Friend’s Treat


I had recently split with my wife and was feeling very down.I was invited to spend a few days with my old friend Dave and his wife Tracey.The first night I was there Tracey turned to Dave and said that we needed a boys’ night out and why not go to his club. Dave agreed it was a good idea and within minutes Tracey was dropping us outside what appeared too be a Georgian townhouse.I hadn’t known that Dave was in a club and was surprised to find he was a member of one. He had refused to reveal what type of club we were going to.The door opened as we approached and a dinner suited doorman Çukurambar escort bayan greeted Dave and signed me in as a guest.The place was elegantly furnished and seemed like an old fashioned gentleman’s club.Dave opened some double doors and I realised this was far from old fashioned. On a small stage, lingerie clad girls danced to an audience of men sitting at low lit tables sipping drinks. Occasionally a girl would leave the stage and would leave with one of the men through a side door and a new girl replaced her. Dave ordered us Escort demetevler both a drink and asked what I thought. I said I was a bit shocked and asked did Tracey know about this. He surprised me more by telling me she came on the Sunday ladies’ nights and enjoyed it immensely. A waitress brought our drinks; she was wearing a sexy French maid uniform and fishnet stockings. I felt my cock stir. As the drinks were set down I was hit by a bigger shock; this sexy beauty was a man!Dave put his hand on my knee and told me to look properly at the dikmen escort stage. I now saw all the girls had bulges in their panties, which were without doubt cocks.Dave told me he had always been bi and that transvestites had always turned him on. Luckily for him Tracey not only allowed him to indulge his kink but also would join in. He looked at me and said that he always felt that perhaps I might enjoy myself here. His hand was now on my thigh and despite myself I was getting hard.Dave left his hand on my thigh and told me if one of the “girls” interested me then use a keypad on the table and she would go to a private room with me. It was all on him.I hadn’t been laid in over a year and these sexy “girls” were turning me on. I knew I was so horny I didn’t care what was in those panties. A short blond caught my eye. I pressed the keypad and shortly we were going upstairs to a luxurious room.

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