Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 13


Alex’s body tensed at the words that Jake had spoken. As she began to wonder about them, he kissed her shoulder. She could feel him begin to soften inside of her. It made her squirm on his lap. All of her squirming and a few more orgasmic twitches of her pussy caused his cock to pop out of her pussy. With that, his cum began to ooze out of her too.

“Look over there,” Jake whispered into her ear. Alex’s eyes flicked back to John and Sue. She had completely forgotten about them as she fucked on Jake’s lap. During that time John had moved Sue back to the pool table. Sue was now lying on her back with her legs being held open by John. His face was buried in her pussy. Though Alex couldn’t see exactly what John was doing, she had a pretty good idea by the slurping sounds that filled the room.

After seeing John and Sue together the other night, Alex was fully aware of John’s desire to lick his wife clean after sex. The idea struck Alex as extremely erotic since most men she knew wouldn’t even kiss her after some sucking of their cocks. Alex’s thoughts were brought back to the scene at hand as Sue began moaning and thrashing on the table. John’s head was bobbing between her legs, and she was pinching her own nipples.

“That’s it! Right there!” yelled Sue. She arched her back and let out a yelping howl. She shivered and pushed her legs against John’s hands. He pushed them back to keep his access.

Alex licked her lips as she watched their new show. She felt Jake nudge her to get up. Trying to stand was a new adventure. She felt the muscles in her legs quivering, and the pressure of putting her legs together reminding her of her very sensitive clit. Jake stood too. He grabbed Alex’s hand and pulled her over to the couple on the pool table. Upon their approach, John lifted his head. A slow smile spread across his face. A slick sheen of cum coated his entire mouth and chin. His smile reminded Alex of a small boy with his favorite toy.

“Hi there,” he said as his left hand glided down Sue’s leg.

His fingers grazed Sue’s clit, and the woman physically jumped. John’s hand didn’t stay there. Instead, he dropped his hand and pushed two fingers into Sue’s pussy. Sue moaned loudly and began twisting from side to side. John slowly pumped his fingers in and out of his wife.

“You wanna try?” he asked as he turned to look back at his wife. She was now using her own hands to hold her legs open. Sue’s eyes were closed, and she was biting her lip. Small whimpers came from her throat as John’s fingers pressed in and out of her. Alex wasn’t exactly sure what John meant. She looked back to Jake for some kind of explanation.

“He wants to know if you would help make Sue cum,” responded Jake. Jake’s hand rested on Alex’s butt. He used it to push her forward to John. Before Alex could answer, John took her by the arm and pulled her in front of him. His fingers never left Sue. He moved behind Alex.

Alex was now standing in front of another naked woman. She inhaled and smelled two distinct scents. First was the extremely musky smell of semen. Alex knew that was John. The second smell was a bit sweeter, not as strong. That had to be Sue.

“Let me help you,” stated John as he took Alex’s hand in his own. He lifted it to Sue’s clit. Alex could feel the heat coming from the woman’s pussy. John’s hand pressed hers to the clit. The skin was soft, but moist. Sue let out a squeal at the feeling of pressure. Alex smiled knowing Sue’s clit was just as sensitive as hers right now. John pushed Alex’s hand and fingers in a slow set of circles. Sue was moaning louder. Alex looked down to see the lips of Sue’s pussy pulsing around John’s fingers.

“Let’s go a little faster now,” said John. His fingers moved at a faster rhythm, fucking Sue’s cunt. His other hand with Alex’s began rubbing vigorously back and forth. Sue had a death grip on her legs as she panted closer to an orgasm. Alex was fascinated by the sight of Sue’s pussy lips sucking John’s fingers. John removed his hand from Alex’s. Alex continued the pace they had sıcak kafa izle established. She had brought her other hand up and was gingerly touching Sue’s pussy lips as they quivered.

“Hun, put your legs on the table and come up on your elbows,” John stated.

Sue eased her legs back down to the pool table, being sure to keep them open. She definitely didn’t want to keep the two of her playmates from doing what they were doing. She leaned up and used her own elbows to prop herself up. She could now see Alex’s hand rubbing her clit. Sue’s eyes moved up to Alex’s face. The woman seemed lost in the sight of it all.

“Look at her,” said Jake. He moved to take a seat on the pool table next to Sue. He allowed one leg to stay on the floor. His right hand reached out and massaged Sue’s breast. Sue inhaled sharply and then relaxed into the feeling of her body being touched by so many people.

Alex’s eyes came up to meet Sue’s. The woman looked angelic as she strained and struggled against the hands that gave her pleasure. Her face showed the passion of a woman close to orgasm. Alex rubbed Sue’s clit faster and watched Sue throw her head back. Alex slowed her rubbing, and Sue brought her head back up.

“She’s playing with me,” Sue half-chuckled and half-panted. Jake looked back to Alex and saw what he found to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She was standing naked with her pair pushed back. Her eyes were set on another woman while she focused on nothing but pleasure and passion. Alex’s hand slowed. Instead of rubbing, she tried pinching Sue’s clit. This brought a scream from Sue’s lips. Alex watched the woman’s entire body tighten up. Jake’s fingers pinched Sue’s nipple deeply, and John forced a third finger into his wife’s pussy. A gush of fluid squirted out of Sue onto John’s hand. Sue’s collapsed back onto the pool table. She was gasping for air as she twisted and turned against their hands. Alex did her best to hold onto the clit. Sue continued writhing, begging, pleading, and moaning. More fluid gushed from her. This time it started to cover Alex’s hand because of Sue’s movements.

Suddenly, Sue pushed herself away from everyone. She was crawling backwards on the pool table. The touching and the orgasms were too much. Alex pulled her hand back towards her body, but John caught it and moved it behind Alex’s back. It was then that her hand found John’s cock again. She grabbed the shaft despite her awkward arm position.

“Sue, are you okay?” asked Jake. Sue lay and the pool table with her eyes closed. She mumbled and nodded her head. Her body still twitched from the powerful orgasms she had just endured. Jake brought his gaze back to Alex. John’s larger body framed her like a silhouette. She looked so small and delicate compared to the other man’s large size. Jake noticed Alex’s arm was bent behind her.

“What are you doing now?” he asked playfully as he grabbed her free hand and pulled her forward. Because of her grip on John’s cock, she ended up pulling him with her. Both Jake and John laughed at the scene. Alex felt her familiar blush creep across her face. Her gaze dropped. It was then that she noticed Jake’s cock was fully erect again.

John pushed his hips into Alex’s hand. This motion caused her to stroke his cock. She gasped as she looked back to Jake’s eyes. His smile lit up his face. She smiled back at him and squeezed John’s cock. The man behind her grunted. Jake used his hand to pull her into a kiss. Alex was forced to let go of John’s cock. She placed her hands on Jake’s shoulders to steady herself.

Jake’s kiss enveloped her senses. Her lips pressed to his as she turned her head slightly to the right. Jake’s hand curled into her hair. Alex’s lips parted, and she allowed Jake’s tongue to enter her mouth. Their tongues swirled and pushed against one another. Alex moaned into the kiss. As she leaned further into Jake, she was surprised by the feeling that moved between her legs.

Her eyes popped open as she realized it was John’s cock moving sketchbook izle between her legs. Its largeness forced her to part her legs. Jake put more pressure into his kiss, and Alex moaned again. Abruptly, Jake broke the kiss and used his hands to hold her face close to his. His eyes searched hers. There was a mixture of pleasure and apprehension within them. He smiled, and Alex returned the smile timidly.

“I want you to be with John,” said Jake softly.

“But, I…” “I would like to you to be with him.”

“I don’t…”

“He will be good to you.”

Jake let go of Alex’s face, and she looked back over her shoulder. John used his hands to massage Alex’s hips. A softness settled around his eyes. Alex liked that softness. It reminded her of the first time John had introduced himself. There was still the easygoing feeling about him. Alex allowed her legs to spread slightly. John pushed his cock further between them.

Alex brought her gaze back to Jake. He was still smiling. Alex desperately wanted to make Jake happy. She wanted to curl up in his arms. She wanted it to be his cock between her legs. Her thoughts were interrupted as John turned the front of her body to the pool table. He reached down and grabbed her right leg, bending it at the knee. He pushed her bent leg onto the pool table.

Alex immediately recognized this position. It was the same one John used with Sue the night she watched them have sex. Alex turned her head to Jake. He was nodding in reassurance. Alex dropped her head again. The head of John’s cock was pushing at the entrance of her pussy lips. Alex was feeling nervous about the size of him and whether she could handle him within her.

John thrust forward. The head of his cock pressed into her. Alex gasped as the lips of her pussy already began to stretch for him. She bit her lip and tensed against the feeling. It was then she heard Jake whispering to her.

“Relax, Alex. Take a breath for me.”

Alex inhaled sharply. As she exhaled, John pushed further into her. The stretching of her vaginal walls was intense. The head of his cock was touching everything inside of her. Alex used her one standing leg to move up on tiptoe. She panted against the feeling of John inside of her.

“Take another breath.”

Alex looked at Jake. He was stroking his own cock. He appeared to be completely at ease with the situation. Jake leaned towards Alex and gave her a kiss. She tried to turn her body towards him, but she was impaled on John’s cock. Jake’s kiss melted her body and inflamed her clit all at the same time. The tenseness she experienced disappeared. With that, John pushed further into her cunt. She gasped and moaned into Jake’s mouth. It was incredible to feel John pull himself out to her pussy lips and push further into her. The walls of her cunt were on fire with his cock’s touch.

Jake maintained the kiss until Alex’s body jolted forward. That was when Jake knew John had fully entered Alex. He pulled away from the kiss and stroked her cheek with his hand. Her eyes shone with delight. She had never felt that full before.

John pushed her forward and just as quickly back. Alex yelped with the feeling of his cock’s head rubbing her from the inside. It was on his out stroke that forced Alex to cry out again. The head and its ridge kept rubbing her g-spot. After a minute of gentle pushing and pulling, John increased his speed.

Alex’s body swung easily into the motion. Her breasts jolted back and forth. They felt so heavy and full. Her nipples were completely hard with the need for an orgasm. John shifted his hips subtlety. Alex groaned as an orgasm pounded her body. Her nails scratched at the felt on the pool table, and her back arched. John pounded into her harder. Alex felt the familiar gushing of her juices.

John purred against the feeling of her pussy walls clamping around his cock. He closed his eyes and continued pushing his hips forward. He could tell all the ways her body was different than his wife’s. It wasn’t that Alex sometimes when we touch izle was better. She was just different. Another wave of clamping occurred.

Alex was trying to hold onto the world as waves of orgasms overcame her. At one point she heard Jake’s voice speaking to her. She wasn’t sure what was said. She wasn’t even sure if she had actually heard him. What she knew was that he was still there with her despite another man being inside of her.

John’s motions became jerky. Alex tensed and leaned back into his hips. John growled his orgasm as cum shot out of his cock into her. He kept pushing and pulling her hips against him. Alex shook and shivered as another orgasm raked her body. John finally stopped, panting with the effort of his release. He stood with his cock still buried inside of Alex. He looked over to Jake, and his friend nodded to him.

Alex’s arms collapsed at the elbows. She rested her head against the felt of the pool table. She couldn’t catch her breath. When she tried to look up, all she saw was her own hair. A hand brushed her hair aside. Her eyes met Sue’s. Sue was still lying on the pool table. She was turned on her side with her arm curled under her head. Her eyes were bright and tired all at the same time. Each woman spent a few moments looking over the face of the other.

Alex expected to see some kind of anger in Sue’s face. After all, she had just fucked her husband. Instead, there was nothing there, but kindness and caring. Alex smiled a large smile at the woman. It was then that she felt John pull away from her body. Alex gasped as his cock’s head rubbed her g-spot again. She arched her back to hold onto the feeling. However, John was already gone. She felt empty as having been stretched so completely by his cock.

Her leg fell from the pool table and she almost collapsed on top it. Suddenly, feeling tired, she closed her eyes. Hands pulled her, and she moved with them. She opened her eyes to realize she was in Jake’s arm. She leaned her head against his chest and sighed. She listened to his heartbeat. The sound of it was soothing and relaxing.

Jake bent and picked Alex up. She curled into his arms and slipped one of her own arms around his neck. Her head remained curled into the nook of his neck. He looked to Sue, and she jumped from the pool table. They moved towards the back storeroom. Sue pushed the curtain aside, allowing Jake to move through it with Alex. They continued to the back of the storeroom to a doorway. Sue opened the door that stood there.

“Get some sleep,” said Jake as he looked down at Alex. The woman was already half-asleep in his arms.

“You too, boss,” replied Sue as Jake moved through the doorway. She pulled the door closed behind them. She smiled a large grin and walked back into the bar area. Her husband was seated on a chair. His flaccid cock lay against his thigh. His eyes were heavy with tiredness too. She walked over to him and touched his shoulder. His eyes opened, and he smiled back at her.

“Let’s go home.”

John nodded and reached for his pants that were on the ground. Sue found all of her clothing and dressed as well. They walked to the front door arm and arm, heading home after a long night of work and play. As they got into the car, a thought came to Sue’s mind. She turned in the passenger seat and faced John.

“Do you think she still feels blue?”

John chuckled and pulled his wife into a gentle kiss. He could smell all of the scents of sex from the evening on her. It brought back all of the memories of the evening. He could picture the mirroring of the two ladies’ bodies and Alex riding Jake’s lap. He smiled at the idea of Alex helping Sue get off. His eyes fluttered at the remembered sensation of entering Alex from behind. All of it played like a small, fast forward movie in his mind. He looked his wife in the eyes.

“Isn’t that for her to decide?” he replied.


As of right now, I guess this is my planned exit for Alex and Jake. Yes, there is always the chance they could step back through the doorway into more sexual adventures. However, I have a new set of adventures planned for a different set of characters. Those stories are in the works. I’m wanting to diversify into a number of different genres. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the series. Best wishes and orgasms!

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