Getting Settled


What the heck, I had nothing better to do on a Sunday. That’s how I found myself standing outside this luxury condo in downtown Cincinnati, greeting people as they came off the bus. The downtown residents’ council was promoting downtown living, and they had organized this bus tour for people. I was new in town, and was trying to meet some people. The promise of the after party was appealing as well.

I was in front of this high-rise luxury condo, basically doing nothing more than answering questions like, “Is this the Indian Ridge building?” as though the map and the sign were not clues enough.

This was turning out to be a little less than I thought it would be. During a lull in the action, I met my partner at Indian Ridge. She was actually describing the features and amenities of the building to the visitors. Her name was Kate, and she had, without a doubt, the best smile on anyone I had seen. Her curly brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles rounded out her attractive features. Her voice, too, was very sweet and melodic.

Kate came down and asked me how long I was planning to be there. I was there until 4:00, and that was when she was finished, too. I learned that she had just returned to “the Nati” from Colorado, where she went to college. She, too, lived downtown in a rehabbed apartment building. Unlike me, she had a roommate, a friend from childhood.

Soon, another spurt of visitors arrived, and she escorted a group upstairs. After that, they came in too quickly for her to get a break. I was mostly holding the door, greeting people, and answering inane questions.

Shortly before 4:00, someone in a red vest came by and told us we could leave. Since our stop was one of the first, we were finished before the others. My red-vested friend went to relieve Kate of her duties.

Kate came down and we made some small talk. We both decided there was one place we wanted to check out—it had the best view of the skyline. We walked a couple blocks over and toured the condo like everyone else. Kate was wearing a black skirt, white blouse with a t-shirt underneath. I guess she was thin enough to not need a bra. She wore a black blazer, too.

The tour guide escorted Şerifali Escort us through the model, and we lingered in the master bedroom, which was raised slightly and offered a breathtaking view of the city. Kate just stared out.

“Man, what a view,” I finally said, hoping to break Kate from her trance.

“I have always loved the views of the city,” she said.

“I work in the Carew Tower,” I replied. “The first two months I was there, all I could do was look out the window.”

She was excited to learn I worked there. “I’ve always wanted to go to the observation deck,” she said, “but haven’t ever made it.”

We left the building, and I offered to see if the observation deck was open at Carew. We got on the elevator, and were stopped at the top floor, not quite at the deck. Disappointed, Kate looked out of the window in the hallway.

“My office is just a few floors down, and we have the entire floor, so you can see all sides.”

We went to my office, and she was cooing about how peaceful the city looked, and how neat it was to see Kentucky, and she thought she could pick out her friend home on top of a hill to the east of Newport.

Finally, we made it into the corner conference room, both of us staring out in wonderment. We weren’t saying much.

Then she said, “this is awesome” and looked straight at me. Our eyes locked, and soon our lips met in a passionate kiss. Her hand grabbed the back of my neck, and our tongues began to dance in each other’s mouths.

I started to kiss her neck, and she responded well to that, letting out a sigh. She kissed, then bit, my left ear, and I really got turned on then. Soon, I was untucking her shirt. She stopped to unbutton it, and I took it off her shoulders. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and began to untuck my shirt. That was off, too, joining her shirts on the floor.

She ran her hands through my chest hair and started sucking on my ear again. I kissed her passionately and pulled her close to me. I knew she could feel my hard cock against her.

She reached down and felt my throbbing cock in my pants. I started tugging at her skirt.

She unzipped it, and it slid down her İstanbul Escort legs. She stepped out of it, and, I learned, she was not wearing anything underneath it. I got out of my pants, boxers, and shoes as soon as I could.

We were standing there, naked, staring at each other. My first encounters with other women usually started with some groping underneath clothing. Kate seemed to have no hesitation about getting naked. She was definitely flat-chested, which I was not used to, but she was in great shape, and her pussy hair was very trimmed.

My hard cock stuck out, and she reached for it, as we pulled closer together. She started stroking my hard cock, commented on its thickness, and knelt down in front of me.

Kate took my cock in her hand, and began licking the tip, swirling her tongue around. “Mmmm… precum is the best,” she cooed. She took the entire length in my mouth and got my shaft nice and wet, bobbing up and down on it. I thought she was going to suck my cock until I came in her mouth.

She stood up and I decided it was my turn to explore her sex. Reaching my hand between her legs, I felt her wetness and brought my fingers to my mouth, licking them off. I began tracing my fingers over the outlines of her pussy, causing her to moan softly. One finger, and then two fingers, slid inside and felt her juices gushing out. This might have been my wettest pussy ever! Kate began to moan softly. She sat down in a chair, and I knelt down in front of her.

My tongue kissed up her thighs, and soon I was inhaling her sexy aroma. I darted my tongue across her engorged clit, and she flinched. She hunched forward, and I was able to taste her sweet juices. I was lapping them up with my tongue, and slid my tongue inside of her. Then I reached up and felt her breast with my left hand. Her nipple was hard, and standing very erect. I squeezed her breast, and she seemed to like that a lot!

Soon, I was flicking her clit with my tongue while gently squeezing her left nipple between two fingers. She began bucking her hips, and I sucked on her clit. She was moaning and grunting. She seemed to stop a bit, and I paused, staring straight at her pussy. I could see Ümraniye Escort her cunt muscles contracting from her orgasm.

Catching her breath, she stood up, and hugged me tight. I was so hard, and for so long, that I was afraid I would cum the moment she touched me. I certainly was not going to last long that was for sure!

I hugged her and was gently nudging her to the floor. She got the hint, and told me to lie down. She straddled me and said, “I want to ride you, Michael. I want you to fill me up.”

I mentioned that I would probably not last very long, since she had me so turned on for so long. She told me she really, really needed a cock in there. She raised her hips, and slid down my pole. Kate rocked up and down ever so slightly, and began squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles.

She rode my cock, going slowly on the way up, and plunging quickly on her downstroke. Slowly, she began to fuck me faster. I was holding tightly on to her hips, and she was keeps her thrusts short and quick.

“Uhhhh… I’m cumming…” I sighed, as my cock began to spasm and release hot torrents of my cum into her slick pussy. I thought she would stop, but she started squeezing my cock even tighter and bucking up and down quickly. Soon, she let out some squeaks that were higher-pitched than before. She seemed to have another orgasm, and she rolled off me.

When she rolled off me, I turned around and we were both naked on the floor. We began to kiss each other. I broke the kiss and told her to lie on her back. I scooted around, and put my head between her legs.

Slowly, I began to kiss up her thighs. I could smell the scent of my cum mixed with her pussy juice. My absolute favorite thing in the world, next to watching a woman fuck herself with a toy, is licking my cum out of a freshly-fucked pussy.

I licked up the juice oozing from her puss. She was really surprised by that! “You don’t have to do that,” she said.

“Oh, but I want to, it is my favorite,” I replied. Soon, my tongue was in her cunt, sticking straight out and scooping up all the cum I could. I swallowed some, and then scooted up to kiss her.

She opened her mouth eagerly and accepted the mix of our juices that I had just extracted from her pussy. She kissed me deeply and passionately. My cock sprung back to life, and she reached down to stroke it.

“Let’s continue this at my place,” she said.

That is another story for another day.

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