Game She Played Pt. 01


He was a young guy of 18 years of age. She was a lady 48 year old. They lived in the same neighbourhood and she was a close friend to his mother for the last 5 years and knew him since he was a young teenager.

Whenever she was at his home they used to be playful. She loved to be kiddish with kids and he always found her amusing and interesting in her games.

She was childless and married to a man much older than her, who over the years had lost all interest in sex and they hardly had a physical relationship over the last five years.

One of the favourite games they played was hit and run where actually one person would playfully slap the other person and run away out of reach of the other person. She would also spend time with him playing some indoor board games both at his house and slowly began inviting him to her own house. Of course her husband was never at home on such occasions and his mother never suspected anything to go wrong as it was a very playful mother-son relationship that had bloomed between the two over the years.

Months and years passed and they continued this playful relationship. None had ever any sexual thoughts or connotations for this beautiful relation that had developed between two people separated by sex and age.

The young teenager izmir escort had matured into a nice tall lad of 18 years and his body had begun to shape like a man with wide shoulders and chest. But to him, she was always his playmate for games they played together over the years and the time he spent with her was always enjoyable.

She was now however becoming conscious of her young teenage friend moving towards becoming a man and secretly admired his body and the lack of physical relationship in her life made her long for his company more and more and raised fantasies in her mind to possess his body with hers.

Then it happened one fine day. She had gone to his house to meet his mom and spend some time with her for typical neighbourhood gossip. He saw an opportunity, as she was busy talking to his mom standing in the kitchen to play the hit and run game. As he approached her stealthily from behind without making a sound, thinking to give her a playful slap behind her shoulder and run out of her reach, she bent forward while on her legs a bit at the final movement and slap missed her shoulders and landed hard on her big wide ass.

She yelped and turned around, but he ran away laughing out of the kitchen shouting he was one up alsancak escort in the game, not realising the embarrassment and pain he had caused her. She didn’t run after her but quietly rubbed her ass where his hand had made the hard contact. She remained with his mom in the kitchen and left after a couple of hours of gossiping.

All was forgotten as they didn’t meet for a week. Or that was what he thought.

A week later, his parents had to go out of town for a day trip. They advised him to have lunch and dinner at his friend’s place. The friend was none but the neighbour lady. He thought he would not only have lunch but maybe play some games and spend some goof time with her during the day. Thinking innocently he reached her house much before lunch time and rang the doorbell.

She welcomed him inside as they both reached the living room and sat on couches in front of each other. He tried to chat, but warmth from her was missing suddenly. He tried vainly for about 15 minutes and feeling awkward proposed to play some games with her thinking that it would get her out of the bad mood she was having for whatever reason.

But she turned down his proposal. She said that he was now grown up to be playing kid games at home buca escort with her. He pleaded but she maintained her stony resolve not to entertain him.

He got up from his couch and sat next to her on her couch and asked her what was wrong but she wouldn’t specify maintaining that he should now look for playmates his own age. After much cajoling and pleading she finally told him she was upset with him for his hit and run slap the other day at his home.

He was shocked and then remembered the incident. He knew he had to make up for his error and began to plead her for ignoring his act and pardon him keep the relationship intact but she was obstinate.

He pleaded and pleaded for next ten minutes. But she would not relent. Finally, he was about to give up when she said as his eyes lit up, that she would be willing to play with him again but on one condition.

Excited with her response, he agreed readily to oblige her with any condition she imposed. Not realising what he was being led into. He uttered his agreement to her condition, whatever it was.

She asked him to sit down in front of her. Not on the couch but on the floor near her legs. She patted his head and ran her hand through his hair as he pleased with her behaviour smilingly asked her again what was the condition she had in mind.

When she had his complete attention she said, she wanted to pat him back, just like the game, at very same place he had done it to her last, on his rump, but not once but more than that, and that he needed to be bare down there. No trousers or underpants, directly her hand on his rump’s skin.

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