Getting Laid The Mature Way Ch. 03


During the following ten days the women kept me busy. They asked for my services actively. Every day I had to service at least two of them and a few days all three wanted to fuck. But I was lucky. The meetings never collided. Well, Rosie always wanted me in late evenings and the girls didn´t want me to be in the flat when both of them were there. I could always leave in time to see Rosie although sometimes there was little time in between for recovery. On those days when all three wanted to get fucked one of the girls came to see me already before lunch but they didn’t settle for just a quickie. No, they wanted a good fuck with much fondling and licking. And the other girl came in the afternoon at the end of my working hours. I guessed that they both would be in the flat that evening. Thus I was able to satisfy all three of them. But I was nervous all the time that Rosie should find out about the girls or that Belinda should discover that I also fucked Gunilla.

During these days I noticed that the girls improved the skill in the use of their pussy muscles. Especially Belinda improved considerably. It was very pleasant although she still had some way to go before she played in Rosie’s league. I thought that maybe the regular fucking we had was the reason and felt proud about that.

On the Monday Belinda asked me to take them to the little beach the following day. They would have the afternoon off since the Madame and the Consul would go away for a party of some sort and wouldn’t come back until the following day. Could I take the afternoon off too?

Well, I wasn’t very busy and could easily work some extra hours that day and the following morning so I was very happy to accept. Belinda got so happy that she pulled me with her to the lilac arbor for, what I thought, a quickie. That thought was backed up when on the way to the arbor she giggling told me that she was pantyless and had me to confirm the fact by putting my hand under her skirt. But it turned out that she was in an excellent mood and very horny. She giggling said that she was in no hurry and asked for the full treatment. She didn’t put her maids dress back on before I had taken her twice and made her come a dozen times. My lunch hour was nearly gone. When I came to Rosie’s bed that night I was rather tired because also Gunilla had been very horny in the afternoon demanding the full treatment. But I managed to satisfy Rosie too at least if that could be judged from her screams and body language. But I slept well the rest of that night.

The following afternoon I went to meet the girls on the path through the wood to the beach. I was right on time and had of course to wait for a few minutes. I had learnt that these girls often were a little late.

When they came I was flabbergasted. It was not because their lovely look in light summer dresses. That I had expected. No, they had Rosie in tow and I wondered what would now happen. I had expected the girls to take the bikini top off like last time and in my dreams I hoped that they would strip completely and swim in the nude. But with Rosie present none of that would happen of course.

“Hi Eric. The girls told me about a lovely beach and were kind enough to let me join them. Nice that you joined too. It’s such a lovely weather isn’t it? I am really looking forward to this.” She sounded totally relaxed. Well, she had told me that the girls had showed her great respect since our show but friendship? I was puzzled to say the least.

The three women chatted all the way to the tiny beach and Rosie praised the place when we got there.

They put down the baskets they had been carrying and put out a few towels to lie on. Then they really surprised me. They started to undress, neatly folding their dresses and putting the bundles on fresh grass. I expected them to wrap a towel around them when changing into their swimsuits but there was no sign of that when they were down to their undies. Totally unconcerned they went on taking off first the bras and then the small panties putting them too on the bundles of clothes. They walked casually around the tiny beach for a little while. I guess I stood gaping. I had seen all three of them naked plenty of times but this was different. They were walking around in the nude all together. Rosie with a lovely mature body with heavy, swinging breasts. The girls with their well muscled younger bodies also with big but firmer breasts and tight round asses. All three with lovely, rich bushes in different colors.

Suddenly Rosie went up to me.

“Aren’t you going to undress too? If you are staying you should level with us. Don’t be shy, the girls have seen you naked before, we all know that, don’t we?” She said laughingly and tugged at my shirt.

I started to slowly unbutton my shirt feeling a bit embarrassed. Rosie smiled at me encouragingly but then got impatient. She tugged at my shorts pulling them down. My cock sprang up when being freed. Rosie laughingly grabbed it and jacked it to full erection. Well, it wasn’t hard. All of izmir escort a sudden I wasn’t embarrassed anymore. And the three lovely naked women really turned me on.

Rosie stopped jacking my cock and took a step back.

“More of that later perhaps. Let’s talk first. The girls know that we have been fucking. Well, we showed them, didn’t we? But then you told Belinda that we have made it nearly all summer. And Belinda immediately told Gunilla that she had seduced you. What you don’t know is that Gunilla also told Belinda as soon as you had taken advantage of her.” Rosie giggled heavily and had to make a pause. “Well, as I understand it the question is who took advantage of whom that evening when you came to see Belinda but was met by Gunilla. A set up I would say. Well, no harm done but Gunilla and Belinda have had much fun keeping you in the dark. Your tongue slipped a few times though. Were you aware of that?” She laughed heartily and the girls joined her.

“Well, I too was told about your advancements and from then on we have been comparing notes so to speak. Yes, we have been talking about you. Women like to do that you know. We have become good friends, haven’t we girls? And the last ten days have been rather fun, don’t you agree? I must say that you have showed a great ability and a fantastic stamina. I got very impressed, I think we all were, that you so easily could take all three of us on a single day. Well, we did our best to spread out the encounters during the day didn´t we? And not only did you take us all but you did it very thoroughly to our full satisfaction making us come each time as much as we could muster.” She stopped again and looked at me smilingly. Suddenly all three of them were close and I felt their hands all over me. What they wanted suddenly became very clear.

“Take me first, please. I am the youngest and you won’t regret it, I promise,” Belinda whispered in my ear but so loud that the other two heard her. I looked at them and got their smiling approval. Belinda came into my arms when the others withdrew and I started to caress her body starting with her breasts that felt so nicely heavy when I cupped them. The nipples hardened under my touch and I pinched them which made Belinda moan of pleasure.

I was neither shy nor embarrassed. They had told me that they liked the way I took them, at least Rosie had said that but the others had agreed hadn’t they? So I just did what I used to do. Suddenly a thought struck me. The skill I had was Rosie’s work. She had taught me everything and given me lots of opportunities to practice with her. I remembered how she nearly always wanted me to take the lead. I looked up and caught her eye and smiled at her. She smiled back as if she had read my thoughts. But then Belinda demanded my full attention. She pushed me to lie down on my back and swiftly straddled me putting her pussy mound just above my face. That she wanted to be licked was evident. So I dug in caressing, kissing and licking.

After a while Belinda spun around but pushed her ass towards my face. While I caressed her pussy and clit she sucked my cock. Suddenly she cried out and her body shuddered in her first orgasm. I knew there would come several more if I did what she expected of me.

The shudders that rippled her body had hardly died away before she rose and left me. I sat up wondering where she had gone. But she had only crept a little forward and now stood on all fours waiting to be taken from behind.

Suddenly Gunilla knelt at my side with a condom ready. She carefully put it on and patted my ass urging me to move on. I knelt behind Belinda’s ass and suddenly Gunilla was beside me guiding my cock to the entrance holding it with two fingers. Her other hand spread Belinda’s pussy lips. When the cock head was in place she slapped my ass to get me going.

It became a lovely fuck. Belinda was horny and took a very active part meeting my thrust eagerly wanting my cock deep into her pussy. She varied the way she stood on hands and knees changing the pressure and angle of her pussy. Her internal muscles worked on my cock enhancing the feeling for both of us. And her small orgasms rippled through her body now and then making her to cry out.

Somewhere in the middle of it I looked up. Rosie and Gunilla were watching us. Their bodies moved slightly in rhythm with ours. Rosie caught my eye again and smiled. She made a gesture of approval which made me proud. My cock swelled a little more which pleasured Belinda to another orgasm. She probably thought that it was her doings that made my cock to swell.

Eventually we were ready for the big finale. Belinda got there first giving a signal by crying out. Her pussy narrowed nicely around my cock which took me over the brink too. I shot five or six loads into a screaming and shuddering Belinda. It was very satisfying.

I expected that Belinda would collapse forward as she normally did after such a tremendous orgasm and was ready to follow her down. But alsancak escort she kept her position on all fours carrying my weight on her back. I felt that her pussy muscles still were rippling along my cock. Suddenly her entrance closed tight around the base of my cock. She obviously wanted to keep me inside.

I looked up and saw Gunilla standing a few yards away watching intently. Rosie was behind her a little to the side. Gunilla cupped her mound and I could swear that one or two fingers were deep down her slit. She also cupped her breast squeezing them. I grabbed the breasts that were at my disposal doing the same which made Belinda to moan of pleasure.

Her pussy muscles very actively massaged my softening cock. I looked up again at Gunilla who now had an expectant and pleased expression on her face. She now definitely frigged her pussy and enjoyed it.

Suddenly I felt the same thing happen as when Rosie worked on my cock while the girls watched. The blood flow changed direction going back into the cock instead of leaving. I slowly hardened which Belinda wasn’t slow to notice. Her muscles worked even harder. When she was sure she cried out in triumph. Gunilla looked inquiringly at her.

“Yes, yes I could do it. He gets hard again. Oh my goodness, this is my lucky day.”

Before I knew what was happening she had pushed me out of her and pushed me down on my back. Then she straddled me and impaled herself on my hard pole and started a frantic ride laughing happily. The frantic ride went on and on and didn’t stop until we climaxed together. Only then did she stop, laughing and yelling to give way for a loud scream. I heard Gunilla join in and saw that she fell back in Rosie’s arms with her hand buried between her thighs.

Belinda stopped screaming and sat straight up, laughing happily. Today nothing seemed to tire her. Normally she would have been exhausted after two mighty orgasms in a row.

“Lovely Eric, it was just lovely and I am so proud that I could make you perform twice in a row without getting limp in between just as you did with Rosie. I was good, wasn’t I? My pussy I mean, that made you hard again. Oh Rosie, I am so happy that you taught me how to use my pussy muscles. Thank you very much. I hope you are satisfied with your pupil.” She laughed again this time making the other two to join in.

This time she didn’t even try to get me hard again. That had been wasted efforts of course. I felt totally spent and my cock shrank out of her although she still was sitting on top of me. Eventually she dismounted and leaned down to kiss me. She let her mouth slide along my body down to my cock. Suddenly she sat back with a horrified expression on her face.

“Oh my goodness, look at that. It’s so much, it must have been cheer luck that it didn’t burst,” she exclaimed pointing at my cock. At first I didn’t understand but then realized that it wasn’t the cock itself but the rubber she was referring to. She pulled it off me and held it up for all to see. And yes, I had to agree. It looked half filled and I wondered how my cock had fit in there too.

After that we swam for a while. I was the center of the activities with hands all over me. But they were demanding too, wanting to be caressed all over their bodies. All the time I had handfuls of breasts, pussy mounds and asses in my hands, breasts pressed against my back and hands on my cock.

After some time of these pleasant activities Gunilla embraced me in shallow water.

“I am so horny,” she whispered. “I know that you recover quickly. Have you rested long enough now to be able again?” She held me close grinding her body against mine. It felt great and I decided that my cock probably could get erect again. The memory of how good she was with her mouth and tongue suddenly flashed through my mind. That gave me an idea.

“Well, some help from your mouth might do the trick,” I said reluctantly. That made her laugh throatily and quickly pull me ashore. She pushed me down on my back and knelt at my side. Her mouth sought out my limp cock sucking it all into her mouth. It was a nice treatment and soon my cock started to swell.

Her ass was within comfortable reach and I caressed it while she worked on my cock. When my cock swelled I caressed through the crack of her ass. It was narrow further down but as soon as I pressed on to get deeper she moved her knees spreading her thighs. The ripe plum split up giving me easy access to the pussy slit all the way up to the clit. I caressed her thoroughly while she gave my hardening cock a lovely treatment with her tongue.

Suddenly she withdrew from my cock.

“Look, look at this. Eric is hard again. I just love to feel the cock grew in my mouth knowing that it is my doing,” she yelled to the others who sat a little to the side. But they had watched intently all the time and knew what was happening.

When she went back working on my cock I pushed a thumb into her pussy and closed my fingers around buca escort her mound. I held her in a firm grip and massaged the whole area. I searched for the rough spot on her inside and knew directly when I found it because she cried out and pressed down against my hand. I kept on massaging which made her forget about my cock. She just closed her lips around the cock head as if she needed something to bite into to stand a pain. But it wasn’t pain she felt but pleasure. She moaned and started to shudder and suddenly cried out leaving my cock.

Belinda suddenly was at our side handy with a rubber. Gunilla straddled me swiftly and hovered over my cock before she slowly lowered her bottom until she felt the tip of my cock against her entrance. Then she hovered again while she used the cock head to caress her slit. But then she took me into her with small movements up and down until she was totally impaled on my cock.

She rode me for a long time changing behavior now and then. She started out slowly giving the pleasure plenty of time to build up. It was quite different from last time we were at the lake. Then she had worked hard to catch up with her boyfriend and get some joy from his banging her. I guess that she now counted on that it would take a long time for me to come given my record that day and used it to her own benefit.

She rode for her own pleasure slowly bringing herself towards the first of several orgasms. When it came it shook her body making her cry out loudly. Her pussy narrowed and rippled uncontrolled along my shaft. She sat down on me leaning forward. Her ample boobs caressed my chest and when she came to she put a long hard nipple in my mouth. When I bit into the nipple it was as I had flicked a switch. She came to life and started to ride me again.

She did that every time. When she came she leaned forward letting her heavy boobs dangle just above my face until I caught a nipple. When I took a good bite she got started again.

I too enjoyed. Her pussy was smooth and warm and accommodated me lovely. Her changing behavior also included the pressure she put around my cock. She gave me a very good time. I hope I repaid her adding to her pleasure by caressing her body and especially her boobs that got caressed, the hard nipples that got pinched and the ass cheeks that I squeezed hard.

Finally there was no reaction when I bit her nipple. She sat on me well recovered and looked smilingly down at me.

“I want a change. Will you fuck me being on top? Please?” She begged and dismounted me. She lay down on her back and spread her thighs wide. She held out her arms to welcome me.

I had no objection. I felt ready for the real thing and got the absolute feeling that she was ready too. So I lay down on top of her letting her take my entire weight. I rose above her supporting myself on hands and feet not touching her body. I lowered my ass to let my cock probe her to find the entrance to heaven. I failed at my first try but before I had time to try again a hand held my cock and guided it to the right place. It was Belinda who returned the favor.

I slid inside and started to pump. I was hovering above Gunilla with only my cock in contact with her body. I swung my ass up and down sliding in and out of her pussy. Gunilla adjusted her position to get the most out of my movements. She pulled her knees up and back as far as they would go raising her pelvis and thus meeting me higher up and getting it harder. She moaned of pleasure.

After some time of this rather power consuming fucking I lowered myself pinning her down. She heaved under me taking my cock deep inside and wriggled her ass to get some movements from my cock. I put my knees on the ground and really set to work. I did my best fucking her with long hard strokes that made her moan and grunt. She raised her legs high up in the air and after a while put them on my shoulders. That gave me a very pleasant angle in her pussy and made my thrusts long and hard. I felt that we were close.

A few good thrusts took us over the top together. Gunilla shuddered and cried out, I started to deliver my seed in heavy loads. Gunilla put her legs around my waist pulling us close together. Her shudders spread to my body as well and her pussy rippled along my cock milking it. It was just lovely.

I rested on top of her letting her carry my weight. I had no strength left to lift myself above her but she didn’t complain. Instead she embraced me with both arms and legs holding me real close for a long time. I even think she cried a little at least her eyes were moist when I was able to lift my head and look at her. She met my gaze with beaming eyes and a big happy smile.

“Now that was a real good fuck,” I heard Rosie exclaim at our side. I had forgotten about them watching. “I guess that you are satisfied, Gunilla,” she added with laughter in her voice.

“Satisfied, oh my goodness. Am I satisfied? Oh yes, god almighty. Goodness gracious me, I never thought something like this was possible. With my boyfriend I come once if I am lucky and work hard for it. Now I came I don’t know how many times. It felt like I could ride for ever into the sunset. I am so happy that you set this up Rosie and pushed me when I had my doubts.” She hugged me and grinded her pussy against my now rather tired cock.

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