Full Moon Fantasies Ch. 01


I watch as you enter the reception area of your office. I am captivated by you as I was the first time that we met. You take my outreached offered hand. The sensation is electric. I can see in your eyes the feeling is mutual but we must keep things professional.

“Good to see you again.” You smile warmly. Your dark expressive eyes reflex the lighting and make them sparkle.

“Yes, good to see you again too.” I stupidly reply. “Thank you for meeting with me.”

My company is the producer; yours is the delivery. Would a mutual union be beneficial? That’s what this meeting was supposed to be about.

“This way please.” You guide me to the main conference room. “Would you like some coffee or something?”

“No thank you. I am good for now.” I follow you into the room as you close the door.

I notice how professionally you are dressed. A form fitted, tailored black suit. Your white silk blouse beneath is conservatively unbuttoned with only the top one undone. The skirt hem ends a respectable few inches above your knees. I observe your shiny legs telling me that you are wearing hosiery. The matching pumps have a thin four inch heel.

The board room is quite spacious. There is a solid looking, 12-foot wooden table with high back, executive swivel chairs around it. You of course sit at the head of the room and offer me the seat to your left. We start the conversation but not with business.

“Was the traffic bad coming here?” You ask.

“Yes. Making it downtown is a hassle at times. Especially from the boonies where I live.” I confess. “Although I used to have a place in town, the commute to my plant made more sense for me to move to the ‘burbs’.”

“I’m luck, I guess. My place is not too far from here and I usually walk.” You extend a pointed foot to display your shapely calf towards me. “Good for my legs!”

“Um… rise of empires ottoman izle Er… Yes. Good… Legs!” I sputter back as you cross your outstretched leg over the other.

Your hem has risen a few more inches due to your high leg cross over. I groan to myself.

“So then after you moved, how far is your place from work? Do you drive?” You continue.

“I’m still a fair way away so I still drive.” I add. “I guess if I really wanted I could walk but I’m pretty lazy.”

“Looks like you keep yourself in shape though.” You smile. The tip of your tongue extends out and licks your generous lips. You run the top of her foot against my calf. “Your muscle seems firm enough. Feels hard.”

“Wow. Is it getting a little warm in here?” I stammer. “Would you mind if I took off my jacket?”

“No, go ahead. I think I’ll do the same.” You remove your jacket without waiting for me to remove mine.

I turn to place my jacket on the back of my chair. When I turn back I noticed the second and third button undone on your blouse. Your breasts push out your tight tucked blouse as the lower button strains against the pressure. I can see the filly edging of your coral bra. Your hem is even higher now. Only a few inches of your skirt hides everything. My pants does little to disguise the bump that has formed. My loose fitting silk boxers cannot control my growth.

You bite your lips as of course you notice my bulge. A playful coy look dances in your eyes. You uncross your leg and extend it towards me. You place your foot between my thighs and press the red soled stiletto against my erection.

“Oh gawd!” I manage to grunt.

“Feels like it is very nice. Very hard to tell though.” Your foot rubs me side to side. Then you command me. “Drop them. Drop your pants!”

I’m stunned romantic getaway izle and confused as I rise to my feet. I stand in front of you unmoving and think. “Did I hear you right?”

“Well? I’m waiting.” You sit back into your chair. “I said drop your pants.”

With a lot of trepidation, I unbuckle my belt. I pause slightly before undoing the waist button and pulling down my zipper. The weight of the wool trousers make them fall immediately. I look at you. Your eyes are full of lust. I hook my thumbs inside the waistband of my underwear and push them down to join the pool of clothes around my ankles.

I look to see that my uncut cock is poking through the bottom opening of my linen dress shirt. Without further instructions, I remove my tie and unbutton my shirt. I fall to my knees in front of you. I place my hands on her legs and slowly push them apart. Your hem climbs higher. I run my hands up the outside of your thighs. Your skirt is high enough now to show me you are wearing stockings. The colour of your garter straps match your bra.

I lean forward and caress your legs with my cheek. I can smell you. Your fragrance fills my head. Your hands are on the nape of my neck and pulls me into you. I place each of your legs over my shoulders. The tiny pink thongs panties you have on barely cover anything. I pull it aside and discover your smooth naked pussy. Your lips are swollen and wet.

I extend my tongue and give you a cautious graze with the tip. Each lick progressive lick goes harder and deeper inside you until my face is firmly planted against you. You surround your legs around my head and crush me into you as you fuck against my mouth and nose. Hard thrusts tells me of your climax is imminent; very imminent. With one final prolonged drive forward as I feel your body shake.

You finally relax rüyanda görürsün izle your grasp of me. I sit back. My face is soaked with your lady cum. I look up at you. Your blouse is undone. The pretty bra you are wearing heaves up and down as you regain your breath. You look down at me and smile.

You lean forward and lap up your juices covering my face. Your tongue invades my mouth; inspecting every surface of mine.

“Fuck me! I want your cock inside me.” You rise to your feet and brace your hands against the conference room table. Your legs are spread wide. “Fuck me from behind now!”

I rise to my feet. With your skirt around your waist, I grab your flimsy thong and easily rip it off giving me free unfettered access to your cunt. It’s the perfect height as I aim my knob at your slit and shove it in deeply. I feel your pussy lips seal around the base of my unprotected cock. My thrusts slap your ass and drive you hard into the table edge.

“Oh yes! Gawd! Oh yes! Gawd!” Seems to be the only thing coming out from your mouth.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum.” I tell you.

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me!” You scream. “Cum inside me! Please! I want your cum!”

One… Two… Three more hard thrusts, I can no longer control anything. The cum that was simmering in my balls were now boiling over and shooting deep inside your belly.

“Uuh…Uuhhh…Uuhhhh…!!” I grunt out.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” You repeatedly shouted and then with one final expletive. “F..U..C..K…!!”

Spent, we both collapse panting. You against the table, me atop your back. Your well-fucked cunt spits out my now useless dick. I can feel our secretions drip from your gaping hole and onto my deflated cock.

Strength regained, we both stand. You give me a deep, wet kiss on my lips. I pull up my pants; stained and wet from our drippings. Your panties are in shreds and useless. You redo your blouse and adjust your skirt; both are very wrinkled. We check each other to ensure no one suspects our indiscretion, but the room smells heavily of sex.

We exit from the room into the lobby. We shake hands.

“I think we will need to discuss this merger much more.”

“Yes. I think so too.”

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