Freshman year…part 2…Justin fucks me



I licked his balls and put one in my mouth, before going back to work on his dick. I hadnt done but 30 more seconds of sucking when he pushed me off again. I kept stroking him slowly looking up at him wondering why he stopped me, when his dick jerked and he exploaded all over his stomach. It felt like it had been less than two minutes. I kept jerking him and more and more cum kept coming. It was the most jizz I had ever seen. I stroked a few more times getting every last drop out, then whiped my hand on his balls. I stood up thinking he would do me now, when he said “go get me some paper towels.”

I walked without my pants on out of the room to the bathroom and got him a few paper towels. I tried to towel up his cum, but didn’t bring enough with me and ended up just smearing a lot of it around. He pushed me off and said “move” before going to the bathroom to get more himself. I watched as he walked away getting the first really good look at his ass. I anxiously waited for him to get back. I sat in the chair thinking he would do me. When he got back he said “i’m not sucking your dick dude.” I didn’t know what to say so I said “I have lotion. Will you jack me off.” “Idk man.” “please dude. Come on?” “no one forced you to suck my dick man.” “Dude please. It’ll take like a minute. Please man. Please” I practically begged him. I took his silence as my cue and quick grabbed a bottle of lotion and handed it to him. He squirted a bunch on his hand, and then grabbed my dick with it. It felt sooo good. He gave my dick a few strokes and I could tell he was not interested at all, but I just thrusted in his hand and tried to focus on how good it felt. I closed my eyes and moaned a little. And he said “dude this is so gay. I don’t want to do this.” “Please please I’m almost there” I said. Which although I was so horny, I wasn’t that close because I was afraid he was going to stop and could tell he didn’t want to do it. So I reached over and strated messing with his dick which had gone soft. I played with his balls and rubbed his dick which got him to keep jacking mine. He wasn’t doing a very good job on mine and was putting very minimal effort into it, but his dick got hard again. I took his hand off my dick for a second and swiveled the chair and put his dick back in my mouth.

He pulled his dick out after a few strokes and said “lay down.” I didn’t know what he had in store so I happily obliged. I laid on my back thinking maybe I would suck his dick while he jacked me off. He laid on top of my dick with his dick. Our faces were right next to eachother. He started rubbing his dick on mine. He did this for 15 seconds before he grabbed the lotion and put a bunch all over my dick and around my dick. Then he grabbed a gloop and put it on his dick and started humping the lotiony mess he had made. He grabbed my hips and the side of my butt cheeks and kind of laid on me and started really getting into it. His face was right next to mine, Sex hikayeleri and cauhgt up in the passion I decided wtf so I tried to kiss him. My lips hit his and immediately he jerked away. “dude wtf I’m not gay.” He said disgusted. “Me either man.” I said ironically considering we were rock hard and he was humping my dick. “You just tried to fucking kiss me. I’m not into that.” “sorry.” I said not knowing what else to say. “just dont do it again. I’m not a fag.” He said. His words stung, but I didn’t want him to stop so I said “I wont. I promise.” He went back to humping me. He tried to grab my ass but it was hard to put his hands under me and hump me at the same time. After about two minutes of this he got off and grabbed the lotion and put some more on his dick. Then he took some and told me to lift my ass up. I wasn’t really thinking about anything besides pleasing him so I did as he commanded. He took the lotioned fingers and shoved two of them in my hole. I kind of lurched as I wasn’t expecting that. He took them in and out a few times then he took them out and tried to put his dick in my butt, but it wasn’t going to with with laying on top of me so he said “lift your legs.”

I lifted up my legs and he put them on his shoulders as he guided his dick into my ass. He found the spot then slowly put it in. Not knowing if I even wanted to do this, but not wanting to do anything besides keep up the sexcapades with him anyway possible I completely submitted as he put his dick into my ass. It felt weird and it kind stung. He pushed it forward and I felt intense pain. I gasped and said “GO SLOW GO SLOW GO SLOW.” “Chill dude. I will.” He said back annoyedly. When he was all the way in he just held it there. I could feel his bush on my balls and the area around my hole. I loved it.

He started thrusting slowly. I put my hands on his back as he thrusted. Then I moved my hands down and grabbed his ass while he fucked me. I stared straight at his face watching him. Every once in awhile he would look at me, but there was no intamacy in his eyes, just the need to cum. I could feel his ass flex as he would thrust into me. I put my hands under his shirt and felt his back muscles and his arm muscles. He grabbed my hips and kept fucking me and started going harder. I put my hands around his neck and said “ohhhh babbbbby. Oh yeah…” Then he pulled my hands off his neck not really liking that so I kept rubbing his back and grabbing his ass. “oh yeah. God thats so good. Oh yeah.” I said as he fucked me. I kept staring into his eyes and finally he stared back. He thrust a few times and squeezed my hips harder then his face went almost like he was wincing and he went really deep in me and kind of collapsed on top of me. “UHHH UHHH UHHH.” Were the only sounds he made and he exhaled a lot then breathed deeply and lay on me exhausted. I realized he had just came inside me. I kind of stroked his back and tried to hold him while he was on top of me when he pushed himself up Sikiş hikayeleri and got up. The whole thing lasted less than five minutes.

He put his dick which was going soft and rubbed it on my boxers that were laying on the ground. I just layed on the ground with my legs bent and sideways and watched as he put on his clothes. Then I sat up on my butt. I felt sexy and dirty knowing that I had been fucked. I had made a man horny and he had wanted me and he had taken me. I felt his cum falling out of me. Before he pulled up his boxers I said in a joking, kind of girly flirty voice “no no don’t put him away!” He kind of laughed and said “god your such a fag.” I made a sad puppy dog face and said in the same girly flirty way “be nice.” He walked over and slapped my face with his dick and rubbed it around on my face. I closed my eyes and let him, and he slapped my face again before he pulled up his boxers and his jeans. I still was sitting on the ground without my pants on so I stood up. I went over and grabbed my boxers and said “ew.” He said “you probably like it.” In a kind of flirty way and slapped my ass. I went “oooo.” and Kind of stuck my butt out at him. He said “god your so gay.” For some reason this kind of struck a nerve with me and I realized I had went from acting straight and normal and being socially cooler than Justin to having had him flaunt that his dick was way bigger than mine, sucking his dick, then letting him fuck me while I moaned and told him how big his dick was and how good he was fucking me, before he came in my ass, and slapped me with his dick, now I was letting him slap my butt like a dirty slutty girl. “I can’t believe I fucked you. Don’t tell anybody man. And don’t like get in love with me or something.” He said as if to add insult to injury.

I quickly pulled up sticky boxers that had some of his cum on them, and was kind of feeling a little regret. I grabbed some workout shorts I had and pulled them up too. Justin went into the bathroom. Then when he came out he grabbed his backpack and said “alright man, I think I have made enough bad decisions I am gonna get outta here before you get me to do something else I’ll regret.” I stood with my back to him and pretended to tidy up some things and said “take it easy man.” In a sad pitiful voice. I wanted to cry. Maybe it was because of how he was acting like an ass, maybe it was all the emotion of my first real sexual experience and being essential the girl role in it. Maybe it was because I had had something I knew I always wanted only to realize that it had reprecussions and I was embarassed. I was so confused and frustrated. Justin paused and said “don’t be butt hurt man. I’m just kidding.” I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want my voice to choke up. “Dude whats your problem I was kidding man.” Justin walked over and gave me a playful push. I looked at him and he saw that I was blinking back tears. I was so embarassed and tried to cover and act like nothing was up. He walked Erotik hikaye away took off his backpack and walked back over, pulled my boxers and shorts down back down grabbed my ass and said “turn around.” Immediately back in the mood I did as he told me.

Then he said “lay down on your stomach.” And he undid his pants quickly and pulled them down. He grabbed the lotion and I saw that he was rock hard again. I turned over and lay on my stomach. He lay on top of me and guided his dick back into me. Then he started thrusting again. This position didn’t work as well so he took his dick out and said get on your nees. I did as he told me and got on all fours. Then he put his dick back in and I could feel him on my butt. He grabbed my hips and my ass and slapped it. Not too hard, he did this several times. It felt sooo good. “ohh yeahhh oh yeahhh.” I said. He started fucking me harder. “Ohhhh yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuckkkk me. Yeah.” I was moaning and talking. I couldn’t believe how much of a whore I was being or that I was saying these things. I was just so caught up in letting him fuck me and being his bitch. I sat up off my hands and pushed my butt back and squeezed my ass cheeks as he fucked me. We were kind of both on our nees, with him behind me and a little lower fucking me. “Fuck me. Oh yeah. You’re so big. God your dick is so big. Fuck me. Oh god youre so good at this.” I said. His breathing was heavier and he had one arm under my arm and around my chest holding me so he could fuck me harder with his thrusts. I started to jack off and said “im gonna cummmmmmm” when he grabbed my dick, and I let go of it and he stroked it a few hard times and I exploded all over the carpet. I came for what felt like eternity, the most powerful orgasm of my life.

Afterwards I stayed hard and he kept fucking me. He put both of his arms under my arms and grabbed my shoulders from the front. Then he took them off and went up my shirt and did it and was grabbing my chest and shoulders and really thrusting. He mumbled “im close.” And I could tell by his breathing. At this point I kept saying “god your so big. Fuck me. Oh fuck me justin. Fuck me. Fuck me. I love your big dick. Youre so good. Fuck me fuck me.” He started grunting and fucking me really hard. “Oh yeah fuck me. Cum in me. I want you to cum. Explode in me. Fuck me fuck me.” Then he did a couple real hard thrusts and held himself as deep as he could and grunted “IM CUMMING. IM GONNA CUM” Then he thrusted again and held it “TAKE IT. FUCKING TAKE IT UNGGHHH. UNGHHH. UHHHH” as he came inside me. He thrusted a few more times and one last time really deep and hard before he pulled out and let go of me. I kind of fell over and rolled over on my back and lay there feeling sooo satisfied but also like a used slut. Justin pulled his pants back up and grabbed his backpack and said “okay now I really gotta get going. I see you tomorrow on the bus?” “Yeah for sure.” I reaplied I turned over and layed on my stomach. “Dude cover your ass up before I get hard again.” I giggled “maybe thats my plan.” “You’re crazy” Justin said and shooked his head as he left. I felt giddy after he left. I was his. I was putty in his hands and he knew it.

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