Gina and Kevin Ch. 02


The ride to the hotel was agony for me. I sat next to Kevin with my hand stroking his thigh as he drove and all I wanted was to feel his cock in my mouth and then to mount him and ride him. Yet the sand stuck in the crack of my ass and everywhere else from our session on the beach was annoying too. I was not too concerned to walk through the lobby in our now damp clothes hastily tossed on after our rinsing in the ocean. I wished I had put my bra back on but the fact that my nipples were clearly visible now in my damp dress was just something I had to survive.

Survive we did as the lobby was nearly empty and the elevator was occupied by only the two of us. I snuggled close to Kevin as the doors closed and slid my hand into his pants as the elevator took us up. I found his semi hard cock and squeezed it as he leaned down and kissed me. His hands found one of my tits and squeezed it as I closed my hand on his cock. The fucking on the beach was so blissful, Kevin so attentive and slow, bringing every inch of my body to a peak before he thrust into me. I loved it. I could not recall sex being so enjoyable before. My whole body was alive with his touch and I could still feel the rough texture of his tongue everywhere it had traveled.

Finally the doors opened and I decided not to release his cock and we ambled down the empty hall to the room. I assumed it was his but didn’t care, I would not need anything out of my suitcase I had everything I wanted in my hand. His cock was growing and pulsing in my hand as he led me into his room. We went straight to the bathroom and shed our clothes, unfortunately I had to release his cock for a bit but once naked I put my hand back and stroked him as we entered the shower.

The shower had a detachable spray nozzle and Kevin used that to remove the sand from my ass and pussy. Then he took a soft cloth and lathered it with soap and gently cleaned me. He spent a lot of time on my tits and I wished he’d of spent even more time there until her moved the cloth between my legs and washed my pussy and ass. I thought I was ready to fuck him as we walked off the beach but the shower only intensified my desires and I knelt down under the spray of hot water and took his cock into my mouth. It slid in easily and I enjoyed the feel of him as I filled my mouth with him. I stayed there as Kevin finished washing himself and when the water stopped I let his cock drop from my mouth and took his hand and led him to the bed.

Still dripping from the shower I pushed him down and got between his legs lowering my head down to engulf his cock again. I took my time sliding him in wanting to take all of him. I had to work him in and out a few times to get most of his hard cock inside my mouth without gagging as he went further in. I did gag once and pulled him out covered in my saliva and enjoyed seeing it stretch from his cock to my lips like a string. Swallowing and relaxing my mouth I slid my lips over the head of his cock and pushed my head down feeling him slide deeper and deeper till his cock reached into my throat. I let myself relax and breath through my nose as his cock filled my throat. I then stuck my tongue out and licked his hairy balls. I was in heaven and loving the taste of this man so much I focused on nothing but the feel of him pulsing in my mouth. I felt Kevin sit up a bit then his hands were on my legs and with the ease of a man lifting a bed pillow he swung my body around, my lips never leaving his cock and placed my pussy over his mouth.

The feel of his cock twisting completely around in my throat set me off and I felt my pussy leaking as his tongue rose up to lick me. I went to work on his cock and sucked and licked it like it was a gift from the gods. I tried to concentrate on eating him but he was too good with his own mouth and my pussy was hot. My hips were moving of their own accord pushing my cunt into his tongue as I sucked his hard fat cock. I’d already cum at least twice on the beach maybe more I wasn’t sure and while my pussy was a bit sore there was no way I was ready for anything but a good stiff cock.

I pulled my pussy from Kevin’s face and lifted my mouth from his pulsing tool, then squared my ass above his cock and lowered my hips till his cock was resting on my pussy lips. Holding him straight I let my body drop onto him, impaling my pussy with his hard ready cock. I was amazed at how much more of my cunt he filled in this position and gathering my breath I began to ride him. I looked down into Kevin’s beautiful blue eyes as I lifted and lowered my pussy on his cock.

Kevin used his hands well, one to my tits and the other to my ass. He was kneading my tits one after the other as I rode him faster and his other hand was pulling my ass cheeks open and inching his fingers to my backdoor. Taking his hand off my tit he pulled my head towards him so he could wrap his mouth around my tit and suck my nipple. My ass moved faster now, the suction on my nipple roused me further and his finger was now probing my asshole and the combined sensations were impossible to ignore. sıhhiye escort I screamed out.


Over and over as I rammed my pussy down on his cock, pushing his finger deep into my ass and ripped my chest from his mouth and sat up straight as I rode his cock as fast and as hard as I could.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

I could not stop saying it and I put my hands on Kevin’s chest as I was losing control of my body. His hard cock was rubbing the walls of my pussy and I felt every ridge and vein of his tool as it moved inside me. My orgasm ripped through me without warning and I cried out as the pleasure of it consumed me. I sat back now forcing my cunt to rest on Kevin letting his cock pulse as my pussy clenched it tight. I shuddered as my body spasmed in joy. My chest was heaving and Kevin was toying with my nipple as I felt him jerk inside my stilled cunt and when he shot his load each spray of his cum scorched my pussy and re-ignited my orgasm. I fell on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight to him as I rode every tremor of my orgasm.

I felt Kevin roll me to the side and put my head on a pillow then his lips on mine. The warm glow of the after fuck was great and I lay there just enjoying his kisses as he covered my face and neck with gentle touches of his lips. He moved down my body like he did at the beach paying tender homage to every inch of my sweaty skin. He gently kissed each of my tits and paid a lot of attention to the area under my tits where they joined my chest. I could do nothing but lie there and feel him as he covered me with his mouth. I was exhausted from the two fucks and did not see how he continued. He had reached my legs and adored them too with his mouth and when he moved up my legs and neared my pussy I felt my cunt flinch in anticipation. I didn’t think I could stand it if he touched my well fuck cunt but when he gently blew on my swollen and well-used cunt I only wanted more.

I was surprised when he turned his attention to my asshole and as his tongue gently prodded the opening I spread my legs up to give him access. He rimmed my ass and blew softly on it and I felt my anus open to his touch. He slowly pushed his tongue into my ass and it felt wonderful. He used his tongue like his cock and fucked my tiny back door till and I felt my body responding to him. I had never had my ass fucked but if that’s where he was headed I was willing to let him try. I had been so well fucked by this man that anything he wanted I was ready to give. I only hoped the stories I’d heard of the pain involved were not true and I pulled my legs farther apart, holding them up in my tired arms as he continued to fill my ass with his tongue.

When he crept back up to my face I was disappointed that my ass was abandoned but he leaned into my and whispered in my ear.

“I’d like to fuck you in your ass Gina, but not if you are against it.”

“Kevin, I want to try but please be gentle with me, I am not one who enjoys pain. But your tongue felt so good down there that I want you to try. OK.”

“I’ll be gentle my dear and will stop when you tell me. There will be some uncomfortable moments but if you relax and let me control the action I think you will enjoy it.”

I nodded and started to roll over but he stopped me and said.

“No, I want to watch your face Gina, just hold your legs up and open for me as we begin.”

I did as he asked and he slipped his cock into my wet pussy to lubricate. When I felt the head of his cock pushing lightly on my opening I tensed up and Kevin said.

“Relax, Gina. I won’t hurt you.”

I tried to relax and felt the opening of my ass stretching to accept his fat hard cock. He pushed as easy as he could and the pressure of his entry mounted but as I relaxed and tried to just let it happen the pain eased back to tolerable levels. I saw that Kevin’s eyes never left mine as if he was reading my body through my eyes and as I relaxed he pushed a little more and I felt something inside me give and his cock slid in past my sphincter. I felt uncomfortably full but not in any real pain. As he slowly pushed more and more of his cock into my ass it felt better yet. When I felt his hips against mine I knew he was all the way in and I relaxed completely.

“Gina I want you to masturbate for me while I fuck your ass. Can you do that for me?”

I was so happy with Kevin that I would do anything for him but it still took me a minute to put my hand on my own puss while he watched. But as my fingers began to rub and tease my clit he started to slowly fuck my ass. The feeling was so different but not undesirable and as he increased his speed and filled my ass again and again my hand moved faster on my own clit. I put a couple of fingers inside my pussy while one kept rubbing my clit and my other hand came over and grabbed my left tit and began to knead and pull my tit as my ass was fucked.

Once again the multiple sensations of a cock in my ass, my hand in my pussy and tandoğan escort my other on my tit as Kevin loomed over me watching my eyes soon had me building towards another orgasm. My hands were flying now in my cunt on my tit as Kevin’s cock plowed my virgin asshole. Oh yes it was good and I was loved having a cock in my ass. When he came the feeling of cum filling my ass was so different that I came too.

As jet after jet of cum filled my ass my pussy drenched my hand with juices. When Kevin finally stopped and pulled his now flaccid cock from my ass I felt a sense of loss and wished he were still inside me. I was tired though and hardly moved as Kevin climbed beside me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed each of my eyes and said.

“Time for some sleep Gina.”

And so we slept for a while. I woke the next morning to find a cup of coffee on the nightstand beside me and a tongue bathing my cunt. I looked down to see the top of Kevin’s head between my legs and looked forward to seeing what other new wonders he’d show me today. The only thing I was sure of as I enjoyed how Kevin woke my cunt was that I was going to use his cock as often as I could and nothing else mattered.

He seemed to be enjoying my pussy and so was I. He brought me off and as I lay back enjoying the ripples of my orgasm I heard a knock on the door. Kevin opened the door accepted what I realized were my bags. Evidently he’d had them delivered here.

“Gina, we have an appointment at the new location to secure the lease. I had your stuff brought in so you’d have more time to relax.”

“I was hoping to suck that fat cock of yours this morning, do I have time?”

“I wish you did but if we don’t do this now it will cause some delays I don’t think we’d want. Besides, once that’s done you can have me and my cock for as long as you want.”

“Okay, but I am a little disappointed.”

I showered and dressed and tried hard to get his cock out of my mind. We’d met the realtor and Kevin managed the negotiations as I wandered about the empty space thinking about his cock. I heard them agree and after saying goodbye the agent left Kevin and I alone in the empty storefront. I’d noticed the windows were fairly dirty and that the space held a degree of privacy so I stepped up to Kevin and knelt in front of him. Unzipping the fly to his trousers I fished his semi erect cock out and stroked him with my hand.

“I want you in my mouth and I want to taste your cum.“

I opened wide and took his cock in my mouth. He grew and hardened immediately and soon was filling my mouth with his meat. Taking my time and thinking about the possibility that someone might look in on us excited me even more. I managed to take him past the gagging point and let him fill my throat. My pussy was dripping as I anticipated him filling my belly with his seed.

No sooner had his cock shot its first load into my mouth I heard someone say.

“Is this a bad time?”

Kevin pulled back slightly and most of his next shot landed on my face but I managed to put his cock back in my mouth and swallow the last eruptions. I had looked up at the sound of the voice and saw a woman standing there watching us but I was too intent on my treat to stop. When Kevin had finished cuming I stood and looked at our interloper and while wiping the drops of cum from my face and depositing them in my mouth I said.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want?”

As I said I can be a bit of a bitch but the tall attractive woman never blanched and said.

“I design lingerie for women and men. I see how well you are doing and wanted to show you my stuff. I think it’s a match for your inventory.”

Still cleaning and eating the remains of Kevin’s ejaculate I looked at her. She was pretty. Long dark hair and nice body. B maybe C cup breasts and she was looking at me like I was candy.

“And you are?”

”Natalie Lawlie.”

“Well we are a bit busy right now. Kevin when do you think we might have time to look at Miss Lawlie?”

I noticed both Kevin and Natalie smiled at my reference to seeing her rather then her product but neither corrected me.

“Gina, sometime later this afternoon, I should think. At the hotel?”

“Yes, come to our room around 3, can you do that Natalie?”

“Yes, I will be there.”

“And bring some samples of what you have for women. Maybe you can model it for us?”

She nodded and Kevin gave her our hotel and his room number. I wondered what he was thinking and after Natalie left he and I went to lunch.

“Kevin, what did you think of Natalie?”

“I think if I had not been there she might have seduced you. She could not get her eyes off your chest. I thought I was bad.”

I laughed and told Kevin I’d never noticed him staring but to please continue to do so as it made me hot to know he was thinking of my tits.

“Kevin I want you to know that I love men but I also have a thing for the occasional woman too. Does that bother tunalı escort you?”

“No. At least we have something in common – we both love to love women.”

He and I giggled at the idea and then he said.

“So I’ll leave you to Natalie for a bit today.”

“No. I want you there. In fact I hate to admit this but I want you to watch me with her. I want you to see her eat me. I want you to see two women fuck and then I want to watch you fuck her in the ass while I eat her pussy.”

If Kevin was shocked at my words it didn’t show but telling him all this made me wet and I squirmed in my seat making Kevin ask.

“Do I need to make a deposit for Natalie to find?”

I could only nod and we headed to the hotel. Once in the room I ripped my clothes off and helped Kevin with his. Once again on my knees I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him hard. Once on the bed Kevin put me on all fours and mounted me from behind. As he thrust his cock into me he said.

“I loved when you continued to suck me this morning when Natalie walked in on us. When you stood and wiped the cum from your face and put it in your mouth as you bitched at her I wanted to cum again.”

I was too busy enjoying the feel of his cock as he filled my wet pussy to comment back at him. What I did was natural to me, I wanted his cum and I was not about to let anything keep me from even the tiniest drop. Right now the idea that his cum would soon fill the pussy that I knew Natalie wanted to eat brought me to orgasm and I shuddered as Kevin pummeled me from behind. I was cuming and cuming hard when his cock eventually erupted filling me with his white wonder. Pulling out he moved to the chair and I got on my back keeping my legs spread and pointed at the door. Natalie would be here soon and I wanted her to see her treat as Kevin opened the door.

I was also eager to see her treats. She smaller chest excited me. I had found that most to the woman I slept with who had smaller tits were so much more passionate and I wanted Kevin to see just how passionate I could be with a woman. I looked at the clock and knew that any minute now she’d be here and then looked at Kevin sitting naked in the chair and wondered how soon his cock would be rock hard and ready for Natalie’s ass.

When I heard the knock I jumped a bit and Kevin headed to the door. He let it swing open and showcase my naked spread open body and Natalie’s mouth hung open. She stumbled into the room and dropped her product cases and came immediately to the bed. As she looked ready to plant he face in my cunt I said.

“Let Kevin help you remove your clothes Nat. I want to see you naked and I think Kevin does too.”

She stood there and meekly let Kevin slide her top and skirt off. He smartly pulled her panties and shoes off leaving her tits for last. He knew where my eyes were and when he let her bra drop I gasped at her perfect tits. She was a large B cup and her nipples were erect already. I gather she’s been hoping for this result. She used her hands to cup her tits for me and asked.

“Am I OK? Am I pretty for you?”

I nodded and waved her to the bed and we embraced and kissed. She tasted and smelled of lavender. Her skin was soft under my touch and her tits pressed into mine. I could not tell if the wetness in my pussy was Kevin’s cum seeping out or the result of Natalie’s arrival and embrace but it didn’t matter. Natalie was actively kissing me all over and my hands were feasting on her tits. As she neared my cunt I spread my legs even wider wanting her to push her face as far into me as she could. I felt her breath first flowing over my heated pussy then her tongue barely touched my clit, it felt as soft as butterfly wings as she flicked her tongue over my clit again and again. My hips were rising and falling and my hands were now on her head entwining my fingers in her hair as I pulled her deeper into me.

I started to babble and heard nothing but nonsense leave my lips as she deftly worked her magic on my cunt. She moved between my clit and my hole without pattern and each move felt like lightning striking me. I could not push my hips deep enough and needed to feel her more. I was begging her to make me cum. Pleading with her to fuck me with her tongue to use her fingers and fill my pussy and ass as she ate my cunt. I took one hand from her hair and attacked my own tits needing the additional stimulation. Grabbing and twisting my nipples, kneading my fleshy tits and bringing my legs up and wrapping about Natalie’s head brought me closer but I needed more.

I saw Kevin and his fat hard cock standing behind Natalie and said.

“Yes, Kevin do it now. Fill her ass.”

Kevin put his hands on Natalie’s ass cheek and spread them open while bringing his cock to the entrance to her ass. As he slowly worked that cock into Natalie’s ass her mouth engulfed my cunt and I started to release my orgasm. As Kevin’s cock bottomed out in her ass she screamed into my cunt and the vibrations of her scream put me over the top and I could no longer control myself and I shamelessly came all over her face. Kevin was plumbing the depth’s of her ass and with each thrust Natalie grunted into my sopping pussy and I came some more riding this orgasm for a long time, filling her mouth with my juice. When Kevin finally came and filled her ass with his spunk Natalie sighed and collapsed on me.

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