Getting Anthony Ch. 05


You were in bed with Anthony the night you both returned from the long weekend he had taken you on to a cabin in the woods. He was asleep after giving you another great fucking. You were impressed with his ongoing willingness to do everything to make you happy. You wanted to do something for him, but as much as you racked your brain, the only thing that you seemed to be able to do was let him do all the work. You had tried to carry some of the luggage in when you got home, but he took it out of your hands while kissing you. You had gently struggled against him, but he insisted. Even little things he wanted to handle. It wasn’t like he thought you couldn’t do them, just that he wanted to do them for you.

The long weekend with Anthony naked the entire time was a dream. Everyone has fantasies of living on a tropical island with a hot man and being naked all the time. You had been living that fantasy, and Anthony kept it up for you as much as possible staying nude at home.

You fell asleep hearing Anthony’s breathing, very content.

Work was pretty normal, except you missed seeing Anthony naked all day long. You knew exactly what was under the clothes he wore, and were able to see it when you made it home.


You had some things to do after work one day, so you got home after Anthony had been there for a while. As you entered, you looked at how well the place was maintained. Anthony kept the place in perfect order, military corners when he made the bed – and he did it all while naked. You loved watching him do the household chores with his dick and balls swinging. You found him in the living room. He was, of course, nude and you could see that big dick and balls. He was playing some first-person shooter game. You didn’t care for those types of games, and you knew he would give them up if you wanted him to. But you didn’t want to rid him of everything, you liked him and wanted as much of his personality to stay as possible. You did get him to drink less, as he’d been getting drunk a bit too much before you got together. You enjoyed the sight of him playing video games naked. He saw you and smiled. “Dinner will be ready soon. Almost done with this campaign.” Anthony said.

“Great, man.” He did score well and serve dinner, all naked. And you got a really good fucking – Anthony was so good at that.

The next day Anthony had a meeting with clients and so had to wear a suit. Looking at him in the morning you got really turned on. Before you left you kissed him deep “You look so hot.” You said. You felt him up under his suit jacket.

Anthony kissed you back. “You’re going to get me harder, and I’m going to be late.”

“We can’t have that.” You reply, and you both headed for work.

After work and back home, Anthony sat you down in the living room and put on some music. He moved in time with the beat. He started to shuck his jacket off, and you could see his body moving under his clothes. The jacket came off and he tossed it aside. His body continued to move and he began to remove his belt. Your dick was hard, and the belt got sent away, followed by the shoes.

He began to undo his tie. “Leave that on.” You said. Anthony smiled and began to unbutton his shirt, and you could see his hairy chest start to come out, the shirt got tossed aside next, leaving his tie, and his trousers were opened and began to move down his hips. Anthony really did look like a professional stripper, and was soon just in his boxers, it was obvious he was hard, and his big dick moved the fabric and it was so erotic.

His boxers came off, and it was much better than most strippers, since boners usually weren’t allowed. Once he was fully naked, he came up to you and began to grind his naked ass on your leg. He was wearing just the tie Kayaşehir Escort and it was very sexy, Anthony’s big cock was between you and you grabbed it, stroking it. Anthony groaned. He began to remove your shirt, and kissed you. He quickly got your clothes off and rimmed you before easing his dick into your ass. He fucked you deep and slow, just as you asked. After slowly fucking you for a while you told him to speed up and he did, cumming just as you did. He licked your cum off of you before coming up for another kiss.

The next day was Saturday and Anthony had a tennis match. Tennis was his favorite physical activity outside of fucking you, and where you didn’t have much actual interest in the game, again you let Anthony have part of his “old” life. This time you went to watch him play.

Sitting in the stands, there seemed to be some light hitting your eye, on and off, but you couldn’t find the source and mostly ignored it. After the match had been going on for a while, a man sat down next to you.

“He is one remarkable example of manhood, isn’t he?” The man said.

You looked at him, feeling a bit groggy. He seemed vaguely familiar, but you couldn’t place him. “He certainly is.” Anthony had just made a backhand. You continued to look at the man with a puzzled expression on your face.

“You’re wondering where you know me from.” He said matter-of-factly.


“I was the hypnotist at a work function you both attended.”

“Shit.” The word came out much slower than you would have thought given the surprise you felt.

“Don’t worry, I’ve just relaxed you a bit. I wanted to talk.” The hypnotist said.

“I feel slow.” You said.

“It’s OK, it will go away, and I’m not going to do anything to you. I just want to ask you a few questions. Is that OK?”

“Sure.” You answered, knowing you couldn’t resist.

“Good. So how did it start? The two of you?”

“We were working late, and I said something. Then his eyes got all glazed over, he ripped off his shirt and started giving me a lap dance.”

“Hmm. Not how I expected it, but all right. Did you fuck him?”

“No, he fucked me.”

“Why was that?”

“I’m a bottom. I told him that.”

“Hmm. How is getting fucked by him?”

“Best I’ve ever had. He always fucks me when and where and how I want him to.”

“Good, good. I take it you are dating?”

“We’ve moved in together.”

“Excellent. How is that going, how are your living arrangements?”

“It’s perfect. He does everything. All the chores, cleaning. He’s naked at home all the time.”

“Why is that?”

“I told him I liked it.”

“Does he do a lot of things for you?”

“Everything, I don’t have to lift a finger. He even massages my feet and sucks them.”

“Perfect. I take it you’re happy.”


“Have you told him?”


The hypnotist was silent for a few seconds “Good, I’m glad things are working out so well.” Another few seconds went by. “In case you are wondering, no, he’s not under some hypnotic spell to do all of this for you.”

“No?” You ask. If true, that would be so wonderful.

“No, he’s not. On stage, I planted a suggestion that he come back after the event to me. He did. I wanted to suck his cock, and I admit I used my ability to do just that. But I’m not the type to use a man and just discard him. I had him under hypnosis, and I asked about his life. He said he was lonely and wanted to find someone.”

“He did?”

“Yes. All I did was make it possible. Anthony has a strong drive to make his lover happy. I just set it up so he would find a lover he wanted and do just that. All I really did was remove a few barriers he had set up in his own mind that Kayaşehir Escort Bayan were keeping him lonely. He’s doing what deep down he really wants to.”

“But he had no memory of giving me the lap dance or fucking me that first time.” You say. It was hard to put together such a long sentence.

“That I did do. I arranged it so he would be pretty committed when he decided who he wanted. I knew he might resist a bit, and, well, I wanted to leave him happier than I found him. I think I have.”

“So he’s not under a spell?”

“No, he’s all yours. And he is happier than he has ever been in his life. You’ve given him someone to love, someone to take care of. That’s what he wanted deep in his soul. You’re not taking advantage of him at all. He’s doing this of his own free will. A free will I let loose, granted, but his free will nevertheless.”

“Thank you.” You were almost ready to cry. You had worried some that Anthony was being forced somehow to please you, and the fact that it was all him was a great relief. You didn’t have to feel bad at all.

The hypnotist rose. “Take good care of him. Let him do things for you, it’s what makes him happiest.”

The man left, leaving you to your thoughts, which became less foggy. A great weight had lifted from you. Anthony wasn’t some mind-controlled sex slave. He was in full control of his faculties, only compelled to the initial encounter. It had been obvious that he was under a hypnotic spell that time, you hadn’t been sure if his activities were compelled after that. Now, you knew. All him. His choice. His own free will. Damn, his free will drove him to do so very much. Must be all that marine training.

Anthony won his match, and drove you home. In the door, you watched him strip down. For the first time, you watched him do this and knew that this was all his own choice. Tears came to your eyes. When he stood up, naked and slightly hard, he looked at you. “Are you all right?” Concern deep in his voice and face.

“I just love you so much.” You said, your voice cracking. It felt so good to tell him, to finally say the words you had held back in fear that one day he would snap out of some trance and leave you.

The look on his face was priceless. Relief and joy fought to be predominant. He didn’t move. “Really?” He asked, almost unsure.

“More than anything in my life.” You said.

Anthony swept you into his arms. “And I love you. I’ve loved you since before we got together. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know how you felt.” He planted a kiss on you. A kiss you did not let him break, pulling his head to yours.

He carried you into the bedroom, laying you onto the bed and began to remove your clothes, kissing you everywhere the skin became exposed, covering you with kisses. Once you were as naked as he was, he lay next to you and kissed you on the lips.

His lips were soft but strong. His tongue was fully touching yours, an intimate contact so often overlooked by people. The innermost parts of two men together, feeling each other, taking each other in. Your breath mingling, inhaling the air he breathed out. Like a cock, a tongue can be soft and hard at the same time. Close and personal, touching and being touched.

You felt each other’s chests. Your cocks were hard and rubbing against each other. Anthony’s body was stretched out next to yours. You had physically wanted him from the first time you saw him at work, and as you got to know each other there, grown to really like him. But you didn’t let yourself fall for him until he made the first move. Now you were deeply in love. Nothing is like being held by the man you loved.

You kissed down his chin, neck, chest, until you reached his cock and kissed up the Escort Kayaşehir shaft. You kissed around the crown. Anthony moaned, you had wrapped your hand around his pole, moving up and down. You took the head and as much of his huge member into your mouth as you could, loving every inch.

You felt his balls, the skin silky, the testes inside rolling as your fingers moved them. More groaning from him, he was feeling so good. You sped up sucking him, feeling him hit the back of your throat. He was rock hard, precum leaking and you could taste it. You sucked him deep, enjoying it as much as he was, you were sure.

Anthony moved, getting you both into a 69 position, and took your dick in his mouth, going all the way down, he could do that so much better than you could. You shivered in ecstasy, bringing up your hands to knead his ass cheeks. This was wonderful, you had finally been able to admit you loved him, and hear that he loved you back. Now, the physical part of mutual love, pleasuring him as he pleasured you. You didn’t feel rushed, you wanted to enjoy the time with him, to be in contact with his body. Anthony had stamina, he had proven it time and time again. Stamina that he used to make you forget the rest of the world. You lazily worked his equipment, taking time to draw it out. He was doing the same to you. Who knows how long you did this, time had become meaningless.

You pushed hard to get his cock deep in your throat, privately proud of how much further you could get it now than before. When you came up for air, you stroked him. “Fuck me now?”

“Oh, yes baby.” Anthony moved to rim you, which was like his signature move before starting a fuck. His tongue was uninhibited in your ass, sending you even wilder than before. He pulled his face out and moved your legs to his shoulders, looking down at you with unbridled love in his eyes. You were sure your eyes showed the same. His dick slid into your hole. It felt like home to you, just what you wanted and like you wanted to feel every minute of your life. It was the best feeling you had ever had, being joined to him physically and emotionally. He started slow, the vision and sensations of the love of your life pumping in and out of you sending you to a plane of existence you never thought possible. What little part of your mind that could think, so overwhelmed you were with him.

“Faster.” You whispered, Anthony went faster, his desire to do what you wanted greater than his desire to please himself. You felt the same way about him. You would do anything for him. The struggle you had was letting him do so much for you. It made it seem like you were just a taker, but all his actions, his face, and what the hypnotist had said all went to him doing it all. “Faster, fuck me faster.” He sped up again. It was like magic, all you had to do was want something and he did it.

Were his eyes different from the last time he fucked you? Yes, it was the love you had professed for each other. Before, it seemed he just had hope that he was making you happy. Some of that was still there, but also the love he had for you. That was even better. Acknowledging how you felt for each other made it all so much better. You were relieved that you no longer thought you were taking advantage of him. No longer any reservations. No longer worried that he might snap out of it and leave forever. Now he was yours for eternity. No impediments, he was freely yours. The very thought made you cum. That surprised you, since it was the idea he was with you for good more than the physical fucking. Anthony’s eyes grew wide as he saw you cum, he wasn’t fucking you as hard has he usually was when you came. But pleasing you was what got him off, and your shooting triggered the same in him, and he buried his cock in your ass, just shivering as he came, all his fucking motions stopped.

He fell on the bed next to you. You reached around him, pulled him close and kissed him. “I can’t believe you love me. Promise me you’ll love me forever as I love you.”

“I promise.” Anthony said, starting a new kiss with you.

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