Getting Stoned with Mandy – Again


Mandy Chapter Two

Derek wasn’t stoned when he got up that morning so he worried that he and his sister Mandy had taken chances with unprotected sex. Later that morning, he questioned her, she assured him that she was close to her cycle, that she felt safe. But regardless of what she said, there was a slight hint of doubt in her eyes. Other than him questioning her safety, nothing else was said, the two expressed no excuses, apologies, or pleasure for the long night of intense sex; the two quickly resumed a normal sibling relationship.

Three days after their stoned sex party Mandy told her brother that she started her period. He was relieved to feel the weight of worry lift from his back and gave his sister an impulsive kiss on the lips. Her eyes were sparkling, her smile wide when he pulled back from her. With the pressure off she confessed, “You know, what we did was kind of fun.”

“We were stoned, is that what you were feeling or —?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, the whole night was a turn-on. I think it started when you were flirting with Patty, I felt something kind of like jealousy,” she admitted.


She frowned, “No, not really; more like I could feel what she wanted to do with you. The more I watched her want to fuck you, I kind of felt the same way.”

Derek grinned at his sister, “Well if you feel that way again, let me know.”

She replied nonchalantly, “Not likely, it was a fun fuck, but still a one-night stand.”

For the next few weeks, no more was said, the two didn’t flirt, grope or act suggestively toward each other. Brother and sister were siblings apart, living as they had since she was born. But that didn’t mean Derek had forgotten or dismissed Mandy. Every night after the lights were out, he spent several pleasant minutes remembering how tight her pussy was, how sweet she tasted. For her part, Mandy also reminisced, but she was focused more on how aroused she got. She had enjoyed the long intense intimacy of him shaving her, the oral sex, then how he held her, caressed, and massaged her before he penetrated; for her foreplay was a key stimulant. She also felt surges of excitement when she had lain on the floor while her parents talked to her brother. Thinking of those moments of extreme risk, caused her stomach to tickle, her lust to bubble.

The summation of events that night, the risk of getting caught, of getting pregnant, and the immoral aspect of incest, topped off by the marijuana high, all combined into one night of hot, delicious sex and she wasn’t a bit sorry or ashamed. Mandy had to admit; her brother fucked her better than any of the three boys she’d dated since she first spread her legs. The only thing she couldn’t decide was if the marijuana was a factor in the way she felt, or could he and she have as much enjoyment straight? Curiosity compelled her to decide the incestuous one-night stand could be extended to two nights.

Around 11:30 Mandy eased out of bed then went to the hallway bathroom. She didn’t need to go, but if her parents were up that would be the explanation for her wandering around in the dark. After a couple of minutes of standing in the quiet house, she knew her parents were most likely asleep. Her heart began a strong quick beat, her entire body flushed warm and her knees wobbled as she made up her mind to slip into Derek’s bed. It took her fifteen long seconds to twist open the doorknob and push it slowly wide enough that she could ease through. She could see her brother lying on his back, his upper body and one leg exposed. If he wasn’t wearing underwear, he would be naked and that is what his sister was hoping for. She clicked the door shut then pulled off her nightgown before going to him. Before she got onto the bed, she took an intimate inventory of Derek. He was developing nicely into a well-built, attractive man. She looked at him from his face, over his broad chest to where the blanket crossed his hips. His lower body was covered, but she already knew what his erection looked like, a rush of nervous energy caused her pussy to swell and open; when she lifted the blanket, she didn’t need foreplay for the coming encounter, just her thoughts had prepared her.

Derek was dreaming. He was lying with Patty; she was stroking his erection getting him ready to fuck her. He started to come up out of the dream, waking up but he didn’t want to. If he woke from the pleasant dream, he would be forced to jack off again. When he was more awake than asleep, he realized that the hand on his cock didn’t fade away, his erection was in the grip of some very gentle fingers. He opened his eyes turned his head and looked right into Mandy’s wide smile, “Hi” she whispered then kissed him on the mouth.

He jerked his head back and stared at his sister, “What the fuck?”

She smiled again, pulled harder on his prick then purred just one word into his ear, “Yes.”

Derek didn’t need to discuss the prospect of screwing his sister again, he didn’t need to mull over her offer. He kicked the blanket off, grabbed her by the hips, and clutched her tight to him. Mandy’s eyes sparked as he pulled her close then she bumped her groin against the erection pleasantly pressed on her. Her womb was churning with a tornado of sexual compulsion when she lifted her leg over Derek’s thigh then pulled his stiff cock between her legs and positioned it. In less than a minute after entering his room, the pair were caught up in a frenzy of lust and fucking. They coupled face to face on their sides for a few dozen strokes then Derek pulled from her and pushed her flat to her back, she held his arm so when she moved, he went with her. After a few moments of shuffling around, she was holding her brother’s broad shoulders while his erection slipped back between her thighs. Even while he fucked her his mind was processing, ‘Why in hell was his sister in bed with him?’ She felt good, and he wasn’t about to send her back to her room, but he couldn’t grasp why she snuck into him and offered herself with no hint or seduction. Derek paused with his balls pressed against the full warm folds of her body, he pressed his groin against the spot where her clit would be then whispered in her ear, “What are you doing here?”

Mandy moved her legs wider put her arms around his back, bucked her hips against him then answered quietly, “I want to know if I would like doing this with you when we aren’t stoned.”

His bursa escort lips moved upward at the corners; the smile grew as he looked down at her, “Do you?”

She moved her hands to his face pulled him down and kissed him. She kissed him as if he were her lover, her lips were soft and wet and as they slipped deliciously across his mouth, Derek’s cock flexed in her cunt and their hips began to rock in sync. She broke the kiss then breathed into his ear, “Don’t know, we aren’t done.”

Their parents were 20 feet down the hall so the siblings made an effort to keep their coupling from being an overheated body slapping destruction of the bed, but as his long thick erection thrust in and slipped back, the bed began to creak in protest. Derek lifted off Mandy then they went to the floor with the bed between them and the door. Before they resumed the intimacies, he showed his concern for her by asking if she needed protection; she said ‘No’. He went to his back; she straddled his lap, then they got lost in the feeling of uninhibited sex.

Since she had been thinking about fucking her brother again, her passion built more rapidly than his. Mandy’s body was tensing, she could feel the orgasm gaining strength, a clock spring about to break. She leaned over, put her mouth over his then lanced through his lips with her tongue. When the spring broke, she moaned into his mouth and the vibrations from her throat echoed from her to him where they raced down his spine to his balls. Derek began to convulse under his sister, again his big balls delivering enough seed to impregnate every woman getting screwed that night.

She rolled off him to her back her tits were heaving, her breath ragged. He leaned up on an elbow then put a hand between her legs to coat his fingertips with the cum leaking from her pussy. He put the wet fingers over her left breast then covered the nipple with cum. When he bent to her and licked the breast clean Mandy gasped, her nipple stiffened then she pulled him up for another long hot kiss. The kiss turned into an intense make-out session and both were using their hands on the other. Mandy was stroking his cock, working to get it hard again, her brother was fingering her clit and cunt. Her legs were restless, her body fluid as they readied for a second tryst. She pushed him to his back then bent over his lap and inhaled his erection. Mandy’s mouth caused Derek to groan softly then, when his balls were about to relent, he pulled her up, rolled her to her stomach then mounted over her ass.

Brother fucked sister in the dark of his room just a few feet from their sleeping parents. Mandy pulled her knees up so her hips were off the floor, Derek went to his knees between her legs, held her hips, and fucked her relentlessly. Mandy had never felt so consumed by sexual desire, she started a series of convulsions, each growing in strength as they melded into one long, crippling climax. What she was doing with Derek, what Derek was doing to her, was the most extreme sex she had ever enjoyed. Derek gripped her hair and pulled on it hard enough to cause her back to bow, forcing her ass tighter against his groin. Her neck stretched as her head was drawn back, the nerve endings in her cunt vibrated as his erection pulled and plunged across them. He held her tight, then she felt him cum which set loose the final explosive climax from her womb.

She was wobbling when she stood then fell onto his bed. Both were so spent they could do nothing but float on clouds of pleasure. After a full minute of cooling breaths, he asked her, “Was it better?”

Her 1000-watt smile lit up the air between them, “Oh my god yes.” She paused to study her brother’s face, kissed him softly, “I have to go.”

Derek was reluctant to give up a hot piece of ass; his sister had become a willing sex partner and he was enjoying her immensely, “Stay here. I’ll set the alarm so you can get up before them.”

“Why, so you can fuck me when I’m asleep?”

“I’ll be a good boy; you can sleep secure in the knowledge that I won’t take advantage of your hot sexy body.”

Mandy grinned, her eyes laughed, “Why not, don’t you like me?” Derek heard the invitation to do as he pleased as he set the alarm, he was looking forward to screwing her again.

The two didn’t wait until she was asleep. Both were full of youthful energy and brimming with hormones, so within minutes, she was lying on him full length with his erection held captive between her thighs. They coupled slowly, taking time to caress, fondle, neck, and enjoy building their mutual lust. Words were whispered in ears as they suggested untried positions or actions. Derek and Mandy bonded and fucked well longer than 40 minutes that third time, then when she came in a long string of convulsions, she was voicing her rapture, the volume of the cries increasing with each orgasmic peak. Derek put his hands around her throat and choked off her cries of pleasure. She arched off the bed, her lungs heaving for air as her body heaved with tremors of ecstasy. Mandy went limp under him just as he climaxed. Her head lolled to the side; her eyes were closed. He let go of her neck and her chest swelled with a long gasp and she began to cough, Derek slammed a pillow over her and prayed his parents were deaf. His erection vibrated with pleasure each time it surged a stream of semen into his unconscious sister.

When he finished transferring his load to her, when the sexual rush was past, Derek got scared for Mandy. He pulled the pillow off, put his ear to her chest, and heard a strong fast beat. Relieved, he rolled off then pulled her into a hug, and held her as his fear waned. While he was reliving the last few moments that he choked her, Mandy began to stir. She opened her eyes, turned her head to him then whispered with a hoarse voice, “Fuck Derek, what did you do to me?” She touched her neck and rubbed it with two fingers her eyes locked on his, “You tried to kill me?”

Derek shrunk back from her. “I’m sorry Mandy, I don’t know, I was just trying to keep mom and dad from hearing you. I didn’t mean to do that, it just happened.”

She studied her brother for several seconds then relaxed and snuggled closer to him; the curves of her body bonded pleasantly against his, “I’m tired, let’s sleep.” Mandy’s acceptance of the rough sex calmed him enough that he could sleep so both of them drifted off, lying in total tranquility.

His görükle escort alarm woke them at 5:30, it was time for her to abandon her brother’s bed. Mandy and Derek engaged in hands-only intimacies then she put on her nightgown and crept back to her room. Derek went back to sleep immediately, he didn’t have to get up for another two hours, Mandy went to the bathroom to clean the residue of wild sex from her body. After douching and wiping herself clean, she looked into the mirror and noticed small bruises on her neck. Derek had left fingerprints when he choked her. She didn’t feel concerned, she didn’t feel scared for what he did, she smiled to herself and her body shook slightly as she remembered the intensity of her orgasm as she passed out. That morning when she dressed for the day, she accessorized with a neck scarf.

In the next couple of days, three things happened that would change the direction and inclination of Mandy’s sex life. She wasn’t afraid of unprotected sex during the night of erotic sibling sport, and knew for certain she was going back for more, but she couldn’t let her brother have total freedom to cum in her, he needed to buy and use condoms.

Mandy suggested to her brother he get protection, “You know, just in case” the full contact bed games continued; he eagerly promised to do so. She also wanted to learn more about what she and Derek had done. She logged onto the InPrivate page of her laptop browser then started searching for rough sex. She quickly came onto some websites that touted BSDM, choking, rough sex, and how to extract pleasure from fear or pain. As she read and watched her heart picked up its pace, her cunt swelled with warmth.

The third thing that transpired that affected Mandy, happened when Patty told her that she was ready to meet Derek on his terms, could Mandy set it up? Patty didn’t need dating or seduction, she wanted to experience Mandy’s brother and was ready to do so without commitment. Mandy and Patty were lying on Patty’s bed, pleasantly stoned and talking shit, “How bad do you want to screw Derek?”

Her friend shot her a quick, “Well, he’s hot, and I know Sue likes fucking him, so I want to try it too.”

“You want to steal him from his girlfriend?”

“Steal? No, just borrow for a few fucks.”

“You’re just going to lay down and let him screw you?”

“Well yeah, I don’t need to date him or anything to know for sure I want him, I don’t need to be steady with him or anything.”

As Mandy told her friend she could arrange it, she felt a sexual shudder as she envisioned the two in the throes of a hot mating ritual. She teased her friend, “What if he isn’t into you, what if he doesn’t like you or something, your ego might not handle rejection?”

Patty sat up on the bed then quickly pulled her shirt over her head and arms and tossed it to the floor, she was stoned, feeling wild, carefree, bold; she unlatched her bra and threw it at Mandy, “You think he would reject these?” The display in front of her stirred Mandy in a way she had never felt before. Her friend’s breasts were full, round, and topped with puffy pale nipples that looked swollen. Mandy reached to Patty, cupped her left breast, and pressed it; Patty watched the hand on her tit then looked up at Mandy, “Play with it” she directed. Mandy’s heart began to thud as she fondled Patty, causing the girl’s nipple to harden. The world around the two girls shrank until it contained only Patty and Mandy, they were alone, they had only each other. In that isolated sphere, each felt a rush of intimacy for the other, only the other. Words were no longer needed as Mandy pulled her hand from Patty then quickly stripped her shirt and bra. With breasts exposed they fell together to the bed, bonded by arms, their nipples pressed together. The two lifelong friends began a journey into uncharted territory; a new, exciting, erotic journey.

Patty pulled her head back and looked into Mandy’s pot-clouded eyes then put a hand on the back of her head. With fingers laced in her friend’s hair, Patty pulled Mandy forward until their lips met. The kiss was tentative, experimental for only a second, then the girls began to make out with growing urgency. The heat in the room became a swelter as they locked their mouths together then began a sensuous dance of tongues. Neither Patty nor Mandy was inclined to stop what they were doing; both were getting lost in the pleasure of the other. Mandy broke apart from Patty, smiled impishly then asked, “Is this what you are going to do with my brother?”

Patty laughed, paused, then quipped lightly, “Not right now.” Mandy chirped delightedly, pushed her friend to her back then put her hands to work pulling at Patty’s pants. Patty lifted her legs high so Mandy could strip them from her, then watched while Mandy stood next to the bed and shed her clothes. A light scent of Patty’s musk wafted to Mandy’s nose, the heady fragrance caused her pussy to get warm and squishy, her heart started to thud heavily when she put her hand between Patty’s legs. Her entire body began to shake when Patty put a hand over hers then forced two of the fingers down the contour of her hot damp pussy. Mandy stroked Patty three times then jammed two fingers into her. Patty’s eyes flew open then focused on Mandy when she felt the invasion. She opened her mouth and a short, “UH,” tore loose, then she grabbed the wrist between her legs. Mandy rocked her hand against Patty’s cunt which caused the girl’s hips to buck. Any surprise or reluctance Patty may have felt at the intimate invasion quickly faded, she smiled at the girl fingering her, arched her back, and spread her legs wide. Mandy pushed up on an elbow beside her then started hand fucking her best friend in earnest.

Mandy had never had sexual thoughts about any girl before, but at that moment she was getting so turned on that she wanted nothing more than to make love to Patty and have her do the same for her. She leaned down far enough to kiss Patty who accepted her lips eagerly. Patty pressed Mandy’s mouth with hers and in moments she again slipped her tongue through her teeth. Mandy rolled her fingers into Patty as far as they would go then set into a rhythmic pace of fingering her to higher levels of lust and need.

Patty was building to a climax. Mandy could feel with her fingertips the tenseness of the girl’s muscles straining for release, but Mandy sensed her fingers weren’t enough escort bayan to trigger the orgasm so she slid down the bed, rolled over between Patty’s legs then licked the top of her cunt. Her wet tongue licked over the skin hiding Patty’s clit, exposing the pink swollen knob. Patty gulped a deep breath then went completely still while Mandy kissed and suckled her tender hot button. It took only a few more moments of mouthing Patty with the fingers plunging into her to bring her friend to climax. Patty arched off the bed and started to gasp as her body cramped and convulsed. The girl groaned, rolled to her stomach, then jammed the edge of her hand between her legs to finish the incredible orgasm. Patty went limp, the only part of her moving was her chest as she panted for fresh air. Mandy moved from her prone friend, licked Patty’s juice off her lips with a finger, then put it into the girl’s half-open mouth. Patty formed a vacuum on Mandy’s finger and tasted her own cunt. Mandy leaned over her friend, kissed her lightly then stated the obvious, “That’s something we never did before.”

Patty breathed a quick laugh, “No shit, no guy got me off like you just did.”

Mandy fell to the bed; they were both still for a minute while Patty caught her breath. Mandy was hot and horny and secretly hoping Patty would do something for her, but she wasn’t going to ask. After a few moments of calm Patty rolled her head and said, “Let’s do another joint.”

The girls sat calmly on the bed and smoked a hand-rolled blunt. As they drifted amid the clouds of pungent smoke, the conversation was light, infused with humor and spontaneity, but nothing sexual or sensual. For the moment Mandy and Patty were again best friends, not lesbian lovers.

Mandy needed to relieve herself so she went to pee, Patty ventured to the kitchen for bottles of water. When Patty returned Mandy was just emerging from the bathroom. The girls stopped to view each other then Patty said, “You’re fucking hot. You should walk around naked all the time.”

“And give my brother a big fucking hard-on? Not likely.” Patty laughed then launched herself at Mandy and drew her down to the bed. The girls wrestled; Mandy tried to squirm away but Patty kept her wrapped up. They twisted, turned, giggled, and played for a couple of minutes, finally Patty was sitting on Mandy’s groin smiling down on her. She leaned over and kissed the left nipple while pinning Mandy’s arms to the bed. Mandy felt Patty’s pussy hair rubbing on the shaved skin just over her cunt while the girl licked and sucked on her nipples.

The tips of her breasts grew long and hard while the sensation of a full-bodied pussy rubbing on her created a hot spot on her skin, Mandy’s heart quickened while her friend worked her over with mouth and hands, making her hotter, turning her on in a way that she’d never felt before. Boys could get her hot, Derek made her blood boil, but what she was feeling with Patty was so much more sensual.

Mandy was beginning to realize that a girl knows how to make another girl feel like she would want to; Patty was seducing Mandy like she wanted to be seduced, it was all in the foreplay. When Patty put her head between Mandy’s thighs she didn’t attack, she didn’t weigh her down with her own needs, she mouthed Mandy tenderly, slowly. Patty’s hot wet tongue was driving Mandy crazy and she quickly reached her tipping point; her orgasm began where Patty had her lips, then bloomed exquisitely in her loins. When she arched off the bed to push her pussy to Patty’s face, Patty pulled away and sat up, Mandy was left hanging by a single thread, the final tether that when broken would release her orgasm. She yelped, “Oh my god, don’t stop! Finish it bitch!”

Patty laid on Mandy, hot smooth skin rubbing against hot smooth skin. She put her lips on Mandy’s ear, softly, slipped a hand between her legs, and pushed a finger into her then asked, “Did you ever fuck your brother?”

“What?” the desperate girl panted.

“Derek and you girl, do you screw him?”

She was desperate, but not ready to admit fucking Derek, “Ohhh, finish it Patty, I need it!”

“He’s hot girl, if he was my brother, I’d invite him to bed. Did you ever think like that?” A fingertip teased Mandy’s clit.

Mandy couldn’t take anymore, her heart was racing, she needed to explode, “YES!” she groaned as Patty flicked a finger over her clit, the final caress to trigger the massive orgasm. Mandy bucked and humped repeatedly as her body clenched with erotic shocks of rapture. She pulsed and shivered while confessing breathlessly, “Yes, we do it, Derek fucks me!”

She lay quiet on the bed, alone, Patty had gone to pee. Now that she wasn’t overheated with need, Mandy glowed with shame that she had confessed to incest with her brother. She had been forced to reveal her secret to the girl who was fingering her. Patty almost skipped from the bathroom back to the bed, her breasts bouncing pleasantly for Mandy’s eyes, “Do you know how cool that is, you screwing him, that is like awesome!”

Mandy was confused, still reluctant to face her friend, “What, why is that awesome, stuff like that is supposed to be fucking weird?”

“Look girl, my brother is two years younger than me and just starting to stare at girls, but I can tell you I’m ready to fuck his nuts dry. It’s kinky for sure, but I can’t help it, he’s getting hotter as he gets bigger and I wonder more and more what it would be like to screw him, I think teaching him a few sexy lessons would be a real turn-on.” Patty flipped to lie on her stomach, “I’m ready to invite him to my room and rape his little virgin ass, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” She rolled her head to speak directly to Mandy’s eyes, “The last time we got stoned with Derek, I was watching you, and there were messages like flying out of your head. I think if Gwen and I weren’t there you would have been slamming his nuts under the stars. Did you do it later, after we left?”

Mandy didn’t deny Patty, “Did Gwen say anything?”

“Nah, the bitch is too into herself to watch what others are doing.”

Mandy laughed, “Yeah, I like her a lot, but she does like herself more.”

“Come on, give me details, or else I’ll put your tabloid affair all over Twitter, #mandyfucksderek. Cool huh?” Mandy stoked another bowl then began her story. Later that day, after the two girls got each other off again, they made a pact, one that Derek was going to benefit from, and enjoy immensely. It was only after Patty left did Mandy realize that the hottest sex she had ever enjoyed was during two intense but illicit causes: Incest and Lesbian.

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