Friends To Lovers


White-outThey’d tried everything, transportation in the city increasingly was hard to come by. Their normal train route had shut down. So had cabs and ride-share services. Walking the distance was out of the question. The snowstorm forecasters had predicted had turned into a monster blizzard.”What are we going to do, Alex? How are we going to get home?””I don’t know,” he said as he looked at his phone. “The buses have shut down now.””Shit! Nothing at all?” Lakshmi said.”Zip. I think we should find a hotel and wait this out.””Oh, no, I don’t have a change of clothes, a toothbrush or anything!””Probably lots of people are in the same situation. We’d better hurry before everything’s booked.”Bracing themselves for the driving snow, they headed for the closest hotel. It was full.”You might try the Hilton. It’s bigger and maybe a three quarters of a mile away.”Inside, Lakshmi was panicking. What would they do if the Hilton was booked too? Their options were a youth hostel or the streets. They trod on and reached the Hilton with snow coating Alex’s short beard.”Please tell me you have a couple of rooms left,” Alex told the desk clerk.”Sorry, we have one room available,” she said, shaking her head.”Separate beds?” Lakshmi asked hopefully.”It’s a queen bed in a suite, no-smoking. It’s all I have left. Do you want it or not?”Alex looked at Lakshmi to gauge her expression.”We’ll take it,” she said quickly.”Look, we’ll just split the expense, go Dutch on meals,” Alex said as they went up in the elevator.”I’m glad they had a room left. We’d freeze to death in this blizzard!””I know. But we’re safe and warm.””I’m glad you thought of going to the hotel’s shop! I don’t know how we got the last toothpaste tube and two toothbrushes!”First nightLakshmi and Alex used the same train stop on their way to and from work. Over time, they’d become good friends. Both worked around the corner from each other downtown. There wasn’t much they couldn’t talk about.”There are two robes in the bathroom! How exciting!” Lakshmi exclaimed.”And a fridge! Not that we’ll tromp out in this weather.”They decided to go downstairs to the restaurant for dinner. Later that night, Alex requested extra blankets. Lakshmi asked him why he’d done that.”Because I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship by sleeping together. I’ll sleep on the sofa.””Oh, Alex! I appreciate that. You’re such a gentleman.”That night as Alex got ready for bed, he explained he would sleep in his underwear. His reasoning was that neither of them knew how long they’d be stuck. He was wearing the only clothes he had with him.”That’s fine, I may as well do the same,” Lakshmi replied. “No peeking when I take off my bra!”That was all the warning Alex got. He caught a decent glimpse of her caramel-colored boobs. Lakshmi was coy about it, smirking as she quickly covered up with the sheets.Day TwoLakshmi and Alex got into a dull routine. They would take turns showering, then go down to breakfast. Most of the conversing took place during meals. Next they’d go back to their suite and stare out the window. The snow still came down, but turned to ice.They’d put on the TV news, which was mostly about the blizzard they’d found Ankara escort themselves caught in. As they watched they’d check their phones, keeping in touch with friends and family. Lakshmi played games on her phone she’d forgotten about. At lunch and dinner it was the same thing, minus the showers.That night, the weather forecaster on TV said the storm had turned into an ice blizzard. Wind chill temperatures were predicted to drop to as much as thirty degrees below zero. Through the window of their suite, they watched as ice formed on everything.”Brr!” Lakshmi said as she crawled into the bed. “I’m glad we’re warm and safe.””That’s what I was thinking,” Alex replied. “I pity anyone who’s out in this.”There was a silence. Lakshmi wondered how she could say what she wanted without offending Alex. Then she came up with an answer.”Alex, why don’t you come into the bed with me? It’s way more comfortable than the sofa, I’m sure. And I won’t bite.””Actually, I was hoping you would,” he replied with a smile.Lakshmi giggled, holding up a side of the blankets.”What do you think I am, blood-thirsty?””For all I know, you might be,” he said as he got into the bed.”Don’t be silly!”Lakshmi turned over onto her side so her back was to Alex. She felt him turn so his back was to her. Her thoughts turned to her desire and what to do to make it a reality. As her thoughts ran together, she fell asleep.Sometime during the night, Alex had turned over. He’d moved closer to her, probably for warmth. Lakshmi felt his hard-on pressing against her butt. She wondered if he was awake and if he was aware of it. His body made no contact with hers.From her vantage point, she could see out the window. The darkness in the room made the falling ice shine. It seemed like a magical moment, a perfect one for lovemaking.”Alex?” she whispered. “Alex?”There was no response. She knew hard-ons happened during sleep. All she needed to do was to touch his cock and casually start massaging it. She remembed Alex’s comment, “I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship.” The hell with that!Gently, she reached behind herself. It was an awkward reach from that angle. Her hand made contact with the warm head of his cock through his boxer-briefs. She lowered her hand to the area below the ridge and began to massage it.Alex made a sound, and then said, “This is a nice way to wake up!””I’d been thinking the same thing!””How so?””Your hard-on woke me up pressing against my butt.””It has a one-track mind, I guess.””So do I,” she said, rolling over.She took his cock in her hand again and kissed him. Alex responded nicely; he was a good kisser, and his cock got harder. Lakshmi felt wetness seep through her folds. They kissed for a long time, languidly enjoying this relaxed pace.Wanting more, Lakshmi rolled over on top of him, pinning his hands to the bed. Her dark brown eyes bore into his blue ones. She leaned down and bit his bottom lip lightly. Then she rose up so she sat astride.”What are you going to do to me?” Alex asked, teasing her.”Oh, that’s a loaded question! The appropriate question is, what am I not going to do to you?”She took his nipples between her Ankara escort bayan fingertips and squeezed them hard. Alex gasped at the mixture of pleasure and pain. While he recovered for a brief moment, she reached for the waistband of her panties and slid them off. Then she found herself astride him again. His cock lay length-wise along her slit.Lakshmi reached between her legs and found his cock. She held it upright in her fingers and slowly slid down on the shaft, groaning. Alex moaned as his shaft pierced her cunt, opening for him like the flower it was.”Baby, you feel so good! I’ve wanted this for so long! So fucking long!” she moaned as she slid up and down his shaft.”Lakshmi! I had no idea!””I know!”She arched her back, causing her hips to undulate as she fucked. Alex slipped his hands from underneath hers and put them on her hips. He admired their curve and motion.Lakshmi felt her arousal peak. Her angle as she fucked had put her sheath in a delicious position. The head of Alex’s cock rubbed against that spot on the upper wall. She ground down on him as she came, trying hard not to scream.The motion, the delicious friction, the heat, made Alex’s cock bigger and hotter. He was about to cum, Lakshmi sensed it. She made several more downstrokes before feeling the heat intensify. Alex was gonna blow.She lifted off him and aimed his cock at the jewel in her navel. Then she jerked him off, her own juice acting as minimal lube. Alex cried out and then unleashed a torrent of cum on her belly. Lakshmi gasped and moaned her approval.”Oh, baby! That’s so good, so fucking hot! Look at all that cum!”Lakshmi continued to jerk him off, until her hand and both bellies were drenched. Her hand played in it, smearing it all over. Then she leaned down and licked the remaining cum from his cock and groin. Alex moaned at her passion.Lakshmi lay down, snuggling in his arms.”That was awesome!” Lakshmi said. “I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long.””So why am I just finding out about this?””I guess it’s what you said, I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship.””So do you feel like our friendship is in danger now?””No way! How about you?””Absolutely not!”They fell into a blissful sleep, warm, wet, and happy.Day ThreeDay Three began almost like Day Two ended, with hot sex. Because neither had condoms, they opted for some oral action. Lakshmi found he had a talented tongue and had no hangups about going down on a woman.As for herself, Lakshmi enjoyed sucking Alex’s cock. It was a nice cock and responded nicely. She even liked licking his balls and ass, something she didn’t do often. Their morning interlude ended with a hot and wet blowjob, complete with a swallow.Showers and breakfast came and went. They lapsed into their routine. The news reported that the city was in its second day of being shut down due to the storm. When the forecaster said this wouldn’t end any time soon, Alex shut off the TV.Lakshmi had just heard this announcement after brushing her teeth. She came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed with Alex. Taking his hand and smiling, she had this to say.”Without this storm, we might never have Escort Ankara connected in this way.”The frustration drained from Alex’s face. He smiled back at her. Then he flopped onto his back onto the mattress.”You’re right. I’m glad we got caught in it.”The rest of the day followed the schedule.Before dinner, they headed upstairs and got ready for another session of lovemaking. Lakshmi led Alex in some light yoga as a way to limber up. Except they did it nude. Alex liked this addition.Lakshmi lay on her stomach on the bed, sheets and blankets pulled down. She wiggled her butt to get his attention. Even she thought her ass was fine, as it got some looks from women as well as men. How could Alex not notice it?”You trying to call my attention to something?” he asked.”Maybe,” she said, looking back at him with a sly smile. “I put a bottle of lotion inside the nightstand. Got it from my handbag. I think you’ll find it useful.” She opened her legs in preparation.”You want to do anal?””Maybe sometime we’ll do that. I was thinking of something else. Would you mind giving me a back rub?””I’d love to!”Alex squeezed some of the lotion into his hand and applied it to the small of her back. He began to rub upward to her shoulders. Though not a masseur, Lakshmi thought he did a good job. He massaged the area around her shoulder blades, then reversed and moved toward her butt.Lakshmi imagined his view as he massaged her upturned butt cheeks. She thought her ass was her best feature. That was why she’d decided on this position. Her caramel hips had the perfect curve, and were just the right size and shape.She moaned as he rubbed her butt, picturing it all smooth and shiny. There was a reason he lingered on her ass! His hands began to move lower, in the cleft between thigh and buttock. She spread her legs further, making sure he saw her little pucker.Alex tickled the opening with his finger, making her coo in pleasure. Then he traced down her perineum to her slit. It was wet, as she expected. His finger slid inside with no problem, getting a moan from her.Now he began to lightly massage her clit as he finger-fucked her. Damn, he was good! He knew how to stoke her fire, when to back off. Alex was a musician in his spare time, she was sure that was it. The sensitive artist type.Under Alex’s hands, Lakshmi had gone from desire to need. Her hips rolled gently from side to side and her breathing had turned into aroused panting. She needed Alex’s cock inside her, now, and told him so.”Fuck me, Alex. Take me. I need you so bad!”Alex didn’t need more than that. Going with the position she’d set up, he mounted her hips. After a short bit of self-stimulation to get himself harder, he thrust his cock into her slit.”Just like that, no doggie-style!” Lakshmi said.Soon he knew why she’d wanted him in this position. His cock bumped against that special place inside her. After a few strokes, she exploded in an intense orgasm, her juices soaking the sheets. She had to bite her hand to keep from screaming.”Oh, fuck! You’re a passionate woman!” Alex exclaimed. “Why didn’t I find this out sooner?””Who cares? You’ve got me now. Fuck me, Alex. Fuck me whichever way you want me. I’ll take you for a hot ride.”By now Alex believed every word she said. He lifted her from the hips and plunged his length into her from the rear with a loud grunt. Driving his cock in and out, he was amazed at how wet she was. Her juices flowed from her cunt, mixing with her white girl-goo.

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