Gail, Tail, and Another Male

Kissing Penis

It was a warm evening late in March. De Soto, Texas was a wonderful place to live. I was out in the back yard mowing and getting the yard ready for Spring. Jessie, my college bound neighbor had stepped out to chat for a while. I heard a car pull into the driveway, looked at my watch and said well she’s right on time. Just a moment later Gail came through the gate and into the backyard. As he had done before, Jessie locked his eyes on her. No doubt all day long men had done the same thing and thought the same thoughts Jessie was now thinking. She had stopped by the tanning salon on her way home and obviously had not put on all of her undergarments. Her nipples were protruding through her blouse and her legs were the way I like them, bare. She could see that we were both looking at her breast and made them move even more as she got closer to us. It’s funny how a woman’s stride can bring them to life. I got a hug and she winked at Jessie.

I reached out to playfully pinch her left nipple and she flinched and turned sideways. I put my arms around her and pulled her towards me, back first. My hands and arms were under her breast and as I hugged and kissed the back of her neck she tried to squirm away. I then wrapped my arms around her and picked her up and began swinging her around in a circular motion. Her legs were opened and Jessie got a view of her panties each time her crotch came around. I slowed the rotation each time her legs were facing him so as to ensure eye contact. As I stopped, we both were dizzy and I turned loose of her and she stumbled in Jessie’s direction. He reached for her and got a hand full of titty. It was a good move on his part, She was dizzy and couldn’t stand up. I knelt down in front of her to get my balance and was looking up her skirt. No panties!

Jessie had gotten a glimpse of her fur, and now was holding her up by her breast. I told him to hold on to her as I stepped between her legs and folded my arms under each one and lifted her up. Jessie wasn’t sure what her reaction to this playing would be so he was a bit apprehensive about where his hands should or should not be. As we got her in the air she was laughing and giggling at the predicament she was in and the fact that she knew that I knew she wasn’t wearing panties. Her skirt was about six inches from that pretty black pussy. Jessie’s grip and erratic movement was pulling her blouse up almost exposing her breast.

As we toyed with her, My dick got very hard. I knew that Jessie’s had to be too. I kept bouncing her up and down trying to get that skirt up higher but it wouldn’t expose her. I let go of my grip on her legs and her feet went to the ground. Jessie relaxed his hold and as she regained her balance she leaned towards me. She wasn’t through playing and I know Jessie was glad. I flipped her around again and ran my right arm through her legs and my left under her left side and lifted her up to my torso. My right forearm was directly in her snatch. I looked at Jessie and all I could see was the bulge of his dick protruding through his shorts. Gail saw it too. I was impressed! I moved her so that the wetness of her pussy was getting my arm wet. My left hand had her left breast in it and I just squeezed her from both ends. Finally I put her on her feet and she turned, looked at me and punched me in the stomach.

I reached out and grabbed Gail by the collar and kissed her square on the mouth. I spun her around again and pressed my hard dick straight in to the small of her back and lifted her up off the ground. Her legs opened for just a moment and Jessie got another quick shot. I held her tight for a moment and then slowly released my hold. She began to slide out of my arms. She was sliding but her cloths were not. I looked at Jessie and his eyes were fixed on her thighs. Her pussy was almost looking at him when her feet touched the ground. The skirt fell back into place and I could see the disappointment rush over his face. But, I still had a hold around her ribcage and held her so that her midriff was exposed. Again she tried to squirm away and I let her go to the ground. I rolled her over on her back and began goosing her.

I straddled her body and gentle sat down on her tummy and pinned her arms up over her head. kocaeli escort Jessie’s dick was now at my eye level and she could see it as well from her angle. As I raised up she kicked her legs up which through the hem of her skirt up to her crotch and when I settled down on her again I pinned the skirt above the hair line. Jessie’s hand went to his face and a sheepish grin let her know that she was now truly exposed! My dick was hurting. I didn’t now whether to keep going or release her. Then I just stood up and grabbed her outstretched hands and pulled her to her feet. I stood her up, got another kiss and she headed for the back door. She said she was going in to take a muscle relaxer and a hot bath.

And with that we were alone again. Jessie had never said much and now he was speechless. I shouldn’t have let her go in so quickly. I told him what a gem she was and that it took a lot to embarrass her. We had walked back over to the mower when something caught Jessie’s eye behind me. The bath room light had come on. I turned and looked at it and then asked him if he wanted to have some more fun. He said yes. We went over to the shed and got a latter and went to the window.

The miniblinds were open just enough to look in and see what was happening. I went up first and looked in at Gail as she was sitting on the toilet. I motioned for Jessie to come up and look. We were in a tight position about three feet in the air and the cover of darkness was upon us. He looked in just as she stood up and leaned over the tub to turn the water on. Her ass was right in our line off view, she couldn’t have given us a better look at her pussy lips if she had been trying. She was bent over at the waist and her sex was glistening in the light. A rear view of the female genitals, such as this one, can absolutely take a man’s breath away. Jessie sighed and made an adjustment in his shorts. Her breast were in that hanging position that makes a man want to milk them.

Gail loves bubbles. She had put plenty in the water and they were rising as fast as our peckers had! Then she stepped into the water and slowly disappeared. All but her head was now hidden from us. I looked at Jessie and told him to stay put. This wasn’t over yet. I went into the house, got two wine coolers and headed for the bathroom. I stepped in and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. Gail was very calm, she reached for a cooler and downed it real fast. I reached into the water and bubbles and exposed her breast to the eyes of the young man in the window. I slowly rubbed the nipples and fondled the entire breast for his pleasure. I had taken one drink from my cooler when Gail reached for it and finished it off. As she handed me the bottle, I took it and placed it in the water between her legs. I moved the bubbles so that Jessie could see that I was slowly slipping the open end into her pussy. Slowly the bottle disappeared inside her. I moved it in and out and she began to smile. The more I moved it, the more she moved. It didn’t take long for an orgasm to hit her. Her pussy came up about eight inches out of the water as she came. He was able to see it all. She slowly sank back into the water and I removed the bottle.

Gail wasn’t much of a drinker. It didn’t take much to put her out. The two wine cooler’s and the hot bath along with the muscle relaxer hit real fast. Just after the orgasm, Gail fell asleep. I reached up to her face and shook her head but it was two late. She was out. I had to get her out of the tub but she was to slippery and all covered with bubbles. I looked up at the window and motioned for Jessie to come inside. I heard the door shut and he made his way to the bathroom. He stood at the door and I told him she had passed out and that we needed to get her out of the tub. I released the drain and the water level went down, only problem was all those bubbles! I told him to come in and help me. He stood at the door and hesitated not knowing if she would wake up or open her eyes and scream or what.

I assured him it was all right and to hurry. I told him to reach up and turn the shower head towards the wall and I turned the water on. I adjusted the temperature and then he turned the head toward her body. The bubbles and suds were now running off kocaeli escort bayan her nude body exposing the bare flesh. I reached down and put my hands under her armpits and tried to pick her up. She was total dead weight and very slippery. I got her up but realized that she still had to much soap on her and gently sat her back down. Jessie was totally scared stiff and moving the shower head up and down her body. I leaned forward and opened her legs so that the water could rinse the suds out of her snatch. This blew Jessie’s mind. I was kneeling at her open knees and reached down and rubbed her wet patch and separated her lips to get the soap out. I told him to hold the water on her pussy and fingered all the soap out of it. I realized my dick was hard and hurting. As I started to stand up, my right arm brushed against Jessie’s extended penis. I was thinking that I myself needed to see this thing!

I turned the water off and we looked at her. Man she was amazing. Her head was lying towards the shower wall. Her breast just lay there moving up and down with each breath. The water was slowly running down her thigh to the black hair that now glistened in the light. We need to get her to the bed. I looked at Jessie and he agreed. I bent down and gently leaned her forward. I put my hands under her arms and cupped her breast with them. I lifted her up and motioned for Jessie to get her legs. He put his left hand under her right ankle and raised it up. His right hand scooped up her left leg. His eyes were trained on the patch of hair directly in front of him. We raised her up and suddenly I realized that we were in the same, yet opposite position from earlier in the yard.

He had positioned himself between her legs as we carried her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and over to the bed. In one awkward move, I pulled the covers down on the bed and we put her on it. I pulled the sheet over her body but left her left leg exposed. I let out a loud sigh and looked at Jessie and laughed. I said, Man I ain’t believ’in this!

He mumbled and said he couldn’t either. He was looking at the tanned leg that was still exposed. His dick was still erect and his eyes were saying that he wanted to see more. Well there she was, totally wasted and very vulnerable. The water still on her body was being soaked up by the sheet. You could see her features being highlighted as the cotton sheet gave in to the moisture. It was just another turn on. She was my wife and I was totally in charge!

I reached down and slowly removed the sheet. There before us was all this candy just waiting to be tasted. I put her arms over her head and fluffed the pillow. The only light in the room was coming from the bathroom. Her tummy was sunk in and her pelvis bone was raised up. Her breast were again moving with her every breath. I could hear Jessie breathing. His eyes were feasting on my wife’s nude body again. I broke the silence and told him to touch her. Again he sighed. It’s alright. Touch her. He started to lean forward but stopped short. Don’t be afraid, just touch it. I took his arm and moved it toward her pussy.

I placed his hand on it and let go. Instinct took over and he started to caress it very slowly. I stepped to the end of the bed and took hold of her ankles and gently pulled her legs apart exposing her genitals. I told him to slip his finger in the slit and move it up and down. That move always brings a reaction out of Gail. Her body twitched and Jessie stepped back thinking she had woke up. I motioned for him to take up the same position and finger her some more. My dick was aching now! I wanted to see him do more and had no plans of stopping. I reached down and opened the slit so that we could see the vagina.

He stuck his finger in and Gail moved again. I showed him her clit and motioned to caress it. Gail started moving her hips and the pelvic bone raised up. I told him to apply more pressure to the clit. I took his right hand and placed it on her left breast and motioned for him to finger the nipple. Again Gail moved as she had in the tub earlier and came to orgasm. Her facial expressions were that of pure pleasure. I had seen them before during some of the sexual games we had played. She was relaxed now, and izmit escort in a deep sleep.

Jessie’s dick was bulging again. I wanted to see it and quickly reasoned how to do just that. I picked up Gail’s hand and motioned for him to step closer to it. His shorts were loose and his dick was long. I placed her hand on the top of his penis and let go. It was like he wanted to explode. He jerked backwards causing her hand to fall to the bed. I popped him in the back of the head and said man lets do this right! Drop your shorts! He looked at me as if I was crazy. I told him that if he wanted her he would have to drop em. He looked at her and then looked at his bulge and dropped em. His dick had mine beat by about two inches! It was what I thought it would be. I motioned toward her hand and he placed it on his rod. I took it and squeezed it around his dick and gave it a couple of forward and backward jerks and he raised up on his tip-toes. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Oh yea, he said. My hand was also touching it. I don’t think he realized it. It was a thrill that I had never known. Gail moved her head and that got our attention. Her face was facing the side of the bed where we were standing. I put my hand under her head and moved her mouth closer to the edge of the bed. Her hand fell back to the bed and he stepped up to her face at my prompting. I tilted her head and put my thumb on her chin and opened her mouth so that he could slip the head in. He was trembling and I just knew he was going to cum at any time. As his head touch her lips, I opened her mouth a little more and about an inch of his tool went in side. That’s when it happened! With out any warning, a spirit of cum came out and hit Gail ‘s lips and teeth. But that wasn’t the end of it. He had a hold of this monster and it was spraying everything in it’s path! Another stream down her chin, across her breast and stomach. I was trying to keep him pointed in the opposite direction that I was standing in. I held him in the direction of her pussy and he unloaded a big glob right in her nest. I don’t know how Gail kept from hearing him with all the “uh-uh-uh-uh and oh’s!

Finally it dried up but never lost it’s hardness. I took his hand and caressed the cum covered pussy. I opened her legs again and he slipped his cum covered fingers in side of her. Caress, I said. She loves that. Again he brought her to orgasm. I looked at Gail’s face and the cum that was on her lips was gone. She must have swallowed it. My dick was on fire! I told Jessie to get on the bed. He did not hesitate. Her legs were wide open and he crawled into position. I told him to stick it in. He awkwardly tried to get it in but had a little trouble. As he held himself up, I reached for his rod and guided it in for him. That pleasure that only a man knows hit him as her pussy engulfed his dick.

He started the motion but I knew he had already shot his wad. Still up and down, in and out. Gail just lay there with out a care. Then suddenly, not ten minutes after his first explosion, he was doing it again. He was filling Gail with hot cream and about to rip her body in two. I got so excited that I two started to cum and barely got my dick out when it rained all over her side and arm. Jessie pushed himself up and stood at the end of the bed looking at her. Cum dripped from his penis and hit the floor. It was so quiet that you could actually hear it touch down. All I could say was Damn! That was good. He just stood there for a moment and then realized his condition. I gave him a part of the sheet to wipe the excess off. He then reached for his shorts and slid into them.

I’ll never forget his next words, “will she remember this in the mornin’?”

No, I said. She won’t ever remember it. I motioned toward the door and we went out to the back door. As we stepped out I told him that this would be our secret. He agreed and started home. He looked up at the bathroom window and smiled. I went back into the house and started down the hall to the bedroom. I stepped over to the dresser and hit the off button on the minicam. I headed in to the bathroom and kicked the sheet out of the way. Steam was filling the bathroom and the mirror and micro lens had already started to fog over. I quickly undressed and stepped into the shower and kissed Gail on the back of the neck. I ran my hands all over her body and said Girl! You are one fine actress! I don’t think we can ever top this one!

We added the tape to our collection.

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