Fuck My Face…at the Mall


The following is a completely fictional story.

“Cocksucker needs aggressive men to fuck my face.”

That was the entirety of my profile on the Fuck My Face app. The app promises to find guys who want to plow their cocks into eager young throats like mine. It lets you know when guys looking for sex are nearby. It uses the GPS to show where everyone is, supposedly accurate to within a few feet of their real life position.

I arrived at the mall at 9 a.m. looking to buy a new pair of jeans and thought I’d give the app a try for the first time, just to see what happens. I activated the app and suddenly I’m looking at a map of the area with dots on it representing people who are looking for cocksuckers to facefuck.There’s several dots near me, which I thought were in the mall, but it’s a little hard to tell. So I got out of my car and walked toward the mall, cell phone in hand.

I entered a side entrance and one of the dots looked very close to me on my left. I took a few steps forward and the phone vibrated. I got a message indicating a user was near me. I looked over and the only person I saw was a guy standing behind a register at some little store I’ve never heard of that sells clothing and jewelry. The guy looked to be in his late twenties, white, six foot, with a goatee. His t-shirt showed off his lean but muscular arms, with black tattoos running down the left arm. He looked at his cell too and then looked at me.

I walked into his store. I didn’t know what to say. What if I was wrong and this wasn’t the guy it’s leading me too? I stopped in the middle of the small store and we looked at each other a second. Then he put his phone down and his hands went down below the counter to his pants.

I took a few steps closer until I’m right up on him and can see over the counter. And that’s when I saw he’d undone his pants and pulled out his cock. It was soft but it was still a nice length and girth. Suddenly I forgot where I was at or what I was doing, I just wanted his dick in my mouth. I could see it growing, getting harder in his hand as he reached over and opened the counter door, never taking his eyes off me the entire time. He stared into me, I could feel the intensity, the lust, how much he wanted to feel my hot mouth around his dick. It was like I was in a trance as I walked back behind the counter. I got on my knees and crawled underneath it, while watching his cock stiffen. I wanted it in my mouth so bad.

He took a step up putting his dick right on my lips, looking down at me. I opened my mouth, begging for his cock without saying a word. I felt his hand firmly dig into my hair and grab the right side of my head. He forcefully pulled my head forward, his hardening cock slid into my anxious mouth. It went deeper and deeper until it filled my throat. I wrapped my lips around his dick as he pulled my head back and forth slowly. His cock was rock hard as he forced my mouth back and forth on his shaft with the subtle movement of his arm. He didn’t make a sound. I glanced up to see he wasn’t looking down anymore.

And then I remembered where I was at. This man was using my mouth in the middle of a mall! People where walking by never knowing that my lips where wrapped around his dick. The thought made my cock swell. He was masterful. Shoving it in at just the right speed that I didn’t choke. A completely quiet facefucking.

Then I heard something, and he stopped pulling my head back and forth. “Is there anything I can help you find?” I heard him ask, his dick still in my mouth.

“No, just looking,” I heard a young female voice answer.

A customer was in the store! He couldn’t risk moving his arm while someone might be watching, but he was pressed up against the counter so no could seem him from the waist down. His hand was still on my head. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to, but I couldn’t help it, I started bobbing back and forth on that glorious hard cock on my own. I deepthroated him quietly, taking him in until my nose pressed up against his pubs. His hand tightened around my head holding me down. I think he was turned on by being sucked off while a customer was there. Maybe he imagined that it was her slender young throat his cock was buried in. Regardless I loved him using me. I became his under-the-counter cockwhore. He let go and I feverishly went back and forth on his cock.

“I’ll take this,” I heard the girl say. Her voice was close, she was right above me putting her item on the counter. Then suddenly I felt his hand grab my head again and shove me all the way down. I took him all in and suddenly I felt his throbbing cock shooting cum down my throat at that instance.

“Oh” he exclaimed, inhaling sharply as he came. He exhaled and said “…Of course” trying to act natural as he continued to cum. “That’ll be $4.02,” he said. His arm left my head as I assume he was bagging the item and taking her money.

“Come again,” he said loudly, indicating she was probably walking away.

He slid his cock out of my mouth and opened the register. He rubbed his Merter Escort semi-hard cock on my face as he put money in the cash drawer. He looked down on me and smiled. He then put his cock back in his pants. Without saying a word, I got up and let myself out, leaving the store, trying to hide my giddiness over what just happened.

Wow! I never dreamed I’d do anything like that. I was shaking with excitement and a bit of anxiety, fearing I was going to get in trouble somehow. I walked it off going to my destination, taking deep breaths to calm myself down, telling myself no one knew what I’d just done.

Minutes later I arrived at the department store and was calm by the time I got to the jeans section. I tried to push thoughts of facefucking out of my mind as I found a pair of jeans that was my size. I went over to the girl manning the dressing room and got a little door hanger with the number of clothing items I had (one) to put on the door. The locks were busted so they couldn’t lock them any more, she told me.

I put the door hanger on the door and closed it behind me. The dressing room was sturdy, but made of wood, and the walls and doors reached from the floor up to maybe a foot over my head. It was a few feet wide and deep with a body-length mirror on the door and a plain wooden bench that was the same color red as the doors and walls.

I tried on my jeans and they fit and looked alright. My regular pants where sitting on the floor. I took the new ones off and sat down on the bench to fold them back up when I heard a vibration from my pants, obviously coming from my phone. I didn’t think much of it, I’d check it in a minute, it could just be a text for all I knew.

Suddenly, the door opened and a man walked in, quickly closing the door behind him. He was slender, tanned, good looking, with short brown hair. He immediately undid his shorts pulling out his cock . Like the first guy it was a nice length and girth, but his was darker and shaved like the rest of him. . He grabbed my head with one hand and shoved it towards him. My mouth, already opened in astonishment, found his cock thrust down my throat. He held me down on it and then pulled it back out to let me breath before he continued to thrust it into my mouth.

Then he took his saliva covered cock out. Grabbing my head with one hand and my shirt with the other, he pushed me off the bench unto my knees and shoved my back against the wall on my left. I was pinned between him and the wall as he lowered his large smooth balls down into my eager mouth. I eagerly sucked on them one at a time, going wild with my tongue. Soon there was a covering of saliva dripping off them, which was rubbing all over my face as I alternated between them and then took both into my mouth at once, sucking on them as he stroked that hard, powerful dick that loomed over me.

He removed his balls and hit my forehead a couple times with that big wet cock, showing his dominance over me. Then he put that big fucktool in my mouth and thrust deep and hard down my throat. He made no noise aside from breathing heavily as he fucked my throat. He put his arms against the wall as he thrust. He pumped my mouth as fast and deep as any pussy.

The wall shook as he pounded my face, creaking with every thrust. God, it must have been obvious something was going on. If the dressing room girl was still outside, she’d see. I panicked a little at the thought, but I couldn’t move. But then I glanced at the mirror on the door, seeing myself on the floor, pinned against a wall, cock in mouth. And I realized I was exactly where I wanted to be: on my knees being mercilessly facefucked. This was worth anything, even discovery.

He was looking in the mirror too, He smiled and thrust even harder and faster. I could tell he enjoyed this absolute power over me as much as I did. I could feel my cock stiffen and getting rock hard in my underwear, which was now wet with the saliva that dripped from my mouth and his cock. Then I felt him shoot his load. Warm hot cum filled my mouth and I swallowed every drop. It was glorious,

He quickly took his cock out, zipped up, and left. I sat there on the floor and recovered for a minute and then put my pants on. I took the new pants and the door tag to the girl. She had a register, so she rung me.

“Was everything okay?” she asked looking at me strangely.

“Oh, yes,” I replied smiling.

My arousal was wearing off as she put my new pants in a bag, I realized she suspected that something happened. I could feel my hand shaking as I took the bag. I left the store quickly. In my head I kept telling myself that I wasn’t in trouble, if she had reported me I would’ve heard about it before I even got to the register.

I sat down on a bench for a minute to let the adrenaline wear off. As I was trying to calm down I looked at my phone. It was showing another dot on the map near me. At first I ignored it, but I just kept thinking of those first two cocks in my mouth, how good it felt to be used like that. I was in heaven on my knees. Merter Escort Bayan It was glorious, a dream come true, and I wanted more. I had to know what the guy behind this new dot was like.

So I got up and walked towards the dot. I got beside it and again, I got the message I was close to the person. I turned in the direction of it and there was a handicap unisex restroom with a door that you opened by a twisting handle. I stood in front of it looking at my cell phone. Again I was a little worried if I was reading it correctly, What if I walked in on someone else? What if someone saw me go in?

Then suddenly a message popped up. “What you waiting for cocksucker? Get in here!”

The message was from a user named “YourMaster,” who was the one in the restroom. Without another thought, I opened the door and walked in, anxious to be used again.. It was a huge restroom, with 10 feet between me and the single toilet and and sink, and it was at least as wide as it was deep. But I didn’t see anyone in there. As the door shut, I thought I must have the wrong place.

Suddenly, a hand grabbing my hair tightly from behind and pulled my head back slightly. I could feel a man’s hot breath on my ear. His chest pressed against my back. A ting of pain went through my scalp from how tightly he gripped my hair,

“On your knees, faggot!” he hissed in my ear as he pushed me down roughly.

He stepped in front of me, still holding my head by the hair, his sweat shorts just inches from my face. His body was wider than the other two men, but that was all I could see as he wouldn’t let me look up. He shoved his crotch into my face, growling like an animal as it met my open, hungry mouth. I explored it with my tongue and lips feeling the big, fat, warm meat thing that was just beneath the fabric. He was wearing no underwear to hold back the obscene fucktool that lied beneath. He groaned loudly as, I devoured it like a hungry animal, discovering the shape of his wide dick and his massive balls. It grew larger as I licked and sucked through his shorts. My tongue flicked wildly, as if it could somehow break through the fabric to touch the warm flesh underneath. It’s all I wanted, all I could think about was having his naked throbbing dick in my mouth.

“You want my dick, cocksucker? Can you take it?!,” he yelled as he pulled my head backward by my hair, still forcing me to look only forward at his now bulging erection.

I opened my mouth to answer and before I could make a sound, a thick finger was shoved down it. I gagged slightly as he reached towards my throat. Then he stuck a second finger down and I let out a little gag, but tried to hold it in and take it. Then he slide a third one down, filling my mouth. I gagged loudly, choking on it.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he exclaimed as he took his fingers out of my mouth. and used them to pull down his waste band, unleashing the thick, pale, hard cock underneath.

I only glanced at it a split second as it thrust into my mouth. He took a hold of the hair on both sides of my head tightly and, cock in mouth, pulled my head downward so he was above me, legs on both side of my head as he thrust his cock down my throat, stretching my mouth with the wideness of his powerful fucktool. He thrust wildly, deeply groaning in animalistic passion with each hard thrust. He’d shove it down all the way, filling my mouth and throat with his man meat til it blocked out all the air and I started gagging, drool exploding out of my mouth and back on to my face. Then he’d pull his wet, dripping cock back out, I’d cough and gasp for air for a few seconds and he’d shove it back in harder.

“Gag on it, you fucking whore!” he yelled as he continued to hold my head helplessly in place, fucking my face wildly as I gagged and choked.

I realized now, once again, I was in the mall. People passing by could easily hear us. But I didn’t care. At that moment I belonged completely and totally to the stranger. I still didn’t even know what he looked like. I didn’t care. My mouth was his. I was his.

Then he pushed me down to the floor his cock still inside my mouth, hands still gripping my hair on both sides of my head. My back was flat on the floor as he sat on top of me mounting my face, which he held up slightly as he thrust his cock into my mouth in short rapid thrusts.

“You like that, don’t you? Me fucking your pussymouth, you little bitch?!” he yelled.

All I could do to respond was gag on his cock. My cock was so hard, laying flat on my back, my mouth becoming a pussy for this man plowing into my face unrelentingly. He fucked it harder and faster, groaning louder as he went. I was sure people outside could hear and I wanted them too. I wanted them to know that I was being used, I wanted everyone to know that I was a cockwhore. His thrusts just kept getting faster, wilder, I kept choking on them and he seemed to take pleasure in that.

“Here it is, you cumslut!” He yelled as he thrust his cock deep down my throat. “Take my load!”

Stream after stream Escort Merter of cum shot down my throat. He let out one last groan as he came. Then he slid his cock out my throat and mouth. He wiped his head on my face to get the last drops of cum off. He pulled his sweat pants back up and stepped over me like I was some piece of trash on the restroom floor. He then opened the door and left, leaving me laying on the floor, still recovering from what he’d done to me. I laid there a minute, catching my breath. Then I got up and washed all the saliva off my face and put my hair back in order.

I left the restroom and no seemed to be looking at me. Maybe no one heard, but it was sinking in once again the type of trouble I could get in if they had. So I went over to the corner where I left my bag. It was thankfully still there, so I grabbed it and made a beeline for the exit. I still glanced down at my phone but saw no other dots on the map near me. It was more out of curiosity then desire. I mean, my God, what could top what I’ve just experienced in the last hour?

So I drove home. It’s about a ten minute trip. At stop lights I’d glance over at my phone, and I noticed it looked like there was a triad of dots on the way home. They were right next to where I live. I dismissed the thought of checking them out at the first stoplight I hit but then I kept vividly remembering the last hour. How glorious and amazing it was. By the second stoplight I had a full. throbbing erection and was filled with lust. I just kept thinking about having cock filling my mouth, fucking my throat. Every fiber of my being wanted more. It wanted it now. It wanted more cock. So as I drove by the dots. I gave in and pulled into the parking lot where they were.

It turned out all three blips where coming from the same place: an adult video store. It was a small place without video booths so they didn’t get much business. Most guys looking for action headed to the bigger shops with glory holes. I’d stuck my head in there a couple times, but their videos where just too expensive for me. The windows were covered so I had no way of knowing what to expect inside. As I approached my phone vibrated, I knew the app would let the men inside know I was coming. I figured I could see which one appealed to me and just take that one home with me and get facefucked in my living room.

So I took a step into the store. There were three guys inside: two costumers and the owner who was behind the register.The man to my left was beside a wall of videos, he had a slender but muscular build with colorful tattoos going down both arms, long dark hair with a beard, and several piercings on his ears, nose, and eyebrow. To my right was a black man medium build with a shaved head beside a wall of sex toys. The owner is well built, with a shaved head. All were holding their phones as if they’d just looked at them. And now they were all looking at me.

I walked in, not knowing what to say. The owner motioned to the black man who walked to the door and turned the deadbolt, locking it. Both customers slowly started walking towards me, staring at me intensely. I glanced at both of them, not sure what was happening.

Suddenly I heard the owner say, “Hey, cocksucker, how about this?”

I turned around and saw his big, long cock laying on the counter. I was mesmerized by it. As I stepped up to the counter, he stepped back. It slid off the counter, hanging in the air, slowly moving upward as it became more erect.

I was up against the counter looking at it when he asked, “You just going to stand there and stare?”

“Come here!” he ordered as he grabbed my head and shoulder and forced me down on his cock from across the counter. My chest hit the counter and my head dangled over the other side with my mouth going down on his cock. I was so turned on I tried to devour every inch of it I could from that angle. I didn’t even care there were other guys in the room. I just wanted that big powerful cock in my mouth.

He grabbed my head with both hands, his steel grip digging into my skull, he started to thrust his hard cock upward into my willing mouth.

“Yeah, take that cock, bitch! Take it!” he exclaimed.

As he fucked my face he reached forward and pulled the bottom back of my shirt until it was over my head. He pulled his cock out for a minute to pull my shirt off and dropped it on the floor before he resumed pounding my face. I felt a hand caress my crotch and slowly unzip my pants. As it unzipped, another hand reached down inside my pants caressing my ass that was bent over the counter.

I was shocked by the move, I tried to lift my head up and speak but he held it down, forcing his dick in my mouth, All that came out was a murmur of protest from my cock-filled mouth. I tried to move my hands but they were both grabbed and forced behind my back and then wrapped with tape to tie them there. My shoes and socks were removed and then my pants were taken off, leaving me completely naked. I struggled and squirmed but they held me down. I squealed but just ended up choking on the owner’s cock. He laughed and pulled his dick out, yanking my head up by my hair so I could see his face. I felt that ting of pain again from a dominate man’s tight grip as he stared intensely into my eyes. I was breathing heavily, both scared and excited.

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