Freindly Adice IV – team sports

Big Dick

I left Georgia’s house with my head reeling….

Kyle’s dick was more than I had hoped for, it had felt so good in my mouth; I couldn’t wait to let him in, but…

Kris and Kyle wanted to fuck….each other????

How was I supposed to process that? Kris had been so eager and into it when we had fucked in the greenhouse. He had taken both his sister and I and given us exactly what we had wanted. A perfect little brother – my best friend’s little brother – ready willing and able to experiment with Georgia and I… but he was bi … and so was his brother!!!

I suddenly realized how silly I was being – after all, I had my faced planted between his sister’s legs when we had fucked a second time that day – trying to get all three of us to climax together – and I did so enjoy it when Georgia and I explored each other. Why couldn’t the boys like it, too?

I wandered home and sat down in the kitchen, popping a can of soda to sit and ponder my newfound complexities in life. Mom and Dad were no where to be seen, and my three fellow explorers had already greed to meet at the school later than afternoon. I was left to ponder the simple question: how do I help teach two guys how to fuck each other when I’m only just learning how myself?

A quick trip to the computer and Google search led me to the bathroom and then back to the kitchen. I quickly loaded the items indicated in the search results and left for the afternoon, a note on the table explaining I was out with Georgia and her brothers at a school event. (not a complete lie…)

As I walked toward the field house, my legs were quivering, a mixture of pure lust and absolute terror. I was about to embark on a sexual exploration that I never imagined! The boy I had fantasized about for the past few years was waiting for me, along with his brother and sister, and beyond that, nothing was certain in my mind, except for one thing – I was going to get Kyle’s cock inside me at some point this afternoon.

I slipped in the side door the same way we always snuck in – just jiggle the handle a couple of times then it popped right open with a tug. A few guys were playing hoops and waved as they saw me wander in. I waved back and headed Sex hikayeleri toward the girl’s dressing room, changing course and heading upstairs to the wrestling room when they were out of sight.

Once in the darkened room, I arranged the items from my backpack and waited for Kris, Kyle and Georgia to arrive. I figured the best way to greet them would be naked, so I peeled my clothes and laid back on the mat, smiling as I heard their familiar voices on the way up the stairs. As they entered the room, I greeted each with a kiss and groped their crotches, tow hard and one warm and wet…

“Get naked, now” I purred “We have a lot to do to make these boys’ dreams come true, G” I heard them slip out of their clothes and saw the boys’ excitement in the half light of the room. Taking a rigid cock in each hand, I walked them over to the rolled up mats and told them to kneel, bending over the mat so Georgia and I could begin. I grabbed Georgia’s hand a squirted a generous amount of baby oil there. “Warm it up” I whispered “It will make this easier for them”

“Make what easier?” she whispered back, then giggled as I showed her the carrot and cucumber we were about to employ on each boy. “Oh, Kat” she purred “this will be such fun” We approached the boys and slid our warm, oiled fingers between their ass cheeks, lubing up the crack and making sure the entrances were well prepared. Slipping to the side of Kyle, I quietly explained what was about to happen.

“One finger first, stud” I said as my index finger slipped slowly inside him and began sliding in and out, making him groan lightly. “Once I’m sure you can handle one, then two, then three, then we’ll have a little fun” Kyle’s rapid breathing told me all I needed to know as I kept playing, making his as stretch and relax, using my accumulated knowledge f playing with myself to make this a good experience. I leaned in and kissed his ear, letting my breasts rub against his back while I finger fucked him. Georgia’s attentions to Kris’ hole were having equally positive results. I reached under Kyle and was happy to find his cock rigid despite the fingers in his ass. I stroked in time with my fingers, feeling his ass clamp as Sikiş hikayeleri he became more excited. “Good boy, stud” I breathed in his ear as my tongue traced its outline “Now let’s see if you’re ready” I picked up one carrot and rubbed it with the baby oil, then slowly inserted it small end first in Kyle’s ass, pushing it in little by little until all seven inches were buried in him, his anus stretched around the fat end of the carrot sticking out. His groans and panting increased each time I slipped the carrot back and forth. Georgia had apparently found Kris’ prostate, as I heard the unmistakable sounds of an impending orgasm, then watched Kris buck against the rolled up mat as he shot his cum all over his belly while his sister fucked him. Kyle reached out and grabbed his brother’s hand as he came, taking his fingers in his mouth and sucking each one in turn.

Without warning either boy, Georgia and I picked up the cucumbers and removed the carrots. “Ready for your cock rehearsals, guys?” Georgia asked. We inserted the cucumbers inside their very willing holes and then just held them in place. All the preparation had paid off (thanks Google!) and the boys groaned in pleasure as we filled them with cock sized replacements. Once both boys agreed they felt OK, we asked them a simple question – who’s going first?

Kyle stood up and walked behind his little brother, who raised his ass and moaned in anticipation. Georgia guided Kyle’s cock to Kris’ opening and then helped him slide inside. Kyle took over, grabbing Kris’ hips and stroking slowly as Kris pushed against his brother’s shaft. I slid under Kris and began stroking his cock, watching as Kyle’s shaft moved in and out of his ass. I kept pace with Kyle and felt Kris’ load begin to build. I watched as he spurted jet after jet of hot cum onto the mats while his brother moaned and unloaded himself in little brother’s ass. As I slipped out from under Kris, I saw that Georgia had found another use for one of the cucumbers and had been watching from in front of Kyle, letting him see her fuck herself while he fucked Kris. All in all, it was a scene beyond my wildest imaginings….

After a few minutes, Kyle announced he wanted Erotik hikaye to try, and Kris, needed only a little coaxing from Georgia’s lubed hand to get ready for his first time. Kris slipped inside his brother and began a steady pace, punctuated by the slapping of his thighs against Kyle’s rock hard butt. The two boys were in heaven, and all I wanted was one of them inside me! Georgia and I sat quietly, playing with ourselves as the boys concluded their second session of the afternoon and collapsed against the mats, slipping and sliding in the sticky remnants of their sessions. I quietly crawled over to Kyle and slipped between his legs, intent on cleaning up and measuring his interest in further explorations. My tongue tasted both boys as I licked and sucked the cum off his chest, groin and thighs. Taking his soft cock in my mouth, I swirled my tongue from the tip to the base, lapping up the oil tinged juices from them and getting the beginnings of a rise in return. When my tongue found its way to his ass, his groans of pleasure let me know my efforts were about to be rewarded. My hand found his now growing member and encouraged it as I finished my work.

“Just lie there, Kyle” I said “You must be exhausted, and all I want right now is your cock” He smiled in s disbelief, then laid back against the mat as I straddled him and guided that lovely cock to my dripping pussy. Settling on top, I let the waves of pleasure wash over me and squeezed against him, feeling his shape inside me. I looked down at him and began to rock, grinding my ass against him as I took him in. Kris had been given the same orders by Georgia, and I reached over to pinch her nipple as she rocked on her little brother. Her hand found mine and we let our fingers intertwine while we used the brothers as our fuck toys. Kyle’ hand moved to my clit and caressed it, sending electric jolts through my body. “yessssssss” was all I could say as I moved more quickly, spurred on by his fingers and cock. Georgia guided Kris’ hand to the same position and soon enough, both of us were squealing delightedly as orgasms came and went, then came again.

As we uncoupled and began to dress, I heard Kyle laugh and whisper to Kris “Sure glad I’m not a wrestler – can you imagine the clean up tomorrow?” All four of laughed and kissed, then slipped down the stairs and out the doors… headed for our homes and who knows what to come.

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