Max was a good-looking kid, always was. Tall, slim, athletic body. Neatly trimmed brown hair, a handsome, chiseled face with a strong chin and high cheekbones. And just enough muscle and tone to look fit and strong, but not like he was pumped up with a ton of hot air like most muscleheads. Girls were attracted to him not only because he was attractive, but because he was smart, likable, friendly and down-to-Earth. With his looks and personality, he had the tools to go far, and most people assumed he would.

But Max wasn’t going anywhere, and he knew it. He’d had four years of college but wasn’t close to a degree. He’d changed majors twice, and although his grades were okay, he wasn’t setting any worlds on fire. He’d started out in Engineering, but that only lasted three semesters. It was too damn hard and he could barely keep up. He switched to Geography, then a year later to Business. He handled the workload without a problem, but he found it all kind of boring. He was unmotivated, to say the least.

Max grew up in an upwardly mobile family that went from working class to middle class during his childhood years. His mom worked for a grocery chain and his dad was an auto mechanic. His father was very talented, worked hard and saved and eventually opened his own shop and employed four other mechanics. Max did his part too, worked in the shop throughout high school, and displayed as much talent as his old man, he could fix most anything. But his father wanted more for his son than working in an auto shop. He insisted that his son get an education. So off to college he went.

For four years, Max floundered around in college, getting so-so grades, partying, going to the games, chasing the girls. And as soon as each spring semester was over, he’d head straight to the beach, where he’d work hard and play hard all summer. He loved everything about the beach: swimming, surfing, the waves, the scenery, the sand between his toes, the hordes of bikini-clad chicks, the bars, the vibes. And it was at the beach, during the summer after his fourth year at the university, that he had an epiphany that would secure his future and change his life.

He was renting a condo with three other roommates, like he did every summer. It was an old complex in the oldest part of town on the barrier island, and it had seen many better days. Suddenly, one Thursday the refrigerator quit on them. The fridge wouldn’t cool, the freezer wouldn’t freeze. For four college kids, this was a catastrophe in the making. Sour food, warm beer, no ice? Heading into a weekend? Unacceptable.

Max called the office and the manager said she’d get somebody over there to fix it. Nobody came or even called him back. He called the office again Friday and was told she was working on it. The weekend came and went with no ice, spoiled food and warm beer. On Monday he called the office again, and was put on hold. He waited, ready to give the manager a piece of his mind when she came on the line. But he didn’t have to raise hell because she was already madder than a wet hen. She went on a rant complaining about all of the lazy, incompetent people she’d called, and all of the messages she’d left, and all of the people who were either on vacation, or too busy, or had their truck in the shop, or were no longer in business, or whatever other lame excuses they had, and she was about to pull her hair out. How can I run a condo community if I can’t get people to come do the work that is needed?, she said. And then she uttered the words that would alter Max’s life. She said: “I swear to God, somebody could make a goddamn fortune in this town if they went into business fixing appliances and just answered their phone, called people back and showed up!”

Bingo!, Max thought. That’s what I’ll do.

All of the sudden it clicked. It all made sense now. He now knew how he could live at the beach, enjoy the lifestyle, and make a decent living too. He would own his own business servicing and repairing appliances. There were hundreds of condo complexes up and down the beach, large ones, small ones, miles of them. Plus thousands of homes and hotels. And they all had appliances. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, fridges, ovens, thousands of them, all models and makes. In a snap, Max was motivated. He had some money saved. He suddenly had a plan.

He did his homework. He found a tech school that offered a three month core appliance repair training course. It would begin in about a month in a city two hundred miles away. He signed up, moved there and rented himself a cheap room. He aced the course and by late autumn the school had placed him in a job with a local company. His plan was to work a few months with this company, learn on the job, save his money, then head to the beach, find a place to live and open for business.

It was easier than he thought. He had always been good at fixing things, and he was a quick study. He saw the same problems over and over and learned to diagnose and make repairs promptly and efficiently. Often he knew what to fix before he even got there, just based on the customer’s de***********ion of the problem.

By March he was ready. He quit his job, went to the beach, rented a little bungalow off of the island. It was a small, two-bedroom place with a one-car garage; the garage would be his shop until he outgrew it. He got a second cell phone for the business, had his truck painted, had business cards and fliers printed up. He spent days driving up and down the beach highway, stopping into every office for every hotel, condo, subdivision, real estate broker and property management company he could find, chatting people up, dropping off his information, selling himself.

Maximal Appliance Repair

Prompt, Professional, Personal Service

The business name was a no-brainer. But he never imagined all of the services that he would end up providing, especially on the personal level. Being a good-looking, young entrepreneur would bring him fringe benefits he’d never dreamed of.


The first couple of months were kind of slow, but Max could see the business gradually growing, and by the time the summer season kicked off he was seeing steady work and was getting callbacks from a few of the condo managers. He was paying his bills, enjoying the good life. He could surf in the morning, make his calls, and was usually done in time to catch happy hour at one of his local haunts.

Max liked the work, but there was an unexpected benefit that made it all the more enjoyable: The vast majority of his customers were female. Maybe eighty or ninety percent, he guessed, women of all ages. Some hot, some not, but many dressed skimpily for the beach. And early on, since his business was new and operating on a shoestring budget, many of his repairs required two visits because he didn’t have the parts in stock in his little garage and he’d have to order them. Over the course of the two visits, often a comfort level and some measure of rapport was reached. Some flirting might go on. Or more. As a young, handsome man, Max was occasionally presented with opportunities that were way outside of his job de***********ion. The appliances he serviced required the same parts and repairs over and over, but the women differed quite a bit. He found out that when people get away to the beach, whether it was for a weekend or a vacation, they would let their hair down, let it all hang out, and would do things that they would never do back home. There were a lot of bold, horny women at the beach.

At first he tried to be professional, strictly business. But sometimes it was hard to do. And the harder it got, the harder he got. It was not easy to focus on replacing a condenser fan when some chick with a hot body and a damp string bikini was standing in the kitchen watching him, with her tits hanging out and her bikini bottom plastered to her cameltoe. After a few months business was good, Max was busy, making money, becoming more confident and comfortable in his new profession. It was only a matter of time before he gave into temptation.

The first one was Gail. She was in her mid-thirties, a cute blonde in town for a long weekend with her husband and another couple. The ice-maker wasn’t ice-making. Max came over on short notice, he was only three blocks away when he took the call. She had a body to kill for and a paper-thin black swimsuit molded to her golden skin. The air was thick with innuendo, their flirts electric, despite the fact that her husband and the other couple were out on the lanai sipping drinks. When he came back the next afternoon to finish the repair, the men were out on some golf course, and the other wife was down by the pool. Max got a blowjob standing up, then fucked her up against the back of the sofa. Never saw her again.

A few weeks later, Patty called. The dishwasher wasn’t working and had several inches of standing water in it. She was fortyish, short black hair, slim and hot, with a three-quarter-carat diamond and a gold band on her left ring finger. She was staying in the unit with a friend, a wives’ getaway, but the friend was out. It was late afternoon, Max’s last call of the day. As he went to work on the dishwasher, Patty stood at the counter, wearing a skimpy wrap over her swimsuit, running the blender, mixing some thick, smooth tropical drink. Happy Hour. She asked Max if he wanted a taste, he said ‘What the hell’. It was some fruity rum concoction and it tasted damn good. And so did she. He undressed her as they kissed and dropped her clothing onto the kitchen floor. She led him to the bedroom where he ate her pussy as he took off his pants. Then he slowly dripped the smoothie all over her body, shoulders, tits, stomach, thighs, and licked it all off. She was squirming like a toad and he fucked her like he was drilling for oil. She was a screamer too, ugh, he hated that, was afraid some neighbor might hear. He dressed and was entering the kitchen to get his toolbox when he noticed a frumpy gal, looking pissed, sitting in the living room. He said Hi, got an evil grimace in return, and got the hell out.

Then there were the twins. Maddy was the good twin, Morgan was the bad one, but Max couldn’t tell them apart. There were wet clothes hanging all over the apartment because the dryer wasn’t working. The vent looked like it had never been cleaned out. Max did his best to clean it, then tested it, and it checked out okay. He was explaining to the girls that they needed to clean the filter before they ran the dryer because it was a fire hazard, when the bad twin told him he had a nice ass. The good twin told her to hush. Max said thanks, he liked her ass too. She asked him if he wanted a piece of it, her sister told her to stop. But she didn’t. She took charge and dragged him and her sister into the bedroom, and the good twin went along with it. Max ended up doing both of them. By the time he got out of there, Max could definitely tell them apart intimately, but not at a glance. Morgan was loud and raunchy in bed, Maddy was soft and tender. And each had her sister’s name tattooed on her ass.

There was Tiffany, an eighteen year-old Goth bimbo. Black hair, black swimsuit, black polish on all twenty nails. She sat on the kitchen counter watching him while he worked. She looked hideous, covered with makeup and tats and piercings and studs, but Max couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at her, there was something incredibly sexy and earthy about her. And her eyes were like two thousand watt neon beacons, one blue, one hazel. He fucked her right there, sitting on the counter.

Jenny was a slim, spry woman of sixty, the rich wife of a rich car dealer. Hubby was at work in the city while she vacationed at the beach. She looked pretty damn good, Max thought, Botoxed to the max and fake tits. She had an oceanfront house, extravagantly furnished and decorated, and worth a fortune. ‘I enjoy the company of a young lover sometimes, when my husband is in the city’, she’d told him the first time she took him to bed. Minimal foreplay and kissing for her, she just needed to be fucked. The first time went well, but the second time turned out to be the last because her husband surprised them mid-coitus by showing up a day earlier than expected. Fortunately Jenny heard the garage door open, and Max slipped out the back half-naked, carrying most of his clothes.

Kalisha was Max’s first black chick. The burners on her stove weren’t heating up, but she was. She was tall, maybe five-ten, with a sprinter’s body. The stove was one of those old, tried-and-true electric coil jobs. Actually the elements weren’t bad, but a couple of them were corroded and weren’t inserted all the way into the receptacle to make a clean connection. He cleaned them up and connected them and they worked fine. Max showed her what the problem was, and she said with a wink, ‘So, you just have to stick it in all the way, right?’. They smiled at each other, enjoyed the moment, both knowing where it was going. Soon they were kissing, hugging, then grinding. She asked him to do her a favor, he said sure, what? ‘Pull out my butt plug for me’, she said. He did and was amazed at the length of it, five inches, or so. He put it in her mouth and she sucked on it while he fucked her up the ass.

Jaime was a cute, flirty gal with a slim body, firm titties, and long brown hair with bangs framing her face. She wore a low-cut sundress that showed off her tits. Nice legs too, but she had a tired look, like she’d partied all night and spent the day on the beach trying to recover. She said she was a hairdresser. He fixed the timer on her washing machine and since it was the end of the day, they relaxed, she fixed them drinks. Before long they kissed, it was good. She gave him a blow job, that was better. He kissed her again and reached for her crotch. She squirmed away several times but then he slipped his hand between her legs, felt her, but her sex was not what he expected. She had a cock, and it was hard, as big as his. She tried to kiss him again, told him she was sorry, she’d wanted to prepare him, told him no, please don’t go, she wanted him to fuck her. He got the hell out of there in a New York Second.

Max knew he had to stop this shit. It was getting out of hand, too weird. He’d known all along that these women customers with whom he’d had sex or brief encounters were not in town for long so he didn’t worry about attachments or long affairs. But he didn’t want to push his luck and end up being stalked by some Fatal Attraction nutjob. Then he got a call to come fix a freezer at a luxury oceanfront condo. There he met Haley, and everything changed.

Haley was not a nutjob, not even close. She was a lovely, foxy college girl, at the beach for the summer. She was twenty years old, hot as a pistol and cool as a cucumber. She had shoulder-length beach-blond hair, a big smile , a swaggering sense of humor, with tits and ass that would attract admirable eyes from anyone of either sex. She wore a flimsy, untied, cover-up over a leopard print bikini when Max showed up to service the frost-free freezer that was frozen over with a half-inch of ice. She was alone in the condo, friendly and talkative. As Max thawed the ice in the freezer, they talked, they laughed, their conversation flowed easily and broke any ice between them. Max was already smitten.

He told her the fan was shot. He got on the phone right in front of her and ordered the part, told her he’d be back the next day to finish the job. He liked her. He glanced at his watch. It was almost five o’clock. He debated with himself. Should I go for it? Should I wait?

“Let’s go out for a drink,” he said. He didn’t ask, he presumed.

“Sure,” she said. “Let me change.”


She changed, alright. She was back in ten minutes dressed in a backless halter tank top, plastered-on denim cut-offs, and flops. Her, toned, tan legs were smooth as molasses and the nails on her fingers and toes were polished a sheeny brown, matching her eyes. She’d splashed on something light and fruity too. One little whiff and Max was ready to take a bite out of her right then.

“You look fabulous!” Max said. “And you smell even better.”

Haley thanked him with a coy blush.

He led her to his truck. She got in the passenger side and watched him as he tore off his Maximal Appliance Repair polo shirt and put on a short-sleeved seersucker he had in the truck. Haley admired Max’s body for the brief moment between shirts: His broad shoulders, tapered torso, and muscled chest and abs. Her imagination filled in the rest of him.

Max drove them to a dock bar on the bay side, where happy hour was in full swing. A keyboard player, with a whole backing band inside the laptop next to him, was playing reggae, and the partiers were partying. They took two stools at the end of the rail overlooking bursa üniversiteli escort the bay. A waitress quickly took their order for a half-price pitcher and left a menu in case they wanted to eat. As Max glanced around the deck he noticed that the guys were already checking out Haley. The land sharks were out in full force.

They sat there for nearly two hours, talked about everything and anything, music, movies, college, jobs, and the conversation never lagged. He learned that Haley went to college in Washington D.C. and was majoring in Education, and had a summer job working at the convention center. He learned that her mother was divorced from her father, and had her own successful business negotiating medical claims. Her mom spent most of her time on the phone and computer, communicating with doctors and hospitals and insurance companies, helping patients lower their medical bills and working out payment plans. And since they both loved the beach and Mom could work from anywhere, she sold the house in the city and bought the place at the beach two years before.

He took her back to her condo, but they weren’t ready to say goodnight. They walked down the beach for over a mile, continuing their stream of consciousness conversation. On the walk back in the dark they were holding hands. Back at the condo complex, they sat on a dune and were soon making out. Max already knew he wanted her but didn’t want to move too fast or get ahead of himself.

“I better get you home,” he said, almost short of breath. “Before I do something stupid and mess things up.”

“Something stupid like what?” Haley asked.

Max sensed disappointment in her voice, a good sign, he thought. “Like move too fast, force things. Tonight with you was wonderful, Haley. I don’t want to screw it up.”

“You won’t.”

“Will you have dinner with me tomorrow night? Like a proper first date? I want to wine and dine you. Even though I don’t like wine.”

Haley giggled. “Sure, I’d love to. Tomorrow is good, because I have to work all weekend. There’s a three-day car show and I’ll be putting in long hours.”

“Perfect,” he said. Then he walked her to her door, and they kissed long and hard before she went inside. Max had a big boner on the drive home.


The next afternoon Max fixed Haley’s freezer in the afternoon, then after completing the rest of his calls he went home to shower off the day’s dirt. He got himself squeaky clean, smelling good, and dressed simply for a beach date, in gray shorts, a batik shirt with palm trees on it, and boat shoes. When he picked her up at six-thirty, she was waiting for him, seated outside the door on the small porch. She stood up when she saw him drive up. She looked fabulous, fresh as a daisy and hot as a griddle. Her blonde hair was poofed up and blended with her buff-colored sundress, a sexy contrast to her bronzed skin. She was bra-less, her nipples formed ripples in the light cotton fabric when she moved. She didn’t carry a purse or anything else, she was traveling light. She jumped into the truck and kissed his mouth first thing.

“Where are you taking me, Big Boy?” she asked.

“I thought we’d get some seafood,” he said. “I know funky little place a few miles down the coast. It’s not fancy but the food is great. You cool with that?”

She said she was.

“All right, then. Good food, good drinks, a beautiful woman at my side.” He squeezed her hand. “It’s going to be a wonderful night.”

“I think so, too,” Haley said. She held his hand as he drove.

“But I have to warn you about something.”

“What’s that?”

“Seafood makes me horny.”

She chuckled. “Really? Is that a threat or a promise?”

“It’s a fact.”

Haley chuckled again. “Isn’t that true for everybody? Isn’t seafood an aphrodisiac or something? Seems like I’ve heard that before.”

Max shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe.”

No words were spoken for a minute. Then Haley spoke.

“We need some seafood,” she said.


They drank a little wine and talked, and sucked on lobster tails and talked, and made goo-goo eyes at each other and talked. After dinner they strolled down the riverwalk, hand-in-hand along the intracoastal, then back, talking. By then it was dark, they sat on a bench under the stars, and their talk became kisses, and soon their hands and lips began wandering, and then they were in the throes of the heaviest petting two people could do with their clothes on. Max slipped a hand between her legs and his fingers found nothing but sticky flesh and a bare snatch. Haley wore nothing under her sweat-dampened dress.

“You know,” Max rasped with half a breath, “I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, or force anything. But I really want you.”

Haley nodded, he kissed her again, long and deep.

“And when the time comes, I know it will be great. “I’m gonna tear you up.”

After a lengthy pause, Haley said, “I think you better take me home.”

Max sat up, loosened his arms around her, looked at her with eyes of angst. “Why? Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing’s wrong.”

“No? Then why do you want to go home.”

“Because I want you to tear me up,” she said, and mashed her mouth against his, and rubbed his hard-on for emphasis.

It was a fifteen-minute drive back to the condo, and Max’s penis stayed hard with Haley’s fingers caressing his leg, and giving him an occasional dick brush. Once inside they walked through the foyer and passed the office and walked into the kitchen. Straight past the kitchen was a large living room with french doors and a balcony overlooking the sea. Haley pulled him down the hall to the left of the kitchen where there were two bedrooms sharing a full bath. They went into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. The only illumination was from the stars filtering through the blinds and a night light plugged into a wall outlet. It was just right.

“Nice set-up,” Max said.

“Yeah,” said Haley. “Private. Mom’s bedroom is on the other side.”

“So, we don’t have to be quiet.” He took her into his arms, they kissed again, another lingerer.

“No. Let’s make some racket,” she said, unbuttoning his shirt.

She stepped back and kicked off her sandals one at a time, and they flew across the room and thumped against the closet door. Then she swooped her dress over her head and off in one quick motion. She threw it on a chair and helped Max with his pants. They fell naked onto the bed.

Max wrapped his arms around her, pressed every inch of his bare, moist skin against hers and dented her groin with his cock. Their mouths kissed with a feral intensity, their roaming fingers clenched handfuls of steamy flesh, their naked crotches gnashed together in tandem, and the head of his dick briefly split her lips.

“Fuck me,” Haley hissed into Max’s ear.

“Not yet,” he said.

He didn’t want to rush, didn’t want it to be a disappointment, or a letdown, or an anticlimax. He wanted their first time to be great, the best she’d ever had. He didn’t know how many lovers she’d had, but with her looks he figured it was probably quite a few. His cock was a steely, payloaded missile ready for release, already damp with her wetness. But he was going to hold himself off, and make her wait. He was going to kiss and lick every inch of her, drive her to the edge, the brink, before he stuck it in.

He kissed her clammy neck, her shoulders, licked her breasts, sucked her nipples like they were olive pits, all the while with his hands working overtime around her tanned body. He licked her navel, teasing it, then traced his tongue along the skin surrounding her naked twat. Then downward along her upper thigh.

“Fuck me!” she said, louder this time.

He licked his way all the way down her left leg to her feet, kissed her ankles, sucked on her brown-polished toes. Then he worked his way back up the other leg. By the time he slipped his tongue inside Haley’s pussy, her body was slithering like a gob of butter on a hot skillet.

“Fuck me!” she almost screamed, pulling his hair.

Max wanted to eat some pussy but that would have to wait. Her fingers in his hair, she yanked his head up to hers, stuck her tongue in his mouth. He felt her sturdy grip around his cock, pulling. And just like that he was inside her.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

So he did, his groin doing its best impression of a nail gun. He pounded, and she sounded, grunting, ‘Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me’ over and over, sucking his tongue, squeezing his ass, meeting his movements with her own, thrusting, pumping, their crotches smashing, combining in a passionate collision of hard love.

It sounded like a rhino roar when they came. Their bodies shook, their jizzes mixed, and their grunts and groans bounced off of the walls.

They rested, their bodies meshed in a sweaty tangle. They held each other, sighed with contentment, but soon were kissing again, getting aroused.

“I want to go down on you,” he said.

“I want to go down on you, too,” she replied. She smoothly inverted her body, and just like that her crotch was in Max’s face and his cock was in her mouth. She wasted no time showing off her deep throat skills.

The seafood did the trick, Max thought, as if he’d needed it, and he watched with amazement as his seven inches of cock placidly disappeared without a hitch into Haley’s mouth. The girl was no stranger to cock sucking, that was for sure. He breathed in the sweet and sour smell of cunt and licked her tasty insides, like salty coconut. She moaned with a mouthful of cock when he punched his tongue inside her.

He alternated the plunges of his dick into her mouth with his tongue into her tunnel, she blended seamlessly with his movements, and they pumped away. With a chorus of moans and groans and grunts they rocked the bed, its springs beneath them aching with the force of it. Then Max wrapped his lips around Haley’s swollen clit and sucked.

She came up for air and wailed like an alley cat. Then she licked his asshole, rimmed him good, and jammed her finger up there. Max almost had a back spasm when he felt that jolt, but kept his mouth on her tool and returned the favor. She pinched his finger with her sphincter and went back to sucking. Bodies back in the rhythm, each trying to suck the orgasm out of the other, neither would last much longer with the oral and anal action going on.

Max was first, but not by much. The hot shot tickled Haley’s throat, she half-gagged, half-swallowed, but it heightened the potency of her want, and she banged her gash into his mouth harder still as he ejaculated into her gullet. Within seconds her body tensed, shook up and down, and she shrieked as her pussy watered his face.

After they had rested for a bit, Haley hopped out of bed and into the Jack-and-Jill bathroom. She was in there for a while, Max could hear the toilet flush and the water running. He didn’t know what to do, did she want him to stay, or should he go? But when she came back to bed she made it clear.

“I don’t have an extra toothbrush,” she said. “But you can use mine. It’s on the counter by the sink.”

That made him feel good. He walked naked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He stood in front of the toilet and pissed, trying his best to steer straight, which was not easy after his cum had cluttered up his tube a couple times. He found some floss, flicked some lobster bits out of his teeth, then found the toothbrush and brushed his teeth.

Back in bed he held her, and her head felt just right nestled against his neck. As they lay there in silence, nearing sleep, Max kissed the top of her head, then she turned and kissed his lips, then his tongue was in her mouth, then his dick got hard, then Haley rolled on top of him, then she put him inside her and they started fucking again. Soon the bed was screeching, and they were moaning in unison as they banged each other. It only took several minutes of bouncing on his cock, feeling it ram home deep inside her, chasing one more climax, before she came. Then she fell onto the mattress beside him, their bodies spent, and said goodnight.

They both had a long, deep, uninterrupted sleep. Max woke in the morning with a raging erection, per usual. He had to piss like a racehorse and sat on the edge of the bed for a minute, hoping it would subside so he could go into the bathroom and take a whiz and actually hit the toilet without twisting it into a pretzel. But Haley was awake too, and had noticed.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning to you.”

She got up and circled around to his side of the bed, knelt before him. “And good morning to you, too,” she said to his penis, and went down on it.

Max watched with amazement as his cock sunk all the way into her head. He massaged her shoulders as she sucked him, half asleep, wondering how in the hell was this happening, a morning BJ from this sexy, foxy gal, thinking who’s tearing up whom, this chick kisses like my lover and fucks like a whore. He came in less than two minutes.

In the bathroom he brushed his teeth, giving his cock time to go half-flaccid, then pissed a pint. He had to get home, get showered and get ready for work. He dressed and kissed Haley goodbye. They promised to touch base after the weekend. She went into the bathroom to take care of her own ablutions and shower off the love chunks.

Max wasn’t able to slip out unnoticed, however. He had to go through the kitchen to get out of the condo, but the kitchen was already a hub of activity despite the early hour. He smelled fresh coffee as soon as he entered the hallway, and then in the kitchen encountered an attractive woman in a thin cotton robe that barely reached her knees, leaning against the counter sipping from a cup, and a guy in sweatpants sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar. They were waiting for him.

“Good morning,” he said, nervously, wishing he could slink out through the woodwork. “I’m Max.”

“Hi Max,” said the woman. “I’m Mona, Haley’s mother. This is Dick,” she added, nodding toward the man at the breakfast bar. Dick gave him a quick wave as he chewed on a bagel.

Mona was an inch or two taller than her daughter, with dark brown hair, and had the same slim, curvy body, and sweet, firm legs. Max thought she looked pretty good, and too young to have a twenty-year-old daughter. Dick looked to be in his late thirties, stocky and muscular, with receding black hair.

“Nice to meet you both,” Max mumbled, nervously scratching his forearm.

“Thank you for fixing our freezer,” Mona said. “It’s working just fine.”

“You’re welcome. Just doing my job.”

“Haley told me that you work for yourself, that you own the company.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“That’s very impressive, a young man like you starting up his own company. And I’ve checked around. It appears that you are doing quite a bit of business and have some impressive accounts.”

“Thank you.”

“Is it common practice in your business to sleep with your customers?”

The question stunned Max, he suddenly felt like he was in a job interview. Mona and Dick were staring at him, waiting.

“Uh, no,” he stammered. “I made an exception with Haley.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. And it sounded like you both had a good time in bed.”

Embarrassed, Max didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything.

“At least he’s got good taste in women,” Dick chimed in, and they chuckled. Max could breathe again.

“Would you like some coffee?” Mona asked.

“Uh, no thank you. I have to get home, get ready for work.”

“Then how about a cup for the road?”

Max accepted the offer. Mona opened a cabinet and took out a large stainless steel thermos cup and filled it with coffee.

“Cream, sugar?”

“Just cream,” he said. “You have a beautiful home.”

Mona nodded, said thanks, added half-and-half, stirred, snapped down the lid and handed it to him.

“Thank you,” he said, as he headed for the door. “This is a nice cup. I’ll return it soon, I promise.”

“I’m sure you will, Max,” Mona said, as she escorted him out.

“Don’t be a stranger!” Dick called from the kitchen.

Max got into his truck and started it up before he sipped his coffee. It was damn good, he thought, some exotic, pungent blend he’d never had before. Haley’s mom knew how to whip up a mean cup of coffee.


Max returned the cup the next morning. He left it on the stoop with a thank-you note. Then he called Haley on her cell. He wanted to catch her before she headed off to work at the convention center for the weekend where she would be buried for three days. He told her escort bayan about the cup on her stoop and they made arrangements to hook up on Monday evening.


Haley didn’t have a car of her own, so Max picked her up after work on Monday. They had dinner at a dock bar, and the conversation flowed easily, just like it had before.

“How was the car show?” Max asked her.

“Oh, brother. It was brutal,” she said. “Three twelve-hour days.”

“What did you do?”

“Anything and everything. Set up tables, break down tables, move tables, set up chairs, take tickets, give out programs, empty trash cans, sweep floors, you name it.”

“Sounds exhausting.”

“It was. Boring, too. But I have to tell you, what a goldmine. I don’t know what it costs to rent the convention center for three days, but the promoter must have made a fortune. Eight thousand people came through there over three days at ten bucks a pop, that’s not including the free passes that were traded out for advertising and promotion. And all of the vendors, selling pizza, hot dogs, burgers, snow-cones, ice cream, tacos, popcorn, t-shirts, whatever, they all paid big fees to set up booths. And, all of the gearheads displaying their hot rods came from hundreds of miles around and pay entry fees to be in the show, just so they can try to win some stupid trophy. Amazing!”

“Well, maybe tonight I can help you recover,” Max said softly.

“That would be nice.” She gave him her wink.

“I met your Mom the other morning,” he said, after a couple beverages.

“I know. She told me.”

“Oh, really? What did she say?”

“She said that you looked nervous and she thought you were handsome.”

“Ah, that’s nice. She’s very attractive too. She looks young, too young to have a daughter your age.”

“I know, she gets that a lot. She’s thirty-nine, younger guys are always hitting on her. She got divorced six years ago and she used to wear her old wedding band, hoping it would deter guys from coming onto her, but it seemed to have the opposite effect, so she quit that.”


“Oh, and another thing she said. They heard us in bed. I guess we were pretty loud. I’ll have to muffle you next time.”

Max chuckled, and said, “I think you’re the one that needs muffling.”

“You can try,” she said with another wink, and they laughed.

“I also met, uh…”

“Dick,” she said. “Mom’s boyfriend. Sometimes, anyway. I don’t think she’s serious about him, or anything. She met him at the club where she works out.”

“He didn’t say much, but he did say he thought I had good taste in women. Meaning you.”

After a pause to sip some water, Haley said: “He wants to fuck me.”

Max wasn’t sure he heard that right. “Say what?”

“Dick wants to fuck me.”

Max looked around, made sure nobody was tuned in to their conversation, leaned closer. “Dick wants to fuck you?” he said. “Did he say that?”

“He doesn’t have to,” she said. “I can tell by the way he looks at me. He stares at my boobs and my ass and pretends not to. He looks away really fast when I catch him. A woman knows.”

“Really? Geez, does your mother know?”

“I don’t know. Probably. She’s pretty sharp.”

Max sat back, took a breath. “This is hard to believe. Your mother’s boyfriend wants to fuck you. And your mother probably knows. And you seem pretty cool with it.”

Haley shrugged. “Just being honest.” She sipped again from her water glass, then put her hand on his. “Let’s go to your place tonight, is that okay?

Max said, “Sure.”

“Good. I’d like to see your house. And your bedroom. And we won’t need mufflers.”


Over the next two months, Max and Haley got into the routine of seeing each other a couple times a week, usually on weeknights, working around her schedule. Most of the time he’d pick her up after work and they’d end up at his place, where they could have privacy, and he’d drop her off at her place in the morning when he went to work. Sometimes they would stay at Haley’s, and would try to keep it down in the bedroom, just in case someone was listening. Their sex life was active and adventurous. Haley was an uninhibited lover, she liked getting fucked and the harder the better, which was sometimes discordant with Max’s gentler tendencies, but didn’t lessen their enthusiasm at all. Haley liked sex in any position and all of her holes.

The more Max encountered Mona at her condo, the more relaxed and comfortable they became with each other. She was naturally flirty, and he thought she was pretty cool to be okay with him staying over, knowing he was screwing her daughter. Mother and daughter were close, and he figured they would probably share intimate details. Her eyes seemed to peer into him, like she knew his secrets. He admired her body too, which was usually scantily clad in a swimsuit and a cover-up, or halter and shorts. She worked from home and dressed for comfort. And she would check him out too, he could tell.

The sex with Haley continued to be good and plenty, but as the days and weeks elapsed into late summer, Max couldn’t help but feel that the end was near. He recalled his own college years, and the summer romances that didn’t survive. Haley would soon be heading back to school to the life and relationships she had before moving in with Mom at the beach for the summer, and before Max showed up to fix her freezer.

One night in mid-August, Max stayed over at the condo with Haley. In the morning they drank coffee in the kitchen with Mona and Dick. Max hadn’t seen Dick for a few weeks, this was only the second time they’d both slept over on the same night. But he’d seen enough of Dick to know that Haley was right, he wanted to get in her pants. He had a predator’s eyes.

“Hey, I had an idea,” Mona said. “Next weekend, Haley heads back to school for the fall. How about the four of us have a goodbye cookout before she leaves? I’ll get some steaks and shrimp, and I’ll make some potato salad and Dick can whip up some beach drinks, and we’ll have a party. A final fling before we put Haley on that train back to D.C. What do you all think?”

Everyone loved the idea. Max said he’d bring beer, Dick would take care of the booze and mixers. They set it up for Wednesday evening. Haley would be leaving on Friday.


Max knocked off work a little early Wednesday and drove home to shower and change into clean clothes. He bought beer on the way, and he arrived at the condo at around seven p.m. Dick was already there, dressed in only his swim trunks, standing at the bar mixing drinks. Mona and Haley were standing at the counter in the kitchen sipping drinks while spearing chunks of sirloin, shrimp, chicken, peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes onto skewers. They were both dressed in two-piece swimsuits and covered by lacy, lightweight beach robes. It looked like they’d all just climbed out of the pool. He felt way overdressed in his shorts and tropical shirt.

Max kissed Haley on the lips and opened the fridge, and loaded his unneeded cargo into it. Dick handed him a drink.

“Daiquiri,” Haley said. “Damn good, too.”

Max sipped and nodded. “It is. Looks like this party started without me.”

Haley and Mona giggled. “Yeah, a little bit of a head start, I guess,” Mona said, and they giggled some more. “You have some catching up to do.” The females were tipsy.

Max’s drink went down smooth and easy and he soon had another. Before long they were carrying the food out onto the veranda where there was a table and chairs, a gas grill and a Jacuzzi. Mona got the grill going and the others loaded the table with potato salad, coleslaw, and dirty rice. Far too much food for four people. Mona grilled the skewers and sipped her drink. The others just drank. Mellow reggae emanated from hidden speakers.

“You need to get more comfortable,” Haley said to Max, and started unbuttoning his shirt. She helped him out of it and tossed it over the back of a chair. “There, that’s better.”

He did feel better, less awkward, and he knew he looked pretty good, a contrast to Dick, who was stout and hairy. Max was lean and clean.

The meal was perfect, and they ate sitting in the chairs with their plates on their knees. Dinner over, they carried everything back to the kitchen, put away the food and dumped all the dishes into the sink of soapy water. Dick mixed another pitcher of drinks.

“Nightcaps in the Jacuzzi,” he said.

Haley grabbed Max’s hand. “Come on.”

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

“We’ll have to improvise,” she said with a wink.

Dick poured drinks for all and got in first. He watched as the women shed their cover-ups, and Max noticed the way he eyed Haley. Both gals looked amazing in their bikinis. Mona’s was black and tapered with a V-shaped bottom. But Haley’s suit was mostly strings and very little fabric; Her whole rear was bare ass.

Max took off his shorts and kicked off his boat shoes. His boxers were bright yellow with green palm trees on them. The women sunk into the tub with drinks in hand and Max was right behind them. Mona turned the jets on low-speed and soon the four of them were immersed in a gently roiling, chlorine brew.

The tub was big, with plenty of room for the four of them. They were situated boy-girl-boy-girl, so each guy had a woman on each side, and vice-versa. They continued to sip their drinks, and Dick continued to top them off. They were totally relaxed and the conversation flowed easily between all four of them. They talked about the meal and the tub and the music and the cool vibe they were feeling. They talked about Haley heading back to college, and what classes she would be taking, and when they might have an opportunity to do this again. The conversation between the four of them had reached a new level of comfort and openness. They were talking as four equals, four peers, not as a mom and her boyfriend and a daughter and her boyfriend. Their conversation, and the vibe, elevated to a new, uncharted and unrestrained plane when Dick guided their discussion into territory where any remaining barriers would be brought down.

“A toast!” Dick said, raising his glass. The others followed suit. “A toast to Mona and Haley, and how lucky we are to be sitting here, in this Jacuzzi, with the two prettiest and foxiest and sexiest women on this whole island. And their practically naked! Right, Max?”

Max was surprised that Dick had handed off to him. He raised his glass and said, “I’ll drink to that!”

Mother and daughter looked across at each other and laughed. “Okay, better cut him off,” Mona said.

“Hell’s the matter?” Dick asked. “I’m just complimenting two fine looking women. What’s wrong with that? These are two fine looking women, wouldn’t you agree, Max?”

“Yep,” Max said.

“See, Max agrees.”

Mona shook her head. “And what’s next, Dick? You want us all to get naked?”

“What the hell. Like I said, we’re practically naked already.” He laughed.

Haley laughed too and said, “Okay, you first.”

Dick put his hands underwater, squirmed around a little bit, and his hands reemerged holding his swim trunks. He tossed them through the air and they landed on the deck. “Okay, who’s next?” he said.

“Oh Brother,” Mona moaned. “Here we go. Is this your clever way to seduce my daughter before she goes back to school, Dick?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Was that your plan? To get us drunk so we could swap and you can seduce Haley and we’d all go along with it? Are we swingers now? It would have been nice if you’d let me in on it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Dick said, but the others knew he knew exactly what she was talking about.

“Oh, give us a break,” Mona went on. “I know you. You want to swap. You’ve had your tongue hanging out all summer staring at Haley’s ass. You think I haven’t noticed?”

Dick was busted and he knew it, and didn’t try to further the charade. “Well, maybe sometimes. But she’s shaking it at me all the time, it’s hard not to look.”

“I only shake it when I know you’re looking,” Haley chimed in, and Max and Mona couldn’t help but laugh.

I’m sorry,” Dick said. “I can’t help it if you have a nice ass. Men appreciate a nice ass. You like looking at Haley’s ass, don’t you Max?”

“I like looking at both their asses,” Max said, surprising himself.

Haley nodded and looked at her mother. Mona smiled and pinched Max’s arm underwater.

There was a pause for a long moment and no one spoke. Then Haley broke the silence.

“I’m next,” she said. She ripped off her bikini bra and threw it in the direction of where Dick’s suit had been tossed. Her tits were unseen under the rolling froth of spa water.

“Now you’re talking!” Dick roared, and put his arm around her.

Haley and Dick were now expectantly staring at Max and Mona.

“Come on, Mom. Don’t be a prude,” Haley said, and scooted a tad closer to Dick.

Mona hesitated, looked from one face to the other, unsure. Max picked up the slack by wiggling out of his skivvies and wringing it between his fists before throwing it back over his shoulder where it landed on a chair.

Max looked into Mona’s eyes and said, “Your turn.”

Mona stared right back at him, realizing where things were headed. She curled her lips into an intrepid smile. “Oh, what the hell,” she said, and turned her back him. “How ‘bout a little help?”

“No problem,” Max said, and unhooked her top from behind. He tossed it to Haley, who handed it to Dick, who threw it across the patio. Drenched garments were now scattered about the premises.

“There, now doesn’t this feel good?” Dick asked rhetorically.

No one said anything at first, and very little after that. They all knew that they were now in uncharted water and under that water were naked cocks and tits, and some lines had been crossed and others were about to be. Before long Dick and Haley were kissing, and then Max’s arm was around Mona. There were first kisses, then seconds and thirds with more intensity, then hands groped underwater creating more urgent desires.

Max was going with it, but could hardly believe it at first, it was like he was watching it all from above. He was making out with his girlfriend’s mother, her hands were exploring him, and his, her. Their kisses held nothing back, their tongues were on fire. And three feet away, Mona’s boyfriend and her daughter were doing the same thing.

After one long passionate kiss with Dick, Haley looked at Max with a helpless half-smile and a shrug. Max gave her a minuscule nod and a shrug of his own.

Dick whispered something into Haley’s ear and she nodded. Then he rose up out of the Jacuzzi, holding her hand, and she stood up beside him. His cock was erect despite the cool water, short and thick with a scrotum hanging like poached eggs. Evidently Haley’s hand had been busy with some subaquatic shenanigans. Her nipples were hard and the soggy piece of fabric covering her up downtown was plastered to her crotch and half-sucked into her cunt. They stepped out, bade goodnight, and Max and Mona watched them walk hand-in-hand through the condo to Haley’s side of the house.

“Well, this is interesting,” Mona said. She looked directly into Max’s eyes.

His arm was around her, her hand rested on his leg. Their bodies were flush, wired, ready.

“That’s for sure,” he said.

“I always knew this might happen,” she sighed. “He’s not that hard to read. But I’m glad it happened in front of me, and not behind my back.”

“Give him that.”

“And Haley…”

“She told me about him checking her out. Maybe she was warning me, I don’t know. Looks like she was expecting it.”

“Hmm. Do you really like checking out my ass, like you said?”

“Every chance I get.”

“Would you like to get a closer look?”


“Come with me.”

The music and the lights and the jets remained on as Max grabbed his drink and followed her to her bedroom.


Once they got into her room, Dick shut the door and pushed Haley up against the wall and pushed his weight against her. He jammed his tongue into her mouth pushed his cock hard against her groin, made sure she felt it.

“You’re a beautiful, sexy young lady, Haley. And you’re getting fucked tonight, girl,” he hissed. “No more shaking your ass, no more teasing, your ass is mine tonight.”

“Fuck me!” Haley groaned. She sunk her fingers in his chest hair.

“Oh, don’t you worry you little tart, I will. And a lot more too. I’m making you my whore tonight.”

He put his hands on her buttocks and lifted her two feet off the ground and kept her pinned against the wall. She could feel his brute strength and the solid grip of escort bursa his large hands on her ass. He sucked her nipples into his mouth like a shop vac, and he dug his teeth in until she whimpered. He lowered her to the floor, still flush against the wall, and dropped to his knees in front of her. She whimpered again when his finger rammed into her asshole. He put his mouth on the smidgen of fabric that covered her anxious sex, sucked it into his mouth and started chewing on it with a vengeance. It turned to mush in his mouth, so he chewed on the string until it gave way. Then he yanked his head back, and Haley squealed when the string sped through the crack of her ass. He spit the thong out onto the floor.

He picked her up, his finger still thoroughly planted up her ass, and threw her onto the bed. Haley was getting manhandled and so far she liked it.

“Fuck me!” she barked.

“Not yet, slut,” Dick said.”First you’re gonna blow me.”

He propped her head up with a couple pillows. He got onto the bed and straddled her face, touched the tip of his helmet to her lips.

“Now you suck this, okay. And you keep sucking until you swallow everything I give you.”

Haley nodded and took Dick’s plump cock into her mouth.


Mona dimmed the lights in her bedroom. Max set his drink on the nightstand next to her queen bed, which was covered with rich linens. He glanced around the room at the fine oak furniture, the full-length antique mirror, the tray ceiling, the lacquered hardwood floor and oriental rug. This woman has taste, he thought. He wondered why she would waste her time with a guy like Dick.

He took her into his arms. One hand held her upper back, the other delved inside the wet bottom of her swimsuit and grasped her clammy butt. He looked at her for a moment, and her eyes were smiling before their mouths merged into another desirous kiss.

“I can hardly believe this,” Mona said, tracing her fingers across his chest. She liked that his body was sleek and smooth and hairless.

“I know what you mean,” Max said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

“Good, me too. Now let’s get you out of this wetsuit.”

Max pulled her crotch cover down to her ankles in one quick swoop, then pulled her onto the bed. They started with more deep kissing and soon their hands were on the loose. He had one arm around her back, and his other hand found her tits, taut and aroused, and he thumbed her nipple as he tongue-fucked her mouth. Mona had one hand behind his head and the other on his ass.

Max’s cock was already a stiff missile, counting down to blast-off, but he was taking his time. He was in bed with a classy, older lady and he wanted to give her some classy love. And he knew the more he made her wait, the better it would be for both of them.

Mona exhaled a breathy ooh when Max sucked her left nipple into his mouth. She squeezed his butt and dug her fingertips into the nape of his neck, pulled his head close and tight, and forced more nipple into his mouth. He sucked it like a dying man for a minute or two, then switched titties and did it again.

Max came up for air and kissed her mouth, another thirty second tongue bomb. Mona’s torso was wavering in anticipation. Max reached across her body to reach his drink on the nightstand and she felt his cock hard against her thigh. She reached for it, took it in her hand. She would have to wait.

Max sucked a big chunk of ice out of his drink, held it between his teeth, showing it to her. Then he started giving her lingering kisses with open lips.

He started on her forehead, then her temples, her cheeks, her neck and shoulders, moving slowly, letting her feel the chill and the melting dribbles tickling her warm flesh. He went to her stomach, tracing the cool vibe all around her quivery skin, up, down, around, until he zeroed in on her belly button, where he left a cool puddle of runoff. And soon he was back to her sublime breasts, where he took time and special care. Mona moaned and oohed and aahed as he traced his iceberg mouth all over each beautiful breast, round and round, working his way inward to the bullseye of swollen nipple.

Mona wriggled like a worm half-stuck in mud. She whined softly as the cool beads of pleasure dripped across her face and neck and chest. But she sucked in her own saliva with a long inward hiss when his lips surrounded her nipple and he sucked it up against the last remnant of the cube.

It was a shocking cold, then a numbing bliss, her nipple like rock in his ravenous mouth.

“Oh God,” Mona gasped.

She was past ready, groped for Max’s young cock, found it. It was time, and they knew it. He moved his body on top of her and they kissed with his cock locked in her fist. She fed it into her.

Max’s first thought was that this was the wettest, roomiest pussy he’d ever had, but then immediately felt the clench of her cunt muscles around his cock, hugging him tight and sucking him in deeper. The icy trail on her flesh had heated up Mona’s need. She ran her hands over his smooth back and ass, she liked the contours of his sleek body and the tenderness of his love, a contrast to what she’d become accustomed to in recent months. She wanted to love the shit out of this boy.

With her fingers clasped around his ass, and her cunt wrapped around his cock, Mona grunted with each powerful thrust as Max matched her motions and alternated between sucking on her earlobe, sucking on her tongue and whispering in her ear. On and on they fucked.

“Oh God,” she said again.

She felt the surge of his cock sticking her, deep inside her, and the weight of his body on hers, pumping her, over and over, and she knew she would soon come with a force she had not experienced in a long time.

She let out a shriek when it happened. Her body shook in waves as she released, and she moaned again and again as her tremors softened. Her skin was hot and sweaty and Max pulled out of her, his erection slick, dripping her sauce.

“Did you come?” she asked.

“Not yet. Is it okay?”

“Of course.”

She scooted down and took his slimy cock into her mouth and sucked him.


On the other side of the condo, Haley was facing her bedroom window, staring out into darkness and taking it up the ass from behind. Dick had three fingers of one hand in her twat and the other hand on a tit, and gripped her tightly as he banged her bottom. They both grunted, hers answering his with each stroke.

Haley was hoping he’d hurry up and come, but his second was taking longer than his first. She’d already got him off with her mouth, and now he was buttfucking her, but her pussy was craving some action of its own.

“What a sweet ass,” Dick mumbled into her ear, mid-pump.

Then soon, as if he’d read her mind, he pulled out and spun her butt onto the end of the bed. He got down on his knees in front of her, spread her legs and lifted them over his shoulders so his face was buried in her crotch. Haley screeched when he dug his face into her pussy and his tongue slipped inside.

Haley ground her cunt into his face as he chowed down. She thought she would come in no time flat. But she was wrong, things changed in a hurry. After a minute of sloppy clit licks Dick flipped her over onto her belly, half-on/half-off the bed. Dick’s dick entered her from behind and he began fucking her doggy style on the edge of the mattress. She had said she wanted it, and now she was getting it, harder and rougher than she expected. He rammed his cock into her over and over, his sweaty body flush with her back. He sucked on her neck as he banged her, his weight grinding her face into the sheets. Haley’s focus had changed from the pleasure of an orgasm to the pleasure of getting it over with.

Dick kept fucking and sucking and Haley groaned with each plunge. When he finally came in a frenzied rush, he bit Haley’s shoulder, digging in, and she howled with pain.

“Ouch, that hurt goddamn it!” she growled at him. She scrambled across the bed and stood up.”What the fuck is the matter with you?”

“Oh, come on, tender petal. Ain’t you ever been fucked by a real man?”

“Real man? You call that being a real man? How about cave man? Get the fuck out of here.”

“Oh, please…”

“I said get out. Get out now or I’ll start screaming.”


“Get out!”

Dick didn’t hesitate any longer, he didn’t want to press his luck. He staggered out of the bedroom naked, his erection slick with slime. He gathered up his clothing, got dressed and left in a flash.

“Fuck,” Haley said aloud.

She was in the bathroom looking in the mirror. The bite on her shoulder had broken the skin, was red and already swollen. There were two grape-purple hickeys on her neck, one at the base and one halfway up, which she figured would be difficult to hide.

“That son of a bitch,” she hissed, and flipped off the light.


“Where did you learn that thing with the ice?” Mona asked.

“Did you like that?” Max said.

“Yes. Couldn’t you tell?”

“Your nipples seemed to enjoy it.” He playfully pinched her left one, which was still erect.

“They sure did. Can’t remember them ever getting so aroused. The rest of me either, for that matter. Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know. Just came to me.”

“Just came to you, huh? Wow, you’re not only talented at fixing appliances, but creative too. Very impressive. I’d keep it up if I were you.”

“Okay, I think I will.”

Max kissed her and her mouth reopened for his. Their tongues did a gentle dance for a moment.

“I’m sure glad you showed up that day and fixed my freezer,” she said with a smile.

They kissed again, deeper, and were soon headed for another round. Damn it if Max wasn’t hard again. He moved his body on top and entered her, their mouths unseparated, and just like that their bodies were rocking, as their mouths sucked tongues and Max’s fingers squeezed her buttocks like wringing out a sponge.

They fucked slow and easy, relishing their sweet union, and after they both came, almost simultaneously, their faces broke into grins. And they slept.

Mona awoke early to the sight of Max pulling on his shorts, which he’d fetched from the veranda.

“Leaving so soon?” she asked.

“Yeah, busy day. I have to go home, shower, get ready for work, load the truck. But thanks for a great night. The dinner was fabulous, but our dessert was even better.” Max sat on the bed beside her. “May I kiss you goodbye?”

“Of course.”

They kissed, another tongue-flapper, and they held it an extra beat for emphasis.

“Max, would you like to ride with us when I drive Haley to the train? I mean, if you can take the afternoon off.”

“Sure, I can do that, just have to move a couple things around. I’d like to go along and see her off.”

He kissed her once again, a short one, then he gathered up the rest of his clothes and left.


“Jesus, what happened to you?” Mona said with alarm.

After Max left, Mona had fallen back to sleep for forty-five minutes and woke happy and refreshed. She showered, then put on her robe and went to the kitchen to make coffee. She was pouring her first cup when Haley entered the kitchen. She looked rode hard and put away wet and had two dark welts on her neck.

“I feel like I was hit by a truck,” Haley said.

“Dick did that to you?” Mona said, gently touching Haley’s neck.

“Who else? What an asshole, I can’t believe you’re even seeing that guy. I got so pissed, I told him to get the hell out late last night, and if he didn’t I was gonna start screaming. Look at this.”

Haley pulled her t-shirt down off her shoulder and showed her mother her flesh wound, all puffy and red.

“Oh My God! That’s it, he’s history.”

“Exactly. I never thought going to bed with him would be a blood sport. Did he ever get rough with you?”

“Nothing like that. If he had I would have kicked him out too. What a jerk. Are you all right?”

“I’ll be okay. More mad than anything.” Haley poured herself a coffee.

“So, I guess swapping men didn’t work out so well, huh?”

“Not for me, not by a long shot. But it was different, that’s for damn sure. How about you?”

“Uh, I guess you could say my experience was different, too. Yes, different. That’s a good way to put it.”


Max showed up at one p.m. Friday as Mona had suggested. The train station was located seventy-five miles from the beach. They needed to be there by three o’clock to buy the ticket and catch the train, and then Haley would have a long overnight ride back to school.

He rang the bell and Mona answered the door, ushered him in with an unhesitant kiss on his lips.

“The car’s already packed,” she said. “I hope the weather holds off. I’d hate to drive through a monsoon for an hour and a half. The weather report said there’s a heavy storm front heading that way from the southwest.”

They waited for a minute or two, then Haley appeared. She wore black jeans and a white turtle neck up to her chin, which Max thought was odd, and quite different from the way she’d dressed all summer. He leaned to give her a kiss, which she accepted without much reciprocation. Mona grabbed three bottles of water out of the fridge and said, “Let’s go.”

Mona drove, Haley rode shotgun, Max was in the back. The conversation was forced, mostly Mona and Max asking Haley questions about school, classes, activities, whatever, and not getting much in response. As they drove westward, they could see dark, ominous clouds up ahead.

After about an hour they hit the rain. It was light at first, but soon became heavy, making visibility difficult, and the wind was kicking up. Mona turned on the radio and they listened to reports of massive rainfall, possible flooding and traffic jams. They were driving right into it.

Mona was a nervous wreck by the time they reached the train depot.

“Pull up front,” Max said. “You guys go on in, I’ll park the car. No sense everybody getting drenched.” He unloaded Haley’s three bags from the trunk, watched them enter the station and got back in the car. He pulled the car into a lot about a block away, fed the meter and made a run for it.

Back in the station, he found mother and daughter seated on a bench. “Train’s running a little behind,” Mona said.

“Hurry up and wait,” Max said, and sat down beside Haley. “Did they say how long?”

“Not long, only twenty minutes or so.”

“Did you get your ticket?” he asked Haley. She nodded and held the ticket up for him to see.

After a few minutes of tentative small talk there was an announcement for her train. They all stood up, said their goodbyes, hugged, kissed. The kiss Max received was a glancing blow, and his hug was more given than received. He could feel it was over between them. Then Haley picked up her bags, one in each hand and the smaller one hanging from her shoulder, turned and headed for the train.

“Call me when you get in,” Mona called.

“Me too,” Max added.

But Haley didn’t seem to hear.


“You wait here, stay dry,” Max said, under the canopy at the front of the depot. “I’ll go get the car and pick you up.” Before Mona could reply he ran off into the downpour.

A short while later Max pulled the car up in front of Mona and she got in. Then he drove back into the rain and down the street. After a quarter mile he stopped at a traffic light. Making a left would put them on the highway east, and back to the beach.

It was dark and stormy, black clouds, thunder, lightning bolts nearby. Max watched through the windshield as wind-aided wavelets of rainwater swirled across the street. He didn’t look forward to a long, hairy drive through this kind of slop.

They sat in the car waiting for the light to change, staring ahead. Across the highway before them was an old motel. The place was lighted up and an orange neon sign flashed VACANCY in the inky afternoon.

Mona put her hand on his and said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I think so,” Max said as the light turned green.

He pressed the gas pedal, made a left and then a quick right into the parking lot and pulled right up to the office.

“Right?” he asked.

“Right,” she said.

He got out of the car and ran into the office. Mona watched through the window as he checked them in. After a few minutes he ran back out and jumped in the car. He drove about forty yards and parked in front of their room. They had no luggage, so they hopped out of the car and onto the covered walkway. Max unlocked the door, flipped on a light and they went in and shut the door behind them as quickly as possible to get out of the weather.

The motel was two buildings separated by a protected breezeway between them. Max had gotten them the room on the end of the first building, right next to the breezeway.

Close to the ice machine.


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