Freddy , Marty Ch. 01


The door slammed. “Marty, is that you?” My head was buried beneath her kitchen sink playing pinball with the bottles of cleaning products.

“I swear if Gina stands me up one more time I am going to get a new tennis partner.”

I had been over at Marty’s house installing an under the sink hot water tap. Marty’s husband, who I’d taken to calling Mozart, was hopeless. He couldn’t screw in a Phillip’s head screw if his life depended on it because he’s scared to death of injury to his hands. Mike is a piano player in a bar and wedding covers combo. Marty stood over me and I took the opportunity to scan her beautiful legs from this low angle. Marty followed my eyes up to hers. She gave me a peculiar look.

“Maybe I can help you.”

“Thanks, but I am just about finished. I love the company though. You’re certainly improving my view.”

“Why thank you, Freddy. We aim to please. Is the water on?” Marty said as she stepped closer to me to reach for the spigot.

Water’s on; all joints tested tight. No leaks.”

“Hmmm, are you sure about that?” I don’t know if she was being cautious or just giving me a long look but she opened the tap to the slowest trickle and ran the water over her fingers.

“Marty, could you turn on both taps like that? I’ll snoop around for any leaks I might have missed.”

Marty laughed softly, “I’ll bet you will.”

From my position I had an unobstructed view of Marty’s gorgeous lower carriage. Even though the install was done I fiddled with this and that to maintain my point of view. Marty squeezed her thighs together like a little girl and leaned forward over the sink giving me an improved look.

“Freddy, Hurry up this warm water is making me have to pee. Then you’ll really have a leak on your hands.”

Marty heard my under-my-breath comment. “What was that, Freddy?”

“Nothing, Marty.”

“No, Freddy. You said something. What did you say?”

I sighed. She kneeled down beside me; she softly held my chin in her wet hand and turned my eyes up to hers. “Freddy, what did you say when I said the warm water was going to make me have to pee? I really want to know.”

“I said, don’t tempt me.”

Marty held my eyes for a long pause; She seemed lost in thought then she slowly stood up and stepped back so we could maintain eye contact.

“Freddy, I’ve got a deal for you.”

“Uh huh

“You know how we feel about each other? I mean you know you have always liked me. You flirt with me continuously. You’ve done it since we first knew each other.”

“That’s simple, Marty, You are a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you Freddy but I mean you feel strongly about me don’t you?”

“Yes, Marty. I feel strongly about you. Where is this going? You want to elope?”

“That sounds nice, Freddy but I don’t think Mike or Greta would appreciate that.” The mention of my wife brought an ice icicle of reality to the situation. My flirting had gotten me into enough trouble over my married years.

“Hmmm. Okay then, just a simple little affair. You know, Tuesday afternoons—little cheesy motel, maybe handcuffs and a blindfold”

“Freddy stop joking about this; I am serious. I’ve known you along time. We’ve been through a ton together. You stuck with me through my divorce. Christ, I lived with you and Greta for a year till I got back on my feet. I think of you as … my big brother.”

“Oh great…your brother.” All my life I’ve always been great at establishing plutonic friendships with the best looking women I know. Call me lucky… Call it a knack.

“Well not a blood brother—more like a sole brother.”

“Okay, I like that better. Just call me Da Godfatha or Papa. “I Feel Good”. I started beat boxing a few bars of James Brown’s “Like A Sex Machine.”

Just as I was beginning Maltepe Escort to dig the damp, moldy acoustics inside the cabinet Marty snapped me out of my rhythm. “Freddy. Listen to me.”

“OK Mart, What do you have in mind?”

“Freddy, You know how you’re attracted to me?”


“Oh come on, it’s so obvious. You have always behaved around me like …like you like me.”

“I do like you, Marty. I have always liked you.”

“No. I mean like you…want me. …Like you want to fuck me.”

I’d known her for years and she could still stop me cold with these fowl balls. Marty was so pretty and wholesome; you would never expect it when she would drop a show-stopper like this.

“Fuck!” cracking my head on the trap pipe; stars circling before my eyes, “Marty! Marty, wait a minute; where is this going?”

“Freddy, You are frustrated. You want to have sex with me; I know that. I’m frustrated too.

So…you want to have sex with me; why didn’t you just say that? — Never one to let a gambit go un-played.

“No, well… yes, but it wouldn’t work. We both have too much to …”

“Bingo! And that is why I flirt with you, Marty. It’s as close as I’ll ever get to fucking you. It’s like getting to have all the fun without any of the …emotional calories. ”

“Do you ever jerk off to me, Freddy?”

My head took another bounce off the side of the cabinet. “What?”

You know—Do you ever fantasize that you are …with me while you’re playing with yourself?

“ahhhh, No.”

“Oh, that was convincing. You have never lay in bed and stroked your cock thinking about me?”

“Unh uh. I mean not that I don’t find you incredibly sexy… If I thought about you that way.”

“Freddy, have you ever imagined it was me you were fucking when you were making love to Greta?”


“Fred-dy? Come on. I wouldn’t think it was weird. I’d actually feel incredibly complimented…if I knew you pulled your cock and thought of me.”

“Alright. Yes.”

“Yes what, Freddy?”

“Yes what? —What?”

“I want to hear you say it, Freddy.”

“Alright. I did. I mean I do…. once in a while”

“You do? Tell me more, Freddy. I want to hear you say it. I want to hear the words. I love the words Freddy—the dirtier the better.”

“Marty? Let me ask you something. When you were living with us…”


“Sometimes when you were out I would go in your room.”

“Did you look for my panties?”

“Marty. Wait, I am serious now. Once I was looking for something under your bed.”

“Let’s see…” pretty head cocked to the side; one finger on her chin and the other pointed off in space, “…Now what could he have been looking for…say, my dust ball collection?”

“Well, I found your vibrator under there and a tube of rocket lube. And it was not some little battery job either. It was a solid looking thing with a power cord.”

“My Hitachi Magic Wand…I still have it.”

“It was a serious looking piece of machinery.”

“I can’t believe you did that, Frederick. That is incredible. I bet you were looking for my dirty panties. Weren’t you? Did you find them? Did you hold them to your lips—breath in my scent?”

“No. I didn’t find your panties.”

“Oh yeah! I bet you didn’t.

“ Not under the bed anyway. I found them in your closet. In the hamper.”



“You what, Freddy?”

“OK…I smelled them.”

“Come on, Fred. It’s out now. The devil is in the details. Don’t clam up on me now. I want to hear all about it.”

“OK, I feasted on them. I buried my face in them. I inhaled the musky smell so deep I could taste you. I think I cleaned them better than if you sent them to the Laundromat.”

“You licked my panties?”

“I sucked Anadolu Yakası Escort them inside and out. And when they didn’t smell and taste like you anymore I wrapped them around my cock and …”

“Where you naked…in my room?”


“Where you naked or did you just open your pants and jerk off with my panties?”

“…Naked. I was naked. On your bed…I was naked and laying on top of your mussed up bed. You never made your bed, Marty. You were kind of a slob.”


“No you kept the place nice. It was just your clothes and the …”

“NO! I mean, were you completely naked or just your pants?”

“Sometimes I would just drop my trow around my ankles if I was worried about time. But most of the time I would completely strip…make a big production out of it—you always had really nice lotions.”

“Jesus! Fred. How many times where you in there jerking off with my dirty panties?”

“A lot.”

“What’s that mean…a lot?”

“Every day… when I wasn’t working. I’d go in there whenever I had a chance. You know you were out at work or apartment hunting. Greta was off. If I had the opportunity, I’d be in there?”

“What a waste!”

“Yeah, I know. I feel like first class perve.”

“No! I mean what a waste of all that great sex.”

“You aren’t angry about this? It doesn’t bother you that I did that?”

“I want to see you do it.”


“I want to make up for all those lost masturbation shows, Fred. I want to watch you jerk off for me—right now, Fred. Will you do that for me? You’ll give me a jerk off show won’t you Freddy?”

“Marty, this is ridiculous. You don’t know what you are saying.”

“Freddy, I started this conversation with this very thing in mind and you know it. I can tell by your milky eyed look you are turned on by the idea—by me knowing all about your secret visits to my bedroom. We can’t fuck. You said it yourself. We both have too much to lose. But masturbation — I love to get myself off and you…well, it was obvious you were pull-starting your motor every chance you got.”


“Jesus, it was like a motor was running in your room when you did it. At first I thought it was the washing machine but the cycle was too short.”


“Men! Your always terrified by that little word, short.”

“I don’t like little either. It always makes me nervous.”

“I could hear you, Freddy. It was so cute.” Fred groaned at Marty’s string of words: little, short, cute.

“No, Freddy. It turned me on to think you were on the other side of the wall jerking off to me…while Greta was sleeping. Sometimes, I even got off while you were doing it. Now do you see what I mean about wasted energy?”

My head was a blur– images rushing through my brain, blood pumping into my groin. I was hooked clean and hard by Marty’s words, by the cadence and tone of her teasing talk.

“So what do you say, Freddy?” She was squatting down beside me. I could see up her tennis skirt now; her plaid panties; the wet spot between her open thighs. I felt like a lamb. I tried desperately not to bahhhh.

“Will you jerk off for me now? I always wanted to watch a guy jerk his cock off; and knowing you are doing it for me…ummm.” Marty had my belt open and was pulling down my zipper. Look at you, Freddy. You are already at attention.

“Marty, wait. Here? Now; like this?”

“Yup, It will be such a turn on for me, Freddy. Now lets get these down already.”

“What about me, Marty? What will I get? Will I see you…doing it?”

“I don’t know, Freddy, we’ll see. But for now I want you naked. I’ll stay dressed and just sit right here and watch you do it. It’ll be so exciting. We’ll see where things go from there.”

“Marty, This is crazy.”

“I İstanbul Escort know but you want to do it? I know you do. You’d love to get naked and give me a show. Wouldn’t you Fred. I know you would.”

“Uhhhh.” She was tugging my pants down around my ankles now.

“Look how big and hard you already are, Freddy. You will won’t you Freddy? Right now, I want to see you do it just like you did it in my room the first time you found my stuff. Open up your shirt too, Freddy, I want to see your nipples”


And that was how it all started. I was lying on her cold linoleum floor with my head inside her kitchen cabinet. My pants and jockeys were down around my work boots. My dick was as hard as a pipe wrench and I was slowly pumping my cock to her words.

“That a boy, Freddy. Nice and slow; I want to savor this moment.”

“Marty, what about me…you? I want to watch you.”

“Don’t spoil it for me, Fredrick.” The hint of strictness her voice was lighting me up. “Just give me your best and I’ll make it up to you when it’s your turn. Do you want my panties? Would that help you?”

Marty stood up and slipped her panties down her perfect legs. “Here Freddy, feast on these.” She said as she squatted over my thighs and reached and spread them over my face.

Her smell and the wetness made me drunk with lust. I groaned as the aroma memory receptors carried me back to those quiet afternoons in Marty’s bedroom.

“Oh my, Frederick, these sure seemed to do the trick. Your cock just jumped another inch.” Marty said, as she rubbed her panties over my face.

“Ahhh Marty. You are so beautiful. Is this what you want?”

“Yessss. This is what I want, Freddy.” She said as she fucked my mouth with her panty-covered fingers. “I love seeing you pull your cock just for me. Now let’s see how much you like it. Give Marty a nice big load of your spunk, Frederick.”

I began to pull for the finish line pumping like a racehorse. My eyes were glued to her swollen and pouting pussy lips. I reached for her.

“Marty? Please? Sit down on my cock.”

“Unh uh, Freddy. No touching. That’s for another time. I just want to eat up this sight.” Marty placed her wet panties in my left hand and stood up and stepped back a step.

“Use them, Freddy. Like you did in my room.

“mmmmmm”, I was pumping my dick trying to stretch it up to her delicious pussy.

“Come on, Jerky boy, I want to see you shoot in my panties. Here, will this help” Marty hung on the faucet stem and squatted a little closer over me. I think the water was still running all this time and she now had her fingers under the warm flow.

“eeeeooowww, I think I have to pee,”

I groaned and pumped furiously at this new tease.

“Does that appeal to my little jerk off boy? Have you ever had a hot pee shower, Freddy?”

No, but yesss. Do it… when I cum.” I rasped through clenched teeth.

I think I screamed when the hot shower erupted from her swollen pussy lips. It flooded over my with a force I didn’t expect bathing my hands, my arms, my stomach and thighs, swirling but not quite mixing with the cum that came from hell out of my cock. I’d never cum so hard or heavy in my life.

“Frederick, That was perfect…better than perfect.” She stood up beside me and looked down over the mess we had made of me and her kitchen floor. I barely had a chance to recover when the phone clanged.

“Freddy be a darling and clean up this mess while I answer this; its probably Gina, that bitch.”

I shrunk to about six inches in the aftermath—a little elf on my hands and knees sopping up the mess as she trotted off to get the phone.

“Freddy, Its Greta… She wants to know if you are close to being done. Can you talk to her now or do you want to call her back?”

“uhhh” The saucy look on Marty’s face was one I hadn’t seen before.

“Greta, he’s got quite a mess on his hands. It seems I must have sprung a leak. He’ll call you right back…Hey Greta, You play tennis don’t you…?”

To be continued…

© L O Reins

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