Friends With Benefits: Marita


Driving home from work the other night, I heard an old Journey song on the radio and I found myself reflecting on a former friend of mine and the time spent together. The Journey song took me back to a night in the early spring of 2009, sitting on a couch in Marita’s apartment. The smell of wine and her perfume were equally intoxicating as she nestled close to me, her flower-pattern robe half-open, inviting me to do whatever I pleased. While that night was a good story in itself, the best one is about the first time we hooked up.The first time I laid eyes on Marita was the same time I reported to my unit in the fall of 2006 for what would be the final years of my enlistment. She was working at the small convenience store on the housing side of the base which was right next to the military lodging building I had been temporarily assigned. She was crouched down near the floor, stocking a refrigerator unit and I could see the top of her thong peeking above the waistband of her jeans. She looked amazing from the back and when I saw her from the front, I knew I wanted to fuck her. And who wouldn’t?She was beautiful. She was of Filipino descent. Her medium-brown skin tone complemented her dark brown hair and almond-shaped brown eyes. She had a cute little mole just to the right of her mouth (think Cindy Crawford-like). She wore clothes that highlighted her features. Her C-cup breasts always filled out her shirts Ankara escort and her jeans showed off her curvy ass. Out of all my friends with benefits, Marita was the only one I went into the friendship wanting to sleep with from the start.As hot and sexy as she was, the reality of that ever happening seemed less likely at the time. I had gotten involved in a couple of different relationships not long after I arrived at my final duty station. However, I made a point to befriend Marita and we would talk and flirt when we saw each other, but nothing more beyond that. However, things would change going into 2009.Serious relationships were not my strong point between 2006 through 2008. They would either end because of infidelity on the woman’s part or just a mutual split based on different goals. After two failed relationships in late 2008, I had resigned myself to taking time away from anything serious and focused on myself and my career. This did not stop my need for sexual fulfillment as I was not shy about the occassional one-night stand. Then, one day while working the main gate at the base, I found myself talking to Marita when she came through in her Jeep. She was on her way to the gym and still being the flirt I had been in the past, I commented on how I would love to work out with her.”Why don’t you?” she asked.I knew it wouldn’t be that day because I was still on duty Ankara escort bayan and knew she would be done by the time my shift was over. I thought for a second as I weighed my options.”How about this Thursday?” I asked.She smiled at me and nodded. “What time will you be off work?””Let’s aim for 3PM,” I said. I knew by scheduling it for mid-afternoon I would be able to meet her at the gym regardless of the post I would be assigned to that day. It should be noted that in the recent weeks leading up to this day, our interactions had been more flirtatious and with a lot of touching. To say that one of us could come up from behind the other in a seductive manner without batting an eye would be an understatement. To be honest, I was wondering why we had not slept with each other sooner.Late Thursday morning, she sent me a text message letting me know she was looking forward to working out with me. I responded with a short message, I bet you are followed by a wink emoji. I met her on time in the gym lobby. She was already in her workout gear, which was a gray sports bra under a tank top and a pair of black shorts. “I need to change,” I said. “Where will you be?”She pointed to the leg machines in the room right of the lobby. “Find me in there,” she said.I nodded and went to the locker room. I changed out of my uniform and into my gym clothes. I grabbed my water bottle and made Escort Ankara my way to the gym where Marita was already putting in the work. She was in the middle of her third set and I watched as her legs extended out and back in again. She was sexy as hell and I found myself becoming aroused at the sight of her working out. When she finished, she smiled at me.”You want in on this?” she asked.”No, actually I need to get in a run on the treadmill first,” I said. My workout schedule had me doing cardio and lower body workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes.””Save some energy for later,” she said as she gave me a wink.How I didn’t pop a raging hard-on right then and there is beyond me. She wanted me more than I had anticipated, probably more than I wanted her. Those twenty minutes on the treadmill seemed like an eternity thinking about Marita and what she said to me. After my time was up, I stretched and went to find her. She was doing some lifting with the dumbbells. Since she was in the middle of a set, I went over to the leg lift machine she had been on earlier and went to work my leg exercises. I was in the middle of my second set when she came over to me.”I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a shower,” she whispered in my ear. “I don’t want to rush you, but I’m ready to go whenever you are.”Marita stood up straight and touched my shoulder as she moved towards the lobby. I thought we would be here longer, but I guess those months of flirting had come to a horny boiling point for her. Needless to say, I was just as ready. I got up from the machine and went to the locker room to get my things. Marita was waiting for me in front of the receptionist’s desk. 

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