From Tyro to Lothario Pt. 02


This continues the story from part 1, which should be read first.

As Allie put the final few dishes away, Michael pressed himself against her back. “Naughty, naughty,” she chided him, but pushed her backside against his cock. “Wait till I’ve finished here.” She had obviously put the disappointment of Claudia’s party behind her. Hanging up the tea towel she turned, and kissed him deeply thrusting her tongue into his mouth. “Let’s go to my bedroom,” she said, leading him by the hand. In a moment she had her blouse off and was offering her small but shapely boobs for his undivided attention. It was not long before her breathing was becoming ragged, encouraging him to slide his hand between her knees. Remembering the lessons he had learnt from her mother he proceeded slowly, making reassuring comments as his fingers slid nearer his goal.

After his successful session of full-on sex with Allie’s mother earlier in the week, he no longer felt the sense of desperation which had bedeviled his approach at Claudia’s party. Scratching her clit through the gusset of her panties, he sensed that any resistance was more to ensure that she didn’t appear an easy lay, than actually stop his progress. His only concern was that when she took hold of his penis, she expressed surprise of how it seemed to have a slippery coating, – a consequence, of course, of its visit to Prof’s well lubricated cunt a few minutes earlier. Seeking a plausible Dikmen Escort explanation, he suggested it was due to his generous output of pre-cum. He resolved to be more careful about cleaning his cock after fucking next time. Meanwhile Allie was stroking his penis. “I love its feel,” she said reflectively, “it’s sort of hard in the centre and soft on the outside at the same time, and when I squeeze it it feels as though it has a life of its own.”

With an undisturbed afternoon ahead of them they were soon making love, at first with haste and intensity in the missionary position, but followed by a leisurely screw with Allie on top which allowed Michael to enjoy access to her small breasts with their sensitive bullet-sized nipples. Her muff was much sparser than her mother’s and had a gingery coloured tinge, while her labia were more pronounced, rather like a flower. They enjoyed the feel of their naked bodies cuddled together while they idly discussed their respective plans for the following year. Michael left before Prof returned, feeling life could scarcely be better. Later that evening he received a text from Prof, saying “Allie looks like the cat that got the cream, so you must have done something right.”

In spite of his enjoyable afternoon with Allie, Micheal could not resist Prof’s invitation to further training after his early morning tennis lesson Eryaman Escort the following week. Approaching her door promptly at 10:30, he found it opening, but with no-one in sight. Stepping in, he was greeted by Prof standing behind the door in a housecoat whose shape made it clear she had nothing underneath. “Hello, loverboy”, she said, kissing him passionately. As her coat fell open, she led his right hand to her sex, encouraging him to slip his fingers into her slippery wet cunt. Sliding the housecoat from her shoulders she led him in naked splendor to her bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she watched him strip off his clothes in double quick time. Reaching out she took his tumescent cock in hand. “It’s good to see Willie again,” she said sucking him until he was throbbing in anticipation.

“How about a 69?’ she asked rhetorically pushing him on to his back in the centre of the bed, and crouching over him with her sex above his face. “Lick my twat and arsehole,” she demanded. “Don’t worry, it’s all clean — I’ve just had a shower.” With that she trailed her nipples down his stomach and then swallowed a good proportion of his cock. Michael found It t rather awkward to lick her clit at first, but raising her hips allowing him to lick from her clit back along her perineum to the rosebud hole of her anus. She shivered in pleasure as he ran his tongue up Esat Escort and down her perineum. Michael, feeling adventurous after licking around her anus, slid a moistened finger into the little rosebud. “Oh, you dirty little fucker!’ she exclaimed. “I didn’t think you’d be ready for that.”

Climbing off, she kneeled beside him, and ordered him to fuck her twat from behind like a randy dog. Mounting her and reaching around, almost lying on her back, he was able to pull her nipples with one hand and stroke her clit from time to time with the other. They established a savage rhythm with much grunting accompanied by the sound of heavily slapping flesh.

“Spank me, spank me harder! Make it hurt,” she demanded. Michael did his best to oblige, but his heart wasn’t really in it. Nevertheless Prof came with a shout, “Fuck, that’s good!”

Lying beside him, panting, she explained that, to her chagrin, her husband, Sam, was essentially a plain vanilla sex type, whereas she preferred more rough and tumble. “Nor does he like my potty mouth which, to me, adds more spice. Frankly, I didn’t realise how much I was missing some steamy sex until you came along.” She handed him a tube. “Use this lubricant to get as many fingers up my poop tube as you can, then once we get Willie up and ready you can root me to your heart’s content.”

In spite of copious lubrication Michael still found it slow work sinking the full length of his cock into her tight back passage, but once in to the hilt she encouraged with all the filth she could imagine. The contrast between her behaviour as the cool and rather superior professor and the slutty, foul-mouthed middle-aged mother was a great turn-on for Michael, leading him to blast a full load of cum into her bowels in short order.

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