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One last turn“You know that mini golf course on the south side of town? They’re tearing it down! It’s closed,” Blake said.“What? No way! How could they? That course has been around for decades. I remember playing there as a kid, even in high school,” Chelsea replied. “You said it’s closed but not torn down yet? Whaddaya think about playing a round? Do you still have your dad’s old golf clubs?”“I do. I haven’t got rid of them yet. Want to go right now?”“Let’s do it.”They found themselves on the deserted golf course, each with a ball and putter. The first few holes went fine—the windmill, the old shack, the lighthouse, the mushroom.The şehitkamil escort fifth hole found them struggling to get through the large castle and moat. You had to hit the ball across a little bridge that went over the moat and through the castle. Blake made it on his first try.Chelsea kept missing the bridge and running into the gutter, which meant she had to start over. Several times she did this, each time becoming more frustrated.“Damn it!” she said, and disappeared round the castle to retrieve her ball. When she hadn’t returned a few minutes later, Blake called out.“Hey, Chelsea! You coming back?” There was no answer. Then, “Chelsea, you okay?” Again, no answer.Hole in oneBlake walked around the castle in search of his new bride. He was surprised to find her bent over the castle wall, her skirt above her waist, and her panties in the moat.“Whoa,” he said.“Fancy a hole in one with that driver of yours, mister?” she asked over her shoulder, wiggling her bare ass in the sun.“Fuck,” he said, taking in the sight.“That’s what I was thinking,” Chelsea said. “You’re a smart man. I’m glad I married a smart man.”She ran a hand down her ass crack to her wet slit, then spread her legs, the pink interior of her folds glistening in the sun.Blake looked around. The course was empty. A half torn down building stood in the lot next door, a vacant lot on the other side. Behind the course was a boundary of trees. In front of the course was the highway, a good fifty yards away with lots of golf course between. He decided he couldn’t pass up an offer like this and walked up behind his wife.The sight of her firm, round hips, and her spread ass and pussy in the late afternoon sun turned him on. He undid his shorts and pulled them down with his underwear. His already hardening cock bounced free as if on a spring release.“Fuck me, baby,” Chelsea purred, wiggling her ass again and opening her slit with the fingers of one hand. “Doggie style, right here.”

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