover decided he wanted to live his life as a woman. By then our parents had passed away, so he and I began living our lives as husband and wife. So, your aunt Diane was from birth, my best friend Danny. Do you see where I’m going, Sara.?”

I was surprised. Daddy really loved girls like me. I was shocked that my aunt was originally Danny, who I didn’t know very well. And Mommy, what about Mommy?

Daddy looked at me and kissed my lips softly, “Please Sara, sit down, there’s more. Over the next years we didn’t see each other a lot, your mom missed me, but I was still involved with Diane. Your mom got married and had you, Then, Diane left me, your father left your mom, you made choices, and we’re where we’re at. After she caught you wearing her things she called me. I told her to buy you somethings of your own and let you experience life as you choose.”

“Wow Daddy, I don’t know what to say.” I said, I didn’t know what to feel. “Daddy, I understand, but I don’t know what I’m thinking. I don’t know what I’m feeling. I sorta feel empty, and anxious, and it’s all going by so fast in my head. Can you just hold me?”

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