Freshman Week Ch. 03: Best Friends


September 23rd:

Charlotte hadn’t had many friends before she left for college. It was a common problem among homeschooled children. There had been her sister, her cousins, and a few kids from church, but that had been it. Her mom had promised her that would change with time.

For the first time, she was starting to believe her.

“Do you want to grab any popcorn before we go in?” asked Sarah.

“Uh, yeah. Sure!”

Damn, a little too much enthusiasm. She would have to dial that back.

Sarah was a girl from Charlotte’s speech class, which they had first thing in the morning. Over the course of the first few weeks, they began exchanging notes and meeting up to collaborate on homework. At the start of week four, Sarah asked Charlotte if she wanted to come to a movie with her.

“I’ll have a medium popcorn, a Diet Pepsi… What do you want, Charlotte?”

“Hmm… Why don’t we just get a large and split it?”

“Not a bad idea,” said Ross, Sarah’s boyfriend. “But let’s make it an extra-large.”

Charlotte hadn’t been the only one invited. Sarah’s boyfriend had come, as had their friend Will. Charlotte didn’t know Will, but if Sarah liked him he couldn’t be too bad.

“Do you mind if I doctor the popcorn a bit?” Sarah asked.

“I guess not.”

“Great! It isn’t movie theater popcorn unless it’s positively swimming in butter.”

Sarah made for the butter station and began abusing their concessions. There were some other people in the way, so she had to really lean forward to reach the salt shaker. That particular angle caused her already form fitting shorts to caress her curves.

Charlotte couldn’t help but notice how Ross and Will both leered at Sarah. Frankly, she couldn’t blame them. Sarah was a very pretty girl. She was maybe two inches taller than Charlotte, roughly five-and-a-half feet, with light brown hair that she kept short, just long enough to cover her ears. She had a runner’s build, trim but muscular. It was most obvious in her calves. Her breasts were not exceptionally large, if Charlotte had to guess she would say B-cups, but they were present. And any lacking in the bosom area was made up by her proclivity for shorts that emphasized her posterior.

Charlotte didn’t look bad herself, but she wasn’t quite in Sarah’s league.

The four of them made it into their theater and found seats as close to the center as they could. They sat Ross-Sarah-Charlotte-Will. Sarah volunteered to hold the popcorn since she was in the center and “I’ll probably be eating most of it anyway.”

“You can switch me spots if you want some,” Charlotte offered to Will, hoping he’d decline.

“That’s okay. Not a fan of popcorn. So, do you like scary movies?”

“Mmm, they’re okay. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’m not against them.”

“Well I love them, and I heard this is pretty intense. If it freaks you out, just know I don’t mind if you need to grab onto me.”

Charlotte burst out laughing. “Oh! Thanks for the offer. I’ll keep it in mind.”

Will made a face before quickly pulling out his phone. He stayed on it until the trailers started, not saying another word.

As the ads played, Charlotte noted movement out of the corner of her eye. Ross had put his arm around Sarah and the girl was leaning into him, though still staring at the screen. They’d left their armrest up so the two could sit closer together. Charlotte had never been this close to a couple her own age before. She couldn’t resist the urge to watch.

At a moment when the trailer music had gotten too loud for anything else to be, Ross leaned over and kissed his girlfriend. Sara put her hand on the back of his head to pull it closer to hers, which to Charlotte seemed like a physical improbability. The room was dark, but something moved under Sarah’s shirt. It took Charlotte a second to realize it was hand. Sarah was only wearing a camisole top, so Charlotte could see how her bra strap fell to the side when he slipped his hand under her bra’s left cup. Sarah made a soft noise only Charlotte heard.

Charlotte felt something strange. A tingling in her lower regions, or something in her stomach. It was similar to when she had liked a boy in church or when she’d seen sex scenes on TV, but significantly more intense. Maybe because this was rooted in reality. She had a sudden urge to slip a hand under her waistband, if for no other reason than to check and see if the moisture she was feeling was real or imagined, but stopped herself. She couldn’t have Sarah thinking she was a weirdo.

When the music died down, Sarah pushed Ross away from her. The boy promptly removed his hand and sat back in his seat. His smile made him look like a kid that robbed a cookie jar.

Sarah glanced toward Charlotte, remembering the girl was there. She mouthed the word “Sorry.”

Charlotte smiled and mouthed back “It’s okay.”

Will had been right about one thing, this did feel intense.


October 4th:

Sarah groaned Çankaya Escort lightly, lowering herself into the warm water. Already in the hot tub, Ross smirked at her. “That good, huh?”

“Oh yeah. It has been too long since I’ve visited home.” she said as she took the seat beside her boyfriend. “Too bad though. If we’d come a few weeks earlier, it would still have been warm enough to get in the actual pool.”

“I think I prefer the Jacuzzi,” said Ross. “It’s more… intimate.”

Ross didn’t try to hide the fact he was staring at her chest as he said it. Maybe that was part of why Sarah liked him: Ross appreciated her tits. Sarah didn’t feel bad about her boobs, but she knew they weren’t competitively sized. There were plenty of attractive things about her, but dating someone who didn’t have to qualify “You’re hot despite your Tiny Titty Committee membership” was a nice change of pace.

She was wearing a pink bikini top with a floral pattern and light blue bottoms, a thrown together pair from the collection in her closet. Seductively, Sarah slid her bikini top’s strap off of her shoulder. “That’s a good word for it,” she said, her voice low. “So what are you going to do with that, boy?”

Ross smirked and shook his head. “You’re very funny.”

Right then, the back door opened. “You guys out here? I found one that pretty much fits.”

“We’re over here!” called Sarah.

Charlotte turned the corner and waved.

After deciding to drive home for the weekend, Sarah thought it might be fun to bring Charlotte as a tagalong. The girl had immediately agreed. It felt good for Sarah to be making new friends. Being athletic, smart, and musically inclined, Sarah had been very popular in high school. She had many close friends, none of whom had been accepted to her college. Being alone for the first few weeks, other than Ross who drove up to visit her when he could, was an unpleasant experience. Making a friend in Will had been a good first step, but she really needed a close girl friend. Hopefully she had found that in Charlotte.

“How’s it look?” Charlotte asked, sounding bashful.

“It looks hot, girl,” said Sarah. “Isn’t that right, Ross?”

“Uh, yeah,” said her boyfriend, eyeing his girlfriend with suspicion. “It fits you.”

In the literal sense, that was a lie.

While Charlotte had been happy to ride along, it had slipped Sarah’s mind entirely to mention that they would be getting in the hot tub, so her new friend didn’t know to bring a swimsuit. Fortunately, Sarah happened to own more swimsuits than she had ever worn, and was happy to let Charlotte borrow one.

The problem, though, was that Charlotte was significantly more “endowed” than Sarah. Charlotte had found a matching pair, both yellow with white polka dots. Sarah had bought that bikini when she was a younger girl, and still aspirational about her development. That was the only reason the top wasn’t quite bursting at the seams from Charlotte’s impressive bust.

You can never really tell what another girl’s cup size is, but Sarah would have put Charlotte at a D. That she was a little shorter made them stand out even more. Sarah felt a mite of envy toward the girl. Besides her chest, Charlotte had long blonde hair, a slender frame, and rounded, pleasant facial features that simply made her look inviting and kind. All of that was beside how cute her personality was.

Sarah was pretty attractive herself, but she wasn’t quite in Charlotte’s league.

“Get in! The water is perfect.”

Charlotte approached the tub holding her folded towel in front of her, as though embarrassed by how developed she was. After dropping it on to the back of a chair where Sarah and Ross had left theirs, she climbed in and lowered herself into the water.

Charlotte trembled slightly at the abrupt heat before relaxing into it. “Wow. This is perfect.”

Sarah’s Jacuzzi was nice. It wasn’t exactly large. With Charlotte sitting across from the other girl, and both lounging so that their necks were fully submerged in the water, their knees were practically overlapping. Sarah parted her legs and let one of Charlotte’s knees between them, allowing each of them leg room.

“Your house is amazing, Sarah. What do your parents do?”

Before Sarah could answer, Ross interrupted. “Sorry, do you guys mind if I turn on the jets?”

Sarah raised her eyebrows and looked to Charlotte, who shook her head. “Go ahead.”

The jets kicked on. There was one right behind Sarah, which felt fantastic. They made some noise, but you could talk over them with a little effort. With all the foam that the jets kicked up, no one could see below the waterline.

Sarah talked a bit about her parents.

“Your mom’s a teacher? No offense, but how do you afford all this stuff?”

Ross’s hand was rubbing Sarah’s thigh. His girlfriend repressed a smile as she realized what his plan had been this whole time. Clever boy.

“Well my dad is a surgeon. Keçiören Escort A brain surgeon actually. A profitable business.”

Ross was rubbing circles, wider and wider. His fingers skimmed over her bottoms. Sarah squirmed.

“Brain surgery? No wonder then! That sounds intense.”

He pushed his hand under her waistband. His fingers were so damned soft. He put very little pressure into rubbing over the surface of her pubis, over her barely-there pubic hair. He was still making those damned circles, only barely coming into contact with her sex. He was a fucking tease.

Sarah had to clear her throat. “Y-yes. You could my dad’s work is very intense.”

“My dad’s a pastor,” said Charlotte. “Not very exciting. Or profitable. But he really believes in it and I admire that. I guess I look up to Daddy.”

Sarah’s breathing was getting husky. His circles had gotten smaller. Smaller and smaller, until he came to his intended destination. One of Ross’s fingers was on her clit. It made light circles, still so damn soft.

Another of his fingers was right on her opening. Not inside, but pushing. Getting closer just as his other finger brought her closer.

How many times had he fingered her in this very spot? Tons. They’d fucked in the hot tub more than once. But this felt more frantic than either of those times. More exciting.

Sarah made eye contact with Charlotte. Having an audience was new. It felt fresh, especially since the girl was someone Sarah knew and liked. And despite how out of control Sarah felt, Charlotte’s expression hadn’t changed at all. She looked so soft and doe-eyed. The poor, sheltered girl had no idea what was happening.

His finger was inside of her now. Pumping lightly. His other finger was still making circles over her clitoris, but with more force.

“That’s really sweet, Charlotte. I know that-”

Sarah couldn’t hold it off anymore. Her leg muscles tightened as her pubis involuntarily pushed itself against her boyfriend’s hand. She lifted herself part way out of the water, taking a deep intake of breath to keep from moaning.

“-my Daddy is fucking amazing!”

Sarah settled back into the water. It was the same temperature, but she felt much hotter now. Its task completed, Ross removed his hand and put his arm around the satisfied young woman. Across from them, Charlotte stared blankly.

“…Yeah, that’s great.”


October 9th:

“I can’t… believe… you got me to… do all that,” said Charlotte, sweaty and panting.

“Trust me, I know,” Sarah replied, also sweaty but more composed. “But once you start, you can’t go back.”

Having just finished a hard workout, the two girls walked into the women’s locker room. Charlotte had a really fun time at Sarah’s home over the weekend, during which Sarah had asked if they could be exercise buddies. Despite having never exercised before in her life, Charlotte had agreed.

Sarah had then proceeded to do unspeakable things to her body. Things like squats, pushups, jogging, and using the row machine. Before now, Charlotte hadn’t even known you could work up a sweat jumping rope.

Sarah took their backpacks out of her locker and passed Charlotte’s to her. Knowing how much time she would spend at the gym, Sarah had gone ahead and rented her own locker on week one. “Want to hop in the showers and rinse off?”

“Uh, no thanks,” said Charlotte. “I’ll shower when I get home.”

Sarah shrugged. Having been in sports her whole life, stripping down in front of other girls was nothing new. Charlotte’s experience was different. While Sarah always wore sports bras and booty shorts to the gym, Charlotte had worn a tank top and shorts that almost reached her knees. Seeing how sweaty the ensemble had gotten, Sarah wondered how long it would be before the girl gave in and started dressing less conservatively.

Just like the last two days they went to the gym, Charlotte made a point of facing away from her friend as she got undressed. The gesture brought a smirk to Sarah’s face, but she respected her privacy and faced the opposite direction.

Sarah shrugged out of her sweaty bra before opening her backpack. The first thing she found in the jumble was her phone. There was a snapchat from Ross. Feeling impish (and a little turned on, exercise did that for her), Sarah decided to send a message back.

She lifted the camera up to get an above angle shot, put an arm in front of her boobs in case the bastard took a screenshot, and smiled for the camera. And sent.

Sarah had most of her outfit on before she noticed there had been a reply. It said. “Wow, very nice view(s)” followed by a winky face.

Sarah scrolled back to see what he was talking about.

Turned out, Sarah hadn’t been the only one in frame. Behind her, Charlotte was leaning forward to see into her backpack. Evidently she had decided to change bras. As such, Sarah and her boyfriend got a good view of Charlotte’s panty-clad Etimesgut Escort ass and a healthy amount of exposed side-boob.

Sarah couldn’t help but laugh.

“What is it?” asked Charlotte, now fully dressed.

“Nothing! Sorry, inside joke with Ross.”

Sarah’s message back consisted of a peach and a laughing-crying emoji.


October 19th:

Charlotte knocked on the dorm room door. It was opened by a short, heavy set girl with dark hair.

Charlotte smiled. “Hi! I was-”

“She’s in there in there,” the dark haired girl said, gesturing to the bedroom around the corner. Then she put her headphones back in and sat on the couch, tuning the visitor out.

That was Sarah’s roommate, Nadine. Charlotte had gotten plenty of opportunities to become acquainted with her, but she wasn’t incredibly friendly.

Charlotte walked around the corner into Sarah and Nadine’s shared bedroom. She was immediately greeted by her friend, who had something for her.

“So I think these should fit you, and they will be way easier to workout in. Try ’em on.”

A pair of grey leggings and a yellow and black sports bra Sarah had raided from her mom’s closet were sitting on her bed. With a slightly nervous glance at her friend, Charlotte started undressing.

The pair had continued their regular workout sessions, and Charlotte had slowly grown to enjoy it. What she had not grown to enjoy was changing around a bunch of strangers, something that became a problem anytime they went during normal daytime hours. Sarah teased her a lot, both about that and her habit of “hiding” from her friend when her clothes weren’t on, but an agreement was reached. The two now changed at Sarah’s apartment before they left, and changed back after. The unspoken part of this agreement, the part Charlotte still struggled with, was not being as bashful about being unclothed around Sarah. Sarah had never insisted that Charlotte stop facing away and hiding when they changed, but the implication that she needed to get over it was there. So Charlotte tried.

Sarah didn’t really look at Charlotte as they got into their workout clothes, but she didn’t look away either. Charlotte could see her friend’s face as she removed her bra, and it made her face feel flushed. But the arrangement was mutual, and Charlotte could an eyeful herself when Sarah slipped her own bra off.

Charlotte tried not to think about it, but sometimes when she was around Sarah she felt like she did in the theater. She didn’t feel the tingling all the time, but when she suspected that Sarah was watching her change she definitely did. It had been a bit like that when she visited the other girl’s house too. She hadn’t seen it for herself, but she was pretty sure she had heard the couple screwing at least once. Not that she could confirm it, and she would die before she asked.

She chalked that “feeling” up to the fact that Sarah was the person she had the most intimate interaction with at all, even if it was just watching her make out. Surely it would go away once she had some of her own experiences.

“So how do they fit?” asked Sarah.

“Great,” said Charlotte, and she meant it. Sarah’s mom was a surprising match for Charlotte’s bust. “Although the pants might be a bit tight…” Charlotte pulled on the ass of her leggings. “I might as well be nude below the waist.”

Sarah laughed. “That’s the whole point of leggings! You need to show-off your ass-ets more! How else are you going to snag a hunk?”

Charlotte cleared her throat. “Actually, I have news on that front.”

Sarah turned to her friend immediately, raising an eyebrow. “Oooohhh?”

Charlotte fought the urge to look away. Sarah hadn’t finished changing yet and was clad only in her pink and black sports bra and a pair of light blue panties. They were a bit shear.

“There’s this boy in my anthropology class, Doug. He… asked me out today.”

Charlotte spent some time filling in Sarah on who he was, how he’d asked, where they were going, and so on.

“That is so cuuuute!” squealed Sarah. “Is this your first date?”

Charlotte cringed. “My first one without a chaperone, yeah. I’m excited too, I am, but also kinda nervous.”

“About what?”

Charlotte looked at the floor. “Well, see, I’ve never been on a real date before. So, of course, I’ve never actually, you know, kissed anybody. What if I’m not any good?”

Sarah pursed her lips and thought for a minute. “Alright then,” she said. She sat down on the floor with her legs crossed and patted the ground across from her. “Sit here girl.”

“What for?”

“Because…” Sarah tucked her hair behind her ears, her eyes intently focused on nothing in particular. Charlotte had seen that look on her face before right before an especially tough exercise. It was Sarah’s way of getting in the zone. “I am going to teach you how to be an A-class kisser.”

“You can’t be serious.” The handful of butterflies in Charlotte’s stomach had become a menagerie.

Sarah gave her patent reassuring smile, the one she used to talk people into doing things for her. “Totally am. Don’t freak out on me. This is what girl friends are for. I had a friend in high school that did the same for me, and I’m a damn good student.”

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